GH Update Wednesday 1/4/06

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/4/06


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Carly goes to tell Sonny that he needs to wake up and see that he’s asked Jason to walk right into a trap that Durant has set up for him. He tells her that Jason can take care of himself

Right then, Sam goes to the hospital to find Jason, knowing what his intent is (taking Manny out). But she runs into Durant. She tells him that she knows he wants to get Jason and Sonny in trouble along with Manny. And she asks him why he needs to do this. Can’t he get Manny charged with the multiple murders he’s committed without involving Jason and Sonny in this? Right then, Jason appears and tells Sam she needs to walk away form this. He knows what he’s doing. Durant then tells them, if Manny Ruiz is as dead as he looks, they will both be charged with murder.

Nikolas comes to see Courtney to confront her about what has just happened. He tells her that he’s been prevented from coming back, through no fault of his own. And in such a short amount of time, she has regained her trust for Jax. He asks her if their relationship cannot survive a three day separation, what chance do they have?

Durant, Sam, Jason and many other witnesses walk into Manny’s room. Durant asks Manny if Jason has threatened him. Manny replies that Jason did not speak a word to him. He seems all nice. He says he realizes that Jason used to hate him. But maybe he does not anymore. Durant is really frustrated that Manny has not helped him implicate Jason.

Sonny tells Carly he does not want her or Sam to be fighting his and Jason’s battles. She tells him that she knows that Durant wants to set up a trap for him and for Jason and she’s not just going to sit by and let the people she loves get railroaded. He tells her that he knows that her concern for him is what drove her to the breakdown in the first place. He tells her that he got a free pass and needs to take it. She then tells him she will do her best to stay out of his business. But she tells him she does reserve the right to hope he wins. He tells her he always wins. She tells him he’s so arrogant. Right then, Michael and Morgan enter with Emily. And once again, there’s one more reason to cause Carly to get into her ex-husband’s business. Michael asks if Emily can please stay for dinner.

THEN, there’s the interruption with the Special Report.

Sonny is talking to Emily and Michael calls. He’s with his mom. He asks if Emily is there. He reveals to his dad that his mom is listening to their phone conversation. She does not want Sonny to know that she is. Sonny asks Michael, Knowing Carly is listening in, if he can talk to her. Carly says no. But Sonny asks Michael to put her on. She asks Sonny if he can take the boys for the weekend. He tells her sure. And he also tells her that in response to the question she asked Michael to ask him, Emily is there. But she has nothing to worry about. Alone with her son, Carly tells Michael that she only wants what’s best for his dad. Alone with Sonny, Emily asks him how Carly responded to her being there. He tells her that when it’s been Carly who had a breakdown, he doesn’t know how to react when she’s acting normal. It makes him feel like he’s going to have a breakdown. Again, they look very happy and comfortable together.

In the jail cell together, Alexis and Ric talk about what it’s going to mean for her to represent Ruiz. He tells her that with the pregnancy and the train crash, and all that has happened, she might want to inquire whether she’s ready to take this case. Right then, Durant enters and tells them he realizes he has no reason to detain them and they are free to go.

Jason tells Sam that she always stayed out of his work before. She tells him that he did not mind her getting into his business and running the show for him when he was in the hospital. He tells her that he had to because he was sick. But he tells her that they have to go back to the old way when they never talked about his job. She tells him she wants him to just listen to her. But he tells her that she must know how much he loves her. And it hurts him to see how she’s put herself out to protect him. He understands her need to protect him and that is why she did not tell him about her conversation with Alexis. She wanted to handle things her own way. She then promises no more secrets. But she tells him that she’s just asking for something in return from him. She asks him to just do his best to come home.

Noah and Patrick are talking bout how Noah feels responsible for killing Patrick’s mom on the operating table. Patrick tells his father that he cannot blame himself. He tells his father that he always looked up to him. That was until he saw his father become a coward. He gave up after his mom died. And to add further insult to injury, he had to do it because of her. But he tells his father it’s not too late. If he can get sober and honor the life of his wife, then he and his son have a chance. But if he continues to look for answers in the bottom of a bottle, then there is no chance.

Emily talks to Sonny about his perceived arrogance. But she talks to him laughing and smiling and she does not offend him the way Carly has.

After the argument, Nikolas puts his arms around Courtney. She cries. They start kissing. And they’re ready to get it on again.

Jax comes to talk to a young, attractive female doctor (obviously filling in for Dr. Meadows and whom he hopes will “cooperate” with him). She tells him that she knows that the results of the paternity test are missing. He tells her that doesn’t matter because he knows he is the father of Courtney’s baby. She tells him that may be but she needs to get the thorough report from the hospital. Jax is obviously not ok with that.

Patrick talks to Bobbie about the possibility of his father getting help for his drinking. But they realize they cannot make him do it. It’s his decision.

Right then, Noah is alone in the restaurant, looking miserable and needing a drink. He then gets on his phone, identifies himself and admits that he needs help.

Manny is alone in his hospital room with a charm bracelet of Carly. He reveals he might be in love with her.

Sam tells Jason he needs a bubble bath. He tells her that he will pour her a bath and throw her in there and she can enjoy it. And he will come downstairs and have a beer. Right then, they know that Carly is behind the door. She comes in and tells Jason he has to stop Sonny and Emily’s “date” immediately.

Emily admits to Sonny that everybody has warned her about him. But it does not do any good. No matter how many people she talks to, how many warnings, or what she hears, she knows she is falling in love with him.

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