GH Update Thursday 11/17/05

General Hospital Update Thursday 11/17/05


Written By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

THE HOSPITAL: Lorenzo is in the hospital lobby, talking to someone on his cell phone about how Carly has gone missing again from Rose Lawn. He wants one of his men to stand guard at Sonny's house in case she shows up there. Just then, Lainey shows up. Lorenzo hangs up the phone and tells her that he needs her help with Carly. They are quickly joined by John Durant, who informs them both that he intends to see Carly immediately.

THE RESCUE OPERATION: Sam wants to go into the tunnel to find Jason, but the policemen there (including Jesse) won't let her. They tell her that the search has been called off. Sam is hysterical.

THE TUNNEL: Jason and Carly are in the tunnel together, trying to find a way out. Carly tries to climb up the side of one of the walls and calls a small rock slide. Jason warns her not to try that again. They realize there are stuck in the tunnel together.

LUCKY'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Nikolas finds Lucky and Elizabeth kissing in Lucky's room. He offers to leave so they can have privacy, but Elizabeth says she has to go back to her shift. As she is about to leave, she accidentally drops the medical bills...Nikolas sees them, and asks them why they didn't tell him about this?

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: The Quartermaines and Luke are discussing Jason's possible death in the tunnel explosion. Tracy hopes that Jason isn't alive, because that means that if he hasn't made a will, all of his money will revert back to their family.

THE HOSPITAL: John reminds Lainey and Lorenzo that he has a legal right to see Carly. Lainey and Lorenzo don't think that's a good idea, considering Carly is still early in the treatment stage. John accuses Lorenzo of bribing Lainey to tell him to stay away from Carly, and demands to know why Lorenzo is so intent on keeping him from seeing Carly.

ROBIN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Mac stops by to see Robin. She is anxious to get out so she can start treating Jason. Mac reluctantly informs her that the search in the tunnel has been called off because Jason probably did not survive the tunnel explosion.

THE RESCUE OPERATION: Sam is hysterical, crying that they need to go back into the tunnel to find Jason. Georgie, Dillon and Maxie watch in horror as she argues with Jesse, then hits him when he tells her that Jason's dead. Detective Rodriguez places Sam under arrest and leads her off to the police station.

THE TUNNEL: Jason and Carly continue looking for a way out of the tunnel. Jason is surprised when Carly tells him that she left the tunnel briefly enough for Lorenzo to return her to Rose Lawn, but that she came back because she was worried for Jason's life. She reminds him that he is her best friend and she loves him so much.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Alan and Tracy argue over Tracy's hope that Jason is dead. Luke breaks up the fight. Just then, Dillon shows up -- with Georgie at his side -- to inform the family that the search for Jason is officially being called off. Alan and Monica are devastated.

LUCKY'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Nikolas wants to pick up Lucky's medical expenses, but Lucky and Elizabeth won't hear of it. In fact, they want to give him back the tickets he bought them for their European honeymoon as well. Nikolas is very upset. Elizabeth offers a compromise -- they will give Nikolas back the tickets, but they will allow him to pay for the medical bills. At first Lucky and Nikolas are reluctant to agree, but when Elizabeth asks them to consider it a wedding present to her, they change their minds.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney is in the middle of a prenatal yoga work out when Jax stops by with a large gift. She notes that she hopes that present isn't for her and he informs her that it's actually for their baby.

THE HOSPITAL: Nikolas and Robin see one another at the hospital and hug. Nikolas thanks her for what she did to save Alexis and the baby. He wonders what it was that sent Robin back to Port Charles in the first place -- fate? Robin explains that she returned to help Jason -- only now, she might not be able to if he's really dead from the explosion in the tunnel. She notes that even though it's been years since she and Jason were together, she has never really gotten over him.

THE TUNNEL: Carly asks Jason why he came back into the tunnel to look for her, since last time they saw one another he didn't seem to remember her. He explains that he's been having seizures and since then, has not been able to remember much from his past. He adds that he has been having flashes of certain people and certain times -- and one of those flashes was of his friendship with Carly. Carly is not too happy to hear that Robin is back in the picture, but admits that if Robin can save Jason with her treatment, she will since her praises forever. Jason says he doubts he'll be cured after one shot, because he doesn't remember evertything, but he does remember Carly.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Skye and Luke are in one of the rooms of the mansion talking about Alan and Monica's reaction to Jason's death. Luke thinks that they are jumping the gun with their belief Jason's dead -- he feels it's possible Jason's still alive. Just then the doorbell rings and Luke and Skye are soon interrupted by the appearance of Lulu, who asks them which room is hers?

