GH Update Monday 11/28/05

General Hospital Update Monday 11/28/05


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Alice the maid serves Luke some fine wine and some food. Tracy asks her to make herself useful and make her a martini. But she tells Tracy that she is there to serve only Mr. Luke. And they inform Tracy that Lulu is coming to live with her father. Tracy demands that Luke sends his daughter back to her grandmother or better yet, to boarding school in Switzerland. But Luke does not seem to listen and Lulu comes through the door.

Jason is in his hospital room, drifting in and out of consciousness with his wrists strapped to the bed. Robin comes by and he grabs a hold of her and kisses her. Right then, Sam and Sonny walk in to witness that.

After Emily has brought the boys to see Carly and she is alone with Carly, Carly asks her if she is falling in love with Sonny.

Luke tells Lulu that everything is all ready for her. Alice has prepared her satin sheets. He will have a big television for her. But Tracy is not ok with that. She tells Luke it’s bad enough that she has to put up with a deadbeat like him. She’s not about to tolerate his daughter as well. Lulu protests to Tracy that she can take care of herself. Tracy tells Lulu she must go and live with any of her relatives. But Luke tells Tracy that the kid stays there. Right then, Skye walks in the witness their discussion.

Georgie, Dillon, Lucas and Maxie are in Kelly’s talking about all the different theories about who the campus stalker is. Right then, Brook Lynn walks in and informs them that she knows that the campus perv is Diego. She explains to them that his father caught him red-handed and is ready to turn him in. Maxie and Georgie do not buy that Lorenzo Alcazar will bring his son to justice. Lucas tells them he bets that Lorenzo is putting his son on a private jet and getting him away from the charges.

Right then, Lorenzo and Diego arrive at the police station. Lorenzo confesses to his son that he has not been there for him and he wants to help him and make up for lost time. Diego protests to his father that he cannot get him in trouble for what he did. But Lorenzo tells his son that he needs help and he cannot get away with what he did. He reminds Diego that he drugged those girls, got them unconscious and photographed them naked. He violated their privacy when they trusted him and believed he was their friend. It was unconscionable, Lorenzo tells him. Diego asks his father to please not do that to him. But Lorenzo tells Mac Scorpio that his son has drugged and taken nude pictures of Maxie and Georgie Jones and Brook Lynn Ashton.

Carly tells Emily that she has had many opportunities to live with many people after her breakup with Nikolas. But she chose to live with Sonny. She got involved in his life and played mommy to the kids. Emily protests that she and Sonny are just friends and it’s not like that. But Carly tells Emily that she plays innocent but she knows that Emily is after Sonny and he wants her.

Sonny tells Robin that he knows that she wants to “rescue” people. Because she failed to save Stone, she now has to be the super doctor for Jason. Robin protests to Sonny that she is a professional. He tells her he knows that but he also knows her “angle” with Jason.

Skye greets Lulu and tells her she’s very happy to see her and she must ignore Tracy. Tracy informs Lulu that Skye is nothing close to a real Quartermaine. They insult each other. Luke tells his daughter that she must not pay attention to Tracy. She asks Luke what kind of a father he’s going to be. And she tells them that she knows that having Lulu there will motivate her father to divorce her and give her back her millions. Skye joins in and tells Lulu what she thinks of Tracy.

Jesse is ready to nail Diego. But Lorenzo informs him that his son has rights. Diego tells his father that he turned him in and doesn’t seem to care so much about his rights. Lorenzo tells his son he wants to help him. Diego tells his father he is unbelievable for doing that. And he tells him some day he will rot in hell for what he did. Jesse grabs Diego and pulls him into the holding cell and he yells at his father to never come back because he will never see him as his father.

Emily tells Carly she is unbelievable. But Carly tells Emily she must trust her and know what Sonny is all about. She warns Emily, however that she(herself) and Sonny will get back together. Emily tells Calry she must realize that she has two little boys who need her and want her to get well and come back and they have spent a long time making some thanksgiving decorations for her. And all Carly can do is get wrapped up in her ego and her obsession with Sonny. And Emily tells Carly that she (herself) and Sonny do not have a romantic relationship. She also tells Carly that she(Carly) needs to get her life together, if nothing else, for her kids.

Robin tells Sonny that she’s buried all the feelings she has for Jason. But she got the call that he was in terrible trouble and his life was in danger. And she felt she had to help him. She admits that she has feelings for Jason. But she knows he is still in love with Sam.

Right then, Sam is in Jason’s room with him. He is drifting in and out of consciousness fighting some sort of demon. She tries to calm him down and tells him she loves him. Right then, Robin walks in the door.

Lulu tells Tracy that she and her father have come to an agreement now and he really wants her. Tracy tells Lulu that that is not true. Her father is just using her to make trouble and bleed off his guilt. And she privately tells Luke that he’s just going to get Lulu’s hopes up to disappoint her again and lose her all over again. She tells him he must know that it’s not going to work out with her living there. Skey and Lulu talk in a friendly way. Lulu seems to appreciate Skye and they both joke about how much fun it will be to get under Tracy’s skin. Skye leaves and when Luke is alone with Lulu, he asks her why she was “scamming” Skye.

Brook Lynn tells her friends that there is no excuse for what Diego did. But Georgie tells the others that they were all really awful to Sage. Diego had good reason to be angry and want to put them in their place. But Dillon tells her she mustn’t make Sage an excuse for what Diego did.

Maxie comes to confront Diego at the station. She asks him what she and her friends have ever done to him. How could he do that? He tells her that they all treated his cousin like garbage and they need to realize that they cannot do that to somebody he loved.

