GH Update Monday 12/26/05

General Hospital Update Monday 12/26/05


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

In the locker room, a young woman reveals to Robin that she is “interested” in Patrick Drake. Robin tells her that Patrick’s ego is as big as Wyoming. And she does not think he’s as great as he thinks he is.

Ric goes to Manny’s room. Manny tells Ric he knows that rehashing who shot whom is pointless right now. Ric tells Manny he does not know if the surgery ended his violent urges or if Manny is just shining everybody on. But he informs Manny that his wife is representing him. And he’s going to be on his tail.

Emily comes to see Jason and tells him that she believes it was selfish of Calry to take the kids to be with her and exclude Sonny. And she knows Sonny would have been completely alone if it were not for her(Emily)

Carly looks to have moved into a new place and tells Michael that they had a great Christmas and it’s now time for him to be with his dad. Sonny then comes to pick up his son at Carly’s new place. She tells him that she plans to unpack. But he tells her she needn’t bother because she is not staying.

Alexis comes into Manny’s room and tells Ric that he cannot interfere with her client. He tells her that he’s still a little cautious about Manny’s violent tendencies. He also warns her that Durant is going to use many things against her when he prosecutes Manny.

Dillon tells Georgie that his “efforts” to get his mom to let him go back to the dorms is futile. She’s even gone so far as to tell him if he doesn’t stop with his “persistence” she will cut off his tuition. Georgie informs Dillon that she just got a letter from Diego, that he wrote her from the slammer.

Jax is at the metro court talking to a designer. And Courtney walks in. He approaches her and tells her that maybe she can let the woman decorate her loft. But Courtney informs Jax that she is not staying in the loft until the baby is born.

Patrick walks into the locker room. The woman there doesn’t seem to mind that he’s watching her dressing. Alone with Robin, he asks her why an attractive, intelligent personable woman like her dos not have any time for a social life. She tells him that her personal life is none of his business. He asks her why she hides from the world. He tells her that life does not end at the doors of the hospital. And she must know what they say that this is not a dress rehearsal. Right then, she gets a call on her beeper and leaves.

Emily explains to Jason that she did not “spend the night” at Sonny’s. She just went there because Michael asked her to. She noticed that Sonny was all-alone. She didn’t want to go back to the Quartermaines. He looks at her disapproving. He tells her that he does not intend to tell her how to live her life since he does not want anybody telling him how to live his. But he’s worried that if she and Sonny got involved, it would hurt both of them.

Sonny tells Carly that he’s worried about the place she’s living being unsafe. But she tells him that she found the place online while at Roselawn. This is her own place. She found it on her own. She is taking care of herself and knows what she is doing. She tells him that he’s being controlling and selfish. He then tells her that he can see how defensive she is. And right then, Lorenzo comes in and tells Carly the house is great but she needs security. Hearing that, Sonny asks Lorenzo why he brought up security and just whom he believes she needs protection from. Lorenzo stares right at Sonny.

Jax tells Courtney that he did not know that she’d be “alone” while pregnant. She reminds him she will not be alone when Nikolas is there. He’s obviously not ready to accept that and asks her if she plans to marry Nikolas or just live together until the baby is born. She asks him to please not do this to himself.

Lulu walks into Kelly’s and is ready to help herself to some cake without paying for it. Dillon and Georgie notice her. She notices that somebody from Pentonville sent Georgie a letter. She opens it up to read that “somebody” tells her he’s afraid his life will be ruined. But Dillon pulls it out of her hand and suggests they throw it in the trash where it belongs.

Ric tells Alexis that he knows that she will do what is right in her professional capacity in representing Manny. He leaves and Durant tells Alexis that he’s going to be trying Manny himself and expects justice to be served. He reminds her that Manny is a violent, homicidal psychopath and sociopath. She reminds him that Manny has had surgery for a brain anomaly. He tells her that saying that sounds like a defense for a client killing somebody because they had too much sugar. She tells him that she has medical documentation that Manny’s behavior was caused by the anomaly and fixed by the surgery. He tells her she must know why he chose her to try this case and why he wants her to lose.

Patrick goes into Jason’s room and reminds him that Dr. Scorpio found him all the way in Paris to ask him to do the surgery. He goes outside and Sam tells him if he’s asking for trouble, he’s probably going to get it.

Right then, Emily is undressing in the locker room. With just her bra and pants on, she has a fantasy that Sonny comes up to her and kisses her. But she awakens and knows that it did not really happen. She seems disappointed.

Sonny asks Lorenzo what he’s doing there. Carly reiterates that that is a good question. Lorenzo tells Carly that he wants to share some things with her, privately. She tells him that she’s moved into this place to have some privacy and independence. But he tells her that he can see that her ex-husband has other plans. Lorenzo tell Carly she needs to look at the divorce decree. But she tells them both that she is ready to live her own life for herself without permission from either one of them. She tells them that they are both her ex husbands and have both taken care of her in their own way. But she’s ready to let them both know that she does not need rescuing or care taking from either one of them. She tells them from now on, Carly Corinthos can take care of herself.

Courtney tells Jax that he is looking for problems. But there are none. She and Nikolas will be ok. He tells her that that was the very same thing he thought about their marriage. And it did not work out. He asks her how she’s so certain that her relationship with Nikolas won’t end similarly. She tells him that she wishes he’d have faith in her judgment. He then asks her if she will let her “foolish ex” buy her and the baby lunch. She asks the baby what he/she thinks. And she confirms to Jax that the baby says yes. They are hungry.

