GH Update Monday 12/19/05

General Hospital Update Monday 12/19/05


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

At the station, Manny is on the ground. Dillon has also been hurt. Georgie protests that Diego saved the day.

Jax asks Courtney and Nikolas why they are questioning the first results of the DNA test, which say that he is her baby’s father.

Emily is ready to say her good bye to Sonny. It’s obvious that neither wants to let go of the other. She heads toward the door and goes out. But she finds that she cannot leave. And right then, she envisions Sonny opening the door and telling her she cannot go because the boys need her and so does he. But she awakens, knowing it was just a fantasy and Sonny is not really there. And she heads out.

Georgie is worried about Dillon’s injury. He tells her he was merely grazed. The paramedics take care of him. She goes to see Diego and tells him she does not care what anybody says. He saved her life. Right then, Lorenzo comes and tells the cops he wants to talk to his son. They want to prevent that. But Mac tells them that Diego is going to spend 20 years in prison so his father has the right to see him alone. They depart and Lorenzo tells his son that as soon as some times go by and things die down, he can “call in a favor”. But Diego tells his father that he cannot let him do that.

Emily meets Elizabeth at the hospital and tells her that she needs to realize that she and Nikolas are through. Elizabeth, at first argues, but then promises to stop arranging any more meetings or playing match-maker for Emily and Nikolas. Emily tells Elizabeth that Nikolas has moved on and so should she. She also informs Elizabeth that Carly is coming back to stay with Sonny and the boys and she(Emily) has moved out. Elizabeth seems surprised.

Courtney gets the test results and reveals to Nikolas that Jax is still the father her baby. She is very bummed out. He reminds her that they’ve promised themselves that they would live with the results, regardless of who the father is and assures her that it does not change how they feel.

Patrick Drake tells Robin that he must operate on a patient or he will die. She tells him surgery is not always the answer. She tells him she believes that he does not care about patients. He just wants ego gratification. They argue about who is the better doctor.

Max tells Sonny that he can have his brother fill in for him over the holidays. But Sonny has his doubts about the brother. When Sonny comes inside, Michael asks where Emily is and is obviously disappointed to learn that she has gone home. Sonny attempts to explain to his son that Emily was only there temporarily while Carly was gone. And Emily is in med school with many things to do and cannot put her life on hold for them. Michael protests that he is not ok with Emily gone. Sonny assures Michael that Leticia can be his nanny. But Michael expresses that Emily is more than a nanny to him. She’s his Godmother, his aunt and his friend.

Carly tells Jason that she is concerned that Sonny will break Emily’s heart. He tells her that he does not buy her “concern” for Emily. HE believes that she is the one who will want to hurt Emily if she ends up “taking” Sonny from her. She protests that she is done with Sonny and if Emily wants him, she can have him. Right then, Emily walks in to hear their conversation. Carly sarcastically greets Emily and tells her that she may talk to her brother alone if she wants about her “secret romance”. But Lanie is right behind her and tells Carly she needs to get back to Roselawn. Alone with Jason, Emily asks him if he really thinks that therapy with Lanie is effective for Carly. He tells her they may forget Carly. She tells him that she made the decision to leave Sonny’s home. They both agreed that she needed to focus on her own life and career. But she admits to Jason that the “suspicions” she heard from carly are correct. She admits that she is falling in love with Sonny.

Alexis goes to Sonny’s to pick up Kristina. She finds out Emily is gone and she is not ok with that. He tells her she need not worry about that. Leticia can handle taking care of all three kids. Alexis tells him that she liked it when Emily was there. She felt secure for the kids. He tells her they all liked it but it was a temporary arrangement. Emily has to get back to her own life. But Alexis is very disappointed. Sonny doesn’t seem to argue with her about what a disappointment it is to not have Emily around anymore.

Lorenzo tells his son that he really needs to keep his head while in prison. When the guard comes to take Diego away, Lorenzo assures Diego that it will be ok. He’s smart and he’s strong. And he hugs his son goodbye. Diego apologizes to his father.

Courtney tells Nikolas that she’s trying to stay realistic and know that Jax did not falsify the test. But she admits that the truth is she is very disappointed to find out that the baby is not his. He tells her that regardless of that, this baby will have more love than it will know what to do with. He also tells her that this is Christmas. They have each other. And she has a miracle growing healthy and strong inside her and they can celebrate that. They hold each other.

Noah admits to Robin and to Patrick that he cancelled the surgery. Noah tells his son that he is overzealous. He tells Patrick he’s just telling him that for his own good and he’s trying to protect him. Patrick tells his father that he’s only afraid that he(Patrick) will succeed where he (Noah) failed. Right when they are ready to operate on Manny, Lucky comes and tells Elizabeth that he doesn’t want her putting herself in danger or being uncomfortable operating on Manny. She tells Lucky that she is fine. He needn’t worry. She’s going to do her job. Right then, Sam is nearby in the hospital, calls Sonny on her cell phone and tells him that Manny has been taken to the hospital for surgery and he might want to beware of what could happen. Sonny then tells Alexis he has to leave and get to the hospital.

Elizabeth treats Dillon and tells him he may have gotten off easy. He jokingly tells her that he dodged a bullet. Georgie is by his side and tells him that it’s not funny. Elizabeth tells him he needs to stay there for the night. He protests to her that his life and health is in far worse jeopardy from the cafeteria food than from going home. When she leaves, Georgie tells Dillon he must realize that Diego jumped in and saved her life from Manny. Dillon tells Georgie that Diego is the reason they are in there in the first place. And he tells her that she must realize that because she is the commissioner’s daughter, Diego probably believed that he could score major points with her dad by “playing hero”. But there was no sincerity in it. HE reminds her that Diego has made them all miserable for months and months without an ounce of guilt. She tells him she’s glad that he is ok. But she doesn’t think it’s cool that he has no compassion.

