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General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/30/05


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Robin tells Sam that Jason needs more time to stay in the hospital, although she tells her she knows that’s not what she wants to hear. They both agree that there is nothing Jason dreads more than being stuck in a hospital. Sam thanks Robin for being honest. Robin explains that Jason could relapse again if he doesn’t stay in the hospital.

After finding out that Lorenzo plans to divorce Carly, Luke tells him he must realize that somebody like Carly could “hose him down” pretty good in a divorce settlement. Lorenzo asks Luke just what he is implying. And he tells Luke that as long as he can get out of this marriage, Carly can have whatever she wants. Luke tells Lorenzo he understands very much what it’s like to negotiate divorce settlements. He tells Lorenzo that living with Tracy is a snake pit for him. He’s still obsessed about getting the money at all costs. But he tells Lorenzo that perhaps they could strike a deal together.

Emily is alone in Sonny’s house, asleep on his couch and dreaming about having an “encounter” with Sonny. She then awakens startled and pours herself a drink. Right then, Elizabeth walks in and asks Emily what on earth she is doing.

Sonny tells Jason that Carly is an empty shell and not herself. Because she gave him all she had. Jason asks Sonny if he is sure. Sonny tells Jason any love he and Carly had is gone. Jason tells Sonny perhaps Carly is not as sick as she seems. Sonny tells Jason that he knows that he has to begin a life without Carly. But the question is, how does he do that? Carly stands outside the door and hears their conversations and walks away.

Diego tells Georgie that there’s no way he’s going to avoid getting into serious trouble for what he did if he turns himself in. He drugged three naked girls. His father is not going to help him. She must realize that he has guts and is willing to take risks he tells her. And nobody hurts his family and gets away with it. She tells him she is genuinely sorry for what she did to Sage. He tells her that he needs to go away. She asks him where he plans to go and tells him if they call her dad, then maybe he can redeem himself. He tells her that what he did was not about sex. It was about revenge. But she tells him if he turns himself in and explains, perhaps he won’t be in this so deep that he cannot pull himself out. She offers to go with him and help him. He asks her why she’d do that for him. She doesn’t like him. She tells him she’d like to. She believes that underneath all this hurt and anger, he is a good person and she asks him to please consider going back with her. Right then, Jesse finds them and tells Diego he better not make another move or he will shoot. Maxie and Dillon are with him.

After Carly returns to her room after finding out that Sonny is done with her, Courtney finds her and asks what happened. She can tell that Carly is devastated.

Sonny tells Jason that Calry was the best thing he ever had and he destroyed her. Jason tells Sonny that he’s heard the same thing from both him and Calry. And they always end up back together. Sonny tells Jason that this time, it’s different. Right then, Sam enters and Sonny leaves. He asks her if she has found out what she wanted to know.

Luke devises a “plan” with Tracy. He acts like the “good husband” and asks her if she wants a drink or a foot massage. She asks him what he’s up to. He tells her nothing. He just wants to appreciate his better half. He rubs her shoulders and asks her if she feels ok. She appears to trust him. But she corners him and tackles him and tells him he better tell her exactly what he is up to.

Diego holds Georgie hostage with a gun. Dillon comes and tells him that he must know what really happened. He tells him this will not bring Sage back or undo what has happened. He then demands that all three of them put down their cell phones. They do. And he lets go of Georgie. Jesse then runs after him. But he’s escaped.

Jason asks Sam what is going on. What did she disuss with Robin? He tells her he knows her too well and knows that there is more. She tells him that she believes that Robin is not just a “doctor” treating a patient. She tells him that she is scared. She wonders what will happen if Robin is too emotional about Jason to do her job right.

Carly asks Courtney how she managed to walk away from Jason whole. Courtney notices Carly crying and knows this must be too painful for her. Carly tells Courtney she knows how much Courtney loves Jason. Courtney explains that she realized that she had to keep herself and her own life in tact and see that it was more important than hanging on to Jason.

Monica goes to inform Sonny that he may not know but Emily has taken a leave of absence from medical school. She tells him that it’s obvious that Emily is very gifted. She is a brilliant doctor. Sonny tells Monica he agrees and asks where she is going with this. Monica replies that she is asking Sonny to do the right thing. Release Emily of her “responsibility” to him and his children and let her fulfill her dream to be a doctor. Sonny explains to Monica that he has told Emily the very same thing. He also believes that Emily cannot put her ambition on hold. But it’s obvious that Emily is going to make her own decision.

Elizabeth tells Emily she knows all about dreams. And she knows exactly whom Emily is having her dreams about.

Lulu walks in on her father and Tracy’s little altercation and demands to know what this sick woman is doing to her father. Hearing that, Luke tells her she must apologize to her “stepmother”. Lulu tells him that this woman is not her step mother. She may be her father’s wife. But their “union” has nothing to do with her. And second; she will not apologize to Tracy because Tracy is mean and cruel and does not deserve it. Hearing that, Luke throws his hands up in the air and says the two of them need to work this out. He leaves and Tracy tells Lulu she make this “work like a charm”. Lulu tells Tracy she meant what she said. She does believe that Tracy is mean and cruel. Tracy tells Lulu regardless, she insulted her for Luke and Skye’s benefit. And she played her dad right into her hands. Lulu asks Tracy what she wants her to do.

