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GREYSTONE: Emily gives Courtney her signed divorce papers and snaps that she hopes Courtney and Nikolas will be very happy together. Just then Nikolas himself walks in. Emily says that she has signed the papers and Nikolas replies that he hasn't signed his yet.

THE HOSPITAL: Sonny and Carly are at the hospital...Sonny tries to assure Carly that Jason will be fine. But Carly is still worried.

Inside the operating room, Patrick has begun the surgery. Robin is observing. Outside the room, Sam and Monica watch through the small window in the door -- they are both worried. (Manny is lurking nearby in disguise as a doctor, with a surgical mask covering his face.) Noah goes into the room -- he wants to observe. Patrick stares at his father, then goes back to doing the surgery.

GREYSTONE: Nikolas signs his papers and tells Emily he'll have Alexis file them. Emily is quiet and emotional. Nikolas and Courtney leave together.

METRO COURT: Luke has just showed Jax a paper with some interesting "information" on it. Jax asks Luke what he plans to do with the info and Luke promises to keep Jax's secret as long as Jax sells Courtney half of the hotel.

GREYSTONE: Nikolas and Courtney are outside Greystone...Courtney says she doesn't need him to take her home, she can manage. She wants him to go talk to Emily. Nikolas doesn't want Courtney to stay outside by herself. Suddenly a nearby tree limb, weakened from the winter weather, breaks off and falls on Courtney. Nikolas rushes to help her.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Edward is worried about Jason's surgery -- he wants Alice to tell him immediately if anyone from the hospital calls with an update on Jason's condition. Tracy comes into the room and announces that someone has accessed her Swiss bank account and stolen $15,000. Edward and Tracy bicker. Tracy is sure that Lulu stole the money. Suddenly a crash is heard outside on the patio. They all rush to see what happened -- apparently Lulu was responsible for the noise. She is unhurt, and says that that's what she calls a rush!

THE HOSPITAL: As Manny lurks nearby, Sam and Monica continue talking about Jason and his relationship with Sam. Monica is sure that Jason will pull through. Inside the operating room, Noah tries to make a suggestion about the procedure but Patrick shrugs him off. Robin backs up Noah and accuses Patrick of caring more about his pride than saving Jason's life.

Meanwhile, Sonny asks Carly if Lainey Winters gave her permission to proposition the doctor in charge of Jason's surgery? Carly doesn't know how he found out about that and he admits that Jason told him. They talk about how Carly has been at Rose Lawn. She tells him that she overheard him talking to Jason about how clingy she has become...this made her realize the truth about the state of her and Sonny's relationship -- she never wants to lie to herself about that again.

LUCKY AND ELIZABETH'S APARTMENT: Elizabeth and Lucky talk about the bills they face. Elizabeth is optimistic about their future. There's a knock on the door -- Maxie and Jesse have come, and they brought dinner (a pizza) with them. They ask how Lucky is and Lucky says that he has been going stir-crazy cooped up inside. Elizabeth looks surprised to hear that.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Lulu comes inside and assures Edward that she hasn't been hurt. Tracy is furious that Lulu bought a snowmobile with her money. Lulu denies stealing the $15,000 from Tracy's account, but Tracy doesn't believe her. Lulu says it's Tracy's fault for hiding the keys to the cars. Tracy grabs hold of Lulu's arm and says that they are both going to see Luke to talk to him about Lulu's behavior. She drags a protesting Lulu out of the library.

METRO COURT: Jax is upset that Luke is blackmailing him, but realizes he has no choice. He signs the papers selling half of the Metro Court to Carly. Luke wants to get some champagne to celebrate. Skye enters and asks what's going on. Luke tells her the news and then leaves. Skye asks Jax what Luke is holding over him that would cause him to have to sell to Carly?

GREYSTONE: One of Sonny's guards comes to help get the tree limb off of Courtney -- the limb is pinning her leg to the ground. Courtney's leg is bleeding and she worries that it's broken. She starts to pass out just as Emily runs outside to ask what has happened.

THE HOSPITAL: Monica and Sam are still watching the progress in the operating room. Monica assures Sam that Jason is still all right. (Manny is still lurking, watching the events unfold.) Inside the room, Patrick and Noah bicker a bit about the procedure -- Patrick is upset that he wasn't here for the surgery sooner, and blames Noah. As this goes on, Jason has a dream that Sonny is talking to him after the the dream, Sonny apologizes to Jason, saying that something went wrong and now Jason can't move or talk. Sonny knows that Jason doesn't want to live like this, but he can't set Jason free. Back in the operating room, Robin comments on the raging storm outside and Noah hopes that they don't lose power.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Sonny and Carly talk about their relationship -- Carly wants to be herself again, to figure out how to do more than just be Sonny's woman. They worry about how they don't know where to go from here. Bobbie shows up...she is surprised to see Carly is out of Rose Lawn. They all go to check on Jason.

GREYSTONE: Everyone is inside. Emily tries to call an ambulance but the phone lines are out and the battery on Emily's cell phone is dead, too. Nikolas thinks that Emily should be able to take care of Courtney's wound. But Emily says that she can't.

THE HOSPITAL: Alan worries to Dr. Meadows that the electricity could go out, in which case the hospital will have to switch to the emergency generators, which would mean that they lose a few seconds of power as the switch is made -- and since they are trying to operate on Jason, those few seconds could mean the difference between life and death. Manny -- still in disguise as a doctor -- overhears them talking.

