GH Update Monday 11/14/05

General Hospital Update Monday 11/14/05


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Ric is kneeling over Alexis and he’s crying. It looks like he’s sleeping and having a bad dream. He then awakens and is surprised that he did not lose her. She asks him if he is surprised that she is not dead. She tells him she has a lot to live for. But she seems tired. Ric kisses her, happy that he just had a bad dream.

Reese is hurt and unable to get up. Emily tries to help her. Jason then gets up and falls over. Emily yells at him to stop playing hero and rest.

Lorenzo takes Carly back to Roselawn. She admits to him that she is afraid of herself and may realize she cannot be in the free world.

In the wreckage, Manny drags Sam with him, holding a gun on her. Sonny and Robin notice them. Sonny tells Manny he is a coward to have to hold women hostage. Manny then holds a gun on them and asks who wants to die first. He tells them that he came to finish what he started and he’s going to make Sonny “pay”. He’s going to make Sonny watch him do what he wants with all of Sonny’s women. Sonny tells Manny if he hates him so much, then why doesn’t he just let the two women go and shoot him instead.

Justus and Lanie help the people who have made it out of the wreckage. Courtney gets baby Molly into safety. But she feels a little sick with her own pregnancy. Nikolas holds her and tells her that he will be there for her and make sure she is ok.

Emily tells Alexis that she needs to get some rest. She also tells her she has an amazing will to live. Ric thanks Emily for helping his wife. Alexis admits that she is in terrible pain and would not mind some more vodka after having a c-section without any anesthetic. Privately, Emily tells Ric that he should get Alexis anything she wants and that she will go and check on Jason and Reese. Alone with Alexis, Ric tells her that he is very happy that they have all survived and their daughter is safe. And soon they will be a family. Believing that he’s only saying that because she may die, she tells him he need not humor her.

Jason tells Emily and Max that he knows Carly is not at Roselawn. She is nearby. He’s seen her.

Carly looks out the window and admits to Lorenzo that she doesn’t want to be there. She knows she needed to because she attacked Emily. But she hates it there. She admits that it was easier to pretend by calling a doll Michael and telling it she loves it. She doesn’t have to deal with the real world. She tells him that it’s like having a parachute and not wanting to stop. He asks her why. She tells him that she knows that she was afraid to ask Sonny or Jason for help. But he reminds her that she did escape and get up her will to fight without anybody’s help. She tells him that it was only because Manny snuck into her room and threatened to hurt the people she loved. She was forced to fight at that point. Lorenzo tells her that she must keep fighting.

Manny tells Sonny that he(Sonny) is responsible for sending Carly to Roselawn. Sonny tells Manny that even in a terrible state of mind, Carly could tell how weak Manny is. Manny then laughs and asks Sonny if he is really not afraid of him. He fires a shot but doesn’t look to have shot anybody. Jason, however, is nearby and hears the gunfire.

Alexis tells Ric that if he wants to go and see Reese, it’s ok. He asks her where that came from. She tells him she knows he must be worried about Reese. Ric tells Alexis that he just had a beautiful baby girl and he only wants to be with her and their baby. She tells him that she won’t hold him to any “stipulations” in court. And she knows that he’s only acting like she is important to him because he thought she was dying. He tells her that he would like for them to spend the rest of their lives together. She tells him that she had to leave town. He tells her that she made a big mistake getting on a train after her due date. And he then goes to get her some water and tells her he hopes she changes her mind about them splitting before he gets back.

Courtney has to be taken to the hospital on a stretcher. Jax goes with her. Nikolas wants to come but Lanie tells him he must stay back. Mac then notices Nikolas trying to “help” and asks him where he thinks he is going.

Ric tells Reese that Alexis has threatened to leave him again. Reese tells him that in that case, Alexis must be better. He tells her that he feels like he is suffering from emotional whiplash. Reese tells Ric that he must know that Alexis is scared to death and that having this child with him means so much to her.

Lorenzo tells Carly that he’s trying to help her. She tells him in that case, she’d like him to be honest with her. She tells him that she knows that he was never happy with her and she was never what he really wanted. He tells her that is not true. She reminds him that he threw her out of his home and filed for divorce. He tells her he did not see what was going on with her. He did not know that she was close to a breakdown over what happened to Michael and he knew that she did not want him the way she wanted Sonny.

Sam asks Manny if he wants them all to cry and beg and grovel for their lives. Sonny asks Manny why he doesn’t just give up. Sam tells him that she is not afraid of him. Manny tells her that that is unfortunate because just a little bit of fear is enough. And he fires a shot again. Robin stares at him. Again, he probably hasn’t shot anybody. But Jason knows he better come and rescue he two women and his former best friend.

Nikolas tells Mac that he knows his way around the tunnels and can save people. Mac tells Nikolas he cannot risk putting himself in danger. The only place he’s going is to the hospital. And if Nikolas goes in that tunnel, Mac will have him arrested.

Reese tells Ric that she knows that Alexis loves him so much. She asks him if she ever told him about the time when Alexis came to her door and asked her to stop seeing Ric. She also tells Ric that when Alexis looked to be throwing accusations around, she really needed Ric and acknowledged that he is her husband and she loves him. She tells him that Alexis just doesn’t trust what they have and who could blame her? He asks her how he can change that. She tells him that he must find a way to make Alexis trust the situation with him because Alexis deserves it. He then notices that Reese’s hands are freezing. She cannot get up and looks to be very cold. She tells him she still wishes they met at a different time. He tells her he wishes that also.

