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General Hospital Update Wednesday12/21/05


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Ric returns home to find out that Alexis assumes and expects that he’s going to go to the woods with her to pick out a Christmas tree.

At Sonny’s, everybody is clearly bummed out that Emily is gone. Michael asks his dad if his mom is coming home.

Right then, Carly tells Lanie and Dr. Kim that she’s going to go and visit her kids whether they like it or not. And they cannot stop her.

Tracy catches Lulu ready to grab the keys to the cars again. Lulu tells her “stepmother” that she doesn’t want to be stuck in this place. Tracy tells her if she touches any of the cars again., she will be sorry. Lulu reminds Tracy that her dad will not get her in trouble the way Tracy wants. Tracy tells Lulu that she won’t care if she offends Luke by what she does the next time Lulu steps out of line. Right then Emily comes down and tells Tracy that she is not dealing effectively with Lulu and maybe Tracy should try a little kindness. Hearing that, Tracy tells Emily that that is so cliché. Right then, Dillon comes in and tells them that he knows he cannot stay at the dorms in school because his mom refused to pay the dues.

Right then, Manny awakens in his hospital room after his surgery. He tells Robin and Patrick that he feels remorse for what he has done. The prosecutor walks in and informs them that Manny is going back to prison. They tell her that after having such major surgery, he cannot go anywhere. He still needs medical care. She reminds them that Manny derailed two trains and is a dangerous criminal. And it’s DA Durant’s orders that Manny goes back in custody. Patrick tells the prosecutor that she may tell Mr. Durant that Mr. Ruiz is in the hospital room under his supervision.

Ric tells Alexis that now is not the time to go and chop down a tree. He has many things to do. He’s busy with his work and his family commitments over the holidays. HE also tells her that she must realize that she is not the “outdoorsy type”. They get into a big argument as she gets her coat on and promises she will not complain. She tells him she will do all the work and chop down the tree herself. She will hire somebody else to do it. He needn’t do any work at all. All he needs to do is stay with the kids. He tells her he’s not going to go. She tells him if he chooses not to go, that’s fine. She will take the kids herself.

Justus goes to Sonny’s and asks him to sign the legal papers before the courts close for the holidays. He also asks Sonny what his plans are in regard to Carly. Sonny indicates to Justus that the boys really miss Emily. Sonny asks Justus how Emily is.

Carly tells Dr. Kim that he cannot legally stop her from leaving. He agrees that she is right. But he tells her if she leaves, he can get a restraining order to keep her way from her kids because she is not ready. Hearing that, she asks if he believes that she could endanger her kids. She tries to “protest” and knocks down the tree.

After Alexis has threatened to go off in the woods without him, Ric calls to cancel his appointments for the day. She tells him that she has a compass in case they get lost. And she reminds him that she is a Cassadine and Cassadines do not claim to like to camp or roast marshmallows. He makes a joke about envisioning her roasting marshmallows with Helena. Right then, the prosecutor for Manny comes in and informs Alexis that Durant wants her(Alexis) to represent Manny.

Tracy tells Dillon that she needs him in her house in order to “keep an eye” on Lulu. He tells his mother he refuses to spy for her. Tracy tells her son she refuses to pay for him to stay at the dorm because she needs him there to “help” her with this matter. Emily is hearing their conversation and Dillon asks Emily to attempt to talk some sense into Tracy. But Emily seems to agree that Lulu could use some “help”. Tracy then tells Dillon that it’s settled and she will have Alice make up his room

Courtney and Nikolas are at Kelly’s and she asks him what his plans are for the day. He tells her nothing much. She tells him that she planned on going to Roselawn to visit Carly. She tells him that Carly is getting back to normal, ordering all of the nurses around and she misses her kids. Right then, Nikolas’ phone rings. He tells his contact that he’s not about to fly to Europe even if it’s an emergency and they may tell the CEO that he will have to postpone it before the holidays. Not far away, Jax overhears his phone conversation. Nikolas then agrees to fly to Europe but tells the person that he has some very special holiday plans that he must get back to.

Carly tells Lanie that she realizes she is emotional and asks Lanie if that is so horrible. Lane tells Carly that she needs an equilibrium point and do what is right for herself and not be so dependent on others. And she asks Carly to focus on what she believes is best for both herself and her sons.

Justus is surprised that Carly and Emily agreed for Emily to leave his home. Sonny doesn’t have much of an explanation except for the fact that Carly is planning on coming back for the holidays. They both talk about how Lanie has helped Carly. Sonny asks Justus if he’s seeing Lanie. Justus then tells Sonny he has to leave and take care of legal matters. Sonny’s phone rings. It’s Carly. She tells him that she cannot come home for Christmas. She informs him that Lanie and Dr. Kim do not think she’s ready. She then asks Sonny to tell Michael and Morgan that she is sorry, she loves them and that she wishes them a happy Christmas.

The prosecutor tells Alexis that the judge has appointed her to represent Manny. Alexis obviously doesn’t want to do that and tells the prosecutor that Durant and the judge must realize that she can hardly be impartial in this case when she and her baby were one of the victims in the train wreck. The prosecutor tells Alexis that Mr. Durant told her it’s not optional and Alexis better represent Manny or she will be in contempt of court.

