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THE TUNNEL: Jason tells Sam, Reese and Sonny that Carly is the one who pulled him out of the water. He's sure it was Carly because that would explain the St. Christopher medal he found. Reese notes that that would mean that Carly escaped from Rose Lawn and ended up on the train. Sonny replies that that's just not possible.

THE RESCUE OPERATION: Lorenzo and Carly have reunited. Carly tells him that Manny was coming after her, and that's how she wound up on the train. She thinks that Manny caused the trainwreck.

THE TUNNEL: Emily is extremely happy to see Nikolas -- she tells him that she knew in her heart that there was no way he could really be dead. Courtney also hugs Nikolas (as Emily and Jax watch) and tells him how happy she is to see him, that she thought she'd lost him.

Meanwhile, Ric is refusing to accept what Robin is telling him -- that Alexis is in immediate danger of dying. Alexis calls out to him and tells him that she knows she is dying. She wants to hold the baby and they let her.

Elsewhere, Sonny doesn't believe that Jason really saw Carly -- he is sure that if Carly escaped from Rose Lawn he would have heard about it. Jason nearly passes out again, but manages to stay awake. Sam leaves to go find some help for them while Reese and Sonny agree to take Jason to see Robin.

Manny has been discovered by one of the firemen who is part of the rescue operation. The fireman explains that he is carrying explosives with him in case he needs to blast through debris to reach other survivors. Manny is amused.

THE RESCUE OPERATION: Lorenzo assures Carly that Michael and Morgan are safe. Carly wants him to call Greystone to make sure Manny hasn't found a way to get to them yet. Before they can do this, Mac arrives. While he can't see that it's Carly (because her face is covered by a blanket) he wants to ask her some questions.

THE TUNNEL: Alexis addresses baby Molly, promising her that life will not always be this scary and that Ric will be an excellent dad. Ric and Alexis joke about how Ric doesn't want Molly to date until she's 30. Alexis gets serious again and tells Molly that even though she wants to live to see her grow up, her time is running out.

Elsewhere, Sam has discovered Manny with the fireman -- who has been knocked out. Manny is now in control of the explosives the fireman had on him. Sam and Manny fight over the button that will set the explosives off.

THE RESCUE OPERATION: Lorenzo, with Skye's help, keeps Mac from finding out that the mysterious woman is in fact Carly. Before Mac can get past them, Jesse rushes over to tell him that there's been an explosion at the rescue tunnel site. Mac leaves with Jesse. Carly is surprised that Skye covered for her, but Lorenzo and Skye assure her that Skye's on her side. Lorenzo and Carly hurry and leave the area before Mac can return.

THE TUNNEL: Jax and Nikolas hear the explosion -- Nikolas wants to get Alexis and the baby out as soon as possible. Just then Robin comes over to them. They are both glad to see her. Robin tells them that before they go in to see Alexis, there's something they should know first.

Meanwhile, Alexis is still talking to baby Molly about all of the things she wants Molly to have -- friends, love, a career, a family. She hopes that Molly will remember her a little after she is gone. She hands Molly back to Ric and tells him to leave. Ric doesn't want to but Alexis reminds him he must put Molly first. He leaves.

Robin tells the assembled group that they can't pick up Alexis to take her out of the tunnel because it would jostle her and rupture the sutures. Ric comes over to them with the baby. He turns to Nikolas and tells him that he wants them to make sure both Alexis and Molly live. Nikolas leaves to go talk to Alexis. Then Ric asks Courtney to take Molly with her to safety until he can come get her -- that way he can stay with Alexis. Courtney agrees. Jax reassures Ric that Alexis will not leave her new baby motherless.

Meanwhile, Nikolas is with Alexis, telling her that this is "unacceptable" and that she has to live. Alexis tells him that she is so proud of him for the wonderful man he has become. Nikolas replies that he's not wonderful, he's made too many mistakes, and he needs her with him always to give him reality checks. Alexis tells him that he is the Cassadine with a heart...if he listens to it, that's all the reality check he will ever need.

Courtney and Jax are preparing to leave with baby Molly. Jax assumes Robin will be coming with them, because her uncle Mac is worried, but she replies that she has to stay here in case she can be of help to Alexis. Jax is concerned but promises to tell Mac that she is okay.

Nikolas goes over to Emily and tells her he'd feel better if he knew she was out of here. But Emily wants to stay behind, because it's her job to help if she can.

Ric tells baby Molly an emotional goodbye, then thanks Courtney for taking care of her. Courtney promises him she will keep her safe. Then she, Jax and Nikolas leave. Ric turns to Robin and asks her to tell him there's still a chance Alexis will live. Robin replies that if a person's will is strong enough anything is possible. Ric asks if Alexis will be in pain and she replies that the best thing would be for Alexis to fall asleep. Emily and Robin leave to go look through the luggage some more to see what else they can find.

Ric returns to Alexis' side -- she is happy to hear that Molly is safe but upset that he has decided to stay here with her. Ric says that defying her gives him a perverse pleasure. She admits she is thankful that he stayed and he replies he wouldn't be anywhere else.

