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Michael and Morgan are visiting Carly at Roselawn. She is very happy to see them. And it looks like Lorenzo has arranged the visit. But right then, Dr. Kim tells Carly that her visiting hours are over. And she realizes that she no longer has her freedom.

Reese is ready to die. She asks Sonny to tell Carly that she hopes Carly can forgive her. And also to tell Carly she is the luckiest woman in the world. Sonny tells Reese she mustn’t think negative. They are both going to get out of there and be ok. But right then, she is unconscious and Sonny notices that she is not breathing.

Carly brings her sons out into the hallway and tells them she wants them to promise her to come and visit soon again. Michael asks her if she is feeling better. She tells him she feels great and seeing them has given her the strength to feel so much better. Lorenzo takes them out the door. She then tells Dr. Kim that she meant what she said. She plans to go home soon.

Dillon tells Georgie that he wants to stay there and help the rescue workers. Right then Robin walks out telling everybody that she is ok and they must take care of the others. Mac tells her she needs to get herself to the hospital. Right then, Manny is lying on his stretcher able to notice that a little explosive device that he stole from the rescue workers has fallen on the ground. He’s ready to reach down and pick it up.

Jason tells Sam that he knows that Manny has gotten his hands on explosives that could kill everybody.

Sonny leans over unconscious Reese. He does not know if she’s going to be ok.

Courtney is in her hospital room holding Molly. She really loves that baby. Jax is with her and also enjoys being with Molly. The nurse then asks Courtney if she wants to feed her with a bottle. She is ready to fall asleep and seems to like Courtney.

Dr. Kim tells Carly that he knows she wants to encourage her sons to believe she will be home soon. But that is not the case. He tells her that she still has a long way to go before they can even consider letting her get out of Roselawn. Lorenzo comes to say goodbye to her. She turns to face Dr. Kim and tell him that she's going to visit her boys whenever she wants. She tells Lorenzo that he knew exactly what she needed. Dr. Kim tells Lorenzo that he cannot keep bringing visitors to see her. Lorenzo tells him he should realize that seeing the boys really was good for Carly. But Dr. Kim explains to Lorenzo that Carly’s breakdown was caused by her inability to separate herself from Sonny and the boys. Lorenzo then concludes that in order for Carly to make a full recovery, she has to figure out who she is as an individual.

Ric and Alexis conclude that they need each other and Molly needs them also. Justus then comes and tells them that their daughter is at the hospital and doing good and they plan to get Alexis out of there as soon as possible.

Jason tells Sam that they have to get to the explosives before Manny does. But Sam tells Jason she is worried what Manny can do.

Manny tells Mac that he can get him charged with police brutality. Mac tells Manny that he injured his niece. He’s a psychopathic killer and he does not care about him. Right then, Lanie comes and tells Mac that Manny is still her patient. He needs medical care. And there is no room for Mac’s personal feelings right now.

Ric notices that Reese might die and is very upset.

With Molly, Courtney relives to Jax how she first felt like she could not possibly know how to take care of Morgan. But she learned. And now taking care of a baby is al coming back to her. Jax tells her that they have that experience again soon.

Lorenzo informs Carly that the doctor explained to him that she needs to separate herself form Sonny before she can get out of there. She tells him that Dr. Kim is just saying that so he can keep her there longer in order to get Sonny’s money. He tells her that she must realize that Sonny is what caused her breakdown in the first place. She then tells him that she knows he does not want her out of there because he’s afraid she’ll go back to Sonny. He tells her that Sonny is a very destructive person in her life. He runs her down, demeans her and betrays her. She tells him she knows that Sonny has his problems. But he’s also been very wonderful to her and the boys. He tells her he knows that she’s been in a lot of pain in regard to him and she has to deal with that. She then has a flashback of a conversation she once had with Sonny where they discussed all of the serious problems they’ve had but realized that they will always love each other.

Right then, Alexis gets taken to the hospital. Sonny, Emily and Ric are going to be ok. But they are mourning what has happened to Reese. Ric tells her he cannot live with the thought that she is gone. He tells her she deserves so much better from life and everything around her. He tells Emily that he thought she would be all right. Emily cries and acts like she feels responsible for not being able to save Reese. Sonny tells her she did the best she could. She tells him she did not know what went wrong. He tells her she must listen to him and realize she saved lives down there. She tells him she should have saved Robin and protected her from injuring herself. He tells her they cannot talk about that now and she cannot think that way.

Jason and Sam are trying to decide whether they should be more concerned about looking for Carly or for Manny. They do not know that neither is nearby. But they do discover a big tank that looks like it could kill somebody. Jason examines it and seems to remember exactly how it works.

