GH Update Friday 12/23/05

General Hospital Update Friday 12/23/05


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COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney comes into the room with a blanket for Jax, who is stretched out on the couch. She sees that he is dialing a cell phone number and she comments that he's not as drunk as she thought. Jax insists he is only trying to call a cab to come pick him up. Courtney thinks he should spend the night to sleep it off.

ROSE LAWN: Carly walks into the main room of Rose Lawn and sees Emily talking with Dr. Kim. She jumps to conclusions and accuses Emily of being the one responsible for keeping her at Rose Lawn over Christmas. Dr. Kim explains to Carly that Emily is actually trying to convince him to release her (Carly) early.

THE HOSPITAL: Sam and Alexis are in the lobby arguing about Alexis' decision to defend Manny Ruiz. Sonny comes in and asks what is going on -- Sam tells him that Alexis is trying to get Manny acquitted.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney brings Jax something to drink. He apologizes for being a little drunk but adds that he's not sorry that he still loves her.

RESTAURANT: Lainey and the older gentleman are at a table eating and laughing and talking. Justus watches them from a few feet away...he looks sullen and jealous.

ROSE LAWN: Dr. Kim doesn't think Carly is ready to leave Rose Lawn, but Emily and Carly try to convince him otherwise. Carly says she must keep the promise she made to Michael and Morgan to be home for Christmas. Emily chimes in that Carly is a good mother who deserves to be let out early for Christmas.

THE HOSPITAL: Sonny and Sam argue with Alexis over the Manny Ruiz case. Sam is furious when Alexis tries to draw comparisons between Manny and Jason -- Alexis admits that Manny is a little more psychotic than Jason, but they both take lives and no matter what, everyone is entitled to a defense. Sonny says that justice in this case will be served.

The Christmas party is suddenly in full swing -- Georgie, Lucas, Maxie, Dillon and Alice (the Quartermaines' maid) arrive. Georgie and Maxie and even Alice are decked out in elf costumes in preparation for handing out presents to the little children in the pediatric ward. Michael comes in, followed by Max the bodyguard, and Ric and Kristina and Molly also arrive. Alexis worries to Ric about the stress the Manny Ruiz case is already causing her.

RESTAURANT: Justus waits until Lainey leaves her table momentarily, then he approaches the table to enquire to the older gentleman about his "date." The man replies that Lainey is not his date, she's his daughter. Justus is relieved. Lainey returns to the table and is annoyed to find out that Justus jealously followed her to the restraunt. Suddenly, her father turns to her and asks her who she is? Lainey looks uncomfortable.

LUCKY AND ELIZABETH'S APARTMENT: Lucky arrives with a toy for Cameron (who is already in bed). He tells Elizabeth it was the last speed-wheel tricycle in the whole state. Lucky is disappointed to hear that Cameron has already fallen asleep. Elizabeth assures him that they can spend Christmas with Cameron in the morning.

THE HOSPITAL: The Christmas party continues...Lulu arrives and meets up with Maxie and Georgie for elf duty. Jason comes out into the lobby -- Michael is happy to see him. Sonny wonders where Emily is and Michael replies that she had to go get something "special." Patrick comments to Robin that she would look cute in one of those elf costumes the teens are wearing. Suddenly Santa arrives! The kids in the lobby are excited, but Patrick takes one look at Santa (who is actually his father, Noah) and wonders under his breath whose idea this was?

THE RESTAURANT: Lainey tries to get her father to remember who she is, but he is suddenly confused about where they are. Justus tries to go back to his table but Lainey follows him and accuses him of following her around like she's a criminal. Justus tries to apologize but Lainey cuts him off and says that she and her father are trying to have a semblance of a normal holiday. She adds that her father has Alzheimer's. She stalks back to her own table as Justus looks distressed.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney admits to Jax that what they had was special, but that it's over now. Jax pleads with her, saying that he thought what they had was for real...he remembers how much Courtney fought for what they had, before they got married. Courtney says that they see things from different perspectives, and now they must focus on the baby. She promises she will never try to cut him off from their child's life. Jax says he believes her. Suddenly Courtney's cell phone rings -- its' Nikolas, calling from his hotel in Europe. They talk about how they wish they were together for Christmas, as Jax sits on the couch, listening.

THE HOSPITAL: Alan reads the Christmas story (about baby Jesus' birth) to all of the children at the party...the adults all listen as well. Santa Noah then starts to hand out presents to the kids. Patrick comments under his breath that Noah is obviously drunk.

Michael and Morgan approach Santa -- Michael wants him to bring his mom home for Christmas. Santa asks if his mom's name is Carly? Michael is astounded that he knows. Suddenly, Carly herself comes into the room. Michael and Morgan run to hug her. Emily and Sonny watch the scene happily.

