GH Update Thursday 12/8/05

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/8/05


Written By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

METRO COURT: Nikolas meets up with Alexis, who is acting as his lawyer during his and Emily's divorce. Nikolas asks her if he signs the divorce papers, does that make the divorce final? She says yes and notes that maybe he doesn't want to sign them.

THE HOSPITAL: Luke tracks down Courtney and tells her that he and Carly need her help.

GREYSTONE: Emily is sleeping on the couch...she has a dream of Sonny watching her as she sleeps.

JASON'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Robin comes into the room and finds Jason trying to leave his bed. He tells her he wants to stop Carly and Sam from begging Patrick to do the operation. Robin says that he should let them do what they have to do because the only important thing now is getting Patrick to save his life.

THE HOSPITAL: Sam interrupts Carly's attempt to seduce Patrick in the elevator and accuses Patrick of not wanting to do the surgery because he doesn't have the skill. Patrick is insulted: "The hell I don't."

THE HOSPITAL: Luke wants Courtney to aid Carly in her attempt to buy the Metro Court hotel by trying to convince Jax to make the sale. Courtney is suspicious of Luke's motives -- she warns him to stay away from Carly and Jax. Then she leaves.

METRO COURT: Nikolas insists that the divorce is just a formality -- his marriage to Emily is over. Alexis wants him to think more carefully about what he's doing because of the fact that he and Courtney bring so much baggage to their new relationship. Nikolas insists he and Courtney are in love, and Alexis wishes him happiness but warns him that guilt is not a good foundation on which to build a relationship.

JASON'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Jason tells Robin that Carly and Sam are wasting their time, and anyway he doesn't want anyone begging for him. Robin asks him to please let someone take care of him for once...she also notes that he should appreciate the irony that she, Sam and Carly are all working together even though they don't really like one another.

GREYSTONE: Emily's dream continues -- she and Sonny are kissing and being flirty on the couch. In the dream, Nikolas comes to Greystone, pleading with her to take him back. She gives Nikolas the brush-off, focusing only on giggling and smiling with Sonny. Emily awakens from the dream with a start just as Sonny enters the room and asks if she's all right?

THE HOSPITAL: Patrick assures Carly and Sam that he is the best, but doesn't want to waste time on a terminal case like Jason. Carly and Sam accuse him of being a coward. Robin, who is at the nurse's station, asks him if he's going to prove them wrong? Patrick finally agrees to do the surgery. Sam leaves to tell Jason. Carly warns Patrick that if he doesn't save Jason there won't be a corner in hell he can hide in.

GREYSTONE: Sonny comments that they both haven't been getting a lot of sleep lately because of the subject that has been weighing on both of their minds. Emily, thinking he's talking about their relationship, is stunned. Sonny elaborates and says he can't stop thinking about the danger Jason is in. Emily is relieved, but can't stop herself from blurting out that she knows he hasn't been sleeping lately because she can see into his bedroom window from hers.

THE HOSPITAL: Patrick is preparing for Jason's surgery when Noah comes over to him. Noah tries to give his son some advice, but Patrick brushes him off and alludes to the fact that Noah hasn't operated on anyone since he became an alcoholic. Noah warns him that it's more important to save a patient's life than to be right. He leaves. Robin comes over to Patrick and notes that if he ever needs compassion one day, she hopes he gets more than he just showed his own father.

JASON'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sam tells Jason that Patrick has agreed to perform the surgery. They hug. Carly comes into the room and announces that she threatened Patrick that he had better save Jason or else. Sam and Jason are not happy to hear that. As Jason is getting mad at Carly, he suddenly starts to have another seizure. Carly and Sam try to help him.

METRO COURT: Alexis meets up with Jax and tells him that she just warned Nikolas about his relationship with Courtney. Jax is grateful for the help and Alexis points out that she doesn't think the Nik/Court relationship will last long anyway. Alexis warns Jax that Luke is trying to help Carly get the hotel. Jax isn't worried because Luke has nothing on him.

THE HOSPITAL: Luke tracks down Dr. Meadows -- she asks him if she knows him and he says, "You do now."

JASON'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Carly and Sam are with Jason waiting for a doctor. They bicker over how Sam has been dealing with Jason's seizures. Patrick and Robin come in, they check on Jason and Patrick announces that they are out of time. They have to operate immediately. Carly and Sam are scared.

GREYSTONE: Emily gets a call from Monica about Jason's surgery. She fills Sonny in on the fact that Jason just had another seizure. Sonny wants to go to the hospital...Emily is worried because Jason asked them not to go there, but Sonny doesn't care. Emily asks Sonny to tell Jason that she loves him. Sonny agrees and leaves.

