GH Update Tuesday 11/22/05

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/22/05


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Courtney awakens in her home and is startled to see Helena standing over her bed holding a doll.

Emily announces to her parents that she wants to come back and live with them. They are very happy to have her return. But now, it’s obvious that she’s not only “hiding” from Nikolas. But also from Sonny now that she feels responsible for Reese’s death.

Lorenzo goes to see his son and tells him he demands an explanation for what he’s up to.

Alexis is in her hospital room with Ric. And she tells him that she wants to be happy and build a life together with him. She tells him the doubts she had in the past are gone.

Nikolas comes to discover his grandmother harassing Courtney and he escorts her out the door. But she tells him he must know that he does not love Courtney, any more than he loved Emily. He must know that he is a prince and both of them are beneath him. And “this one” (Courtney) is pregnant with another man’s child. He tells her she better not come back there. She better stay out of Courtney’s home and away from both of them.

Sam goes looking for Robin and tells her that she must realize that the drugs are tearing Jason apart and unless Robin can show her some progress, she’s going to take him off of them. Sam tells Robin that these drugs are not doing Jason any good. He is being tortured. Robin, right then, removes the experimental drug from his IV bag.

Lorenzo asks Diego just how long he thought he could keep it a secret. Did he think he could hide it just because he lives in a dormitory? He happens to know that Diego always got good grades even when he was in foster homes. And now Lorenzo hears from the Dean of Students that Diego is flunking his classes. He inquires just what Diego is doing with that camera he carries around with him. Diego protests to his father that he does not care so much about grades and academia. But Lorenzo tells his son he is very wrong to believe that education is not important.

Emily tells her parents that she still feels responsible for Reese’s death. Monica tells her that doctors go through this all the time. And maybe Emily needs to get counseling if she cannot get past this. Emily tells her mother that she is ok. But Monica tells her daughter if she does not call the counselor, then Monica will.

Courtney asks Nikolas what he foresees happening in their relationship. He tells her he does not plan on backing out. She, again, tells him that she does not want him to feel obligated when she is pregnant by another man. He tells her that there is nothing in this world that is more important to him than her and the baby.

Sam goes to see a nurse demanding that she finds Dr. Jones. The nurse tells Sam that is against hospital policy. But Sam tells her that a man’s life is in danger. Jason is beingt strapped down and tortured. She doesn’t trust Robin to be his doctor and she fears for his life. Tony Jones come and tells Sam he could go to “plan B” after seeing that Robin is failing to help him. He tells Sam he could perform the surgery. But she tells him he must guarantee to her that it will not kill Jason. He admits to Sam that he cannot make any such guarantees.

Robin tells unconscious Jason that she doubts herself. She is not certain that this treatment will work. And what if she is wrong and what if she is just pushing this treatment so that she will be able to think she is the one to save him. Right then, Jason awakens and looks at her.

Georgie tells Dillon that she wants him to join her and her family for Thanksgiving. And her dad actually praised him and called him a hero for all the help he did after the train crash.

Diego tells Brook that he is having problems with his father and does not plan to spend Thanksgiving with him. She asks him what his plans are. He tells her he does not know. He goes out the door without his backpack. She goes to bring it to him but notices an incriminating photo sticking out of it.

Emily tells Lanie that she wants to take a sabbatical because she’s not certain she has what it takes to be a doctor. Lanie tells s Emily that she believes she is hiding and asks her to please tell her before going through with the sabbatical and give it some serious consideration beforehand. Emily leaves and Justus enters to talk to Lanie.

Nikolas tells Courtney that he wishes he could get rid of his grandmother permanently. But it’s impossible to keep her in prison. She asks what, then, he suggests. He tells her that he knows of this nice little island where she can go to have peace for the rest of her pregnancy. He tells her there are nice sandy beaches and it’s always warm. And all the people speak Italian. He tells her he can teach her some Italian. He tells her that there are full-time nurses and nannies and many people to help her with her foundation. And he will come and visit her She listens and smiles and sounds very encouraged. He tells her he only wants her to be happy. And he says let’s do it.

Helena goes to see Jax. He tells her she better leave his wife alone. She tells him that he may be very chivalrous but he must know that Nikolas has “beat him” to the punch in protecting Courtney. She tells him that she knows what he is up to and that the baby is his. She tells him that she wants to help him get back with Courtney and if they work together she can enable him to have what he wants.

