GH Update Monday 11/21/05

General Hospital Update Monday 11/21/05


Written By Jenn
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Courtney tells Jax that she loves Nikolas and he must accept that. But he tells her that she is still his wife. They are having a baby together so they must not give up on their marriage. She tells him it is over and they need to get a divorce.

Lulu asks Luke if he is forbidding her to live with Nikolas. He tells her he certainly is. He does not want her to be staying in that crazy house where Nikolas’ psycho grandmother could appear out of nowhere. She asks where, then he wants her to live. He tells her she can stay with him. She tells him he has no idea how much she hates him right now.

In the hospital, Robin warns Sam that Jason might have a really bad experience after the surgery. He might have symptoms where he’s dizzy and disoriented and not knowing what is going on around him. Right then, Sam goes to Jason and notices that he is calling for Robin. Sam is very worried about the electrodes and leather restraints they have on Jason and knows he would not want that.

Carly returns home to Sonny. She has gotten herself all fixed up with fancy clothes and make up. He asks her what is going on. She tells him she has been released. He asks her if they let her out on a visit or some temporary pass. She tells him no. She’s out for good. They know that she is much better off with him and with Michael. Michael seems happy to see her and asks her if she is going back to Roselawn, hoping she is home for good. But Sonny tells Michael that he needs to get ready for bed so he can talk to Carly alone. She takes both of her sons up to bed.

Courtney tells Jax that he did not want a marriage with her. He only wanted to control her. HE tells her that she must want to just give up on a marriage because her parents did not stay together. But he grew up in a different kind of home where his parents didn’t split and abandon their children. She tells him that obviously his parents must have had a different situation than they do. They do not love each other. They have tried and failed too many times to make the marriage work. And she tells him that she and Nikolas are not just a temporary fling. She loves him. She wants to be with him. She realizes that there is a baby to think of. And she knows the baby is his. But she only wants to be with Nikolas.

Nikolas tells Luke that it’s very obvious that he does not care about Lulu. So what difference would it make if she lives with him at Windermere? Lucky also asks why Luke is suddenly becoming so “parental”. He tells them that Lulu is just a kid and cannot decide on her own where she lives.

Robin comes to see Jason. But it looks like he’s drifting into unconsciousness. She tells Sam that this is what the medicine is supposed to do. But Sam is a little worried. Right then, Jason is having a memory of being in combat in the snow. Robin tells Sam that she might as well brace herself because it could get a lot worse. Hearing that, Sam tells Robin that she must have lied to Jason about this treatment. And isn’t that unethical medical practice? She tells Robin that she trusted her and Jason trusted her and now she knows that she cannot trust Robin. Robin tells Sam that there is no guarantee that this medication could work. It’s just experimental.

Carly goes up to tuck Michael in his bed. Sonny is there with her. They ask her to recite a wish upon a star. She tells Michael that she wants him and Morgan to have the wish they wish tonight. Michael then asks Sonny to recite a wish. He makes a wish for them. Carly then kisses both of her sons goodnight and she goes downstairs with Sonny.

Elizabeth finds Lulu in the hospital and tells her she knows she’s angry at her dad. But at least he’s making an effort. And its’ better late than never. Lulu tells Elizabeth that it’s clear to her that her dad just wants to get rid of her and abandon her. Elizabeth tells Lulu that she really understands that. Her parents neglected and abandoned her very similarly. Lulu asks her why people want to have kids but then don’t want to be burdened by having them. She relives the time when her daddy “invited” her to go ice fishing. She did not enjoy it. It was freezing cold and she smelled like fish for a week. But she tagged along with him just so that she could be with her dad. She remembers when she went to school and met other kids, everybody knew her as “Luke Spencer’s daughter”. They all asked her so many questions and were so interested in what it was like to be the child of Luke Spencer. But she could not answer their questions because she did not have a clue. She asks Elizabeth what she did to make her father hate her and not want her. Elizabeth admits that she does now know and she hugs Lulu.

Sonny tells Carly that he knows she is trying to snow him with her “happy” act.

Lulu tells Elizabeth that she hates crying and feels so weak. Elizabeth tells her she does not need to apologize. Elizabeth tells Lulu that she knows Lulu misses her mom and she knows that Luke is traumatized by the loss of Laura. She explains to Lulu that she’s noticed how Luke has seen Laura get ill and die. Lulu tells Elizabeth that Lucky was traumatized by that also. And he’s not behaving like Luke is. Elizabeth tells Lulu that she knows it is not fair to her that because of Luke’s inability to cope with losing his wife, Lulu is getting the short end of the stick. She tells her that she has the “option” of attempting to make her relationship with her dad work. She tells Lulu that it’s entirely her own decision. But if it were herself, she’d give it a try. Right then, Luke appears and tells Lulu if she’s expecting some sugary speech with apologies and regrets, she will be disappointed. He’s there to tell her he wants to take her to the Quartermaines. And they will work out all the other details later.