Jason tells Sam that it doesn’t look like they’re going to get married in the hospital. And right then, he gets out of his bed and tells her he needs to get his strength back. She warns him that that is not a good idea. And right then, he falls over. She yells to Dr. Jones to come in there and help Jason.

Emily tells Elzabeth some rationalization about what is going on and denies that she’s having fantasies about Sonny.

Right then, Carly goes up on the roof of the hospital by herself. Right then Sonny enters. She asks him if he thinks she’s going to kill herself over him. And she tells him that he is a pompous ass to put himself so high upon a pedestal. There might have been a time when she’d have groveled before him. But that is over. She is no longer that pitiful person. She tells him she heard all about what he said. And it was like a knife in the heart. But those hateful words were the very kick in the butt that she needed. And she tells him that maybe she should thank him for motivating her.

Lulu asks Tracy why they should work together. Tracy replies that they have a mutual goal to get Skye out of Luke’s life. Lulu asks Tracy why she’d want to get rid of Skye. Tracy tells Lulu that she may not understand. But she can make their living together sheer hell. Or they can be friends and partners. She asks Lulu what she says. Lulu tells Tracy she is not interested.

After Diego has fled the scene, Georgie asks Jesse what will happen if the police catch him. He tells her it depends on a lot of things; whether he resists arrest and many other things. Right then, Georgie seems to have a sense of loyalty toward Diego. She tells Diego that she’s concerned about the cops hunting him down and treating him like a caged animal.

Lulu asks her father why she cannot touch anything in this crummy house. He tells her that everything in this house costs more than all the allowance she’s ever had in her life. He tells her if she wants to go up against a worthy opponent, she needs to listen to the master. She must “attack them where they live”. And that is their bank account. She asks her father how he keeps the upper hand on Tracy. Luke explains to his daughter that he had a little scheme when Lorenzo Alcazar came by. Lorenzo had a similar concern about his divorce settlement with Carly. Luke wants Lorenzo to let go of his ELQ stock. And Luke knows how to take advantage of Carly’s fragile state. She’s a couple gallons short of a full tank. And he knows how to convince her that she needs to trust him to make full use out of those ELQ shares that are hers’ and Lorenzo’s. Lulu smiles and tells her father that she comprehends that by doing that, he can use that against Tracy and get her to do what he wants.

Carly asks Sonny if he thinks that she believed that going to a mental hospital was a desperate attempt on her part to get him to love her. She tells him that she may not recognize the woman’s she’s become. But she’d end her life before she’d spend her life being needy and pathetic and dependent on him. He tries to protest. But she tells him she knows that he is poison to her. She tells him he no longer has to let her down easy. He can walk away. And she walks away from him.

Dillon, Maxie and Jesse are trying to find Diego. Mac comes and tells Jesse that he thought he told him he wanted him off this case. They tell him they know that Georgie might have power of persuasion over Diego.

And right after Diego has let Georgie go, she finds him and tells him she’s not going to let him ruin his life.

Jason asks Tony and Robin if it is life-and-death that he stays in the hospital. He tells them all that it is his choice to get out if he could die anyway even if he stays there. Sam is very upset that Jason wants to risk his life.. She tells him she does not know what will happen if he has his surgery. But she is very clear that he will die if he does not. He tells her he cannot go through with the surgery.

Lulu tells Tracy she knows something Tracy does not know. Tracy asks Lulu what she found out from her father. Lulu tells Tracy that she knows all about Luke’s little scheme in his divorce settlement. And she can tell Tracy all about it for a price.

Robin tells Mac that all that she attempted to do for Jason was for nothing. He wants to check himself out of the hospital and get himself killed. And none of what she’s done in her career as a doctor matters anymore. Mac puts his arms around his niece and tells her she must know that it matters.

Jason tells Sam that to be able to breath the fresh air and see the wonderful sunsets and be able to walk on the beach with her is what he wants. He tells her that he’s going to decide how he spends the last amount of time he has to live. And he wants that to be with her. She holds him.

Right then, Emily is having more dreams about Sonny. She dreams she opens his door and discovers her mother asking her if she is having feelings for Sonny. She walks away and says of course not. But right then, Carly comes down the stairs and corners her. Elizabeth then comes and tells Emily she is on to her. Emily then breaks down crying and afraid she will make another mistake. But Sonny comes and holds her and tells her everything will be ok.

Lanie comes to see carly and tells her they need to talk. Lanie tells Calry that very soon she’s going to be carted off to Shadybrook. She tells Carly this is not a country club. Carly needs help. And with such unstable behavior as Carly has done recently, she needs to know about the consequences. Calry protests to Lanie that she needs her help to be well. Lanie asks if the “issue” going on with Carly is about Sonny. Carly tells Lanie that she wants to be a strong and independent person who is whole and healthy. That is the mom that her kids deserve to have. At that point, it sounds like Lanie is ready to listen to Carly.

Right when Emily awakens form her dream, Sonny comes in and asks her if she is ok. He informs her that he talked to her mother in the hospital and she was concerned about Emily dropping out of med school. He tells her that he knows she is hiding because she blames herself for what happened to Reese. She tells him that maybe he’s right that she should not “run away” from what really is going on with her.

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