Carly writes in her diary that Lorenzo does not understand what she is all about. Nobody does except Sonny. She knows that regardless of all of their negative history, there is an incredible love. She then relives being with Sonny and admitting that she went to see Lorenzo. She was pregnant with Morgan by Sonny. And he was very angry that she was ready to cheat on him with Lorenzo Alcazar. She told him that she did not love Lorenzo. She only loved him. But he was very upset about all the lies and all the things she’s done with Lorenzo behind his back. She yelled back that she has never done anything important with Lorenzo. And Sonny was the one who’s been dishonest with her. He’s abandoned her. He’s totally selfish and self-absorbed. And everything is all about Sonny. He asked her if she did not go and mess around with Lorenzo many times. They had a nasty argument. But it was all because they loved each other.

In the wreckage, Emily tells Sonny that she will go with the others while he looks for Carly. He asks her to make sure that they treat Reese with respect. Emily emotionally tells Sonny that this should never have happened and Reese wasn’t supposed to die. She leaves and Sonny is all alone looking depressed.

Ric and Lanie talk to Alexis while she is on the stretcher. They are very happy that Molly will be ok. Right then, they notice a body bag and a tag that says DECEASED. It’s probably Reese.

At the hospital, Maxie and Felicia ask Robin if she is ok or if she needs water. She tells them she is fine. It’s Jason she is worried about. He needs medical care. Maxie tells Robin that she knows what it’s like to have Mac as a father figure. She also tells Robin that she imagines what it would be like if Robin got back with Jason. Robin tells her that she and Jason are in the past. She realizes that Jason is in love with Sam.

Right then, Jason is examining the explosive device with Sam by his side. Sonny then comes to tell them that the rescue team is going to get them out of there. They will all be ok. But Reese has died. Jason tells Sonny that he knows that Manny has wired this place and must have the detonator somewhere. And he still needs to find Carly. Sonny tells Jason he mustn’t worry about that. He and Sam need to get out of there and be safe. And he (Sonny) will go and look for Carly.

At the hospital, Ric tells Robin he cannot thank her enough for all she’s done for him and Alexis and their baby girl. She tells him he’s giving her too much credit. He then spots Durant. Durant acts polite and tells Ric he’s glad that his “family” got out of the train wreck alive. And he asks if there’s any chance that his miserable brother did not make it out alive. Ric tells Durant that the only person who did not make it was Reese. He also explains to Durant that the train wreck that killed Reese, could have killed him, his pregnant wife and his baby daughter was caused by Immanuel Ruiz. Durant asks Ric if he is implying that he (Durant) is responsible for Manny’s actions. Ric tells Durant that he knows he’s cut a deal with Manny in order to enable him to kill Sonny and Jason. He refused to put Manny in prison when he could easily have protected society from him. And he is responsible for the train wreck.

Jason tells Sam and Sonny that he has to stay there to find the explosives and find Carly in order to protect her. But Sonny tells Jason that he cannot risk having another seizure. Jason tells Sam that she and Sonny must get out of there together and leave him to fend for himself. She refuses. But Sonny drags her out of there.

Durant tells the hospital attendant that he needs to talk to Immanuel Ruiz. The guy tells him it’s too soon. But Durant tells him it’s very important he questions Manny because he may have been responsible for a train crash.

Carly writes more in her diary about Sonny. She then relives the time when she revealed to Sonny for the first time that Alexis informed her long ago that Kristina was his daughter and she’s kept it from him all this time. She protests that Alexis begged her not to tell Sonny. At that time, he was with Sam. They were ready to divorce and in the middle of a custody battle. Alexis promised to represent Carly is court. But he must remember that even so, she protected him from Alexis blasting him on the witness stand. She protests to Sonny that Alexis was going to use all of his “dirt” against him in order to take Kristina from him as well as preventing him from seeing his own kids if he’d found out. But he was upset that Carly never told him and he felt betrayed. She admitted that she may have made a serious mistake and must maybe now face the consequences. But she told him that she has loved him more than any woman ever could. And he told her that she did what she thought was right. He cannot expect her to change. They have what the lawyers call irreconcilable differences. And they must stop fooling themselves into believing that they can overlook their differences and must get off this sick, sad train before they break.

Right then, Ric goes to see Courtney and his baby daughter. He holds Molly. Jax tells Courtney that he could see that she brought out her maternal instincts. And in a few short months, she will be holding their baby.

Right then, Ric brings Molly and Kristina to see Alexis in her hospital room. Alexis holds Molly. Ric tells Kristina that they were talking about how lucky Molly is to have a big sister like her. Alexis tells Kristina that they are going to go to the zoo and have picnics together and have all kinds of fun.

Nikolas notices that Emily blames herself for failing to save Reese. He tells her it was not her fault. She tells him that she could have done a simple procedure to save her but couldn’t figure it out. Right then Sonny and Sam get out and Mac asks Sonny what is going on. Sonny tells Mac that Jason is still inside the tunnel and it might all blow up. Right then, they wheel Manny’s stretcher over the detonator. The entire cave explodes. And Jason is inside.

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