Meanwhile, Courtney, Jax and Nikolas are trying to escape the tunnel with Molly, who is crying. They stop for a moment to calm the baby down. Nikolas and Jax start to argue over the best way out. Courtney hums a little tune to the baby to get her to stop crying, which also halts Jax and Nikolas' argument.

Sonny, Reese and Jason have arrived and Sonny and Robin reunite. Sonny thanks her for coming to help Jason in spite of everything. He also introduces her to Reese. Robin asks where Sam is and they tell her that Sam left to get help. Jason tells Robin that he had a seizure and fell in one of the tunnels. Robin says he must have a guardian angel to have stayed alive.

Elsewhere, Sam wakes up near the site of Manny's explosion. She weakly gets to her feet and takes off on foot. Another hand nearby comes out of the rubble -- probably Manny's.

LORENZO'S CAR: Lorenzo is driving Carly back to Rose Lawn against her wishes. She demands that he stop the car, or she'll jump from it. A struggle ensues and Lorenzo ends up running the car off the road. Luckily, they are both safe. Lorenzo tries to explain to Carly that they have to get her back to Rose Lawn before someone discovers she was on the train.

THE TUNNEL: Robin explains to Sonny that she has an experimental drug that could save Jason, but it's been lost in the train wreckage. Sonny agrees that they must find the drug. Emily comes over to him and tells him Alexis gave birth to a baby girl but that she might not survive.

Jax and Courtney and Nikolas continue their trek through the tunnels. Jax and Courtney bond over baby Molly and agree they can't wait until they can hold their own baby. Courtney wonders what will happen to the baby if Ric and Alexis don't make it. Nikolas replies that he will take the baby and raise it and love her like she's his own.

Sonny goes in to see Alexis and Ric. Alexis tells Sonny that she wants him to take Kristina -- and to be the kind of man he really is in his heart for her. Sonny promises. Then Alexis asks both Sonny and Ric that she wants them to allow Molly and Kristina to grow up as sisters without hatred or anger between them. She hopes that Molly and Kristina will teach their fathers something.

Emily is tending to Jason when Sonny comes out and tells Reese that he and Robin are going to go find the drugs for Jason. Reese wants to come but Sonny thinks she should rest, and besides, Ric needs a friend right now.

Sam is still going through the tunnels, not aware that a very much alive Manny is tailing her. Manny stops to set some more explosives near one of the rocks in the tunnel.

Jason tries to get up because he doesn't want Sam to be the one who takes all the risks for them. Emily notes that Jason really loves Sam and Jason agrees. Emily urges him to remember to tell Sam that every chance he gets once they get out of here. Suddenly Jason starts to pass out again.

Sonny and Robin are going through wreckage of the commuter train looking for Robin's bag. They talk about how Paris has been good for Robin. Suddenly Sam arrives. She tells them that Manny exploded the rescue tunnel, but she thinks he's dead now. Sonny spots Carly's bracelet on the floor and realizes that Carly really was on the train.

ROSE LAWN: Lorenzo has returned Carly to her doctor at Rose Lawn, who is relieved to see her. Lorenzo lies and says he found her in the woods. Lorenzo adds that he has decided he doesn't want Carly to be medicated.

THE TUNNEL: Jax and Nikolas and Courtney are still searching for a way out. Jax urges Nikolas to trust him and Nikolas agrees.

Back at the crash site, Ric assures Alexis that Molly will be fine. They exchange "I love you's" as Alexis suddenly feels a draft of cold air washing over her.

Jax and Nikolas feel the draft of cold air too and realize that there's a way out just ahead. Jesse arrives and promises them that they are now going to be rescued. Nikolas, Jax and Courtney are relieved.

Alexis tells Ric she knows now the baby is safe. Then she passes out.

THE RESCUE OPERATION: Jax, Nikolas and Courtney have made it out. Jax assures Mac that Robin is fine and quite the heroine. Mac is relieved. Jax goes to help Jesse with a map that will show them where the other survivors are. Nikolas tells Courtney he is going back down to get Alexis. Courtney is worried but he says he has to, and wants her to promise to get herself checked out. Suddenly Courtney feels a stab of pain.

THE TUNNEL: Emily and Reese are tending to Jason, with Emily begging him to stay with her. She is distracted when Reese passes out from her own injuries.

ROSE LAWN: Lorenzo visits Carly's room and assures her that he has covered for her with the doctors. She thanks him and says that she's scared. He promises her that he is with her and she never needs to be scared again.

THE TUNNEL: Sam doesn't understand how she and Carly could have been on the same train without Carly saying anything to her. Robin finds her briefcase, but the lock is jammed. Sonny helps her open it and she is relieved to see that the medicine is intact. Sam leaves to go get Jason. Robin tells Sonny they just need to convince Jason to take the drugs. Suddenly Manny shows up -- with Sam as his hostage -- and tells them that no one in the tunnel will see the light of day ever again.

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