GH Update Tuesday 12/20/05

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/20/05


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Outsides of Kelly’s, Nikolas and Jax are having a confrontation.

Emily asks Carly why, if she’s over Sonny, does she care if Emily is in love with Sonny.

Right then, Sonny tells Dr. Patrick Drake that he has ways to pay him off to have an “accident” with Manny in the OR so that he dies. Robin walks in and tells Sonny she cannot let him do that. Sonny asks Robin to let him have a private conversation with Patrick. But she tells Sonny she’s not going to let anybody commit murder in this hospital.

Right then, Sam is ready to suffocate Manny with a pillow before his surgery. But Jason walks in and physically restrains Sam from going through with it. Sam protests that she cannot let Manny survive and endanger more people. He needs to die, she tells Jason.

At Kelly’s a waitress brings Michael a plate of vegetables. He admits that he’s not fond of vegetables and would prefer a large order of fries. He knows there are no grownups there as everybody is preoccupied with other things. At the other table, Alexis discusses with Jax the legal ends of his paternity of Courtney’s baby. Courtney and Nikolas are at the other table having their private conversation.

Carly tells Emily that she has no consideration for Jason if she has a thing with Sonny. She knows that Emily’s “thing” with Sonny will eventually be shattered. And Jason will be forced to choose between his precious little sister and his best friend. Emily tells Carly that she’s a fine one to call her selfish. She asks Carly if she believes the only “right” thing for her to do is walk away from Sonny. Carly tells Emily she knows Emily will always do the right thing. And she walks away.

Robin tells Sonny that she understands his frustrations. But he cannot exercise his “deals” in a hospital. Sonny leaves. Alone with Robin, Patrick k tells her he has everything under control.

Jason tells Sam that she cannot go through with murdering Manny in the OR before his surgery. She could go to prison for the rest of her life for murder. She tells Jason she will wear gloves and leave no evidence that she killed him. He tells her that she cannot give Manny exactly what he wants. She cannot throw away her life because of Manny.

Patrick goes to see Manny and informs him that he has an cranial complication. He has a bleeding in the frontal lobe of his brain. Manny makes jokes and asks if it’s fixable. Patrick tells him hopefully they can save him. Manny looks at Robin and asks Patrick if she can be trusted. Patrick “assures” him that he is in good hands with Dr. Scorpio. She is the queen of medical ethics and probably the only person in this town who won’t let him die. Robin looks at them and is not happy.

Sonny goes and informs Jason and Sam that Robin prevented him from persuading Patrick to “take the deal”. She had to be listening in on their conversation. What a bummer. Right then, he gets a call and knows he needs to go to Kelly’s to tend to his kids.

Ric talks to Elizabeth at the hospital about their respective career aspirations and romances. She tells him she knows that he had a real dilemma in regard to Alexis and Sonny. He tells her that there was no room for compromise in regard to his wife and his brother. HE tells her that when his daughter was in that tunnel, he had to honor his marriage to Alexis and being a father to Molly. And that’s more important than any connection he had to Sonny. He apologizes to Elizabeth for making a scene at her wedding. She smiles and tells him that she has no hard feelings for that. She admits that she has somewhat similar dilemmas with her husband. But she would not change anything that she’s had with Lucky. She also tells Ric that she will never forget the memories they have had. She tells him that he will be a dad and she knows he’ll make a really good one.

Jax tells Courtney and Nikolas that they better not take any more “frivolous” tests that could endanger his baby without his consent. Courtney tells him she resents his calling the test frivolous or implying that she would endanger her baby. He tells her he knows that she would never do any such thing if she thought it was Nikolas’ baby. Alexis steps in and tells Jax he needs to back off. He tells her she should understand. She would stop at nothing to protect Kristina and she should understand that he is doing the same thing with his child.

Sonny and Carly are in the hospital elevator together. She asks him why he’d let Alexis take her boys in Kelly’s and get them in the middle of the big mess between all those people. He asks her what his choices are. It’s Leticia’s day off. Emily’s gone. She sure doesn’t want Emily to come back. Does she have a better idea?

Ric goes to see Jason and tells him he will no longer represent him or Sonny in legal matters. Jason asks Ric why he’s there now. Ric tells Jason he needs to sign some papers over so he can transfer them to Justus. Ric tells Jason that he knows that whatever competition the two of them would have to be Sonny’s right-hand man is pointless for him. He knows that Jason will win hands down. He also tells him he has his own family and his own life. Before Ric leaves, Jason tells Ric that whenever he sees him, all he sees is Calry chained to a wall. He realizes that Ric may have been sick and is now better. But he admits he does not care, never has trusted Ric and never will.

Before Manny’s surgery, Patrick talks all the medical terms about the cranial surgery. Robin tells Patrick he doesn’t need to do such drastic procedures. He can do a simpler procedure and give the patient a better quality of life. And it almost seems like they want to work together to be super doctors.

Sam tells Jason that Manny has this twisted desire to torture and humiliate people. She tells him that now that Manny has something “wrong” with his brain, she’s not going to let that egotistical Dr. Drake pump up his ego saving him. Jason tells Sam that they must be patient and realize that Manny’s time will come soon. Right then, Lucky enters and admits that D.A. Durant asked him to come and inform them that if Manny dies he is instructed to send Jason to prison for murder.

At Roselawn, Dr. Kim tells Lanie that they cannot keep letting Carly escape from prison. Lanie explains that Carly cannot be watched over all the time. She tells him she’s a therapist. Not a babysitter. And she’s withdrawing from Carly’s case. He tells her that she cannot do that. Carly needs her. She tells him that it’s obvious that Carly does not trust her. He tells her she’s gifted and needed in Carly’s recovery.

