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General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/7/05


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Alexis takes Kristina and baby Molly to the metro court. Jax comes to welcome them. She asks him what Carly wants, revealing that she’s there because he may have asked her to be his lawyer. He informs her that Carly told him she wanted to buy out the metro court.

Right then, Carly is scheming from her room, running off FAXs. She’s on the phone with Michael, congratulating him for getting an A on his test. But she hears him tell her that Jason had to have surgery. Right then, she knows she better get out to be there for Jason. But Lanie is at the door and tells her she’ s not going anywhere

Right then, Jason is ready to leave after hearing what he’s up against from Sam. But she tells him he cannot leave. Right then, Robin confronts Noah Drake.

Luke tells Skye that it’s always baffled him how she has thrived in the Quartermaine’s house. She tells him that she’s always known how to make herself fit in. He tells her it’s a wonder that she and jax never made it work. He tells her that he knows that Jax must have a lot of skeletons in his closets. She asks what his concern about Jax is. He tells her that his beloved niece is determined to buy Jax out of the metro court. She asks him why he thinks she should help him help Carly. He admits that it’s all about the money. He needs the cash in order to divorce Tracy. He tells her as soon as the check clears, there will be a future for them together.

Jax is ready to make hot chocolate for Kristina at the metrocourt. She seems to like him. Alexis then sits with him and tells him he must have told Carly that there’s no way she’s going to buy out the metro court. She also tells him she knows that he still has Courtney on the brain. He tells her he believes that he and Courtney will be together by the time the baby is born. She tells him that she knows Courtney has other plans. He reminds her that Courtney is still his wife.

Right then, Elizabeth and Lucky return home to find Nikolas has surprised them. He and Courtney have spent a long time decorating the apartment with Christmas cheer to welcome Lucky home from the hospital.

Carly tells Lanie she does not care what she thinks. Jason is her best friend. And nothing is going to stop her from getting out in order to be there for him when he has brain surgery. Dr. Kim is also there. She tells them both that she will be there for Jason no matter what it takes.

At the hospital, Noah gets off the elevator. Monica tells him that she knows that he has what it takes to save Jason. She obviously does not know about his drinking problem. She urges him to help Jason, reminding him that they have lost their other Son and cannot lose Jason.

Sam informs Jason that he would now be in surgery were it not for her. He asks her how that is. She tells him that she caught his new doctor spiking his coffee cup with booze. He tells her that it’s al right. They will find another way.

Robin goes to find another doctor friend of hers after finding out that Noah is a drunk. She goes into the shower room while he’s dressing into this hospital attire. He tells her she looks too young to be a real doctor. But she tells him she is a real doctor. And he must know about Jason Morgan and the fact that he can save his life.

Skye tells Luke that even if she could help him get the metrocourt from Jax and even if Tarcy gave him the money, he knows he’d never leave her. So what is the point. He tells her that he never meant to hurt her. He loves her. And he needs her help with Jax She tells him that she thinks very highly of Jax and knows he has many talents. She also reminds him that all Jax is concerned about is the future he believes he can have with Courtney.

At Lucky and Elizabeth’s, Courtney and Nikolas have food and festivities for them Elizabeth and Nikolas relive their friendship and his and Emily’s history. Hearing that, Courtney tries to look happy and laugh. But she can see that Elizabeth wishes Nikolas was back with Emily.

At the hospital, Justus confronts Lanie about her need to control Carly. And right when they are arguing and distracted, Carly walks in unseen and goes to find Jason. She walks right into his room and interrupts his conversation with Sam to demand he tells her how he could “do this to her”.

Lucas asks Georgie to meet him at Kelly’s. He informs her that her mother is having a gingerbread party. Hearing htat, she is happy that Bobbie is having a social gathering. But he tells her that his mom only wants to fix him up with some girl. She tells him that he must know that his parents love him and will not judge him for being gay. He tell her that she must realize that it’s not so simple to tell his family the truth. He asks her what would happen if she were to tell her parents that she was a lesbian. She tells him that she would have the courage to tell them. He tells her she has more courage than he does and he does not belive that he can face them about his sexuality.

Tracy tells Skye that the only way to deal with that little brat (Lulu) is to show her whom is boss. Skye tells Tracy she has another plan.

Alexis tells Jax that she understands very well the complications about sharing a child with somebody whom one could never have relationship with. She tells him about hers’ and Sonny’s situation with sharing Kristina. He tells her he knows that she can work things with Sonny in a way that wil benefit her and her daughter. He knows he can do the same in his situation. He then leaves and thanks her for her advice although he admits he cannot take it. Right then, Luke appears and charms Kristina. Right then, Alexis admits to him that she knows she is now in trouble.

Nikolas and Courtney leave Lucky and Elizabeth’s home after he’s told them that he and Courtney have other plans. She reminds him that he told them a lie. HE tells her that he did not want her to have to be there listening to their reminiscing about Emily. Right then, Elizabeth admits to Lucky that she practically chased them off by talking about Emily. He tells her that it’s all right. And he is glad to be alone with her.