Sonny tells Carly that he knows that the doctors at Roselawn are not about to let her out of there and she cannot pretend that it’s just as simple as signing papers and expecting a family reunion. He tells her that she cannot come back to him until she is officially released form Roselawn. She tells him that she knows he loves her and she loves him. And there is no reason why they cannot start over again with their family. He tells her she must realize that they cannot. He knows that she had a complete mental breakdown. She ran out in front of Jax’s car and caused Elizabeth to lose her baby. She attacked Emily with a lethal weapon. She then tells him that he need not relive what has happened. She tells him that she knows she’s had a breakdown. She saw him through a breakdown also. And she believes that their love can get them through anything. He tells her that maybe he is largely responsible for what has happened to her. And maybe if he’d ended the marriage sooner, she would not have gotten so sick. But he now knows that it’s over. And they can never be together again. Not as husband and wife.

Courtney tells jax that she wants to move on. Nikolas and Emily realize their marriage is over yet they can stay friends. And she wants the same thing for them. He asks her if she has any love left for him at all. She replies not the kind of love he wants her to have. And not the kind of love that she has for Nikolas. He asks her if she knows what she is doing. She must realize that between now and the time the baby is born, she’s going to be out seeing parents and their children and knowing that those kids have two parents and she is choosing not to give that to her child. She tells him she sees enough couples together who should not be together. And she knows that that is not good for children any more than divorce.

Lulu tells her father that she remembers so many times when he asked her to come and live with her. But she knew that it was empty. She spent so much time with her grandma when other kids were with their dads. She dreamt every night that he’d come for her. But she knew that being with her did not matter to him. Not even enough to pick up the phone. She tells him for so long she could not face the truth. But she can now. He was not there because he did not want to be. And the only reason he’s attempting to “change” it now is because of his ego. She tells him she does not care any more if she matters to him or not. And that should make him happy and relieved. She will not live with him. She’s going to live with Nikolas and wishes him a nice life. She walks away. Luke then tells Elizabeth that that “went well”.

Sam tells unconscious Jason that when they were first together, she had no self-esteem. But he helped her become whole. He believed in her. He loved her. And she loves him so much it hurts. Right then the machines are beeping. Robin explains that Jason has had a more violent reaction to this treatment than most people have. But it means the medicine is doing what it is supposed to do. Sam is very upset and depends that Robin gives her some answers. She asks Robin if she can guarantee that they will not lose Jason. Robin admits that she cannot.

Luke admits to Elizabeth that if Laura was there, right now, she’d blast him for what he just did. And he tells her that he thought that he might be doing his daughter a favor to be giving her her own space. Elizabeth tells Luke it does not work that way. She knows that Lulu believes he does not love her because of something she did. But the tells her that is not true. He is in awe of Lulu. She is a young woman now. She is beautiful and energetic and smart. He loves her. But not only that. He’s proud of her.

Right then, Lulu happily meets with Nikolas, telling him that she’s really happy to live with him and everything will be so great at Windermere. But he tells her that she cannot live with him. She asks him if he does not want her either. He tells her that is not the case. But she needs to work things out with her dad. Right then, Luke walks into the room and tells Lulu that she must realize that her father loves her.

Courtney is in Nikolas’ home looking for him. But right then, Helena enters and asks Courtney what she is doing in her home. She tells Courtney she knows she is pregnant with another man’s child and knows that her grandson will have no more use for her.

Jason awakens with Sam by his side and tells her he is thirsty. He asks her to take those electrodes and restraints off of him. She tells him they are for his own good. But he tells her he cannot do this anymore and he asks her to please let him go.

Sonny tells Carly that the Roselawn staff will not even let him visit her. She protests that the staff there does not know her. He asks her why she escaped. She tells him it’s because she knows he went on the train with Reese. She tells him this is all about Reese. He wants to have a thing with Reese. Hearing that, Sonny demands she shuts up and informs her that Reese is dead. And he still believes that Calry needs to go back to Roselawn. She needs to make it on her own. He knows that throughout her life, she was unstoppable. He tells her he knows what has happened to her. She has wanted to die. He’s not going to go through that pain anymore. He loves her too much. He now knows he has to love her enough to let her go. But right then, Michael comes down the stairs revealing that he’s heard everything and is not happy to hear that daddy wants mommy to go away.

Jax tells Dr. Meadows that he and Courtney are not getting back together. She tells him she’s sorry to hear that. He tells her that he already lost his child with Elizabeth. And he wants to stay informed about everything going on with this child because he does not want to lose this one.

Helena tells Courtney that she must save them all a lot of trouble and bow out gracefully now. She tells her she must get out of her grandson’s life or she will do it for her.

Luke tells Lulu that he knows he must prove to her that he loves her. He tells her he realizes he cannot change what has already happened. All he can do is change the future. But he cannot do it without her help. He tells her they must start somewhere. He asks her to get her stuff (once again) and come with him. She tells him she will “Think about it” and she walks away.

Sam tells Jason that she intends to be with him every step of the way. He tells her that this is like being in a nightmare that he cannot get out of . He asks her to do whatever she needs to do in order to keep him awake. She agrees but then notices he is drifting off. She then has a memory of being with Jason when she lost her baby and having him consoling her when she was devastated.

Carly explains to Michael that his daddy was just trying to help her. He thought that she was sick and needed help. But actually she does not and everything is ok. Michael tells her he does not want her to go. She tells him she will only be gone for a temporary time. She hugs her son and tells Sonny she will be home for Christmas.

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