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General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/16/05


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Carly is again reliving memories of being with Sonny. She remembers his making a romantic dinner for her. And she reminded him that he still did not tell her the occasion for this. She talks about how close they were. Right then, there is a knock on her door. It’s Lanie. She asks Carly how she is doing. Carly tells Lanie she needs to see Sonny.

Sonny comes to see Sam in her hospital room. She tells him she needs to see Jason.

Outside the wreckage, Mac tells Emily that she has been working non-stop and needs to take a rest. Robin tells her uncle that they must find Jason.

Nikolas comes to bring Courtney flowers in her hospital room. Jax is right behind him, not happy that he has to wait. Nikolas sounds like he wants to have a future with her even though the baby is not his. She tells him that she feels like she has to do what is “right”. He tells her he knows she’s going to let him down easy and tell him that it’s over.

Lanie asks Carly if she’s ever worried about jumping right back into her “old life” too quickly and that it might cause her to have the same problems all over again. Carly tells Lanie that she has never been happier than she was with Sonny. Lanie tells her that often when we are traumatized by a certain situation, we “romanticize” about it being so great and don’t remember how bad it was. She asks Carly if she is unable to see how destructive her relationship with Sonny was.

Sam asks Sonny where Manny is. She tells him she hopes he’s died in the hospital. But Sonny admits that Manny is gone. Hearing that, she is too upset to be stuck in her hospital room doing nothing and she gets up to go and save Jason.

Robin tells Emily that she needs to go to the hospital and realize she cannot help Jason now. Mac tells Robin that she too needs to get some rest. Robin tells her uncle that they told her she’s fine and she is going to stay and help. Luke appears and Mac asks him why he is there. He hasn’t been “friendly” with Jason in a long time.

Nikolas tells Courtney that he loves her and wants to be with her. She tells him, crying, that her life is not her own any more. This baby is the most important thing in her life. And Jax is the father. He reminds her that Jax lied to her all during their marriage. He threatened to do terrible things to her and to Elizabeth and to Lucky. He lied and threatened too many people. She cries and tells him that it breaks her heart. But now she has this child to think of. And she admits that she blames herself for the failure of her marriage to Jax. He tells her that she must never blame herself and tells her she has no idea what he would have done to be the father of her child. Jax is out in the hallway, overhearing their conversation. Dr. Meadows seems to know what is going on. She goes past Jax and greets Courtney and Nikolas. She tells them she has some good news. The sonogram test results reveal that Courtney and the baby are gong to be fine. Nikolas gets up to leave happily and Jax enters. Dr. Meadows tells Courtney that with her history in regard to pregnancies, she needs to take it easy and rest and not do anything too strenuous. But she can go home soon. Courtney tells Jax that she promises not to jeopardize this pregnancy. He tells her in that case, why doesn’t she do what Dr. Meadows recommended? Get some rest and come home with him.

Alan goes to see Emily in her hospital room. He tells her, in a joking way, that she will not escape. She will have to get past Monica first. He tells her that he thought she might want to know the cause of Reese Marshall’s death. He tells her that Reese cracked a rib and it punctured her lung and there was nothing that Emily could have done. But Emily tells her father that she believes that Reese did not have to do.

Carly tells Lanie that she had other men in her life besides Sonny. She remembers her best friend’s father. She also fell in love with her mother’s husband. Then she got pregnancy by AJ. But that was a big mistake. Lanie asks her what about her current husband. Carly says that she knows Lorenzo loves her but she is a real disappointment to him. She tells her that Sonny likes to control everybody and everything. At first, she was flattered by that. But it got to be a problem. She rationalizes that Sonny’s control issues might be due to his being abused as a child. But Lanie tells her that that does not make it ok. And she tells Carly that she needs to think about what she, alone wants. Carly tells Lanie that there is one man who was right for her. It’s Jason. He never tried to control her. And no matter what she did to make him mad, he never abandoned her. She asks Lanie when she will know that she’s well enough to leave. Lanie replies when she is able to walk out of there her own person, no matter whom she decides to share her life with. Right on the table, there is a newspaper article and picture of Jason where they print that he is assumed dead.

Right then, Sonny and Sam go to the wreckage and tell Mac that he cannot take a rest. He must find Jason or else they will go and find him themselves. He tells them if they interfere, he can have them arrested. Right then, Luke tells him that he has to hustle. But Mac still wonders why Luke is so concerned.

Alan tells Emly that she is a lot better. Her color is good and she is going to be ok. He tells Elizabeth that she did a great job taking care of his daughter. Emily tells her dad that she is not ok with the fact that she blew it and a woman died. Elizabeth tells her she mustn’t beat herself up. Alan then tells his daughter that one thing they never teach you in medical school is what you do when somebody dies. He tells her that saving lives is the greatest thing that a doctor can do. And losing lives is something that always happens. He tells her that she is not trained in triage or in emergency medical services and could not have done anything. She tells him that she is not ok with making excuses. He then tells her that if she cannot accept what happened, then it will take a higher power than himself to make it ok for her.

Courtney tells Jax that he does not respect boundaries and she does not believe that they can have a future together. But he tells her that he wants to share their child’s life together. He remembers that they once thought that if they could have a family together, then their lives could be perfect. He realizes that there have been problems and they may never be able to get back what they once had. But he believes that they can both be there for their child and care about each other. And he tells her he promises to go at any pace she wants.