Lulu asks Dillon what’s up with the letter. She could see that it was not addressed to him. It was Goergie’s. And she’d like to know what is going on between them. Georgie explains to Lulu that Diego was a “friend” of theirs’. Dillon makes it clear to Lulu that he does not think well of Diego. And it almost sounds like he has a little “scheme” where Lulu can “help” him in regard to Diego in exchange for his helping her to know how to survive in the Quartermaine house.

Sam is outside having a conversation with Patrick where he shares his “opinion” about Jason. Inside Jason’s room, Robin tells Jason that Patrick is so arrogant and she knows all about his reputation with women. She also reveals she might have some personal issues with him.

Carly shares with her mother that she had a great Christmas with her sons. Bobbie affirms that she believes that that’s good. She also tells her daughter that Jason is getting better and she needs to go see him before he gets released from the hospital.

Alexis asks Durant if he really knows the facts about Manny. He tells her he knows all about Manny’s “belief” that he’s all better now. She reminds him about a guy in Pine Valley, PA (on All My Children) named Jonathan Lavery who had a similar situation with a brain tumor that caused him to be violent and which was corrected by surgery. He tells her that she cannot keep having blind faith in Immanuel Ruiz. He reminds her that she must take a good look at the pictures of her two little girls. And she must ask herself if she’s really willing to assume that if Manny is free that he will not cut their hearts out without blinking an eye.

Right then, Carly is walking through the hospital, and she accidentally bumps into Manny who is walking with the staff helping him. She looks at him shocked. He looks at her with what seems to be “sensitive” eyes. He tells her he’s sorry and should have looked where he was going. She tells him that’s very true and she demands that the guards keep him away from her. He asks to talk to Carly alone. He tells her he realizes that she may never forgive him. She tells him he can bet that’s true and she hopes he fries for what he’s done. He tells her he wishes there was some way to make it up to her. Right then, Alexis walks by and witnesses their conversation.

Ric goes to talk to Sonny at his home and Sonny reveals to his brother that he must take matters into his own hands with Manny. Right then, Emily walks in and tells Sonny that she cannot let him go through with that. He asks her if she does not believe that Manny deserves to die after what he’s done. She tells him that that is not up to them.

Sam tells Jason that maybe Patrick is a competent doctor. But he’s a world-class jerk. She knows that he harasses Robin and she does not care for him. But she wonders where his “warning” came from about Jason getting himself killed. She then tells Jason that after all that has happened she just wants their lives to get back to normal. She tells him that she accepts his life and knows he’s always been honest to her. But she tells him that maybe many people will want him to change. He asks her if she expects him to walk away form his old life. He reminds her that it’s the only life he’s known and he cannot abandon the people who need him and count on him.

Outside of Kelly’s, Dillon asks Lulu if she wants to observe his “movies” with him. She tells him she hates sitting in the dark. Georgie then asks why Lulu would not want to do something when not long ago she said she had nothing to do. Lulu then tells them she must go and see her boyfriend named Elvis. Georgie tells Dillon it’s very odd that she’s never heard of Lulu’s boyfriend and that his name is Elvis. Right then, Georgie runs into Kelly’s and takes Diego’s letter to her out of the trash.

Alexis tells Carly that Manny had a medical condition that made him not responsible for his actions and he deserves legal counsel and it is the law that he should have that. Carly protests that Manny is a dangerous criminal and she should not make any excuses for him. Alexis reminds Calry that somebody could say the same thing about her when she almost killed Emily with a lethal weapon. So she must realize that Manny has the same rights under the law as she does.

Manny asks Robin and Patrick what he should do in reforming his life, living with what he’s done, and facing all the people who will never forgive him. She tells Manny that he must take it one day at a time. Alone with Patrick, Robin tells him that Manny seems like a changed man and asks him what he thinks. Patrick admits that it’s complicated. But everybody deserves a second chance, he tells her.

Carly goes to see Jason and tells him that he might want to be careful because Manny is out walking around. She also informs Jason and Sam that Alexis is representing him. She’s very worried that Alexis could get him acquitted. Sam admits to Carly that she shares her concerns about that.

Sonny tells Emily that he has no choice but to take matters into his own hands with Manny. He needs to protect the people he cares about; Carly, the children and her.

Courtney return from her “dinner” with Jax and gets a call from Nikolas. She finds out that there is something wrong with Nikolas’ plane. She tells him that Nikolas informs her that “somebody” sabotaged his flight so that he good not get back in time for Christmas. And she asks Jax if that “somebody’ is him

Sam asks Jason if Alexis’ ego can be so big that she can let that homicidal freak get away with what he’s done. Alexis walks in and Sam tells her that if Manny goes free and commits more heinous crimes, she will be the one to be held accountable.

In Manny’s room, he asks Bobbie if she can share with him the results of his tests. She’s ready to get it for him. He then informs her he knows she’s Carly’s mother. Hearing that, Bobbie tells him she does not want to hear him speak of her daughter. Manny tells Bobbie that he’s concerned that Carly is upset to see him again. She tells him that Carly will be just fine after he’s been locked up.

Right then, when Michael is with Sonny and Emily and it looks like Emily has taken Carly’s place, Carly walks in.

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