GH Update Tuesday 11/29/05

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/29/05


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Robin enters Jason’s room and notices Jason and Sam snuggling together. She knows she must “do her job” and apologizes for waking them up.

When Diego holds Georgie hostage at Kelly’s, Dillon demands that he takes him instead.

Skye tells Luke that she wants to be friends with Lulu and does not believe Lulu is being fake. He tells her she better watch her back.

Right then, Tracy and Lulu are having a “discussion”.

Carly tells Lorenzo he must know that he is her husband and he can get her out of there.

Sonny comes home and tells Emily the good news that Jason has regained his memory and will be ok. She runs to hug him. And right then, they look at each other like they’re going to kiss. She pulls away and says she is “sorry”. He asks “for what?” She does not know what to say. And she immediately changes the subject and talks more about Jason. He tells her that it’s getting better. She tells Sonny she must call her mother. He reminds her that since Monica is a doctor in the hospital, she probably knows all about it. He asks how Carly’s visit with the boys went. She tells him that it was ok. But she had a little “discussion” with Carly. She admits that it was a little too weird. He tells her he knows she’s taking on a lot with the kids and school and everything. She tells him she is taking a medical leave. He tells her that he doesn’t want her to be prevented from finishing medical school.

Lorenzo tells Carly that he knows that Sonny is the center of her universe. And he is the reason why she is there in the first place. She tells him that she doesn’t want to put any blame upon anybody any more. He tells her she needs to realize that she must get over Sonny. If she can become the strong and independent woman he fell in love with, then he will talk about her getting out of there. She tells him if he cannot get her out of there, she will give him the divorce she wants.

Diego drags Georgie out the door and demands Mike puts the gun down and gives him money. Mike opens the register and Diego lets go of Georgie. But he grabs her again. Maxie, Dillon and Lucas tell him he must let go of Georgie and they will let him get away. But Diego demands that Mike gives him the keys so he can get away. He tells them it’s too late. He’s taking Georgie with him. Dillon pleads that he does not hurt Geogie. He’s ready to go out the door. But Mike restrains him.

Skye tells Luke that Lulu is acting out. She needs love and attention and structure and a father who will be there and be involved in her life. He tells her that Lulu is “working” her. She tells him he mustn’t reduce his daughter’s behavior as crass manipulation. He tells her he knows that there is nothing “crass” about his daughter. She is just as smooth and clever as he is.

Tracy tells Lulu that she saw her “do it”. She just put a fist full of dollars in her pocket. She tells Lulu she does not care about petty larceny. If Lulu can help Skye get out of there, she can give Lulu a “generous” allowance. Lulu asks her how much money. Can Tracy buy her a convertible? Tracy does not want to give Lulu the material things that she wants and they cannot reach an agreement.

Robin asks Jason the first place he worked and lived and when he first met the women in his life. He seems to remember just about everything.

Robin reveals to Jason and Sam that she is not as “happy” as she should be to have saved his life. Of course she talks “shop talk” about how the test results are not as great as she’d wanted them to be. She leaves and Sam asks Jason why Robin is not a little happier now that her medicine has worked. He tells Sam that he has his memories back and is feeling better.

Lulu tells Skey that she’s not going to apologize to Tracy. She tells Luke that Tracy told her that he’d have her sent back to her grandmother’s or to boarding school. Skye and Luke assure her that he would never do that and Tracy is just saying that to be a jerk. She leaves and Luke expresses that he’s concerned about his daughter. Skye seems like she wants to help. And Tracy tells her she does not buy that. She’s just “making nice” to Luke’s daughter in order to win points with him.

Emily tells Sonny that she feels responsible for Reese’s death. He tells her that was not her fault. She saved many people’s lives. He tells her she is still learning. That is the whole point. He tells her that she is doctor material. She’s smart. She can think on her feet. She can empathize. She asks what about Reese. He admits that that was a tragedy. But she can save many people’s lives. She must think about all the people she can help and finish medical school and be a doctor. Right then, Michael comes down and asks about Jason. He asks his dad to come upstairs and help him with Morgan.

Lorenzo tells Carly he loves her and wants to help her. SHe tells him if that is true, then he must prove it and get out of there. He tells her that she is not ready when she is still fixated on somebody who just wants to control her. She tells him he is just mad because she is not fixated on him instead. And he is just jealous and so he wants to keep her locked up in this place. She tells him that when they first met, she was chained to a wall. He wanted to control her throughout their entire relationship together. And they are right back where they started. He reminds her that she had a nervous breakdown. And he reminds her that she lied to him and told him she loved him. He tells her she must think about what she is doing. She must realize that her “obsession” for Sonny is just as futile as his was for her. He leaves.

Mac comes to Kelly’s and tells Jesse and Dillon that they both must stay away form Georgie. He tells Jesse he must stay out of this case or he will have his badge.

Tracy tells Skey that it is her money. Luke is her husband. And she will deal with his little delinquent daughter as she pleases. She leaves and Skye tells Luke that he mustn’t use Lulu as a pawn to put Tracy in her place. Having the money isn’t worth it. He must get away form Tracy and take Lulu with him. He tells her he’s not leaving there until he’s got that cash. Hearing that, she tells him she will and she walks out the door.