At Kelly’s, Alexis tells Sonny that she did not expect to see Carly out of Roselawn. She thought they had an agreement that Carly would not be near Kristina. Hearing that, Carly tells Alexis that she will stay away from Kristina if Alexis does not trust her. She asks Alexis if she thinks she poses a danger to Kristina. Alexis tells Carly that she does not know and does not want to take any chances with her history. Carly shoots back that Alexis has her own mental health issues. Right then, the three of them (Alexis, Carly and Sonny) argue about the “examples” of how they have all failed at parenting. Alexis tells Sonny and Carly that Michael shoots off his mouth at any adult he doesn’t like and knows no boundaries thanks to them. Carly tells Alexis that she is overprotective of Kristina and doesn’t want her to be her own person. Right they, the kids come by and hear their arguing. And the three of them smile and make nice in front of the kids. Michael asks them what is going on. Alexis speaks up and tells Michael that they are just having a “healthy” discussion about their views. And she explains to Michael that she encourages Kristina to always know that there’s noting wrong with people expressing their views. Michael tells Alexis it sounded more like an argument. Right then, Sonny and Carly act protective to the kids. Sonny asks Michael to thank Alexis for taking care of him and taking him to Kelly’s. He says thank you to Alexis. She says your welcome.

Courtney and Nikolas get home and she tells him she’d like to punch the wall and put Jax’s face on it. He tells her that he will be there for her. But she tells him that he cannot keep this up. Jax is getting more possessive and difficult every day. Alexis may have been right that they should consider giving Jax what he wants.

After hearing Lucky giving the “bad news” about what he’ll have to do to Jason if Manny dies, Sam protests that the courts must realize that Jason acted in self-defense. Lucky tells Sam he realizes that. But Durant wants to nail Jason. He tells them he’s on their side and does not want to go after anybody who would want to end that psycho creep and he will let them have a private meeting to plan whatever they want to do. Sam tells Jason that somebody has to end Manny if Robin and Patrick refuse to do it.

Right then in the OR, Patrick is playing super surgeon.

Courtney tells Nikolas that she has, many times, asked herself what it would be like if she went back to Jax. They may have had some good times together and thought they had something. But she keeps coming back to the realization that he never loved her and she was nothing more than an adornment for his ego. He tells her he knows that Jax is a master manipulator and unfortunately the father of her child. But he tells her that doesn’t mean they have to let him win. He tells her she cannot go back to a marriage with a man she does not love. And he tells her they will take it one step at a time. They hold each other.

Alexis attempts to explain to Kristina that she disapproves of Michael’s “activities” with guns. Kristina sits and does not speak nor respond. Alexis knows she is not getting through to her daughter and offers to take her somewhere fun. Right then, Ric enters with baby Molly. Kristina runs and hugs her stepfather. Alexis sits alone looking depressed. Ric sits with Alexis and asks what has happened. He knows something is on her mind. She tells him that she’s fighting for her daughter’s character and intellect. He tells her know she’s worried about Sonny’s influence on Kristina. She tells him Sonny and Michael and Morgan and that “woman” who belongs in a loony bin are all a destructive influence on her daughter.

In the cab, Carly flirts with Max and sees if she can get him to “negotiate” something with her. Right then, he gets on his phone and demands that the driver steps on it and gets Carly to Roselawn ASAP. Carly looks at him very disappointed.

Michael and Sonny get home. Michael admits he’s very frustrated that Emily is no longer there. But Emily appears. He happily greets her. She tells him that he must realize it’s not his dad’s fault that she “considered” leaving. It was her idea. And she’s not leaving. She will be there if he needs to see he. They are both happy to have Emily back. But she and Sonny know she cannot stay there forever.

Jason asks Sam if she knows what she means to him. He tells her that she saved his life when he was ready to give up. She helped him face his worst fear in getting the surgery. HE tells her that nobody is going to take away their future. Not Manny or anybody else. Right then, Robin enters and informs them that Manny has gotten through surgery. Patrick has repaired Manny’s injury. Sam sarcastically tells Robin that that is just great. Now Manny will live to endanger more women, kill more people and terrorize society. Jason also tells Robin that he’s not proud of her or of Patrick.

Sonny tells Ric that Michael is surgically attached to that violent video game. And she does not like Michael teaching her daughter the “Corinthos” tradition. She tells Ric that maybe she need not worry. Kristina is only three. Her personality is not going to be permanently altered by Sonny and Michael. But right then, they turn to see Kristina expressing interest in going bang bang.

Carly gets back to Roselawn and Dr. Kim tells her that he will suspend her privileges to leave the facilities. He believes that her main focus for recovery should be upon herself.. He knows she has too many other “priorities” right now. And so he’s made a decision that she cannot go home for Christmas.

At Sonny’s, he and Emily admit that they have nothing else to do for Christmas besides being together. She knows that she needs to go and cannot stay. But it’s obvious that neither of them want her to go.

Patrick is on television talking about how brilliantly he saved Manny’s life. He tells the reporters that with the “problem corrected”, Mr. Ruiz may no longer be a threat to society. Right then, Jason and Sam watch from the television and she tells him no way can they say that surgery will “correct” Manny’s problem.

Outside Manny’s room, Lucky tells Robin that Durant wants to make sure that Manny doesn’t escape again. She tells him it’s unlikely he’d be able to when he’s recovering from brain surgery. But Lucky tells her it’s better to be safe than sorry. Robin goes into Manny’s room and asks if he can hear her. She asks if he remembers having surgery. Manny replies that he remembers having surgery. And he says he’s sorry.

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