Carly demands to know why Jason did not tell her about the surgery. Sam tells Carly that she cannot come barging into his room. Carly tells Sam she needs to go and get coffee and let her be alone with Jason. Once again, Jason tells carly he cannot talk that way to Sam. Sam again tell Calry that she knows they are all on edge. Right then, the “new” doctor whom Robin has found comes into the room. He asks if the two “lovely ladies” can excuse him, he has to do the work he’s been asked to do. Carly asks who he is. He tells her that he is Jason’s salvation.

Elizabeth and Lucky are kissing and ready to make love on the couch. But there is a knock on the door. They try to ignore it. But somebody demands that they answer it. It’s Lulu. She barges in and tells them congratulations because her problems are all solved.

After Luke comes to see her at the metro court, Alexis asks him what he wants. She tells him she knows that he is there to help Carly buy Jax out of the metro court. She reminds him that Jax named it after Courtney. She tells him whatever he and Calry are cooking up is not going to work He’s ready to give candy to Kristina. But she tells him that she is teaching her daughter not to take candy from strangers and that is all he’s ever going to be to her daughter. She then gets her two daughters out of there. Right then, Courtney and Nikolas come by. Jax asks them if they caught Alexis and her kids going out the door in their lovely stroller. He tells them that he wants to get a stroller just like the one she has for his and Courtney’s baby.

Sam asks Robin what the deal is with this strange guy who is supposedly a doctor. Robin protests that he is the one to help Jason. Right then, both Sam and Carly walk in Jason’s room to asks what his decision is and if he’s going to trust either of these doctors. Right then, Noah is in the hospital lobby and reveals to them that he is concerned about whether this guy is qualified to perform surgery on Jason.

Lucas tells Georgie that he needs her help in looking like he’s going to have a thing with a girl they both know. She agrees to help him. But under the condition that he reveals his true identity to his parents at some point. He tells her that as long as he gets through Christmas. She tells him he cannot keep living a lie. He then tells her it’ s his life and some day he will get up the courage to face it.

Alexis meets Ric and tells him she’d like to talk to him about her legal contract to help Jax. Knowing that she wants to go against Sonny’s “beloved Carly”, he reveals to her that he does not want to help her to help Jax.

Lulu shows Lucky and Elizabeth that she’s stolen money from Tracy. She tells them that she can hack through her codes and give them money as a Christmas gift. Lucky reminds her that he is a cop and cannot aid and abet somebody who steals PDAs. She protests that she just wants to give her brother a gift. Right then, Tracy pounds on the door and tells Lucky he must arrest Lulu.

Dr. Meadows calls Courtney and confirms the day of their next appointment. Right then, Nikolas is with Courtney. But Jax seems to know exactly when the appointment is. She leaves with Nikolas. Luke is hiding and follows them out the door.

Carly tells Jason that he must not trust Robin. Sam tells Carly she needs to get out and leave Jason alone. He tells Carly he understands that she is scared. He tells her he will take her advice and not give up. But he needs some time alone with Sam. Carly leaves. Sam admits to Jason that everybody will need him because he is the only person who can talk some sense into Carly.

The “new” doctor tells Drake that he’ backing out. But Robin tells him he cannot. Carly is also ready to confront both “would-be” doctors for abandoning Jason.

Tracy returns home and informs Skye that he knew that Lulu would steal from her and they go running to her brothers. Skey doesn’t seem to care about that. She tells Tracy that she knows that Lulu is her father’s daughter

Lulu tells Lucky that she is really concerned about his medical bills and wants to help him. He tells her he appreciates her concern. She goes out the door and reveals she obviously has a scheme.

Nikolas and Courtney are walking out by the docks. She tells him that she cannot go with him to Windermere today. She has a bunch of errands to run and Christmas presents to buy. She leaves.

Alexis tells Ric that she knows that he may believe he has reason to care about Sonny. He did help them have Molly. And she knows that Sonny cares about Kristina although she makes it clear that she will never trust Sonny nor approve of her husband working with him. Right then, Ric informs her that he will not work with Sonny. And he was just letting her go on about that just to see her squirm. He finally admits to her that Sonny matters to him. But she and his family mean more. She is very happy to hear that.

In the hospital, Robin walks in to see Jason and Sam and informs them that the “new” guy just backed out of the surgery.

IN the elevator, Carly finds the “new” surgeon and tells him that she is Jason Morgan’s best friend and wants him to get the best surgery he can get. It sounds like she is bound and determined to get him to do it. He asks her what is in it for him. She first tells him she can double his usual fee. He tells her he’s not so concerned about money right now. She then gets up close to him and tells him she’s sure they can “work something out”. Right then, Sam gets in the elevator asks Carly what she thinks she’s doing. Carly informs Sam that she must back off because she(herself) knows how to save Jason.

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