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General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/27/05


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Jax tells Courtney that he believes it’s “good news” that Nikolas is on his way back. But she knows that there was sabotage on the plane and somebody prevented Nikolas from coming home for Christmas. She asks Jax if that “somebody” is himself. Hearing that, Jax asks her if “this” is how it’s going to be. Is she going to jump down his throat and make accusations of him every time something happens to Nikolas? He asks if that’s the kind of environment she wants their baby to be exposed to. She reminds Jax that he still has not answered the question.

At the metro court, Robin and Patrick both sit alone at separate tables. He comes over and asks her why she’s trying so hard not to like him.

In Jason’s hospital room, Sam asks him how Alexis could want so much to win another case, that she’d enable Manny to walk free and endanger society. Right then, Alexis enters and Sam tells her that if Manny kills again, it will be on her head. Hearing that, Alexis reminds Sam that Jason has had a history of murder also. And she asks Sam if the next time Jason murders, will Sam have that on her head?

At Sonny’s, right when Michael and Morgan are real comfortable around Emily, Carly enters and tells them that she’s there to pick up her sons and she wants Michael and Morgan home with her.

Luke enters to hear Courtney and Jax’s conversation. She asks him why he and Carly would want to buy Jax out of the metro court. He asks her why she’s so concerned for Jax. She tells him she is concerned about this. And she asks Luke how he “forced” Jax to sell half his shares to Courtney. She admits to Luke that she knows there must be some sort of secret. Luke admits to Courtney that it’s true. Jax did it because of her.

Robin tells Patrick that he’s arrogant and rude. He tells her he knows why she picked being a surgeon. That way she can hide from the world. She tells him he knows nothing about her or her life. She tells him that her first love went away and she never saw him again. He tells her that he thought Jason was her “first love”. She tells him that Jason gave her the courage to move on and pursue her career after it ended with her first love. Patrick sounds interested in hearing that.

Sam tells Alexis that Jason is recovering from major surgery. And she needs to stay away from him and not harass him. Alexis apologizes but reminds Sam that her client has had a very similar situation as Jason has had. Sam tells Alexis she cannot think of that. Manny tried to kill Jason, chained him to a chair, shot him in the leg, tried to rape her, and he caused a train wreck that could have killed many people. Alexis tells Sam she realizes that nobody can minimize what Manny has done. But she wonders why Jason can justify what he’s done and why can’t he just get a job. Jason then tells Alexis that she better not disrespect Sam.

After Carly’s walked into Sonny’s, Emily tells the boys it’s time for bed and they may kiss their mom good night. She takes them upstairs so that Sonny and Carly can talk privately. Sonny asks Carly what she’s up to. She tells him that she needs to ask him and Emily the same question. And she tells him that she’s not going to let Emily take her kids away form her.

Jason tells Alexis that she does not care about Manny or whether he’s faking. All she cares about is her career and her ego. She asks him what he thinks about Carly’s behavior in regard to her need for power and her ego. He tells her that Carly is not causing Manny to walk free. Carly did not demand that Sam endanger her own baby in order to save her child. He tells Alexis she must realize that she has Sam to thank for the fact that Kristina is alive and well. Alexis walks out and Sam angrily tells Jason that he needs to rest and not argue with that pompous witch. Right then, Alexis runs into Ric and tells him that Jason and Sam have just blasted her. And it’s interesting to be lectured on morality by a hit man and his girlfriend. Ric tells her that he finds it hard to believe that Manny has just had a magical transformation with some surgery. But he realizes that only time will tell.

Monica finds Sam and asks if she is ok. Sam tells Monica that she’s just not having a good day. She reveals that she might not want to get Monica involved in her personal problems. But Monica reminds Sam that since she is engaged to her son, she does care what is going on with her. Sam tells Monica that Jason is getting better but she’s very worried that he will put himself in danger and she won’t be able to cope or do anything about it.

Robin reveals to Patrick that Jason was once the love of her life. But she wasn’t going to let her life be put on hold because of him. He tells her he knows that she is a girl with an ambition. She tells him that she knows he’s also very ambitious. Patrick admits to her that he will be damned if he’s going to let anything make him crash and burn like what happened to his father.

Sonny assures Carly that Michael and Morgan always love her. They want her to come home. Yes, they love Emily. But Carly is their fierce, unstoppable mother. Emily then comes downstairs and announces that she is ready to leave. Calry tells Emily that she need not leave on her account. And she informs Emily that she’s going to have a party for Michael tomorrow and Emily is invited. Emily leaves and Carly tells Sonny that she is getting her life together whether he believes it or not. And she leaves.

Luke tells Courtney and Jax that he had a conversation with Lorenzo about not wanting Carly under Sonny’s thumb with no independence and no future. Hearing that, Courtney tells Jax that she does not understand his sudden concern for Carly. Luke reminds Courtney that Carly is his neice. And he informs Courtney that Jax decided to consider going into partnership with Carly because he thought Courtney would appreciate it. Luke tells Courtney that Jax did something nice and she should be good to him. He leaves and Courtney apologizes to Jax for jumping down his throat. He tells her he’s in no position to criticize. She confirms that he is a gentleman after all. She leaves. Luke tells Jax that he saved Jax’s “pristine image”. And he tells Jax that it will cost him.