Carly tells Emily that she must have an ulterior motive for staying at Sonny’s and she’s making herself a “permanent fixture”. Emily admits she does have an ulterior motive. She loves the kids more than anything. And since she lost Jason, she sees Sonny as like a brother. But Carly reminds her she is also a woman. A woman who got dumped. Sonny knows how to charm her and take care of her. And how could she resist that after Nikolas dumped her for Courtney? Emily tells Carly she is talking irrationally and she needs to pull herself together. Carly tells Emily that she will get Sonny back. Emily can mark her words. And right then, Lorenzo comes by and hears their conversation.

Sonny tells Sam that he believes that Robin has some unconscious “mission” to save Jason. Robin is in Jason’s room checking his IV and he says Sam. She comes out to inform them that Jason is awake. Sam rushes in to see him. He tells her he’s ok. She asks if he can hear her. She sounds happy and confident that he is her man and they will be together soon.

Jesse tells Maxie he wants to take her home. But she tells him she must stay so that she can testify against this freak. Hearing that, Diego tells her she sounds really tough. And he grabs a gun and attempts to run out of the station.

Emily leaves Carly’s room and Carly is alone with Lorenzo. She can tell he is not happy and has something on his mind. She asks if he’s ok and what has happened. He tells her she needn’t worry about him. She must tell him how she is doing. She tells him that she has just discovered that Emily is jealous of her. He asks her why on earth Emily would be jealous of her.

Luke tells Lulu that all these years, she’s been just like her mother. She used to be beautiful and innocent. She had a love of kittens and baby ducks. She informs him that that is a common thing for all little girls. He tells her that now he sees himself in the mirror through her. He knows that she is becoming a con artist just like him, by being “nice” to Skye. She tells him that she wanted to be nice to his friend. He tells her that by saying that, she is scamming him. But Lulu protests that she genuinely likes Skye. She is the only person there who has been nice to her. She like her much better than that no good jerk Luke is married to. Skye comes down and acts nice to Lulu and assures her that her dad really does love her. She mustn’t lose hope of that. And she must go up to her room that’s been all fixed up for her.

Dr. Tony Jones tells Robin, Sam and Sonny that it’s kind of “touch and go” with Jason. But he tells Robin that this plan she has is a “breakthrough procedure”. And he tells her he’s very proud of her. Outside the room, Sam hugs Sonny and tells him that they can be happy now that Jason is going to be ok. Inside his room, Jason tells Robin that he always knew that she would be an amazing doctor.

Carly tells Lorenzo that she and Emily have always butted heads. They’ve competed for Jason. She tells him that Jason might have more of a “protective” nature toward Emily. But he trusts her (Carly) more. Lorenzo asks if she believes that Jason treats her like an equal. Carly replies yes. She does believe that it’s very important for people to be equals. There’s nothing good about putting anybody up on a pedestal. That gets old. He tells her that what he thinks is that they are no longer talking about Jason.

Monica comes to see Emily at Sonny’s. She remarks that Emily has not contacted her in a long time. Emily tells her mother that she has been busy. She just took the boys to see Carly. Monica tells her daughter that she knows she’s taken a sabbatical from med school. She asks her why she would quit. Emily tells her mother she is not quitting. She is just taking a break. Monica tells Emily that she has really devoted her life to taking care of Sonny and his children. When all Sonny does is take advantage of beautiful women. Emily tells her mother she really doesn’t understand her. Monica asks Emily if she is sleeping with Sonny. Emily tells her mother no way. Sonny was with Reese Marshall. Reese died of a punctured lung and she failed to save Reese. And she tells her mother that that was the reason she dropped out of medical school. She does not believe she is fit to be a doctor because of that. It has nothing to do with Sonny.

Jason tells Sam that it was worth it to get his memory back. Hearing that, she is very surprised and asks him how much he remembers. He tells her he remembers the last 10 years of his life. He remembers their history together. Their song plays and she lies down on his bed with him and snuggles with him. She tell shin she knows he’s getting well. He tells her he knows how much he loves her and that he’s never going to stop.

Luke tells Skey that his kid really can turn on the charm when she wants to. She tells him that Lulu is a young girl who is confused. And she tells him that she wants to see Lulu getting all the things that she never got. She believes that Lulu needs time and compassion. She tells him that she can help with Lulu but it’s mainly up to him. He tells her that maybe the best part of this deal will simply be that Lulu will annoy the hell out of Tracy. Right then, Lulu goes into the other room and notices Skye’s wallet and is ready to put it in her pocket. Tracy catches her and tells her if she’s going to steal form Skey, she has only one thing to say to her. And that is: “welcome to my family”.

Mac tells Jesse that they have real problems now that Diego has escaped. But Jesse reminds him that Diego has no money and no wallet and will not get far.

Right then, Diego walks into Kelly’s and pulls a gun on his former friends and Mike. Mike tries to calm him down and realize that he doesn’t want to do that. But Diego demands that Mike gives him the money and his car keys. And he shoots at the ceiling. He grabs a hold of Georgie ready to use her as a hostage. But Mike grabs a big shotgun and pulls it on Diego.

Sam tells Jason that she cannot wait for them to get back into their own bed and be out of the hospital. She gets underneath the sheets with him in his hospital room.

Outside Jason’s room, Robin is worried. But Tony tells her that Jason has made significant progress and she cannot ask for more. Robin, however, has something else on her mind. She notices Jason and Sam snuggling together through the glass. And she is not happy.

Lorenzo is ready to wash his hands of Carly and let her get herself well on her own. But she urges him to know that one word from him and they will have to release her and she will get to go home.

Sonny comes back and sees Emily. He tells her that he is happy. Finally, it looks like Jason is going to be ok. She runs and hugs Sonny. And right then it looks like they are tempted to kiss.

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