Monica tries to reassure Sam -- Sam is getting worried about Jason again, she wishes she could be in the operating room with him. Meanwhile, in the room, Jason has a dream about Robin telling him that she is sorry, that the medicine didn't work and she is trying so hard to save his life because she can't lose him again. She pleads with him not to leave her. After Robin talks, Carly appears to speak to Jason, urging him not to die on her, to fight with everything he has in him. Then Sam speaks...she tells Jason that she loves him and he must come back to her. Back in the operating room, the lights go out and the doctors wait for the generator to kick in.

LUCKY AND ELIZABETH'S APARTMENT: Elizabeth and Maxie go into the kitchen to prepare a salad to go with the pizza. After they've gone, Lucky pleads with Jesse, saying he can't lie around the apartment anymore with the bills coming in and Manny still running around free. Lucky wants to go after Manny as soon as possible.

Inside the kitchen, Maxie asks Elizabeth how married life is going. Elizabeth notes that it can be very stressful, especially since she is married to a cop. Elizabeth and Maxie bring all of the plates of food out to Jesse and Lucky.

GREYSTONE: Nikolas pleads with Emily to help Courtney but Emily again says she can't. Nikolas says that he'll do it then...he tells Courtney to relax and that she and the baby will be fine. He promises to stay with her. Emily goes to look out the window at the storm.

THE HOSPITAL: Alan gives instructions to make sure that all the patients remain calm. Sonny and Carly are worried about the effect this will have on Jason's surgery. Suddenly the generator kicks in, but it's only giving partial power. Back in the operating room, Patrick resumes the surgery.

But Manny has found the generator. He hits it with a fire axe he stole from the hospital wall -- the power goes out again. Everyone panics, but in the operating room, the doctors continue to work regardless of the lack of power -- they use flashlights to see what they are doing.

LUCKY AND ELIZABETH'S APARTMENT: Jesse and Maxie are getting ready to leave -- Elizabeth tells Jesse that Lucky won't be going back to work for awhile. Lucky asks Jesse to bring him the files on Manny. Jesse and Maxie leave. Outside the apartment, Maxie notes that they seem happy and in love. Jesse replies that he would not want that much responsibility...and besides, Lucky and Elizabeth can't go dancing, and they can. They leave.

Inside the apartment, Elizabeth and Lucky talk about Jesse and Maxie, and how Maxie is all "starry-eyed" about setting up house one day. Lucky says he wouldn't want to be single again, he likes being married much better.

THE HOSPITAL: Carly is worried about Jason. Monica wants Alan to go check on the generator but he doesn't want to take his eyes off of what's going on in the operating room with Jason. Finally, though, he agrees and goes to check out the problem. Carly rants that the doctors don't care about Jason. Sonny advises her to go take a time out before she loses it. Sam points out that the doctors are still working on Jason, even by flashlight. Inside the operating room, Patrick wants to try to stimulate Jason's motor functions. He comments on what Jason might have floating around in his subconscious.

GREYSTONE: Nikolas comments that it looks like Courtney might not need stitches, and the bleeding has stopped. Emily tells Nikolas that she didn't want to help Courtney because of the mistake she made diagnosing Reese during the train accident. Nikolas says that it's okay, that they all make mistakes and he knows she would help Courtney if she could.

METRO COURT: Jax tells Skye that she's making too big a deal out of him selling half the hotel. He wants her to just let it go. He leaves. Luke returns to Skye and warns her not to worry about the arrangement he made with Jax. Just then, Tracy and Lulu come in, fresh from driving (badly) the snowmobile to the hotel. Tracy tells Luke that his daughter stole from her. Lulu is unapologetic. Skye thinks Lulu should work off the debt she owes Tracy by working at the hotel. This leads to Luke explaining to Tracy that Carly is now half-owner of Metro Court. Tracy is furious at this news. She leaves. Luke wants Lulu to work either at the Metro Court or at Kelly's. Lulu doesn't like either idea. Luke encourages her to take a job at the hotel because it's so classy. Just then, the power goes out.

THE HOSPITAL: Carly continues to be worried about Jason even though Sonny tries to reassure her. He says they just need to pray. Carly goes over to a coffee machine, gets frustrated and hits it. This causes a spark, which leads to a fire. Sam puts the fire out with a fire extinguisher.

In the operating room, Noah notes that Jason's eyes are open. Jason is now dreaming about Manny. Robin tries to talk to Jason, who closes his eyes again. Manny can be seen looking through the window.

METRO COURT: The power is still out and the place is being lit with candles. Tracy returns and says that it's like Carly's already running the place, what with the power going out. Skye accuses Tracy of being responsible for the outage when she crashed the snowmobile earlier. They argue. As Luke tries to restore order, Lulu apologizes to the hotel patrons for the power outage and tells them that they all get free drinks at the bar courtesy of Luke Spencer. Luke is pissy about that and warns her she'll have to pay that money back as well. Skye notes that she hopes whatever Luke is holding over Jax's head is worth it.

THE HOSPITAL: Dr. Meadows runs into Jax at the hospital and he asks her if she spoke to Luke.

GREYSTONE: Emily worries to Nikolas about her new habit of freezing up during medical emergencies. She thinks she needs a new career. Nikolas tries to reassure her, reminding her that he has faith in her and her abilities. He knows there's nothing she can't do if she puts her heart into it. They hug -- and Courtney sees.

THE HOSPITAL: Sonny and Carly see a doctor walking past them -- Sonny is suspicious, but the doctor is not Manny. Sonny tells Carly he has a bad feeling.

As it turns out, Manny is already in the operating room, standing just behind Robin.

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