GH Update Wednesday 12/28/05

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/28/05


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Sonny and Emily both find themselves in the hallway after showering, wearing only towels. She explains that she left her hairbrush downstairs. She attempts to get into her room to find her robe. But she appears to be locked out.

Robin tells Carly that she spilled the beans to Jason about AJ being the father of her baby, only because she was jealous that she could not have a family with Jason because she was HIV positive. She tells Robin she’s just a manipulative loser. Robin tells Carly that she is hateful person. And no wonder Sonny dumped her. And if she thinks she has a future with Sonny or with Jason after all she’s done, she’s in for a rude awakening.

Alexis attempts to explain to Kristina that although she cannot go to Michael’s birthday party, she can have fun with many other things. Kristina asks her mom why she does not like her brother. Alexis tells her daughter she likes Michael just fine. Kristina asks why then, she will not let her go to his birthday party. Ric also asks Alexis why she won’t let Kristina go to Michael’s birthday party.

After Dr. Meadows confronts Courtney about being tired of having both herself and Jax interrogating her and that she and Jax need to work out their own differences, immediately Dr. Meadows walks into the parking lot and somebody mows her down. Courtney rushes to see if Dr. Meadows is ok while she’s lying on the ground. Right then, Jessie Beaudry comes by and tells Courtney that he bets that whoever hit her and ran di so intentionally. He notices Courtney lost in thought. She is having a vision about Jax threatening Dr. Meadows and setting out to kill her if she “messes” with his plan in regard to Courtney’s paternity test. And he asks Courtney what it is.

Sonny attempts to help Emily get the door to her room unlocked. But he cannot. Michael notices them both not fully clothed together and asks them what is going on.

The ambulance comes to take Dr. Meadows to the hospital. Jesse tells Courtney that he needs her as an eyewitness in order to catch the person who hit the doctor and ran. Courtney explains that Dr. Meadows is her OBGYN. She has been dealing with her during her pregnancy and some complicated situations therein. She talks about all of the incidents that have happened leading up to the accident earlier that evening. Courtney tells Jesse she’s a little upset and needs to go. She tells him she will call him if she has any information. Right then, Maxie enters. Jesse asks her if she’s mad about anything. She tells him no. He didn’t hit anybody and run. But he tells her that this investigation will prevent them from their evening together. She tells him she cannot imagine anybody doing anything like this.

Right then, Jax is sitting at the bar having a drink.

Alexis is nearby attempting to explain to her daughter that it’s a “little complicated” and “grown up stuff” Ric tells Kristina that her mommy might have a problem with Michael. Alexis explains to her daughter that she has nothing against Michael. It’s Micahel’s mother. Ric tells Kristina that maybe mommy just doesn’t want her to have any fun. Kristina then walks away from the table.

Carly asks Robin what it’s like up there, on that lofty moral perch where she looks down her nose upon everybody and judges them. Robin tells Carly she is sick. Carly tells Robin that she needs to take her miserable butt back to Paris. She only played upon Jason because he was desperate and ready to die. She has nothing else to offer him. She cannot have sex with him. Right then, Robin slaps Carly. Patrick,then comes out of hiding and pulls Carly away from Robin while Carly is yelling at Robin.

Dillon tells Lulu that he sure hopes that “Elvis” was worth it. Because she missed out on a good movie. He tells her about how he watched sub-titles with Georgie. She tells him that after his making Georgie read sub-titles all night, no wonder she has a pen-pal in the slammer. He tells her that if she helps him with his mom, he can help her with her situation. She tells him that the deal is off. She tells him there’s nothing in it for her. He tells her she either goes to the hospital and talks to Elizabeth or she’s out of the house. She then agrees to go and talk to Elizabeth if he talks to Alice.

Courtney goes to the hospital and asks Elizabeth how Dr. Meadows is. Elizabeth tells her she will be fine although the thought of a hit and run is not cool. Courtney appears very stressed and blames herself. Elizabeth tells Courtney she cannot go there and must realize the only person to blame is the person who drove the car that hit her.

