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COURTNEY'S LOFT: Nikolas and Courtney are kissing when suddenly Jax walks in. They all look at one another, and no one says anything for a moment.

THE RESCUE OPERATION: Robin and Sam arrive at the site of the rescue operation, but Jesse and Maxie tell them they are too late, the tunnel is sealed. But suddenly, Jason comes walking over to Sam, who is relieved to see him. As they hug, Jason and Robin lock eyes momentarily. Jason hugs Robin as well, and Robin asks if he is ready to let her treat him now.

GREYSTONE: Sonny is joined by Emily. He tells her he's trying to figure out how to tell Carly that Jason is probably dead.

ROSE LAWN: Carly is on the cell phone she stole from John Durant, making an appointment for something. She is about to sneak out her room's window when Lainey catches her and asks where she's going?

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Jax explains that he left his cell phone, and that's why he came back. He gets it and then quickly leaves. Nikolas is surprised that Courtney didn't try to apologize to Jax for her and Nikolas' kiss. Courtney says she doesn't care what Jax thinks, which Nikolas takes as a sign she wants to take a chance on them again.

JAX'S CAR: Jax returns to his car and the driver asks him if he'd like to return home. Jax replies that he would rather they pull around the corner so he can keep an eye on the entrance -- he wants to see how long it takes Nikolas to leave.

LUCKY'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Lulu explains to Lucky and Elizabeth that her grandmother no longer wants to deal with her -- and Luke doesn't want her either. Elizabeth appears skeptical. Lulu starts to cry and Lucky hugs her.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Luke reads Lulu's "Dear Dad, go to hell" note and thinks Lulu is better off not living at the mansion, because she wouldn't have any fun. Skye explains to Luke that Lulu overheard him talking to Lesley earlier and that's what made her run off.

GREYSTONE: Sonny and Emily talk about Jason, and how Sonny is worried because in the past he's always had Jason to depend on, to trust in. Emily understands, and tries to reassure Sonny that he's not to blame for Jason's death. Sonny worries aloud about how he'll tell Carly that Jason's dead -- suddenly Lorenzo comes into the room and says that maybe Sonny won't have to.

ROSE LAWN: Carly lies and tells Lainey she wanted to go for a walk in the garden. Lainey asks why she would want to exit through the window and Carly replies that she doesn't like taking the hallways because being around the other patients scares her. Lainey questions Carly about the fact that the gardener's truck was stolen that night, and Carly finally confesses that she did run away to try to save Jason. Lainey admires Carly's courage but reminds her she needs to get her own life back. Lainey urges her to get some sleep, then leaves. Carly gets the phone out and calls whoever is on the other end, saying there's been a change of plans.

THE RESCUE OPERATION: Jason wants to go tell Sonny he's alive, but Robin is worried that they should not lose any time starting the treatment. But Jason doesn't listen...he leaves anyway. Robin turns to Sam and asks for her help in this matter.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney explains to Nikolas that she wanted to make it work with Jax for the baby's sake, but she has since realized that that would be a mistake because Nikolas is the man she loves. They kiss.

LUCKY'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Lulu and Lucky discuss Luke -- Lucky tries to convince Lulu that their father loves her, but Lulu doesn't believe it. She asks Lucky and Elizabeth if she can just please stay with them. Lucky is about to agree when Elizabeth interrupts and suggests Lulu go get something to eat in the commissary while she and Lucky try to figure this out. Lulu thanks Elizabeth and leaves. Lucky asks why she did that and Elizabeth replies that while she loves and feels bad for Lulu, she thinks they are being played.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: The phone rings, Alice answers and hands the phone to Luke -- it's Elizabeth. She explains the situation with Lulu and Luke tells Elizabeth to send her back to Lesley's, that Lucky and Elizabeth shouldn't have to deal with Lulu because they have too much on their plates already. He hangs up. Skye, upset with Luke, urges him to take responsibility for his daughter.

GREYSTONE: Lorenzo tells Sonny that he thinks there's a chance that Jason survived, and he intends to use every resource to find him. Sonny accuses Lorenzo of wanting to be a hero in Carly's eyes. Just then, Jason and Sam enter. Emily is thrilled to see Jason alive. Lorenzo quips, "Lazarus rises yet again," then makes an exit. Sonny greets Jason, who tells him that they've got trouble.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Nikolas worries that Jax won't accept his and Courtney's reunion, but Courtney really doesn't seem to care. She asks Nikolas to leave so she can call Jax and tell him that plans have changed. Nikolas is reluctant to leave, but eventually gives in. They kiss and he leaves.

JAX'S CAR: Jax is still out in his car, which is parked near Courtney's building. The driver notes that it looks like Nikolas is leaving. Suddenly Jax gets a call on his phone -- it's Courtney, and she needs to see him. He tells her he'll be right there.