THE HOSPITAL: Robin admits to Nikolas that she can't get out of the "what if" trap -- if she had never told AJ about Michael, would she and Jason still be together? She knows that telling AJ was doing the right thing for the wrong reasons (getting back at Carly). Nikolas says he knows all about how perfect love like Jason and Robin's can be damaged beyond repair because of what happened to his and Emily's marriage. He explains the Courtney situation to Robin, saying that now that Court is pregnant with Jax's child, he doesn't know what to do.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney opens up the present from Jax -- it's a stuffed kangaroo. Jax picked it out because he thinks that the baby's first gift from dad should be something special and unique. Courtney wonders if this isn't a bit premature, considering she's not through the first trimester yet. Jax tells Courtney that he honesty wants her back in his life -- he knows he can't force her into marriage, but he can give her every possible incentive for her to come back on her own. He wants their child to have a happy home. Courtney replies that she wants to take it slowly, and Jax agrees, saying he'll even prove it by leaving early, before she has a chance to kick him out. He bids her good night, then exits.

THE POLICE STATION: Mac is surprised to see Sam in the interrogation room. He asks Detective Rodriguez what happened and Rodriguez replies that they used the assault-on-a-police-officer charge that she got for hitting Jesse as an excuse to get her away from the tunnel.

At that moment, Tracy shows up in the interrogation room to speak to Sam. She is willing to make Sam a deal -- she'll get Sam out of police custody if Sam signs a contract she's drawn up. The contract states that, if Jason has made a will, any money he might have left to Sam will be turned over to the Quartermaine family. Sam reacts to this by punching Tracy.

THE TUNNEL: Carly asks Jason what he does remember about her and he replies that he remembers that she lies a lot and makes things more complicated than they need to be. She brings up other memories she has, like their first Christmas, and their second Christmas when she was pregnant with Michael. Jason does remember her with Michael, and that she was a good mom to him. Carly worries to Jason that the doctors at Rose Lawn think she went crazy because of her love for Sonny. Jason admits that while Sonny and Carly do love each other, he remembers when Carly used to have her own life, her own goals apart from Sonny's. Carly asks him if he's saying she should let Sonny go?

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Apparently, Lesley has brought Lulu to live with Luke. Luke is shocked. Skye takes Lulu to look at her new room, leaving Luke alone with Lesley. Luke demands that Lesley take Lulu home right this minute. But Lesley disagrees, saying that Luke needs to learn how to deal with his daughter...who has become an openly defiant, trouble-making teenager. Luke says that he didn't sign up for parenthood, and Lulu is better off far away from him.

Neither of them realize it, but Lulu is eavesdropping from the doorway. She looks hurt by what her dad is saying. Skye catches her and Lulu turns on Skye, saying, "Don't tell me what to do, and don't bother sucking up to me to earn extra points with my dad. He's in love with my mother, he always has been, and he always will be. You're just another ho that he takes to bed!" Georgie and Dillon come into the hallway...they're surprised to see Lulu. Skye, taken aback by Lulu's outburst, tells Dillon that he might like to show Lulu her room.

THE POLICE STATION: Tracy wants to press charges against Sam for hitting her. Sam accuses her of being a monster who is glad that Jason's dead. Tracy admits that she thinks Jason being gone is good riddance, because he's been an embarrassment to the Quartermaine family for years.

Robin shows up at the station -- apparently Mac called her down. He explains what happened with Sam, saying that they can't let Sam free or she'll go to the tunnel to find Jason. Robin says that if they release Sam into her custody, she'll vouch for her. Mac is happy about that -- he has Sam uncuffed and released, threatens Tracy to stay quiet or he'll charge her with fraud and coercion, then leaves the main part of the station. Tracy storms out as well. Sam tells Robin that she intends to go back to the tunnel and Robin says, "I know, I'm going with you."