Sam comes to see Jason. He tells her he is tired and wants to go back on the medication. Robin tells him that he must already know what that stuff did to him. He tells her that he’s not about to go through with the surgery. Sam protests that he begged her to let her go off that stuff. He tells them that he’s having memories of taking care of Michael when he was a baby and people were trying to find both of them and hunt them down. Robin says that memory flashes are very common. Sam tells them that she refuses to give up. Robin goes outside and gives the nurse a prescription for Jason to continue his medication.

Emily goes to see Elizabeth. Elizabeth is surprised that Emily is working when she called in sick but is happy because they can use the exra help. Right then, Dillon enters and tells Emily that he had a minor accident in the car ad Georgie told him he must get medical attention. Right then, the guy who hit him enters and demands to know what Dillon is doing in the hospital. The guy tells Dillon that he’s getting too much attention for a minor injury and just wants to milk the guy’s insurance. Right the, Dillon passes out and Georgie freaks. She asks Emily to help him but Emily freezes.

Brooke is in her room noticing Diego’s abandoned backpack with the photo., not knowing whether she should open it and investigate or not.

Robin informs Alan and Monica that her experimental treatment for Jason might not work. She’s never seen another patient having such bad reactions to it. And she tells them that Jason has asked her to go back on his medication.

Courtney tells Nikolas that she’d like to go away but does not want to be too far away from where both of their roots are. She has Sonny and Carly and the kids. He has Lucky, his family and friends. And she also knows that Jax has a role in all of this. She admits that she was so tempted to take him up on his offer, fly down to the South Seas, spend time in a little villa by the ocean and make love. He tells her he does not wish to manipulate him. She tells him that his suggestion was a great thing. And they kiss.

Jax asks Helena if she believes that he is so desperate to get Courtney back that he would “team up” with her. She asks him if he really wants to give up his child. He must know that this could be the end of his bloodline. He asks her why that is any concern of hers’. She tells him she knows that he’s capable of taking drastic measures to get somebody to do what he wants. He tells her he may have had some obsessive behaviors in his life. But he draws the line at homicide, whereas she does not . And he tells her it might be a good idea for her to leave town.

Jax meets Courtney and informs her that he had a “conversation” wth Helena. She informs him that Helena is making threats to her and Nikolas and they are dealing with that. Jax asks Courtney just how desperate she must be to choose to stay with Nikolas. Helena made it clear that she will stop at nothing in order to keep Courtney and Nikolas away from each other.

Emily goes to take care of Dillon and informs Tony that Dillon hit his head on the steering wheel. She once again starts to obsess about all of the “diagnoses” of head-traumas that could happen to Dillon. Elizabeth listens to her knowing what is going on with her friend. Tony tells Emily that it is not that serious. He will look at Dillon and make sure he is all right and realizes it’s better to be safe than sorry. Georgie comes with them. Elizabeth asks Emily if she is ok. Emily replies not even close.

Sam tells Jason that she does not know what she would do without him. Right then, Robin comes in and tells them that it was Jason’s choice to go back on the medication. But Sam gets very upset about how Robin is a doctor and must realize that ,his choice or not, it’s not working. Robin tells Jason that her experimental treatment could work. But he must complete it. He tells them both that he wants to go back on the meds. Robin then starts the procedure from his IV bag.

Emily tells Elizabeth that she misdiagnosed Reese. And now she is overcompensating. Dillon had a minor cut on his head and she was ready to order a CTC scan. Elizabeth tells her she mustn’t be so hard on herself. She just needs to relax.

At the docks, Helena overhears Courtney and Jax’s conversation where she tells him she knows he cannot accept her love for Nikolas. He tells her that may be but he’s not about to team up with Helena. He tells her he loves her and wants to try again but realizes that ultimately, it is her decision. He leaves and Courtney is alone. Right then, she gets on her phone. Helena comes up behind Courtney and puts a cloth with chloroform over her mouth. Courtney falls to the ground and Helena pushes her into the river.

Brooke Lynn tells Diego that she knows he is a sick freak and he’s using the camera to photograph naked unconscious girls and violate their privacy.

Right when Sam and Robin are arguing about what to do with Jason, he is having terrible nightmares about his life of crime. Right then, Robin rushes to get help and knows she must call a code blue.

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