At Sonny’s Michael and Max’s brother are making a lot of noise with the video games. Alexis asks them to turn it down. They don’t listen to her. She grabs Kristina and makes a phone call admitting that she needs help.

In Jason’s room, he tells Emily that she cannot get “involved” with Sonny. But she tells him that she and Sonny found common ground. She tells him that her relationship with Nikolas did not work. She failed in her attempt to save him and he-her. But with Sonny, they have both succeeded in helping one another. Jason protests to Emily that Sonny will not change his life style. And he knows that she will not approve of his life style. He tells her that he knows she will get hurt with Sonny. And as her brother, he is asking her to walk away from Sonny.

Sam tells Sonny that she is very worried about that pscho Manny endangering Jason. But he tells her she cannot worry about that. Carly calls Michael on her cell phone and asks how he’s doing. He admits to her that he’s very bummed out that Emily is no longer there. But hearing that, Calry knows she better get over there. She goes and asks Sonny why he threw Emily out of the house. He protests that it was a little more civilized than that. She tells him she knew it. He’s falling in love with Emily.

Courtney goes to Kelly’s and tells her father that she and Nikolas are ready to roll with the punches. But right then, Alexis and Kristina enter with Jax and Max and the boys. Jax must have been the person whom Alexis called.

Sam tells Jason that she’s very worried about ambitious and egotistical Patrick saving Manny. He tells her not to worry. But she reminds him that Manny has survived too many people putting bullets in him. And he always comes back.

Carly takes Sonny into the hospital chapel and tells him that she knows he’s falling in love with Emily. She asks him to deny it. He admits to her that he sees nothing not to fall in love with. Emily is compassionate. She listens and cares and doesn’t lie to him and play games. He admits that that is the kind of woman he could fall in love with. She tells him he must realize that falling in love with Emily will not work for either of them. HE protests to her that she needs to take up knitting or occupying herself somehow. He cannot deal with her “logic” at this time. Right there, Emily is outside the door hearing their conversation. He goes out the door.

Noah tells Jason he needs to stop thinking he can get up and walk around. HE tells Jason that he’s lucky to be alive. He also notices that the food Jason’s friends have brought him for dinner has enough sodium to kill him. Jason tells Noah that he refuses to be restrained. Noah takes the sodium food out of the room and disposes of it. Alone with Jason, Sam tells him she realizes he hates doctors and being stuck in a hospital room. But Noah may be right that he needs to really take it easy and not tempt fate any longer.

At Kelly’s, Courtney tells Nikolas that now is the time to “get it over with”. She goes and tells Jax she needs to talk to him. She pulls him away from Alexis and the kids. She admits to him (very uncomfortably) that the tests have confirmed that he is the baby’s father. He tells her that he believes she might want to keep having more tests done every week until it has the results that she wants. He tells her he can see that she only wants to be with Nikolas and have no appreciation for his efforts to step up and do the right thing for the baby. She tells him that is not true. But he protests to her that she went behind his back to have another paternity test and falsely accused him of doing something he did not do. It’s not bad enough that she’s running all over town with “the prince”. Right then, Nikolas come sand tells Jax he needs to keep it down because there are kids there.

In the hospital, Sam gets dressed in surgical scrubs and goes to see Manny before his surgery. She tells him that he will pay for what he did to her and Jason. He gloats and flirts with her. She pulls out a blanket and tells him that she should have “done this” a long time ago.

Maxie finds Georgie outside of Kelly’s. Georgie tells her sister that she’s in no mood for another lecture. She already got in a fight with Dillon over Diego and she doesn’t want to hear it. But Maxie surprises Georgie and tells her that maybe she was wrong to have called Diego a psycho freak.

Jax tells Courtney he does not need her phony apologies. The only thing she’s “sorry” for is that the baby is really his and not Nikolas’. She does not argue with that. He tells her that she risked his child’s life with the amnio just for that. She protests that the doctor told her there was very little risk. Nikolas comes to defend her. He tells them that she should not be able to make decisions for their child if she endangers it just because she’s in love with somebody who is not the father. Right then, Michael stands up, tells them that he’s a kid. He wants to enjoy himself. And he asks them to take it outside. Jax and Nikolas go outside and have their confrontation.

Lanie finds Carly and Emily and tells Carly if she really believes she is “ready” to confront her situation, now is her big chance. She may get on the elevator and confront Emily. Emily asks Calry what she wants to hear and asks her why it would make any difference to her if Emily admitted she was in love with Sonny. Carly is “over” Sonny, right?

Sonny goes into the OR scrub room to confront Patrick Drake. Patrick asks Sonny what he wants. Sonny admits to Patrick that it’s probably no secret that he may have “disposable income”. And he tells Patrick he might want to spread some in his way. Patrick asks him why. He assumes Sonny wants him to perform some miracle for Jason. But Sonny tells Patrick this has nothing to do with Jason. HE asks Patrick if he could enable Manny to die in surgery. Could there be some sort of “mistake” with a clamp or something that didn’t work the right way? Sonny tells Patrick he does not care how he does it as long as the son of a bitch dies. Patrick says nothing. But right then, Robin comes in and tells Sonny no. He cannot do this.

Right then, Sam stands over Manny with the blanket and is ready to smother him to death. HE makes jokes with her. And right before she’s ready to kill him, Jason appears and tries to stop her. She tells Jason he better not try to stop her.

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