Courtney comes to see Carly. Carly asks her what she knows about Emily staying with Sonny. She tells him that she knows that but does not assume that Sonny and Emily are going to have a thing. She reminds Croutney that she doesn’t talk too much about personal issues with Sonny because he does not approve of her relationship with Nikolas. Carly tells Courtney that if she is with Nikolas, that will make Emily completely single. Carly tells Courtney that she must ask Jason what he knows about Sonny’s feelings for Emily. If he had feelings for her, Jason would know about that. Courtney reminds Carly that Jason is in the hospital. And she doubts at a time like this that Sonny would tell Jason all about his love life. Carly tells Courtney she may be overreacting. But she’s stuck in this place. She misses her boys. And “she” is there. Courtney tells Carly she misses her. They two of thema act very warm together. Courtney hugs Carly and tells her she must go. Although Carly’s friend, Courtney is not about to help her get herself released from Roselawn. When Carly is alone she sprays water on her face, gets on the intercom and asks somebody to bring a doctor to her room because she is not feeling well.

Sam tells Jason that now, after all they’ve been though, he is finally ok. He can remember their lives together. He tells her that he wants them to spend the rest of their life together and there is no need to wait. He tells her he’s assuming that she still wants to. She tells him of course. She tells him that she wants their wedding to be a celebration. She wants it to be at a place where it has meaning to both of them. And she wants them to be together forever. She lies down next to him and they hold each other.

A doctor comes and takes Carly’s temperature and feels her heartbeat. When he is distracted, she puts the thermometer on the hot lamp. He tells her that she must be burning up. He tells her he must palpitate her abdomen. She acts like she is in pain. He then tells her he’s getting her to the hospital right away. It looks like she’s scammed him.

Sam tells Jason that they are going to have to make up for their Thanksgiving fiasco by having the best Christmas ever. Right then, Sonny comes and Sam leaves them alone. Sonny has an envelope and tells Jason this is from Michael and Morgan. Jason opens it and sees the pyramid and Christmas tree and notices a get-well card. He asks Sonny to thank them for him. Sonny tells Jason that Michael was really scared when he thought he’d lost Jason. Jason tells Sonny that he blamed him for a lot of things. He tells Sonny he was wrong to have accused Sonny of taking advantage of him. Sonny tells Jason that Carly once told him that Jason would get tired of taking orders form him. Sonny also tells Jason that one time when they met in the elevator and Jason looked at him like he was a stranger and told Sonny he would not do his dirty work for him. And right then, Sonny felt as though he was screwed. And he tells Jason he now wishes he’d handled many things differently. It would have been better for many people. Jason tells Sonny that all he wants is to get his life back.

Carly gets taken to the hospital and the doctor actually buys her “scam”. She asks him if he can be the only one to handle her procedures and records. And she tells him he is the only one she trusts. He leaves and she immediately gets out of bed and goes out into the hallway. Right then, Courtney notices her and asks her what she is doing there.

Sam comes and asks Robin what is really going on with her and why she says she’s worried about Jason’s test results. Is she rally concerned that he will not be ok?

Sonny tells Jason about all of the crazy things Carly has done recently. He tells him that she escaped from the hospital and lied to the kids telling them that she got released. Jason tells Sonny that’s just the way carly is. But Sonny tells Jason that he cannot deal with Calry anymore. Jason goes right back into defending Carly to Sonny. He tells Sonny that calry is a little “crazy”. But she’s not really crazy. Sonny tells Jason he must realize that he was not there when Carly lost her mind. He tells Jason that she really lost it. And he cannot let that happen again.

Carly tells Courtney that she got herself put in the hospital because she has to see Jason. She has to see him in order to find out what is going on between Sonny and Emily. She asks Courtney if she can help her out.

Luke tells Alice that he “loves his little spanky buns”. She sounds jealous. He then tells her he wants to live there because he doesn’t know how he could live without her. She appreciates that. He tells her he knows that Tracy holds all the cards. And if he could just get a healthy percentage of ELQ stock, that might be enough. He tells her he believes that the only thing women want is cash, power and shoes. Right then, Lorenzo enters asking for Skey. Luke asks Lorenzo what has happened to his marriage with Luke’s niece. Lorenzo tells Luke that he and carly are through. But Luke tells Lorenzo that Carly could hose him down pretty well in a divorce settlement. And he asks Lorenzo if he has ever considered the amount of alimony she can stick him for. Lorenzo tells Luke that Carly can have whatever she wants. As long as he can get rid of her, he could care less.

Jesse tells Maxie that they must find a way to find Diego and Carly. She asks where he thinks they should go. He suggests the pizza shack.

It seems that is exactly where Diego has taken Georgie. He tells her he will let her go and she may call Dillon. He says he knows her father will nail him and his life will be over if he gets caught. But she urges him to know that it’s not too late. He can get a deal if he turns himself in.

Robin keeps talking shop talk to Sam about her fears that Jason could relapse.

Right then, Emily is having a “fantasy” about what could have happened if she and Sonny had kissed that one time when it almost happened. And she awakens from her dream, startled.

Sonny tells Jason that he noticed how Carly always stood up and refused to quit. He never thought she could break. But she did. He saw it. Jason asks Sonny what the doctors say. He tells Jason that Carly kind of spiraled downward after she believed Michael was dead. Being married to Lorenzo did not help. And then when he started seeing Reese on top of that, it was too much. He tells Jason that his and Calry’s entire pattern of off-and –on with fighting and getting back together has not been healthy for either one of them. Jason asks Sonny if he still loves Carly. Sonny tells Jason it’s not love anymore. It’s desperation. And the woman he’s loved all this time is no longer there. She’s just an empty shell. He tells Jason that their love is gone. And right then, Carly is standing outside the door, hearing that.

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