Monica comes to see Jason and tells him congratulations because he’s almost out of the hospital. He asks her if she’s seen Sam. She replies yes and she suggested Sam go out and kick a tree in order to get it out of her system. He asks if he did it. Monica replies yes but not intentionally. Jason admits to his mother that he really does not understand women. Even the ones he loves. Monica then tells her son that she’d like to share some things with him. She knows that he’s recovered from surgery and is ready to get out of there and on with life. But not all people are as resilient about the situation as he is. Sam has gone through so much in regard to what’s happened to him and being afraid he’d die. And it takes its toll on so many people that love Jason even if he doesn’t realize it. Jason asks his mother what he should do. Monica tells him that since Sam almost lost him, she’s going to hang on tight. And he must understand what Sam is going through and be there for her. Put her first. Jason thanks Monica for explaining. She thanks him for listening. And she admits to her son she’s so grateful that he’s alive. She puts her arms around him.

Robin asks Patrick how he’s been affected by his dad’s drinking. Patrick tells her that he remembers his father as an excellent doctor without alcohol in his life during his childhood. But the one time his father let a patient die on the table, he gave up his medical career and let alcohol get the better of him. She asks if that might be the reason why he refuses to ever let himself fail as a doctor. He tells her that he believes that by not giving in the way his father did, that makes him a better doctor and a better man.

Jason tells Sam that he realizes that he’s been clueless. She smiles and tells him she realizes that that will happen from time to time. He tells her he doesn’t want it to happen again. And they go home.

Luke tells Jax that the way he can “pay” him back is to let Luke be a highly paid accountant for his business. Jax does not seem happy with this arrangement but agrees. He’s that desperate to win points with Courtney. Right then, Carly enters and Jax announces that Luke will be their newest employee. Jax leaves and Carly asks Luke what is going on, He tells her that he is her full partner and can make decisions without her permission. She tells him fine. Partners don’t hold out on each other. She asks him what he has on Jax. Luke tells her Courtney.

Emily walks into Sonny’s with soot on her face, looking like she’s had a problem with gas and heat at the guesthouse. She tells Sonny she will just ask Max to help her. But he tells her she will not stay at the guesthouse with no gas or heat. She is staying with them.

Luke informs Carly that Jax was playing his “white knight” number with Courtney. And he “helped” him and made Jax dependent on him in order to do that. Carly tells Luke he needs to stop playing these games with Jax. He needs to help her make a profit. Luke tells his niece that’s exactly what he intends to do. Right then, Alexis and Ric enter. Carly greets Kristina and informs her that she wants her to come to Michael’s birthday party tomorrow. Kristina is very excited although Alexis obviously does not approve. But what can she say without disappointing Kristina?

Sonny and Michael joke with Emily about the soot on her face. Sonny admits to her that she is a knockout whatever has happened.

Jason surprises Sam by carrying her into a hotel suite. She tells him he cannot do heavy lifting after the surgery. And he needs to stop pushing himself. He tells her that she need not worry. Now is their time to enjoy being together again. He acknowledges that she’s spent enough time taking care of him. Now it’s time for him to return the favor.

Courtney goes to find Dr. Meadows at the metro court after observing Dr. Meadows arguing with Jax. She tells Dr. Meadows she doesn’t want to bother her when she’s busy but she needs to know what she and Jax were arguing about.

Patrick tells Robin that he knows her personal life has her running scared. She tells him that she has finished her meal and is leaving. He tells her he can take her home. She tells him that she’d rather walk on broken glass than have him take her home. But she tells him she will leave him with the check.

Sonny and Emily are both covered in soot as he tries unsuccessfully to help her with the guesthouse heat and gas. They laugh and talk like they really like each other. But they are both very disappointed to be retiring to different bedrooms.

Alexis takes Carly aside and tells her that it was highly inappropriate for her to invite Kristina to Michael’s party without asking her(Alexis) first. Carly reminds Alexis that Michael is Kristina’s brother. Alexis tells Carly that Kristina can see Michael whenever she wants. But Carly needs to realize that since she is no longer married to Sonny, she has no reason to be around Kristina. Carly reminds Alexis that somebody could call her(Alexis) crazy also. Alexis tells Carly that Kristina is not going to be at any party where Carly is. And that is final.

Alone with Jason, Sam tells him that she wants to get back to a life where there are no seizures, no Manny, no more stress. She only wants to know that they have the rest of their lives to be together.

Courtney tells Dr. Meadows that she did not misunderstand. She knows that Jax was interrogating her. Dr. Meadows tells Courtney that she’s tired of this. Firs Jax interrogates her. Now Courtney does. She tells Courtney that if she has a problem with the situation, she needs to take it up with Jax. Right then, Dr. Meadows walks across the street and “somebody” mows her down and tries to kill her.

Alexis tells a very depressed Kristina that she apologizes for not letting her go to Michael’s birthday party. But she can make it up to her. Kristina asks her mom why she does not like her brother, Michael.

At the metro court, Robin finds Carly and asks her what she’s doing. Carly says she’s planning a birthday party for Michael. She tells her that she wants Jason to bring a motorcycle to the party. Robin tells Carly she is totally selfish to ask Jason to do things like that right after his surgery. Carly tells Robin that she needs to go back wherever she was hiding before and realize that Jason dumped her. Robin tells Carly that she must realize that AJ is Michael’s father and he had the right to know. Carly tells Robin the only reason she did that was because she was jealous. Robin could not give Jason what Carly could give him because Robin was HIV positive. Patrick is nearby hearing their conversation and finds out something he never knew about Robin. Robin tells Carly that she is trash and no wonder Sonny won’t take her back.

At Sonny’s, Both Emily and Sonny have gotten out of their respective showers and run into each other in the hallway, wearing only towels.

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