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General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/3/06


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Courtney and Jax return from their dinner. He takes her home. And Nikolas is waiting at her home for her.

Jason comes home and notices that Alexis has a deposition for Sam. He expresses that he had no clue that Alexis came to the house and talked to her. San admits to him that on the day of Michael’s birthday, she had a meeting with Alexis in regard to Manny.

Sonny moves closer to Emily and kisses her. But again, it’s just a fantasy she’s having. She awakens to the reality that Sonny is still in the same house with her but nothing has happened.

Lorenzo comes to Carly’s new place. She asks him what is up. He admits to her that he’s there about Manny Ruiz.

Alexis is in Manny’s hospital room. She reminds him that she’s his attorney and it’s her job to represent him. She tells him that they will have to convince people of his innocence and reason for absolution. But he tells her there is nothing that will convince Carly.

Right then, Lorenzo tells Carly that she needs to be very careful testifying against Manny. He warns her that it could get her killed if she says or does the wrong thing.

When Courtney sees Nikolas, she runs and puts her arms around him. And she just about forgets Jax. She’s really happy that he’s there and explains to him that she had a flat tire and Jax gave her a ride home. And they further explain to Nikolas that Jax’s car hit a fire hydrant. And so they had to stay somewhere overnight. It’s obvious they didn’t do anything and Courtney didn’t want to do anything with Jax. Jax then leaves. Nikolas tells Courtney that he just got in the previous night.

Sonny tells Emily that he knows somebody from the office is coming to take his deposition for the Manny Ruiz trial. He tells her the Leticia is off for the day. And he doesn’t want his son to see him talking about Manny. So, once again, he needs Emily to take Michael somewhere. She’s ok with that. He tells her he appreciates everything. She tells him she’ happy to help. Right then, Durant enters. Emily goes to get the boys. Durant tells Sonny he can tell that Emily is deciding to take her brother’s path in life and devote her life to Sonny Corinthos. Sonny asks Durant why he’s there. He tells Sonny he wants to take his deposition and be there personally.

Ric tells Alexis that she must know that she might have a conflict of interests in her job of proving that Manny Ruiz is innocent. She tells him she can do her job and asks him what it would be like for him if she got herself involved in one of his cases.

Right then, Noah Drake is with Bobbie in the hospital and tells her that he’s been attempting to stay sober. But New Years Eve caused him to start feelings sorry for himself. She seems very disappointed in him.

Ric tells Alexis that he is still her husband and believes in her. So she can consider him part of her team.

Lorenzo tells Carly that the Ruiz family will be watching closely. And if something happens to Manny, they will want to go after the person who made it happen. Right then, Justus comes and tells Carly that Sonny asked him to come and help her with the deposition. She reminds him that Sonny believes that she will be too emotional and will blow the whole things. Lorenzo reminds her that he shares Sonny’s concerns. She tells them that the only person who needs to be worried is Manny. And she’s going to make him pay for what he did. Right then, Alexis and Ric come by. Carly asks Alexis why she’s coming with her “entourage”. Alexis asks Carly why she needs Lorenzo’s and Justus’ help. She reminds them that Manny caused the trains to collide and killed many people. She asks Alexis what is so difficult to understand. Alexis admits to Carly that she knows all about what Manny did and that Manny confessed. But she tells Carly she is there to talk to her about Jason.

Sam tells Jason that she talked to Alexis and had no reason to be afraid of anything. She honestly told Alexis what a sick freak Manny is. But he tells her that she is not on trial. Manny is. She says she knows and has nothing to fear.

Sonny tells Durant that Manny followed Jason Morgan and Sam McCall to Maui, tried to rape Sam and shot Jason in the leg. He followed and stalked them and shot the train conductor, caused the train to derail in the tunnel, killed and endangered many people and he shot his own father. But Durant reminds Sonny that the reason why Manny came to town in the first place was because of his family’s involvement with Sonny. Durant tells Sonny if he does not confess to his involvement with Manny, then Manny will go free. Sonny tells Durant he refuses to help him. Durant tells Sonny when Manny goes free and stalks his family, Sonny cannot come crying to Durant.

Courtney asks Nikolas what happened when his flight got cancelled and he was stuck in the airport. He tells her that he found a way to come home soon but it looks like she had other plans. She explains to him that she had no clue that he’d be home so soon. She thought he was stuck somewhere without a flight home. She intended to spend the night alone, watching movies by herself. But Carly invited her to come to the metro court. And she thought he’d want her to have a good time if he cannot be there. He reminds her that he was all alone for New Years. She tells him she knows he ended up with Emily.He tells her that he assumed she was with Jax. And Emily had a miserable night with her family. So he thought he’d stick around. She asks if he kissed Emily. He admits that he did.

Right then, Michael is having a snowball fight with Emily at the gazebo. They are having fun together. At that point, Elizabeth comes by. Emily asks Michael to go and get some hot chocolate for himself and Morgan and stand where she can see him. Elizabeth is able to tell that Emily is, once again, getting involved in Sonny’s life. Emily tells her that it’s just a trip to the park and no big deal. Elizabeth reminds Emly about the fantasies she admitted to having with Sonny. Emily informs Elizabeth that she went back to her parents’ home and was all alone. Nikolas came by. They spent New Years together. But they know they are both moving on. And it’s obvious that Emily has feelings for Sonny.