Courtney comes to visit Carly. Carly informs her that Dr. Kim and Lanie don’t want her to go home for Christmas. Carly protests to Courtney that she does not believe she is crazy nor dependent on Sonny. She realizes that cannot legally force her to stay there. But they can contact Sonny and Lorenzo and get them involved. She asks Courtney if she has any plans for Christmas. Courtney reveals that she plans to spend the day with Nikolas and there is a conflict of interests to bring both the kids and him to see Carly because she knows that Nikolas and Sonny cannot stand each other.

Nikolas then comes by the Quartermaine house to say hi to Emily and to Lulu and bring them gifts. HE tells Lulu that he wants to think that their mutual mother can feel their love somehow for Chritmas. Lulu gives her brother a hug. He’s given her some of their mother’s diamonds

Sonny asks Michael to sit with him while they talk about something. He informs Michael that he spoke to his mother. Michael asks if she’s coming home today. Sonny admits to Michael that the doctors don’t believe she’s ready.. Michael says it’s not fair. Sonny says he realizes that. But he also informs Michael that it was Carly’s decision. Michale protests that he has a present under the tree just for her. Sonny tells his son that they must realize that this is what his mom would want. Michael is obviously bummed out and so is Sonny.

Alexis goes to see Manny and tells him she believes he is sick and he’s evil. She informs him that DA Durant wants to implement the death penalty upon him. She admits she hopes Durant succeeds and punishes him to the fullest extent of the law. And she tells Manny if he prefers another person to represent him, he has that choice and she will remove herself from this case.

Courtney goes to Sonny’s and tells him that maybe she could take the kids to Roselawn to see Carly. But she also informs him that Nikolas will be there with him. He tells her he does not want Nikolas around his children. She tells him that he cannot make her choose. He tells her it’s fine with him if she spends the day with Nikolas.

Lanei asks carly if she believes she’s made the right choices recently. Carly admits to Lanie that she knows she’s made some bad choices. But hasn’t everybody? She tells Lanie that she does not want to be punished by not being able to see her children nor punish them. Lanie tells Calry that Emily will be with the boys. Carly tells Lanie that she does not want Emily taking her place with her boys.

Right then, Michael goes to the Quartermaines by himself to find Emily and urge her to come and visit them for Christmas.

Manny admits to Alexis that he used to want to hurt people. But the doctors did this brain operation and he already feels different. She asks him how it’s different. He tells her that he feels as though somebody else did those crimes. It was not him. She tells him it’s a little late for the insanity defense. He tells her he knows but he is truly sorry. She asks him if he’s just having some sort of epiphany. Alexis then goes out and asks Patrick if it’s possible that Manny’s violent behaviors were caused by a brain anomaly. Both Patrick and Robin admit that it’s true and from a medical standpoint, and he cannot be legally held responsible for the crimes he committed before the surgery.

Carly admits to Lanie that she left her sons because she had post partum depression. Lanie justifies that that is a medial condition. Carly tells Lanie that she left her boys once. But she will not do that again. She cannot let the kids stay with Emily and bond with her. She tells her that everybody knows that Emily is kind, never throws tantrums, acts crazy nor raises her voice. She’s the perfect chaperone for kids. She emotionally admits that she realizes that Emily is perfect mother material. Lanie then asks Carly what kinds of good qualities she(Carly) has that would make her a good mother.

Courtney asks Sonny if Nikolas is not welcome in his home. Sonny tells her that’s correct. Courtney protests that Nikolas is the man whom she chooses to be with. Sonny tells her that Nikolas is a spoiled rich kid. Emily was raped and Nikolas could not be there for her to offer her what he should have offered her. Right in the middle of their argument, they are interrupted by Emily and Michael. Michael just loves Emily. And it’s so obvious to Courtney that Emily is welcome in that house more than she is. Courtney gets up to leave.

Courtney and Nikolas meet at Kelly’s. She tells him that she has no reason to be with her brother or nephews. She does not feel welcome there. But she tells him she is happy to know she’ will be with him. Not far away, Jax is on the phone revealing he’s still plotting a plan. He tells his contact that “money is no object”. They must do what he needs them to do regardless of the cost.

Lulu admires the diamond necklace that Nikolas gave her that belonged to their mutual mother. She emotionally tells him that throughout her life she wanted one of her brothers to give her a diamond just like the one her mother has. She tells Nikolas she loves him.

Patrick makes a sarcastic comment to Robin about her “bedside manner” with Manny. She tells him that Manny was suffering from a brain anomaly. That is what caused his behavior. And he has the right to start over. He tells her he believes that she has to “rescue” Manny because she failed to rescue Jason. When Alexis is getting on the elevator, the prosecutor asks her what she plans to do in regard to Manny. She tells him that she’s going to “give Durant what he wants”. What she really intends to do is make sure Manny gets put away for what he did. The prosecutor tells Alexis if she wants to throw her career away for a wall climbing nut job like Manny, she may do that. Alexis goes to find Ric and tells him she must investigate whether Manny was responsible for his actions before his brain surgery. Ric tells her that he does not appreciate having to clear his calendar for her when she just cancels out on him. But it looks like she’s driven to do what she needs to do. She then goes and apologizes to Kristina for having to work.

Carly is reliving an old memory of Morgan’s first Christmas She attempts to decorate the tree at Roselawn but is totally bummed out.

Right then Emily is with Sonny and Michael. Alone with Sonny, Emily admits that she’d rather be with him and his boys than at the Quartermaines. Michael goes upstairs and takes Morgan down to see the tree. It looks like the tradition lives on without Carly.

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