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General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/6/05


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Carly has a scheme going on at Roselawn. She has a deliveryman wheeling many boxes into her room. Lanie notices that and asks her what is up. Carly tells Lanie that she knows that a major part of her therapy is self-empowerment. And that is exactly what she is committed to doing.

Right then, the Quartermaines are ready to have an ELQ board meeting. Edward, Alan, Monica, Tracy, Skye, Luke, Lorenzo and the whole crew are there. And right the, out of the blue, Carly shows up. She tells them that she is ready to get down to business.. She tells them as they all know, thanks to her soon-to-be ex-husband, she owns 30% of ELQ stock. Edward tells her that the company has never had the tradition of letting mental patients have stock holding power. Tracy shoots off her mouth about how Lorenzo is responsible. Skey tells Tracy she should be grateful to Lorenzo. He’s made them a ton of cash. Alan tells them the situation is a disgrace. Carly then tells them that there cannot be any more fighting. Tracy asks her since when did she have any say in what went on. Carly replies that they may all read the bylaws to see that she is now in charge.

At Alexis and Ric’s home, they are having an argument about how to spend Christmas. Right then, Nikolas and Courtney enter. Ric is surprised to see them. Nikolas asks if it is a bad time.

Robin tells Noah Drake that he must not worry about how long it’s been since he’s been in an ER. She reminds him that he’s saved lives so many times. He is very apprehensive and does not believe that he will be able to pull it off. But she tells him that Alan and Monica have complete confidence in him. Right then, a terminal patient gets wheeled in and Noah seems to have the natural instinct to rush him in and save his life.

Jason and Sam go to Sonny’s to talk. Emily is there and appears upset. She leaves. Jason asks Sonny if she is ok. Sonny reminds Jason that Emily is afraid that he could die. Sam is also on edge. Sonny tells Jason that when he was suffering as a child, he had a guardian angel who encouraged him to have faith hope and love. And he wants that for Jason when he has the surgery. Before Jason can argue back, Michael comes out and hugs Jason, very happy to see him. Jason does not know what to tell Michael about his plans. Michael makes it also very clear, although he is not specifically told what is going on, that he will not let Jason give up.

Noah seems to know exactly how to jump right in and be the super doctor. Robin is standing by observing while they are in the OR.

At the ELQ meeting, Emily suddenly enters. Carly surprises everybody by being nice to her. Monica asks Carly what is up with that. Carly tells them all that she is trying to make amends. She announces to everybody that they must know that she loves Jason more than anybody does. She also intends to give her kids a great future. She will not give up on that. Hearing that, Tracy asks her how much money she wants. Carly tells them all that money is the least of her concerns.

At Ric and Alexis’ home, they all observe the baby carriage that Nikolas and Courtney brought for them. Alexis laughs and admits that she does not know the first thing about assembling it. But she is appreciative and tells Courtney she knows her baby would not be there were it not for her. Right then, Jax comes in and apologizes for interrupting and tells them that he is there to see Alexis and the baby. Right the, Courtney and Nikolas depart. She tells him she does not want to deal with Jax. Nikolas tells her not to worry about Jax and just focus on their holiday. Alone with Alexis, Jax tells her that he believes that he and Courtney will be together by the time their baby is born. Alexis tells Jax that she loves him and does not want to discourage him. But she does not believe that that is going to happen.

Noah tells Robin that Jason’s situation is far more complicated than just a surgery. She tells him she is very confident that he will handle that. Right then, Jason and Sam come through the door. Robin introduces them to Noah. Jason stares at Noah.

Lanie comes to see Sonny to tell him that Carly’s behavior really concerns her. She knows that Lorenzo has given Carly 30% of ELQ stock. Sonny asks why Lorenzo would do that. Lanie tells Sonny that Carly has some sort of special plan. Sonny tells Lanie he is not terribly worried. He knows Calry. He knows she goes after what she wants. And he is ok with knowing that Carly is finished with him.

Carly tells the ELQ board members that they have a choice. She can either come there whenever she wants and make all of their lives miserable. OR they can sign 30% over to her. They all argue with that. She tells them that they may sue her and she will show them what a hostile takeover is. She tells them that she is trying to give them their company back. Right then, Luke tells them that he has a plan. Tracy asks him what is going on in regard to Carly. Everybody is indignant. Emily informs Monica and Alan that Jason is at the hospital ready to have surgery without their knowing. Alan tells her that Jason cannot shut them out like that. Luke privately tells Carly that he can work things out with her. But she tells him that she will not include him in her plan. She wants this all to herself so that she can help her boys. And she will tell her moma how he’s shut her out. Luke then goes out the door and Lorenzo is watching Carly and he claps.

Sonny tells Lanie that he knows that Carly has always had plans and schemes and goals to help him out. He tells her Carly once set him up with a hooker. He tells her that Carly’s heart was always in the right place. But she had a problem thinking things through. So he had to help her out. Lanie tells Sonny that she’s concerned. He tells her that even in a crisis, even when terrible things happened, he and Carly always stood up for each other. HE tells her that he just always failed to make her happy. Lanie tells Sonny that Carly has to reclaim her independence without him. He tell sher that he encourages her to do just that. Het ells her that Carly is on fire. She’s going to stop at nothing. And he feels sorry for anybody who gets in her way.

