GH Update Thursday 12/22/05

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/22/05


Written By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

THE STATE FOREST: Ric, Alexis and Kristina are in the car in the middle of the forest -- Ric is telling Kristina about how he and Alexis chopped a tree down in this forest last year for Christmas. Alexis is distracted by work, however, because she is being forced to construct a defense for Manny Ruiz.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Georgie comes into the mansion and is shocked to see Dillon hanging from the rafters. He tells her that he is trying to drive his mother Tracy crazy so that she will send him back to the dorms. He and Georgie kiss just as Lulu walks in. Georgie has brought something for Lulu -- an elf costume for Lulu to wear to the hospital Christmas party. Lulu says no and runs up the stairs...Georgie chases after her.

KELLY'S: Courtney arrives at Kelly's. She tells Mike that she and Nikolas have special plans for Christmas and he is flying home from Europe right this very minute.

METRO COURT: Jax walks into the Metro Court...he is talking on his cell phone, thanking the person on the other end for a job well done.

JASON'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Jason is up and about...he wants to leave the hospital room, but Sam reminds him he is not supposed to be out of bed. They start to kiss just as Robin walks into the room. She wants to talk to them about Manny Ruiz.

KELLY'S: Mike and Courtney talk about her problems with Nikolas and Jax hating one another. Courtney pledges not to let anything spoil her Christmas with Nikolas. Just then, Emily and Michael walk in. They all say hi to one another and talk about the hospital Christmas party, which Courtney says she and Nikolas are skipping this year. Just then Nikolas calls her cell phone -- she expects him to say that he's at the airport and is stunned when he says he isn't.

METRO COURT: Jax is sitting on the sofa in the lobby, ordering drinks. Skye approaches him and comments that he doesn't seem to be celebrating. He is in a lousy mood because of Courtney -- he still loves her but she wants to be with Nikolas. Skye tries to give him advice, saying he should focus less on trying to control Courtney's pregnancy and more on showing Courtney that he can be that great guy she fell in love with. Jax gets an idea -- he thanks Skye and says she may have been more helpful than she realized. They say goodbye and part ways.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Dillon tries to fake Tracy out by continuing to look as if he has hanged himself from the rafters, but Tracy doesn't seem to care. She wants him to make sure to be back at the mansion later to spend Christmas day with the family. Lulu and Georgie come back into the room, still arguing over Lulu's refusal to wear the elf costume at the hospital party. Alan and Monica come into the foyer and get into the act, trying to persuade Lulu to dress up and spread a little Christmas cheer. Luke enters and Tracy catches him by the arm and warns him that he had better force Lulu to attend the hospital party, or else.

THE HOSPITAL: Justus overhears Lainey telling the nurse on call at the nurse's station that she is going to go pick someone up for the holidays. Lainey leaves and Justus goes to the nurse and asks what is going on with Lainey? The nurse tells him that whoever Lainey is going to meet, she seems very anxious to see him. Justus looks intrigued.

THE STATE PARK: Ric wants Alexis to stop thinking about work and Manny Ruiz and to focus instead on spending Christmas with him and the kids. They all get out of the car and Ric and Kristina head off to look for a tree. Alexis gets a call on her cell phone and tells them that she'll be right there -- she takes the call and tells the person on the other end to dig back in the records to get the information they need for Manny's case.

JASON'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Robin tells Sam and Jason that Manny Ruiz is a completely different person now that they have performed the surgery. Sam argues with Robin -- she refuses to believe that Manny has changed that much. Jason asks Robin what she wants him to do. She replies that she'd like him to visit Manny himself, to try to figure out if he thinks Manny's lying about feeling remorse. Sam is against this idea. Robin asks Jason to think about what she's asked. She leaves and Sam turns to Jason and reiterates her belief that there's no way Manny could be a different person now.

KELLY'S: Emily and Michael leave the diner. Afterward, Mike and Courtney talk about how much Michael has grown up. Mike thinks Michael acts just like Sonny. Courtney tells Mike that Nikolas was just on the phone -- he is stranded in Europe because of a problem with the plane. Mike suggests that Courtney spend Christmas with Sonny, but Courtney is weary of that idea, since she and Sonny have not been getting along. Mike suggests that she hang out with him instead -- he reminds her that she is not alone. As they talk, Jax can be seen peering through the window at Kelly's.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Alice the maid cuts Dillon down from the rafters as the rest of the family argues over whether or not Lulu should go to the Christmas party. Luke tells Lulu that it's her call. Lulu says she won't do it. Georgie gets upset and she and Dillon leave. One by one, everyone but Skye (who has recently arrived) and Luke leave the room. Skye asks Luke what is really going on with him?

THE STATE PARK: Alexis is waiting in the car for Ric and Kristina to return -- when they do, it's with a huge Christmas tree that they cut down themselves. Alexis is upset because the tree they picked isn't big enough. She and Ric argue, and Alexis decides that they will give this small tree to the kids at the hospital...and they'll pick out a bigger tree for themselves. Ric wants her to come help them get another tree, but Alexis wants to stay in the car so she can work on her lap top going over Manny's case. Ric reluctantly agrees and he and Kristina leave. Alexis gets back in the car, opens up her computer to continue her work.