Ric then comes back to see Alexis and bring her her water. He tells her she needs more fluids. He apologizes for being gone so long and admits that he talked to Reese. And the two of them had some very important things to say. He asks Alexis if she wants to know what Reese said that captivated his interest the most. She replies that she is an “attentive audience”. He tells her that Reese told him that Alexis came to her home and asked her not to get involved with Ric because he is Alexis’ husband and she needed him.

Courtney and Jax get baby Molly to the hospital. Elizabeth and Dr. Meadows take care of her.

Lorenzo admits to Carly that he just couldn’t see the pain she was in. She tells him that she was spinning out of control. And by the time she knew what happened, it was too late. He tells her that he knows she will find her way back. He knows she will not give up.

Sonny and Manny get into a struggle. Sam comes up behind Manny and holds a board, and is ready to knock him over with a board. But he sees her before she strikes and demands she drops it. Sonny is on the ground and Manny asks him if he is still not afraid of him. Sonny demands that Sam and Robin go and save themselves and let him fight Manny without their help. Manny has all three of them looking helpless until Jason comes and shoots him. IT looks like they’ve solved one problem. But Robin demands that Jason takes his medicine and stops playing hero. Sonny asks Jason if he really saw Carly. Jason says he did. Robin knows that since she is HIV positive, she cannot touch anybody or administer the injection to Jason. She tells him he must do it himself. But Sam tells her she can give Jason his injection. Sonny explains to Robin that if John Durant finds out Carly escaped from Roselawn, he will have her transferred to Shadybrook and he cannot have that. Right then, it looks like the rescue workers have arrived. But the explosives they carried that Manny took from them are lying on the ground unseen by anybody.

When Courtney is in the hospital, Jax talks to her about all the stories their baby and Molly can tell about how both their lives were saved in the train crash.

Ric tells Alexis that she falsely told Sonny that Ric and Reese were having an affair. She protests to him that that is true. He tells her that he only slept with Reese once. And he will present his legal argument in court before a judge and jury about how he loves only Alexis. She tells him she knows he would never say that in a courtroom. He’d be committing perjury. He tells her that he wishes she would admit that she wants him back.

Mac tells Maxie that he is very concerned about Robin. She tells him that Robin will be ok. He tells her he will believe that when he sees it. He admits to Maxie that he made a lot of mistakes with Robin. She was the first girl he raised and may have been overly strict with her. And he tells her that he made the same mistakes with her and Georgie. He then tells his daughter that he loves her and just doesn’t want anything to happen to her. When Nikolas knows that Mac is not watching him, he puts on a rescue coat and goes off to save his friends.

Emily puts a coat and blanket over Reese and tells her she must rest until the rescue team comes.

After Manny has been shot, the rescue workers put him on a stretcher. Sonny tells them they do not need a stretcher for that piece of trash. Right then Jason and Sam argue about whether he should play hero or rest. Sonny then tells them that they need to find Carly.

Carly is with Lorenzo, safe and sound (physically) at Roselawn. She admits that she scared her boys and tried to kill Emily. He admits to her that the Ruiz family was closing in. She lost her boys not long ago. Sonny betrayed her and cheated on her. He tells her that Sonny has ruined her confidence and independence. He tells her he knows that she loves Sonny but it is not healthy for her to be so dependent on him. He gets up to leave and she asks him if he really believes in her. He tells her that he always has.

Jesse catches Nikolas going to help the rescue crew. Nikolas tells Jesse he may try to stop him but he’s going in anyway. Jesse reminds Nikolas that the commissioner gave him strict instructions not to get involved. But he indicates that he will not prevent Nikolas from helping to rescue the people.

Sonny stays with Reese while Jason and Sam go looking for Carly.

Alexis admits to Ric that the pain is getting worse. He tells her not to worry. He will be able to take care of their daughter and give her everything she wants; summer camp, dance lessons, lovely clothes for her dates. He tells her that when she is old enough, he’ll buy her a car and give her credit cards. And what he said about not letting her date until she’s 30 was not serious. He wants her to have a social life and boyfriends. Alexis tells him what she wants for Molly is to go to Harvard or Yale and be a big overachiever and is not so concerned with whether she has a social life.

Mac finds Robin and tells the rescue crew that they need a “doctor”. Robin reminds her uncle that she is a doctor and intends to help. But he tells her that she needs medial care herself. She informs him that she and Emily delivered Alexis’ baby. Manny is on the stretcher, hurt but alive and conscious. He then notices one of those explosive devices falling out of his pocket.

Alexis tells Ric she needs to get this straight; He wants her to forget all about his infidelity and be wringing her hands wanting and needing him and afraid of losing him. She tells him that she has a problem with his interest in Reese. And she’s afraid that every time she admits she loves him something terrible happens. She asks him to say something. He tells her he’s handling the situation just fine. She tells him that he is her guy. He kisses her.

Robin tells Mac that she is amazed that Alexis is still alive after the traumatizing C-section birth. He asks her who is still down there. She replies Sonny, Sam, Alexis, Ric and a woman named Reese. He asks her if she’s seen Carly. She says she has not.

Right then, Lorenzo takes Carly to see Michael. She hugs her son.

Reese is afraid she’s going to die and asks Sonny to give Carly a message for her. She asks him to tell Carly that she hopes she can some day forgive her. And he should tell Carly that she is the luckiest woman in the world. Right then, Nikolas, Emily and the rescue team arrive and are ready to save them. But it looks like Reese might not have made it.

Jason and Sam go looking for a way out. And they notice the explosive device that Manny brought. He tells her he knows exactly what that thing is for and what it can do to all of them if it goes off.

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