JASON'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Jason is able to talk again...he asks Sam to give him some time alone with Carly. Sam agrees and leaves the room. Jason asks Carly to promise to be the mother that Michael and Morgan leave, and to be nice to Sam and Robin, and to always count to 10 before she does anything for the rest of her life. Carly doesn't want him to talk like this, she knows he will survive the surgery. They talk about the first time they met at Jake's bar. Jason wants her to go to Jake's while the surgery is taking shoot pool, drink a beer and remember she can survive anything.

THE HOSPITAL: Robin is talking to Patrick elsewhere in the hospital. She wants him to try to be kinder to his patients. Patrick mocks her and says he has to get ready for the surgery or Jason is toast. Robin wants to observe during the surgery but Patrick tells her, "Not in this life, sweetheart."

GREYSTONE: Courtney comes by Greystone with presents for Michael and Morgan. Emily tells her that they are out with Leticia. Courtney admits that Carly is worried about the amount of time that Emily spends with the boys...she wants Emily to back off, and she (as Michael and Morgan's aunt) will take over taking care of them. Emily is upset.

THE HOSPITAL: Carly is about to leave the hospital to go to Jake's when Lainey stops her and says it's time for her to go back to Rose Lawn. Carly argues with her and says that she has to go to Jake's because it's what Jason wants. Justus comes over to them and interrupts, pointing out that if Jason asked Carly to do this, Lainey should let her. Lainey warns Justus that if this goes wrong and she gets sued, he will have to defend her.

Meanwhile, Patrick and Robin are still arguing over Patrick's refusal to allow her in the operating room on the grounds that she is emotionally invested in Jason and would not be objective during the surgery. Robin points out that Patrick is also emotionally invested -- because he wants to use this surgery to prove something to Noah. Robin insists on being present in the operating room.

JASON'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Jason thanks Sam for letting him speak to Carly. They share a tender moment. Sonny comes in to see Jason. Sam leaves to get coffee so Sonny and Jason can speak. Jason asks Sonny to take care of Sam if he doesn't make it. Sonny agrees. Jason also asks Sonny to work things out with Carly.

JAKE'S: Carly arrives at Jake's...she gives Coleman her drink order and says she has come to shoot some pool "for someone special."

GREYSTONE: Emily and Courtney argue over Carly's belief that Emily is in love with Sonny. Courtney just wants to take care of her nephews. Emily accuses Courtney of taking everything from her -- Courtney is building a romance with Em's ex-husband Nikolas, spending time at Wyndemere, double-dating with Lucky and Elizabeth. She is happy here at Greystone, and now Courtney is trying to take that, too. She just wants Courtney to leave her alone. Courtney admits that she herself has been feeling guilty that she doesn't deserve the good life she has now.

JASON'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sonny says he can't take care of Carly. Jason replies that Carly needs him...Sonny doesn't have to be in love with her, he just needs to be able to catch her when she falls. Sonny is certain that Jason will pull through the surgery...he is proud to have him as his friend. He leaves as Sam returns. Jason promises Sam that he will marry her after the surgery.

JAKE'S: Carly is drinking beer and shooting pool and having a flashback to early in her friendship with Jason, when they were having "no name sex" and bonding at Jake's. As she comes back to the present, Coleman tries to come onto her but she turns him down.

THE HOSPITAL: Jason is wheeled to the operating room. Robin tells Sam that she can't go into the room -- Jason reminds her of his promise to marry her, and she says she loves him.

METRO COURT: Luke comes to see Jax at the hotel...he still wants Jax to sell the hotel to Carly. Jax says the place is not for sale. Luke shows him a piece of paper and says, "Information can be useful."

GREYSTONE: Courtney tells Emily that she thanks God every day for her unborn baby and for Nikolas...and everytime she sees Emily she feels guilty. Emily doesn't want her to feel guilty, she just wants her to leave her alone. She gives Courtney the papers for her and Nikolas' divorce and tells them that she's signed them all. She wishes Courtney and Nikolas both happiness. As she says this, Nikolas himself walks into the room.

THE OPERATING ROOM: Jason is being prepped for surgery. Patrick brought music to listen to during the operating...classical music. Jason's eyes are focused on Robin as the sedative starts to take effect...he watches her until he blacks out and the surgery begins.

Sam stands watching through the doorway. She has a flashback to dancing in the rain with Jason and kissing him. Back in the present, a male doctor with a mask over his face walks toward the operating room -- it's Manny in disguise.

Outside the hospital, Carly and Sonny run into one another. They are both admit they are worried for Jason. They share a tender hug.

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