GH Update Wednesday 11/23/05

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/23/05


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Jax rescues Courtney out of the river after Helena has pushed her off the docks. Helena is hiding and watching looking smug.

Brooke Lynn tells Diego that she knew it was him. He was the sick freak who photographed girls in their sleep. And he was going to let an innocent guy take the blame for what he did. He tells her that he had his reasons for doing what he did. It was payback.

Outside Jason’s hospital room, Sam yells that they need help in there.

Sonny goes to Reese’s memorial service and tells her he was so sorry he could not save her. Emily is also there. He tells her that if he had tried harder to make it work with her, she’d still be alive. Not far away, Durant is standing and listening to their conversation.

Brooke Lynn asks Diego why he took those pictures. For what is it “payback”? She tells him that he violated her and Georgie and Maxie. And there is no excuse for what he did. He tells her he did it for Sage. She asks him what Sage has to do with that. Because she died, does he think he’s accomplishing something by betraying her friends? He tells her that she and all her friends made fun of Sage and excluded her from their social group. And they killed her. And then Brooke Lynn made a big “career move” by publishing a private poem Sage wrote and put it into a song. She tells him what happened to Sage was an accident. He tells her that she and her fiends left Sage to die and did not care about her. He knows all about Sage, he tells her, even though he never met her. He’s read it all in her diary.

Ric is with Alexis and baby Molly in her hospital room and tells them that this will be their best Thanksgiving yet.

Monica, Tony and a nurse go to assist Robin in reviving Jason. It looks like they’ve saved him for now.

Lanie tells Carly that she knows that Carly has incredible qualities. She’s heard it from others and has now seen it for herself. She tells Carly that she needs to get a life of her own and separate herself from Sonny. Carly protests that she is already separated from Sonny. Lanie tells Carly she knows she is still emotionally attached to Sonny. He rules her emotional universe. Carly asks Lanie if she has ever been in love. Lanie tells Carly that asking her (Lanie) personal questions will not help get Carly well. Carly then tells Lanie that she knows that her mother abandoned her and gave her up for adoption when she was born, due to the “dishonorable circumstances” from which she was conceived. Lanei tells Carly that she knows she has reconciled with her mother. Carly admits that that is true. Sometimes she knows she gets on her mother’s last nerve. She also tells her that she knows that Jason has never abandoned her no matter how she has pushed him. And he is the only person in her life whom she has complete trust for. Lanie asks Carly if she trusts Jason more than she trusts Sonny. Carly admits that she does. Lanie tells carly that she believes Carly can get well. They seem to be somewhat on the same page. Lanie concludes that she thinks they had a good session today and she walks out the door. But when Carly is alone, she pulls out her cell phone and calls somebody to tell them she needs to talk to them.

Durant comes to see Sonny and Emily and tells them he is just there to pay his respects. Sonny tells Durant he has no respect for Reese. Durant tells Sonny he did. That was, until she crawled into bed with him. Emily leaves so that Sonny and Durant can talk. Durant tells Sonny that he and his women are like moths to a flame. His daughter and Reese are only two of many women who get too close to Sonny and have their lives ruined like burned moths. He asks Sonny just whom the next “pretty little moth” on his list is. Could it be Emily? Sonny tells Durant he better stay out of his business and not make any unfounded assumptions about his relationship with Emily. Durant asks Sonny if Emily is not a little bit too “well brought up” for him.. He tells Sonny hat Reese might not have died if she’d just taken an earlier train. Sonny tells Durant that Reese would not have died if he’d done his job. Durant tells Sonny if Reese had done her job, Sonny would be in jail. He tells Sonny that Reese gave up her career and everything in her life to be with him. Durant tells Sonny that he did not care about Reese. She was nothing more than a pretty little moth to him. And he’s not going to let Sonny destroy his daughter like he did Reese. Sonny tells Durant he better get away from him and calls him a punk. Ric comes to Reese’s funeral. Sonny tells him he wondered when he’d show up.

Sam asks Robin just what Jason’s outlook is. Robin admits she is not entirely certain. Right then, Monica and Tony come out and Monica tells Robin that she asks her as a senior physician and as Jason’s mother to take Jason off that medication. She admits that there is no guarantee that Jason will not die without it. But there is a guarantee he will die if he keeps taking it.

Elizabeth treats Courtney as she is wheeled in a stretcher. Nikolas is also there and asks Jax what happened. Jax tells Nikolas he can ask his grandmother what happened.

Diego admits to his father that it was him. He admits that he drugged the girls and photographed them naked. Lorenzo reminds his son that he let an innocent man take the fall for it. And he is not ok with that. Diego tells his father, looking surprised that he is angry with him, that he did it for Sage. Lorenzo asks Diego how he believes that his behavior avenged Sage. Diego tells his father he better help him. But it looks like Lorenzo is not going to enable his son to get away with his crime.

Durant goes to see Carly at Roselawn. She tells him that she’s called him because it’s Thanksgiving and she’s stuck in a loony bin. Her mother and husband and children all have other plans. She asks her father what he usually does for Thanksgiving. He admits he’s used to having no life or family. She tells him that she wants to go home. He asks her what she considers to be “home”. She replies with Sonny and the boys. He informs her that Emily seems to be filling her shoes pretty nicely with Sonny and the boys right now.

