GH Update Thursday 12/1/05

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/1/05


Written By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

THE JAX/COURTNEY/NIKOLAS TRIANGLE: Courtney is upset to discover that Jax has security guards tailing her for her own protection. She sends them away. She is further upset to see that Nikolas had his arm broken during a run-in with Helana's goons. Nikolas assures her that Helena has been committed to a mental institution in Switzerland, which should keep her away from Court for the time being.

Meanwhile, Jax visits Elizabeth and asks for her help -- he doesn't believe Nikolas and Courtney are really in love and wants Elizabeth to set it up so that Nikolas runs into Emily on this day, which happens to be their wedding anniversary. They are interrupted when Courtney comes by to accuse Jax of trying to control her. They argue and she stalks off. Jax again pleads with Elizabeth to set Nik and Emily up and she eventually agrees. Jax pays Coleman a visit and enlists his help as well -- he wants Coleman to snap some pictures of Nikolas and Emily together.

Courtney and Nikolas meet up again, and he tells her that it's his and Emily's wedding anniversary. Just then they are interrupted when Nikolas gets a phone call from Elizabeth -- she tells him that she and Cameron are planning to go to Wyndemere to pick holly for a wreath, and she would like Nikolas to be there. Nikolas agrees and heads to Wyndemere. Little does he know, Elizabeth has just set up Emily to go to Wyndemere as well (pretending that Cameron left a toy there that she would like Emily to retrieve).

Courtney is at her loft when Jax drops by to talk to her -- they agree to try to be friends. Jax notes that he is surpised that Nikolas isn't there with Court. Meanwhile, in the gardens at Wyndemere, Emily and Nikolas run into one another and realize that Elizabeth set them up. They both recall the fact that it's their anniversary.

JASON AND SAM'S RETURN TO HAWAII: Jason and Sam return to Hawaii to live out Jason's last days together in their own little paradise. Sam is happy that this will get her mind off of the fact that Jason is dying. They pass the time by going fishing (Sam is good at it, Jason is not). Afterward, Jason tells her to pick something else she would like to do. She answers him honestly: she wants them to make a baby. Jason is disturbed by the project of getting Sam pregnant, knowing that he is only a matter of days from death -- he thinks it would be unfair to knowingly leave the baby without a father. But Sam argues that he would be giving her a piece of himself so that she won't be alone after he's gone.

DIEGO AND GEORGIE ON THE RUN: As Lorenzo, Mac and Dillon try to figure out where Diego has taken Georgie, the teens are revealed to have traveled to a house that Lorenzo had bought for Diego on an earlier occasion. Georgie pleads with Diego to turn himself into the police. Diego defends his actions, saying that he just wanted revenge on all of them for their treatment of Sage. Georgie points out that what he did to get revenge was sick and evil -- but that she still wants him to be safe despite all of that, because they used to be friends. Just then, they hear Mac's voice -- the police have the house surrounded. Diego reluctantly surrenders and Georgie is reunited with her loved ones. Mac is furious but allows Lorenzo some time to speak to his son alone. Lorenzo admits his own failings as a father and asks Diego for a second chance.

THE SPENCER FAMILY: Tracy and Lulu butt heads and Luke comes to his daughter's defense. He later asks Tracy what she and Lulu were arguing over. Tracy says she just wants to be rid of both of them. Luke tells her that all she has to do is write him a check and they'll divorce. Tracy refuses and each threatens the other. Later, Luke leaves a message with Lorenzo's secretary enquiring about Lorenzo's ELQ stock. He then calls Lainey Winters and requests to speak to Carly on the grounds that he has become worried over her mental health. Lainey informs him that he is on Carly's "do-not-allow list" of people she'd rather not speak to at the moment. Luke is frustrated.

Lulu goes to visit Lucky -- she's brought him a present! Lucky asks her how things are at the Quartermaine mansion. Lulu says that she and Luke are getting to know one another. Lucky opens the's an expensive watch. He doesn't want to accept it but Lulu tells him that she bought it with a huge allowance she gets from Tracy. Lucky worries a bit that Lulu is up to something. Later, Luke pays him a visit. The Spencer men talk about Lulu...Luke is also suspicious of Lulu's actions lately. They discuss Luke's parenting skills and Luke notes that Lucky has always been easier to talk to than Lulu is. He adds that little Lulu might turn out to be more devious than he ever imagined.

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