Lanie tells Lorenzo that she believes that Carly is making progress in seeing how sick her relationship was with Sonny. And she concludes that she knows that that was exactly what he wanted to hear, indicating that Lorenzo might want to continue what Sonny started with Carly. Carly is in her room overhearing their conversation and shuts her diary book. She then notices the picture of Jason and freaks.

Luke tells Mac, Sonny, Robin and Sam that he knew how to save Lucky. And he knows how to save Jason. Mac tells Luke that he is barely sober. But Luke tells Mac that they cannot just sit and refuse to help Jason. Sam asks Luke if he really wants to save Jason.

Sam tells Sonny that she knows that the injection should help Jason. Robin tells them that in the best scenario it will be ok. But it won’t last forever. Durant then comes and tells them all that he needs some answers. He wants to know how this whole thing started

Alan tells Emily that he needs to leave. Nikolas and Elizabeth are there. Nikolas asks Elizabeth what the word is on Lucky. She tells him that he’s much better and she leaves Nikolas and Emly alone to talk. He tells her that she cannot give up on Jason. And he tells her that she cannot blame herself for what happened to Reese. She’s a med student and not a surgeon. She tells him that this was not just a simple mistake where you can say: “oops” and move on. This was a human life. And she’s responsible for it ending. He tells her that she did what she thought was right at the time. She admits that maybe she hesitated because she was afraid that if she did something, she’d make it worse. He tells her that she is one of the most intuitive people in the world. But the one thing she cannot accept is that she is human. He tells her that everybody makes mistakes. And he ought to know.

Elizabeth goes to see Lucky. He looks to be getting a lot better. He tells her they must continue their honeymoon. She tells they can do that as long as they are not on another train. Right then a “bill collector” comes in and tells Lucky that he has a balance due for his medical bills. Although he’s written a check, it bounced. Elizabeth asks if she wants him out on the street. The bill collector sounds “nice” saying of course she would not want that. But perhaps Lucky should be in some sort of “program” for people who have trouble paying their medical bills.

Luke goes into the cave. Justus is with him and notices that Luke has a bag full of explosives. Luke tells Justus that he is knowledgeable about things like this. Luke reminds Justus that the two of them might have something in common. They have both been touched by angels. Luke reminds Justus that that “pretty little shrink” Justus is seeing might like to know about his history. He also remembers Justus falling for a certain blond who was a psychopathic killer.

Lorenzo tells Lanie that he is still responsible for his wife’s best interests. She asks if he feels that way even if she chooses not to end up with him.

Luke gets his computerized device and attempts to find the explosives.

Sonny tells Durant that he knows Durant wanted him to die. And he asks him why he does not go after Manny instead. He might be trying to kill somebody Durant supposedly cares for, like his grandchildren or his daughter.

Mac discovers that Luke has gone off and assumes that he will get himself killed. Robin asks Luke what they are supposed to do if his “plan” did not work. Luke tells her that he believes that Jason has survival skills that are second to none.

After finding out about their financial hardships, Elizabeth suggests that she and Lucky could give up their apartment and live with her grandmother. He tells her that he will not let Nikolas give them money. She tells him that she knows that they can manage. Right then, Nikolas enters and she tells them she must leave and tend to her patients. Nikolas tells Lucky that he knows this was not how tier honeymoon was supposed to go. Lucky says that they had an amazing wedding. He is alive. And Nikolas saved the day and helped Courtney and her baby. He admits that he is not happy with Jax interfering. Nikolas tells Lucky that he’s afraid that he is losing Courtney.

Lorenzo goes to find Carly and brings her flowers. But he notices she is gone. And he picks up the paper, sees the article about Jason presumed dead and seems to know where she’s gone.

Sonny goes looking for Jason and asks him where he is.

Jax asks Courtney if she’s sure he cannot talk her into staying at his place at least for a few days. She says she is sure. And Jax leaves.

Nikolas tells Lucky that he is really bummed out that Jax is the father of Courtney’s baby. He sometimes wishes he’d never met Courtney because that way he would know how not to love her.

Emily goes into the morgue where Reese is and she cries. She tells Reese how sorry she is

Sonny is in the cave talking to Jason who is not present. He tells him that it is not right that anything would happen to him. He tells Jason he is the best friend he’s ever had. Carly is not far away in the cave, looking for Jason and feeling the very same thing. Sonny then returns to Sam and Jason who are devastated that Jason has still not been found. Sam cries and says she does not believe him. He tells her he does not know what to say or do. She tells him she has to go down there and cannot leave Jason. Sonny hugs Sam and they are both devastated.

Carly is in the cave telling unseen Jason that she has to believe in him the same way he’s believed in her. She has to because nobody else has done for her and for Mcicheal what he has done. Right then, Jason appears. She goes to hug him. But then they both fall through the rubble. Outside the cave, Sonny and Sam are very upset afraid that they may never see Jason again. He tells her that they will hire whoever they need and do whatever it takes to find Jason. Right then, Lorenzo appears and Sonny asks what he is doing there.

In the cave, Carly and Jason notice that they are ok. He asks her why she didn’t just stay where she was supposed to be. She hugs him and tells him he can yell at her all he wants but all she cares about is that she’s found him and he’s alive. He tells her that what he needs to do right now is find a way out of there. She tells him that she is not worried because together, they can do anything.

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