Sam goes to the hospital chapel and recites the Lord’s Prayer. Right then, Alexis comes in in her wheelchair holding her baby. She tells Sam that she can wait outside. Sam tells Alexis that it’s fine if she wants to come in. Alexis asks Sam how Jason is. Sam admits that all they can do is wait. Sam says hi to Molly. Alexis asks Sam if she wants to hold Molly, knowing it will make Sam feel a lot better. Sam picks up Molly and holds her. Alexis tells Sam that she is very grateful to all the people who saved Molly’s life. Robin and Courtney and Emily were all there for her in the wreckage. She also tells Sam that she remembers that Sam’s dead baby saved Kristina and she will never forget that.

Robin comes to see Jason. He is awake and asks what happened. She informs him that his heart stopped and she had to take him off the medication. He asks her what happens now. She tells him that’s all up to him.

Lorenzo tells Diego that he better turn himself into the police station. Diego asks his father why he wants to get him in trouble. Diego tells his son that he needs help. He’s going to be the good father that he has not been able to be throughout his son’s life. He tells him he will make sure he gets the best services and care and he will be there for him. But he’s not going to let him get away with it. He tells him he must apologize to Brooke Lynn. But she tells him that she would not believe a word he said. He goes out the door. Lorenzo goes out following him. Brooke Lynn is very upset.

Sonny and Ric sit alone. Sonny asks Ric to go first in saying goodbye to Reese. Ric goes up to her casket and tells her he will miss her. He has nothing else to say. Sonny tells him that he cannot believe that that’s all he has to say. Ric asks Sonny if he’s supposed to say that he regrets the one night they spent together and believes it cost her her life. He reminds Sonny that Reese loved him (Sonny) but did not love him (Ric). Sonny doesn’t know what to say to Reese either.

Carly protests to her father that Emily has helped Michael and Morgan and Michael loves her. He asks why they cannot just hire another nanny. She tells him that since Emily is the kids’ godmother, they don’t need to pay her. She seems to trust Emily not to make the moves on Sonny although her father does not. She tells her father he needs to take her home to be with Sonny. But Durant tells her that she must realize that she’s never going to get better if she keeps going back to Sonny. He’s the reason why she is there in the first place. She protests that she will be better when she gets back to her husband and her boys. Durant asks her if Sonny has even asked her to come back, knowing he did not. He tells her that Sonny wants to move on. And he asks her if she would consider staying with him in his home. She tells him no way. And he leaves. She is again alone until there is another knock on the door. It’s Emily with the boys. Carly hugs them and seems courteous to Emily for bringing them.

Sonny goes to say his last words to Reese. He again tells her how sorry he is. But he cannot say more. He admits to Ric that he too has nothing to say.

Jax and Nikolas are both with Courtney. She tells him she knows that Helena must have thrown her in the water. He informs her that his grandmother is very obsessed. She tells him she should have never been on the docks alone. Jax tells her she will not lose the baby and he asks her to tell him what she remembers about what happened. She tells him she knew that when she got on her phone, somebody covered her face with a chloroform cloth and pushed her in the water. It was freezing cold. Dr. Meadows comes in and tells the two men she needs to talk to Courtney alone. She admits that she does not know exactly what will happen. Outside her room, Jax informs Nikolas that his grandmother is obsessed about going after Courtney and she asked him to help her.

Carly goes outside her room to observe Emily so happily interacting with Michael and Morgan. And she might be listening to what her father has told her about Emily.

Ric gets up again to make another attempt to talk to Reese. He tells her he knows when she came to town, everybody suspected her. But she kept trying and made sacrifices. He tells her he knows it’s not fair. He tells her he knows it’s not enough, but she helped and was a true friend.. And he tells her he’s forever grateful.

Robin stands over Jason as he falls asleep. Again, he starts to have nightmares. He remembers having an argument with Robin.

Emily comes back to Carly’s room to tell her that Morgan forgot his hat. Carly smiles at Emily but tells her she “has no power”.

Dr. Meadows tells Courtney that she and the baby will be fine. But she must avoid stress. Jax tells Courtney that he should have never left her alone on the pier. He tells Courtney that she walked away form Jason because of his dangerous lifestyle. And she lost the baby after swimming through freezing cold water. And he indicates that he might, indirectly blame Courtney for what just happened. She tells him it was not her fault. She was only alone for two seconds. He tells her he knows but she must realize that Helena is obsessed.

Right then, Helena is on a plane. And Nikolas sneaks up on her and covers her mouth with Chloroform. She loses consciousness and he says: “sweet dreams, grandma”.

Alexis has a vision of Molly being baptized with her and Ric and Kristina.

Carly tells Emily she must know that there is the funniest thing about Sonny,. He is the easiest man to fall in love with.

Jason then remembers when he was seeing Robin years ago and she told him she was HIV positive and he kissed her. Right then, Jason awakens and notices Robin by his bed and he grabs her and kisses her. Right then, Sonny and Sam enter to witness that.

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