At Carly’s, she asks Alexis what she wants to know about Jason. Justus asks Alexis what the relevance is. Alexis asks Carly what she knows about Jason’s history as a professional hit man and how his entire personality changed after the accident. She asks Carly what she knows about Jason before and after the accident. Carly admits that she did not know Jason before the accident. Alexis reminds her that Jason was an honorable, upstanding med student and perfect son. And now he kills people for a living. Carly tells Alexis that the “old Jason” sounds like a geek. Carly asks Alexis if she’s just defending Manny in order to be a super lawyer. Alexis tells her no. Carly tells Alexis that she does not believe that people can change so profoundly. She did not know Jason Quartermaine but knows he was a wonderful man. And he’s still totally awesome as Jason Morgan. The accident did not make him a different person. And the same is true for Manny. He is evil. Always has been and always will be. A million surgeries cannot change that.

After the discouraging conversation with Durant, Sonny calls Jason over and tells him they need to find a way to prevent Manny from making it to his trial.

Nikolas admits to Courtney that he kissed Emily, on the cheek. But he asks her why he’d even get in a car with Jax in the first place. He’s probably the one who flattened her tire in the first place. He also believed that Jax sabotaged his plane and prevented him from coming home. She protests to him that she asked Jax if he did it and he said no. Nikolas tells her of course Jax will deny it. And of course, he has her to defend him. He tells her that too many things add up about Jax. She asks him if he came home to be with Emily. He tells her no. She asks him why they are fighting. He tells her the reason they are fighting is because she needs to know what kind of a slime ball Jax is.

Elizabeth tells Emily that she might not have a great future with Sonny. Does she want to spend her life taking care of his children, wondering when he’s going to come home or if he’s going to come home. Emily tells Elizabeth that sounds kind of like her life with Lucky. Emily tells Elizabeth that she doesn’t intend to “get involved” in Sonny’s life. She likes him and she’s attracted to him. And it’s no big deal. But Elizabeth reminds Emily that she is not Courtney. She cannot just have a series of casual affairs. When she falls for somebody, she gives her heart away. And Elizabeth tells her that she needs to think long and hard about what it’s going to mean to have a relationship with Sonny.

Sonny tells Jason that they have no alternative but to take Manny out. He reminds him that Alexis is good. And she may succeed in getting Manny acquitted.

In Manny’s hospital room, Noah asks Bobbie why it is that so many innocent people don’t make it and are not as fortunate as this piece of trash is. They go out the door and Durant is having some guys installing a surveillance camera in Manny’s room so that they can find out what he’s up to when he thinks he’s in private. Right then, Alexis catches him and tells him whatever he thinks he’s going to do, he must know he’s not going to get away with it.

Right then, Sam catches Jason with his gun and his plan when he’s ready to go out the door. She tells him she knows he’s going after Manny and urges him not to go through with it.

When Emily is with Michael at the gazebo, Nikolas comes by. She is surprised to see him and tells him she thought he’d be spending the time with Courtney. He tells her that he came home to see her. But she was with Jax. She had a flat tire. Jax took her home. She trusts Jax and he’s disappointed.

Right then, Jax enters Courtney’s home. He tells her he fixed her tire and realized it won’t do her much good if she does not have her keys. He gives her her car keys. He assumes that Nikolas will be staying with her. But she reveals to him that Nikolas is not there. They had a fight and Nikolas stormed off.

After Alexis catches Durant and his surveillance guys red-handed, Durant tells her that he just wanted to watch the football game on the television. Durant tells her that Sonny was very uncooperative in helping her case. And he believes that Sonny will help get Manny put away. He also reminds her that there are many people outside her client’s hospital bed that want to kill him. She tells him that he is threatening her client. And she and Ric are onto him. Right then, Durant tells Alexis that she and Ric are both under arrest for obstruction of justice.

Sam tells Jason that this is a setup. If he goes and attempts to kill Manny right before a trial, Manny might walk free and Jason will get into trouble. He tells her that it’s what Sonny wants. She tells him it’s always all about what Sonny wants. Jason has to stop doing whatever Sonny wants. Right then, Calry comes by and attempts to talk to Jason. But he doesn’t listen to either one of them and gets on the elevator ready to kill Manny.

Courtney admits to Jax that she’s upset and has raging hormones. She cries and says she did a really stupid thing not to wait for Nikolas to come home. He comforts her and tells her that everything will be ok. Right then, Nikolas comes in and notices them together.

Again, Emily is having a fantasy about Sonny coming to her and telling her that she is the love of his life and he wants to marry her. He promises to work an honest job. And she can be a doctor. They can raise Michael and Morgan like normal kids. And she tells him she loves him just the way he is and cannot ask him to change for her. But right then, Sonny gets shot and she is devastated. And right that moment, Michael awakens her out of her fantasy and asks her what’s wrong. She tells him she’s fine. But he tells her that she looks just like his mom looks when she’s afraid that his dad won’t come home.

Durant gets Alexis and Ric thrown in jail. They are stuck in the jail cell together. He asks her if she plans to get Sonny and Jason arrested for attempted murder.

Durant corners Sam in the hospital. She tells him he better leave her alone. He shows her a video of Jason walking into Manny’s room ready to kill him. And he tells her it’s one rat crawling after another rat.

Right then, Jason walks into Manny’s room while Manny is sleeping.

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