Lorenzo tells Carly that he know what she’s up to. She tells him that she intends to get his shares of ELQ stock. He tells her he is ok with that. She tells him she’s not about to get herself emotionally dependent upon anybody. Not him or Sonny or anybody. He tells her good. He just wants her for shallow purposes. And he thought that she was going to give him a chance. She pulls away from him.

Alexis tells Jax that she believes that both he and Courtney can be good parents without having to be together. Jax then gets a call. He informs Alexis that Carly wants to see him at Roselawn. He admits he has no clue what she wants.

Sam goes with Jason to his hospital suite, knowing he may not be entirely comfortable with it. But he tells her it’s worth it if he can have another chance. He holds her. She tells him she will let him get settled in and she goes out into the lobby. She then notices Dr. Noah Drake sneaking booze into his coffee. And she tells him there is no way that she will trust a drunk to be a brain surgeon for Jason. He tells her that Jason’s surgery is not until tomorrow. She asks him if he thinks that makes it ok to get smashed while on duty as a doctor. He tells her no. He’d prefer to get smashed in a bar. And that’s exactly what he would be doing if Robin had not dragged him out of a bar and demanded he saves Jason’s life. Sam tells him that there may not be enough time for him to get sober and go to AA meetings before the surgery. But Robin tells Sam that if she does not allow Noah to operate, then Jason may die.

Right then, Monica goes to see Jason before the surgery. She tells him she remembers once when he was a child, when he knew that Alan favored AJ, she held him in her arms and acknowledged that he was her son and she always loves him. He tells her that he knows that he is her son. She tells him that she has always loved him unconditionally with no expectations. She tells him that she knows that his father may be very pompous and arrogant much of the time. But she knows he loves him. And they all wants him to be Jason again.

Right then, Alan is praying in the hospital chapel, apologizing to God for all the anger he’s been holding onto for so long and the way he has judged Jason. He admits that he’s asked God to give him back a son whom he could be proud of. But he tells God that all he wants is for Him to take care of Jason. It no longer matters to Alan whom Jason is or what he chooses to do. He just asks God to save his son. And he thanks God.

At Sonny’s, Michael reads for Emily something he wrote about her. He reads for her that he wrote that Emily has done so much for him when his mom is in the hospital. She tells him that he need not give her all that credit. He tells her that he really needs her to be there and so does Morgan and they would be lost without her. Sonny is on the staircase overhearing and smiles and tells them that he feels the same way his son does.

Carly tells Jax that she can help him own and control the metro court. She smiles and sounds happy. But he asks her if he is supposed to forget the fact the Elizabeth almost died and miscarried his child because of her. She looks at him shocked, unaware that he knew who was responsible for the accident. He tells her he knows all about how she ran out into the road and he swerved to miss her and he and Elizabeth ran off the road, were knocked unconscious, Elizabeth was rushed to the ER and then miscarried. She tells him that she did not intend for that t happen and she is sorry. HE tells her that may be but there is no way she’s going to have any type of partnership with him. He then goes out the door. Luke comes down and tells her that she cannot give up on buying out Jax’s hotel. She sounds very discouraged to fight Jax after he revealed to her what she is responsible for. But Luke tells her that he knows that Jax is just throwing the miscarriage he is in her face in order to discourage her. She cannot be intimidated by that. She asks Luke why acting so supportive to her. He tells her that they are both Spencers and they do not give up. Hearing that, she tells him that although she does not trust him, if he can convince Jax to give her the metro court, then she will do what he wants. HE tells her she may consider it done.

Emily tells Sonny that she believes that Michael hopes he and Carly will get back together. He tells her that Michael must realize that that is not going to happen. She reminds him that he and Calry love each other. But Sonny tells her that he wants what is best for Carly. And that is why he’s letting her go and giving her a chance to move on. And he tells her that he wants her to get on with her life also and be a great doctor. Emily reveals that she might not want so much to “move on” away from Sonny and the boys.

Alexis examines the stroller and argues with Ric about how they are going to push the stroller. She tell shim she will walk and not jog and she believes that they should go into the woods and chop down a tree. He reveals that he remembers the accident they got into a year ago.

In Jason’s hospital room, Alan comes to see his son and informs him that Monica told him that Jason wanted to see him. Jason tells his father that he does not remember being Jason Quartermaine. He realizes, however, that just because he does not remember something happening does not mean it did not happen. He knows that Monica loved him and did the best she could for him. And he tell Alan that regardless of what happens, Alan is still his father.

Sam asks Robin if she really wants a drunk to operate on Jason. Robin protests that Dr. Drake is the best. Noah seems to agree with Sam that he may not be qualified. Sam tells them they can find another qualified surgeon. Robin asks just who could possibly be qualified to do what only Noah can do. Noah then informs them that he knows of somebody younger who has all the tools they need to save Jason’s life. Don’t we wonder who that is?

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