THE RESCUE OPERATION: John Durant is there, ordering everyone to seal off the tunnels so no one else can get inside. Jesse accuses him of trying to make sure that Jason Morgan dies.

THE TUNNEL: Jason tells Carly it doesn't matter what he thinks, she'll do what she wants when it comes to Sonny, or anything else for that matter. They turn their attention to climbing out of the tunnel...after a bit of effort, they are successfully out and about. Jason wants to go find Sam, but Carly tells him that his girlfriend can wait...because he has to get her back to Rose Lawn before they figure out she's gone.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Skye warns Luke that Lulu is his responsibility. Luke doesn't care, insisting he'll just send Lulu to Bobbie's. Skye asks him, "You don't think I can't see what's going on here? You can't bear to be around Lulu for longer than an hour because she reminds you of Laura, of your broken heart and your shattered dreams. But when does the kid get to be considered, huh? She didn't ask to be here. You and Laura brought that kid into the world, probably with much love and fanfare. And then suddenly, everything she's ever known about her life is yanked out from under her. Her mother disappears, followed closely by her father. Her brothers have their own lives, and they couldn't fill the void even if they tried. So, Luke, I ask you not to be the reason that Lulu goes through all that misery. You owe her better, and you owe Laura more."

ROSE LAWN: Jason has brought Carly back to Rose Lawn. He worries that she is once again making everything too complicated -- why won't she let the doctors at Rose Lawn help her? Carly makes him a deal -- she'll listen to her doctors if Jason listens to Robin and takes the drug treatment. She adds about Robin, "It's going to be really obnoxious watching her walk around dispensing miracles like some saint, but it's going to be worth it if you get better and you never forget me again, okay?" Jason notes that him getting better is all about her. She agrees that she does need him. They make a deal, she tells him she loves him, then climbs in the window.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney is surprised by Nikolas, who has dropped by to see her. He says he has a few things he needs to say. He knows she wants to do what's best for her child, but he honestly doesn't think that what's "best" is for Courtney to go back to Jax. He adds that he loves Courtney and wants there to be some way for them to be won't she let him try?

ROSE LAWN: Carly changes clothes and wipes some mud off of her cheek. Suddenly Lorenzo comes into the room. He is relieved that Carly is there, but immediately asks where it was she ran off to?

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Tracy has returned, and Luke asks Alice, the maid, to go find Lulu so she can get to know her new step-mother. Alice agrees and leaves. Tracy accuses Luke of trying to use Lulu to get Tracy to divorce him and then pay him alimony. Luke insists that Lulu is going to stay with him as long as she can stand it, and if it makes Tracy miserable, that's just a bonus. Tracy asks him when he decided to be a parent and Luke replies that he is taking the advice of a friend. Alice returns and says that Lulu is gone, though she did leave a note. Luke reads the notes, which says, "Dear dad, go to hell."

LUCKY'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Elizabeth and Lucky are in the middle of kissing again when Lulu shows up. She tells them that she needs to move inw ith them.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Nikolas explains to Courtney that he doesn't see what they had as just an affair -- he fell in love with her, and can't give it up easily. Courtney admits she's only trying to do what's best for her child...but that she loves Nikolas too, and doesn't want to give up on him.

ROSE LAWN: Lorenzo is trying to get Carly to admit that she went back to the tunnel, when suddenly John shows up. Carly happily hugs him and gushes over how much she missed him. (As she hugs him, she steals his cell phone.) She adds that she's sort of tired, and wonders if he and Lorenzo can come back another time. John immediately agrees, and he and (a very reluctant) Lorenzo leave. Carly waits until they are gone, then dials a number on the cell phone and says, "Hi there. This is carly corinthos. Yes, I would like to schedule an appointment."

THE RESCUE OPERATION: Robin and Sam arrive just in time to see all the rescue workers loading up the equipment and leaving the site. Maxie is there, and she tells them that the entrances to the tunnel have been sealed. Jesse tells Sam that they called for Jason over and over, but there was no sign of life. Robin sadly says, "I can't believe I lost Jason twice now because of Carly." Sam is crying. Suddenly, Jason arrives! Sam sees him, and immediately they hug. Jason looks over Sam's shoulder, makes eye-contact with Robin, but says nothing.

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