Alan and Jason tell one another a heartfelt Merry Christmas. Monica tells Jason she thinks they are all going to have a pretty good year.

Meanwhile, Patrick takes "Santa" Noah by the arm and chews him out for being drunk at the Christmas party. He then gives Noah some money for a cab to take home. Noah leaves. Robin approaches Patrick and asks what happened to Noah -- Patrick replies that Noah has always gotten drunk on every Christmas since his (Patrick's) mother died.

Sonny approaches Alexis and Ric to wish them a merry Christmas. Kristina hugs Sonny. Sonny tells Ric that he is glad that Ric finally has what he always wanted (a family). Ric agrees that it's a great thing to have.

LUCKY AND ELIZABETH'S APARTMENT: Lucky and Elizabeth are putting together the toy for Cameron. They talk about how the traditions they will keep going within their own family. Elizabeth talks about how Christmas was like for her growing up -- the house was always decorated like a greeting card but her mother never felt fulfilled. Elizabeth wants to filter out the painful stuff and focus on good traditions with Cameron. They successfully put together the tricycle.

THE HOSPITAL: Sonny and Carly and Michael and Morgan are getting ready to leave the party. Carly is going to take the boys to her new house. Michael and Morgan say goodbye to Sonny and they all part ways.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney has decided to put up the Christmas tree. Jax wants to help, but she tells him she has it. They talk about the baby's first Christmas, and how Jax wants to buy him or her all kinds of toys. Jax puts the star ontop of the Christmas tree, and they admire it. Jax says he should probably leave but Courtney says he doesn't have to.

LUCKY AND ELIZABETH'S APARTMENT: Lucky and Elizabeth are in bed, and Lucky is reading "'Twas the Night Before Christmas." Elizabeth gets sleepy but Lucky wakes her up by "inventing" his own little Christmas poem: "The children were all nestled snug in their beds -- while their parents were upstairs. The father gently sliding his hands beneath the well-fitted bodice. She smiled with ecstasy and begged for more." They laugh and start to kiss. Lucky comments that she's not too tired now.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney says that Jax is too drunk to go home. Jax wants to leave anyway but she convinces him to stay. She talks about how they are all entitled to moments of weakness, but their baby is a miracle, and this is a time to appreciate that. She puts his hand on her stomach and he feels the baby move for the first time.

ROSE LAWN: Lainey brings her father back to Rose Lawn, where he resides. He still doesn't remember her. They say goodbye, and a nuse takes her father to his room. Lainey cries softly to herself. Justus arrives and apologizes to her for all of this. Lainey says that her father used to be a brilliant lawyer, and she is proud of him, but worried about how he would feel if he knew about all of this. She says it's her job to protect him. She cancelled previous dates with Justus to come and deal with her father when he has "bad days." She was hoping for just one Christmas she would get her father back. She cries and Justus comforts her.

THE HOSPITAL: Patrick finds Noah, who is sitting all alone on another floor of the hospital. Noah says he doesn't blame Patrick for hating him the way he does. Patrick talks about one Christmas Eve when Noah was called away for surgery. He hated Noah then for ruining Christmas...he didn't realize then what he does now, that he should have been proud that his father was off saving lives.

CARLY'S HOUSE: Michael likes Carly's new house but is upset that they don't have a Christmas tree like Sonny has at Greystone. Carly tries to reassure Michael. Suddenly there's a knock at the door -- it's Max (the bodyguard) and he's brought them a Christmas tree! They all work to set the tree up.

GREYSTONE: Sonny is at Greystone. Emily arrives and gives him a Christmas present. He opens it -- it's pictures of his children.

JASON'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Jason and Sam return to the hospital room and find that "Santa" has been are on the bed. Sam got him stuff for bubble baths. She also found a "one-use" pass out of the hospital...Jason can go anywhere he wants. She asks him where they should go?

HOLIDAY MONTAGE: The entire last segment is a montage of holiday scenes set to the song "Do You See What I See?" Everyone at the hospital party: Dillon and Georgie kissing; Maxie and Jesse kissing; Bobbie and Lucas together; Audrey hanging up a picture of Lila next to a picture of her dead husband Steve, as Edward smiles at the display; Brooke and Ned hugging; Tracy giving Monica a small gift; Alan and Skye together; Ric and Alexis kissing as Kristina and Molly sit near by; Lucky and Elizabeth kissing; Justus and Lainey together; Patrick helping Noah out of the room; Courtney admiring her Christmas tree as Jax admires her; Nikolas alone in his hotel room; Sonny and Emily at Greystone; Carly, Michael and Morgan looking at their Christmas tree; and Jason and Sam up on the hospital roof.

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