LUCKY'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Lucky and Elizabeth discuss what Luke told them to do with Lulu -- Lucky doesn't want to send Lulu back to Lesley's, but Elizabeth doesn't think it'd be good for Lulu to live with them either. Lulu returns to the room and asks them when she can move in?

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Skye tells Luke that Lulu is doing all of this because she is crying out for attention. Luke insists that he can't be father of the year, that it's too late to start raising Lulu now. They are suddenly joined by Dillon, who can't believe what Luke is saing. Dillon notes that he has never even met his real father, Paul Hornsby, and wishes otherwise. He hates that his father doesn't care about him. That's why it hurts to see Luke, a man Dillon has always respected, doing this to his own daughter. Dillon says Luke is acting like the king of fools.

GREYSTONE: Jason and Sonny discuss Manny and whether or not he survived. Jason is also worried about Carly, explaining to Sonny that she has figured out how to sneak in and out of Rose Lawn. Suddenly Jason gets another headache. Sonny is surprised that Jason ignored Robin's orders to go get treatment first. He wants Jason to take care of himself. Emily chimes in, urging Jason to let Robin help him.

ROSE LAWN: Three women enter Carly's room at Rose Lawn...she's happy to see them. She closes the door behind them securely, and then tells them that because they are the best in the business they need to make her look fabulous, because she only gets one chance at this.

JASON'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Jason and Sam arrive at the hospital room that Robin has set up for Jason. She's happy that they decided to come. There's a release form he needs to sign, because the treatment is experimental. Jason notices restraints on the bed and comments that he doesn't want those, but Robin says that they are required for his protection. She leaves the room and Sam tries to reassure Jason, saying once this is over they can concentrate on the future. Jason has something to ask her first...he takes a small black jewlery box from his pocket and asks Sam if she will marry him.

ROSE LAWN: Carly is having her hair, makeup and clothes done by the three women. She looks in a small mirror and exclaims that she is finally beginning to look like herself again.

GREYSTONE: Sonny is sitting on the couch with Michael and Morgan. He tells them that Jason is still alive but needs their prayers. Michael mentions that Lorenzo brought them to see Carly earlier. Sonny is furious. He sends Michael and Morgan back upstairs, and once they are gone he calls Lainey and demands to know why he wasn't informed that Lorenzo went to see Carly. Lainey replies that Lorenzo is still Carly's husband and mentions to Sonny that Carly's been sneaking out lately as well. She is sure the situation is under control, but Sonny isn't so certain.

ROSE LAWN: Carly is all dressed up, her hair and makeup are done and she is ready to go. She tells the three women that it's "showtime."

THE HOSPITAL: Sam tells Jason that she has already agreed to marry him, but Jason replies that he wants to hear it again, in case something bad happens. He tells her he wants to spend his life with her, and that he'll love her as long as he lives. Sam tells him she's been searching all her life for something that was just out of reach...then she found him. She agrees to marry him. He shows her the ring, which she loves. They kiss. They are joined by Robin, who tells them that she needs Jason to put the restraints on now. Jason is wary of them, but she says they are necessary to control him when he's drugged. Jason wants Sam to do it, then. Sam puts on the restraints and promises him she loves him and will stay with him. They kiss as Robin watches.

ROSE LAWN: Sonny has arrived to see Carly. Lainey is worried about causing Carly to have a setback, but Sonny doesn't care. He goes into Carly's room and one of the women tells him that Carly said, "It's showtime," then left.

LUCKY'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Lucky tries to explain to Lulu that moving in with them won't work. She begs them, saying she'll do laundry and babysit Cameron. Elizabeth wants them to all sit down and have a family meeting. Lulu says that going back to Lesley's would be horrible, that Lesley won't even let her breathe. Suddenly Nikolas comes in -- Lulu pounces on him, asking if she can stay with him at Wyndemere. Nikolas says that that's fine...just then, Luke enters and says, "When hell freezes over."

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Jax has arrived -- he wants to apologize for being so abrupt earlier when he saw her kissing Nikolas. Courtney tells him that she has decided to reconcile with Nikolas because they love each other. Jax can't believe it...he tells Courtney that he still loves her, but she simply says that their marriage is over.

JASON'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Jason has fallen asleep. Robin explains to Sam that Jason will be in and out of consciousness for the next few days -- he'll be weak, but there will be lots of memories and desires flooding his dreams. As she is speaking, Jason has a memory from his past -- of being with Robin on their bridge. As he dreams, he murmers, "Robin," in his sleep. Sam and Robin look surprised.

GREYSTONE: Sonny comes home to find Michael and Morgan with Carly. Carly asks him if he's going to come over and kiss her hello?

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