Jax notices Alexis and Kristina’s problem and he invites Kristina to have some chocolate with him. He then gets a call from Courtney. She asks him not to leave and that she’s on her way. Having no clue the nature of Courtney’s call, Alexis tells Jax that Courtney is very lucky to have him caring about her. Alexis tells Ric that she does have concerns about Kristina spending so much time with Michael and Sonny. He tells her she’s overreacting. But she tells him she observed Kristina threatening to kill an adult who took her upstairs when she didn’t want to go. She asks where Kristina might have learned that. Ric suggests she learned that at home.

After Michael has witnessed his father and Emily in their semi-clothed situation, he offers to get the key for Emily. He seems to know how to get them out of a jam better than they do. He gets Emily back into her room right before Sonny and Emily find themselves in a heated situation.

After Patrick has broken up the fight between Carly and Robin, Carly tells him he need not fall for the “wounded little girl” number in Robin Scorpio. She tells him that Robin is not worth his time. He asks her if she believes that because Robin is HIV positive. Carly says no. It’s because Robin is a bitch.

Dillon and Lulu go the hospital. She tells him that she’s not about to change bed pans in a hospital. He tells her that he doesn’t want to have a pity party for her. She must realize that there’s nothing wrong with helping people. She tells him that this is about him. He wants help in getting his mom to pay for him to stay in the dorm. Right then, Elizabeth tells Lulu that she’s heard Lulu is ready to volunteer. Lulu tells Elizabeth she’d rather stick forks in her ass.

Alexis tells Ric that he’s just told her daughter that she’s a horrible mother. He tells her he did not do that. He does not believe that she is a horrible mother. He just thinks that she’s overreacting about Sonny and Michael and how they are such a bad influence on Kristina. He tells her it’s ultimately her decision but he’d just like her to lighten up on everybody especially herself. He tells her she must realize that Sonny wants to get Kristina into his life. She tells him that she is concerned, however, that when Kristina is over there, Carly will be there and badmouth her (Alexis). He tells her that Carly would not speak ill of her in front of her daughter. But Alexis tells Ric that he’s being naïve knowing how angry Carly is at the fact that she’s representing Manny.

Emily attempts to explain to Michael what has happened that night. She tells him that she went and attempted and failed to build a fire at the guesthouse. And she noticed that the hot water was out at the guesthouse. She needed to shower. His dad told her she could shower in his bathroom. But she left her hairbrush downstairs and went to find it wearing only a towel. And his dad just happened to be coming out of his room wearing his own towel after taking his own shower. Michael does not seem as shocked, however, as she’d thought he’d be. She asks him if he has any “questions”. He asks her what questions. She then sounds embarrassed to have told him all that. But Michael does not seem angry or uncomfortable. Emily then comes down and informs Sonny that she attempted to explain things to Michael. Again, it looks like they both want to get it on.

Patrick tells Craly he was a little shocked with the way she talked to Robin for being HIV positive. Carly tells him she does not do “politically correct”. She tells him that she has compassion for robin’s condition. It’s tragic. But that does not give Robin an excuse to go around with her attitude. He tells her perhaps Robin feels because of the situation, she has to overcompensate. And he hopes that Carly can understand what it’s like to have something to prove. Right then, Carly gets on the phone to call Michael. He tells his mom that she sounds “funny”. Carly is near tears but tells her son she’s fine although she misses him so much. He informs her that Emily is not staying in the guesthouse and all about the situation between Emily and his father. He sounds very calm and accepting of that. But Carly is not about to let that go.

Sonny explains to Emily that assumptions and misinterpretations happen. He believes she is a beautiful woman and he thinks very highly of her. But he admits he should not have let her stay there tonight.

