GH Update Monday 12/5/05

General Hospital Update Monday 12/5/05


Written By Jenn
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Lulu attempts to sneak out of he house in Edward’s car when Tracy catches her. She tells Lulu she needs the information that she’s paid Lulu dearly for. She tells Lulu she must either give back the money or tell Tracy about the secret her father is planning.

Right then, Luke is visiting Carly at Roselawn. He asks her about her situation in the divorce settlement with Lorenzo. She tells him that the ELQ stock that she acquired while married to Lorenzo is hers’ to do what she wants with. He tells her he will not let her have it without a fight. She tells him she is ready for the fight.

Right the, Robin finds a mysterious guy in a bar who has information that she needs.

Sonny and Sam are both concerned about what could happen to Jason if he does not have the surgery.

Tracy tells Lulu she either tells her what Luke is planning or she will make her wish she had. Lulu then tells Tracy that Luke wants to take the ELQ stock. Tracy tells her there is no way that anybody on the board will let Luke have ELQ stock. Lulu then informs Tracy that Luke knew how to finagle with Lorenzo Alcazar and they are working on getting Carly to hand over her shares in the divorce settlement.

Luke goes to find Skye. She asks him what he wants. He informs her that he was able to talk Lorenzo into turning over his 30% stock in order to get him divorced once and for all from Carly. He tells her he needs her help in pulling that off. She asks what she could do to “help” him. He tells her that she can convince Lorenzo to convince carly that she is too emotionally unstable to have the stock. She asks what will be in that for her. He tells her if he gets the 30% stock, then he can share some with her and they can have a future together. She reminds him that she might still be interested in a handsome, rich, soon-to-be-divorced hunk like Lorenzo Alcazar.

Justus goes to visit Carly. And right behind him, Lanie catches him and asks what he is doing there. He leaves and lets Lanie talk to Carly. Justus goes outside Carly’s room and runs into Emily. He asks her what she is doing there alone. Emily tells him that Carly asked her to come.

Robin tells the strange guy that he must remember her. She tells him that she is a doctor who knows about brain trauma and she knows he was once a doctor. He tells her that he no longer practices medicine. And getting drunk in bars is now his specialty. She tells him that her ex boyfriend, Jason Morgan, could die without the help of the former doctor. She tells him she cannot give up and he must look at the test results.

Jason tells Sonny and Sam that he cannot let them have his death on their conscience. Sam tells Jason that everybody will have his death on their conscience if they let him refuse the surgery. She is very upset and demands to know why he believes he is a burden and why he does not want to “take the chance” to live. She emotionally tells him that he never gave up on saving her when she wanted to die. He risked his life in that tunnel for Carly. He refused to believe that Michael was dead and went across the world to find him. And she tells him if he thinks she’s going to give up on him or let him give up on himself, he’s got another thing coming. He tells her that maybe this was not meant to be. She storms out the door. He calls to her but she’s gone. Sonny asks Jason what he plans to do now.

Robin goes to the “home” of the drunken former doctor. He has a little room. He tells her he cannot believe that Jason is not dead by now with his history. She tells him that he may be her only hope for Jason. He shows her an x-ray and talks about a possibility to do brain surgery. She asks him if he will do that. He tells her he did not say that. He tells her that there are some complicated reasons for why he cannot go back to Port Charles.

Sonny tells Jason he remembers the time when Jason looked him in the eye in the elevator and told him he did now know him. He tells Jason that when Jason abandoned him and refused to be his enforcer after losing his memory, he managed to walk away and let Jason make his own decisions. He tells Jason he cannot imagine not having him around. He admits he may be selfish. But he does not want Jason gone. Jason tells Sonny if he goes through with the surgery, he may live. But he will be helpless and dependent on other people for the rest of his life. And he cannot live with that. He asks Sonny if he can make this easy for him. Sonny asks Jason what he needs. Jason tells him that he needs to attempt to convince Sam that this may be the only choice he can make. Sonny tells Jason that he cannot say goodbye to him either.

Skye goes to find Lorenzo in an attempt to charm him. He asks her what this is all about. Is she “celebrating” with him? She tells him she knows that he is divorced. He reveals to her that the only thing Carly can take from him is his ELQ stock. Right then, she knows what to talk to him about.

The former doctor tells Robin that he’s sorry she has wasted a trip. He tells her he cannot help her. She asks if he cannot or if he will not.

Carly tells Emily she wants to “apologize” to her. Emily asks what for. Carly replies for accusing Emily of moving in on Sonny and wanting to take her place. She tells Emily that she knows she’s been ridiculous to be holding on to Sonny. She knows she must get on with her life without him. And whatever Sonny does with his life does not concern her anymore. She tells Emily she cannot make the same mistake with Sonny that she did, however. She tells Emily that she must be able to see that she is stuck in a mental institution because of her addiction to Sonny. And this is part of her recovery. Hearing that, Emily demands she stops and tells her she does not believe a word of that.