JASON'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sam and Jason are in bed together discussing Jason's desire to go home for Christmas. Michael and Emily come into the room -- they've brought cookies for Jason. Michael is upset to hear that Jason will not be able to come to their house to spend Christmas with them. He begs Jason to find some way to leave the hospital.

THE STATE PARK: Ric and Kristina return to the car with a huge tree. Alexis is pleased. They load the trees into the car and get ready to go. But one problem...the car won't start. Apparently Alexis running her laptop and her cell phone on the car battery has killed it, and now they are stranded there without power to run the car.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Skye asks Luke why he cares if Lulu is an elf or not. Luke is reluctant, but finally tells Skye a story...he had just come to Port Charles from Florida, and when he went to the hospital to find his sister Bobbie, he got lost and wound up in the pediatrics ward. There, the Christmas party was going on, and Laura (who was a teenager back then) was dressed in the traditional elf costume, helping out at the party. He says that Laura always did love Christmas...and every Christmas, when she would smile at him, he would remember her in that stupid elf costume. Neither of them realize it, but Lulu can be seen eavesdropping on their conversation from a few feet away.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney has returned to her looks like she will be spending Christmas alone. Suddenly she hears a knock on the door -- it's Jax...he seems a bit drunk. She demands to know what he's doing here, and he says that he's sorry...but then ends up laughing drunkenly. Courtney looks very annoyed.

JASON'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Jason tells Michael that the only way he can get better is if he stays at the hospital a little while longer. Michael is upset, though, especially since Carly can't be home for Christmas either. Jason wants Michael to have a good Christmas, and to take lots of pictures to show Carly later. Michael and Emily now have to leave for the hospital Christmas party. They leave and Sam thanks Jason for agreeing to stay in the hospital even though he would rather be anywhere else.

THE STATE PARK: Ric and Alexis are trying to secure one of the Christmas trees to the top of the car. They get it tied down when suddenly a park ranger approaches the car. He tells them that he will have to fine them $500 for each tree they cut down. Ric and Alexis and Kristina play on the man's guilt and he eventually says he'll let them off this time without the fine. He goes to get some jumper cables for their car. Ric and Alexis are very happy.

LAINEY'S HOUSE: Justus watches through the window of the house as Lainey welcomes a man inside for dinner. She says that she thought he would never get here...he agrees and they get ready to eat. Justus looks very surprised.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney finally allows Jax inside, saying he is in no shape to be wandering the streets. She wants to get him something to eat. Jax says that he has had a little too much to drink, and he's afraid he'll say something he'll regret -- like that he still loves her. Courtney continues to look annoyed.

THE HOSPITAL: Ric, Alexis, Kristina and baby Molly have arrived (with Christmas tree in tow) for the party. Alexis wants to go check on Manny first. Ric and the kids go by themselves to the party.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Jax confesses his love for Courtney, saying that he has loved her from the very beginning...and that he tried to stop loving her when she went to be with Nikolas, but now he wants to put his pride aside, to try to find a way to win her back. He admits that he even dreams about her, and is hoping that she'll come back to him some day. He apologizes for being so emotional and insists that he should go get a cab, since she and Nikolas probably have plans of their own for the holidays. Courtney admits that Nikolas is stranded in Europe for Christmas.

MANNY'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Alexis is consulting with Manny -- she tells him that he has a reasonable chance of acquittal because there were medical conditions that affected his actions when he committed all of those crimes. He might be free to start a new life. Manny points out that that will be because of her. She says that it will be because of the law -- everyone is entitled to a vigorous defense, and she will see that he gets it.

JASON'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Dara has arrived to see Jason and Sam. She tells them that they will both be subpoenaed to testify against Manny in the trial. She notes that Alexis will be defending Manny -- Sam and Jason are surprised to hear that. Dara warns them that Alexis intends to win this case.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney urges Jax to try and get some sleep. Jax says that he thinks that a year from now they will have to flip a coin to see who gets their baby on Christmas Eve and who gets the baby on Christmas day. Courtney says that she thinks they can do better than that. She leaves to get him a blanket so he can sleep on the couch. Jax gets out his cell phone to make a call -- Courtney comes in and sees him about to dial a number. She comments that she guesses he's not as drunk as he thought.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Luke is by himself when Lulu enters the room -- she is dressed up in the elf costume. Luke, emotional, tells her that she reminds him so much of her mother. Lulu smiles happily.

ROSE LAWN: Emily has arrived at Rose Lawn -- she meets up with Dr. Kim, Carly's doctor. She wants Dr. Kim to release Carly in time for Christmas. Dr. Kim says that it's far too soon, but Emily replies that she has known Carly for years and thinks Carly is really ready to get back to her life -- and that her kids need her home for Christmas.

THE HOSPITAL: Sam runs into Alexis in the lobby and then blows up at her for defending Manny. Alexis says that everyone, even Manny, is entitled to a defense. Sam accuses Alexis of taking the case to help her own career. Alexis says she just wants to win and Sam asks if it's really worth letting a killer free.

MANNY'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Robin and Jason are outside the room. Robin tells him that she needs him to find out if Manny is faking the remorse or if he's sincere. Jason agrees and goes into the room. Manny sees him and immediately apologizes for shooting him days prior. Jason just looks at Manny and says nothing.

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