Lulu asks Elizabeth why she should have to be Tracy’s wind-up toy just to get Dillon off her back. Elizabeth tells Lulu that she realizes that Lulu has not had a great time. She tells her she understands her right to feel sorry for herself. But there comes a point when the self-pity has to end. Lulu asks Elizabeth if she thinks she’s a spoiled selfish brat. Elizabeth just tells Lulu that sometimes it helps one get over their own problems when they are around people who are worse off. So she asks Lulu if she wants to give it a shot in working with people who are sick and attempting to help them.

Jesse takes Maxie to dinner and tells her tonight will be special. Not far away, Jax takes Kristina back to her mother and stepfather and tells Alexis that he found a way for Kristiana to have fun and not miss Michael’s birthday party although she cannot be there. It seems to have worked. Maybe Jax has a way with children. Jax comes back to Courtney and asks her what is up. She informs him that Dr. Meadows got struck by a car. She’s now in surgery and they don’t know if she will make it. Jax sounds shocked and asks when and how it happened. She tells him it happened, very coincidentally, right after he had a big argument with Dr. Meadows.

Lulu tells Elizabeth that everybody thinks this is about her feelings sorry for herself. Elizabeth asks her what it is about. She tells her that she’s worried that she will fail. She may not have what it takes. She’s worried she will not be effective in helping sick people, watching them die. She wishes she could be unselfish the way Elizabeth is. But that’s now whom she is. She leaves. Dillon tells Elizabeth that he cannot let her give up on this plan he has with Lulu. But Elizabeth tells him that maybe he cannot push Lulu into this. She tells him that Lulu has had too much going on in her life. Maybe Lulu needs somebody like himself, whom she can trust and talk to. Hearing that, Dillon tells her he will go and try another method. Right then, Robin enters and drops papers on the floor. Patrick helps her pick them up. She asks him why he acts like he wants to “help” her. He tells her whether she believes it or not, he does have compassion. She tells him that she believes he feels sorry for her. She can see it in his eyes. She tells him she knows that he overheard her conversation with Carly about her being HIV positive.

Sonny tells Emily that he knows that she needs to stay in the guesthouse and she doesn’t need him complicating things for her. She’s ready to go back to her parents’ house. He tells her the next time she wants to stay in the guesthouse, he will make certain it is in working order. They both seem like they don’t want to tear themselves away from each other.

Maxie can tell that Jesse has something on his mind. He is staring at Courtney and Jax and tells her that he had a feeling that Courtney was “holding something back” about what happened to Dr. Meadows. And now she’s having this “conversation” with Jax. He tells her he needs to go and check something out. Then he promises he will be all hers after he’s done.

Jax tells Courtney that he does not know what she is getting at. He only went to talk to Dr. Meadows about some medical issues. She tells him its’ a little too coincidental that right after the conversation, Dr. Meadows gets mowed down. Hearing that, Jax is shocked that Courtney would accuse him of having something to do with what happened to her. He tells Courtney that its’ unbelievable all the things she’s accused him of. First she falsely accuses him of switching the paternity test. Then she thinks he prevented Nikolas form going home. Then she suspects foul play in his business deal with Luke and Carly. But it’s unthinkable that she would accuse him of trying to kill Dr. Meadows. Hearing that, Courtney immediately feels bad and apologizes. It looks like he’s completely manipulated her.

Robin tells Patrick that he may stuff his pity. She’s been living with HIV for many years and does not need anybody to take care of her. Hearing that, he tells her that since she will not accept his help and compassion, he will no longer let her act like a jerk just because of her HIV.

Carly comes to see Michael. He informs her all about how his dad and Emily were standing outside her room wearing only towels. It was he who enabled Emily to get into her room. She does not reveal to her son her problem with that. But she goes across the hall to Sonny’s room in an attempt to find out if he’s in there with Emily. She then hears their voices, knows they are coming up the stairs and then runs to make herself scarce. Sonny, then decides Emily can stay for the night and goes up to unlock the door to her room. He doesn’t come in with her. But Carly hides and reveals she is very depressed that her ex husband has moved on.

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