Sonny tells Jason he promises to respect his wishes and he will let Jason and Sam talk privately. Jason then goes alone into his room. Sam cries. Sonny tells her that he feels as though he should stay there. She tells him she’s afraid that Jason doesn’t want her there anymore. She is very upset and afraid of losing Jason. Sonny hugs Sam. Jason is then alone in his room knowing he could easily use his gun to end his life.

Lorenzo reveals to Skye that he knows she is there simply because Luke put her up to it. Luke must have a problem with Carly’s failure to sign over ELQ stock to him. So he asked her to “sweet-talk” Lorenzo. He then tells her that she has to stop waiting in the wings for Luke. He tells her knows all too well what it’s like to be second best in somebody’s life. He tells her he believes she deserves better and he leaves.

Emily tells Carly that she does not buy that Carly cares about her. For a long time, there’s been a history where Carly has made trouble for Emily’s family. She’s been possessive of Jason, had no consideration for Emily and all. She’s rude and selfish and pushy. Hearing that, Carly asks Emily if she can hold a grudge against her forever. She tells Emily that there is no “hidden agenda” here. All she needs Emily to do is cross her name off the list of all the people whom Carly has to apologize to. She tells Emily she is sorry for all the things she’s done to her; real or imagined. Emily then goes out the door. Carly asks her if she’s still staying in the guesthouse with Sonny. Emily tells her yes and asks why. Carly tells her that she’s very concerned about her boys.

Sonny and Sam talk privately while Jason is in his room about how they are both going to cope with Jason’s decision. He tells her she needs to be real to Jason about what she really thinks and feels and know that he sees right through her. Hearing that, she laughs and agrees that he’s right that Jason sees right through her. Again, they hug and Sonny departs. Sam, then goes into the bedroom. Jason is lying on the bed. He asks if Sonny is gone. She hides her tears and reminds him that it’s a warm and beautiful night tonight. Maybe they can sit out on the porch tonight. He seems to know what she is really feeling. But he does not go outside with her.

Robin asks the former doctor if he’s given up and become a drunk just because he lost a patient. She tells him that they all lose patients. And they have to get on with their lives and get over it and stop drowning themselves and giving up. He tells her that she is self-righteous. She admits that she is selfish. She tells him her main motive for being there is Jason. She tells him that she failed Jason once before. And she pleads that he does not become the reason why she has to fail Jason again. He tells her he remembers all the people at the hospital and what it will be like to face them again. But he’s very afraid of making another mistake. She tells him he won’t. She promises.

Luke returns to Tracy. She plays the “loving wife”. He asks her what is up. She tells him that his “plan” to control her with ELQ stock is not going to happen. She tells him that she cannot prevent Lorenzo from giving his lunatic soon-to-be ex-wife the shares in the divorce settlement. And she knows there is no way that Carly would ever sign it over to Luke. He tells her it does not matter to him. And he asks her how she found out about his little meeting with Calry.

Right then, Lorenzo comes to see Carly. He tells her that he’s sign over everything to her. But he tells her it’s not as simple as that. She tells him that if he thinks she’s needy and dependent on him, he’s completely wrong. That is in the past. She no longer needs him or Sonny or anybody. He tells her that he has had “second thoughts” about the divorce.

Jason tells Sam that he has now come to the realization that he cannot lose one second of the time he’s spent with her. And her face is the last one he wants to see.

Skye goes to see Luke and tells him she knows that he has a problem. Carly demands hanging onto ELQ stock and Lorenzo is on to them. But he tries to charm her. He tells her that everybody is turned in upstairs, in their beds and asleep. And he tells her it’s just the two of them. But she tells him she’s not interested in “being” with him. And she walks away.

Justus takes Lanie to the opera. They talk about the types of activities they like to do and talk and laugh too loudly. It seems like they might have some other types of ideas for being together, however.

Lorenzo tells Carly he will give her the money and stock. But under the condition that she gives them a chance to start over. She asks if it is that easy. She then tells him it’s a deal and they kiss. But she then seems to call his bluff. And she tells him he “has his work cut out for him” because she “did not feel a thing”.

Robin is able to persuade her old doctor friend, Noah Drake, to come to the hospital. Alan, Monica and Bobbie are all very happy to see him and ask what he is doing back in town. She informs them that Noah has agreed to perform Jason’s surgery.

Right then, Jason and Sam are together. Their song plays. He notices she’s taken off the star necklace he’s given her and she’s not in the room. Right then, Sonny is alone on his flight back to Port Charles. Jason knows Sam is alone outside and he comes out and holds her. He tells her that he’s made the decision to have the surgery. She turns to him and holds him.

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