GH Update Thursday 11/10/05

General Hospital Update Thursday 11/10/05


Written By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

LUCKY'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Lucky flat-lines, Elizabeth and Luke call for help -- a doctor comes in to try to save Lucky's life.

THE RESCUE OPERATION: Lorenzo is talking with the tunnel expert, Mac and Jesse. He proposes they dig a shaft then enter the tunnel and bring people out through the hole. He also volunteers for the job. Mac turns him down on grounds he's a civilian. Jesse volunteers because he is certified in search and rescue.

THE TUNNEL: As Courtney is trying to save Nikolas (who is hurt and trapped under rubble), more rocks start to fall around her and Jax. Nikolas pleads with her to leave him behind. Jax tells Courtney if they don't leave now they'll all die.

Elsewhere, Sam finds Jason unconcious on the floor of the tunnel. She freaks out.

Meanwhile, Robin and Emily and Ric all try to help deliver Alexis' baby by C-section. Robin is about to complete the procedure when she realizes that something's wrong.

Sonny and Reese are trying to decide how to proceed now that there has been another cave-in. Reese thinks they should stay where they are so they are protected. Sonny disagrees -- he wants to leave because his kids need him. Carly, who is listening from her hiding place near by, has a flashback to when Sonny first brought her to Rose Lawn. She accidentally makes a noise that Reese and Sonny hear. They call out for whoever is hiding to show themselves. But Carly ignores them and leaves the area before they can find her.

LUCKY'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Lucky is still flat-lining...the doctor works on him, and finally they have a pulse. Elizabeth and Luke are relieved.

THE RESCUE OPERATION: Justus tells Lainey about the plan to dig the shaft into the tunnel. Lainey is worried that it's so dangerous. She warns Justus not to hurt himself.

Mac instructs Jesse not to get stuck in the middle of the mountain. Jesse promises he knows what he's doing. Just then, Maxie shows up and begs him not to go through with it.

Skye confronts Lorenzo -- does he think his plan will work? He thinks it's the only way. Skye notes that his top priority is getting Carly out alive. Lorenzo replies that since Mac won't let him be the one to go down the shaft, it doesn't matter. He urges Skye to go home, but she says she wants to stay to make sure that Emily and Jason are safe -- for the Quartermaines' sake. She admits she's also worried about Jax.

THE TUNNEL: Jax attempts to help Nikolas out from under the rubble. Courtney wants to help but both men warn her not to risk the baby. Jax tries to lift some of the rubble with Nikolas' help. Suddenly another cave-in happens.

Elsewhere, Sam tries to get Jason to wake up so that they can get him to Robin. Jason doesn't budge. Sam leaves to go get help.

Back at the wreck site, Robin informs Emily and Ric that the baby is lodged in the birth canal. She decides to make another incision. Alexis starts to wake up...just before she does, Robin delivers the baby -- it's a girl. Robin hands the baby to Ric, who is overjoyed until he realizes that the baby isn't breathing. Robin instructs him to put his mouth over the baby's to breathe air into her. Finally the baby starts to breathe -- and cry. Everyone is happy until Alexis starts hemorrhaging. Robin hurries to stop the blood loss.

Meanwhile, Courtney is refusing to leave Nikolas behind even though there's a cave-in. Finally though she chooses to seek cover with Jax. Rocks fall down all around them.

Elsewhere, Sonny and Reese discuss whether or not the person who made the noise was a threat to them. Sonny thinks that whoever it was was harmless, based on instinct. Carly's bracelet can be seen on the floor nearby.

Carly has a close call when she is nearly seen by Sam (who is still trying to find help for Jason). Jason is still laying on the ground unconcious. Water is dripping from a nearby pipe.

LUCKY'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Lucky wakes up and finds Luke at his bedside. He asks where Elizabeth is and Luke explains she went to get some coffee, on her first break since Lucky got out of surgery. Luke admits he's been with Lucky as well. Elizabeth returns and tells Lucky that Luke saved his life. Luke gives Elizabeth credit for saving Lucky with CPR. He warns them both to take a plane next time they want to go on a trip. Lucky thanks him, and Luke replies by urging him to take good care of his wife. Luke then leaves the room. Elizabeth tells Lucky that they all helped save his life -- he's a lot of work but he's worth it.

Outside, Luke tells Lulu that it looks like Lucky will be okay. She hugs him.

THE TUNNEL: Jax and Courtney are in a safe area now that the cave-in has stopped. Courtney blames herself for leaving Nikolas...she admits that when the rocks started falling, all she could think about was saving the baby inside of her. Jax reassures her that they did all they could to get Nikolas out.

THE RESCUE OPERATION: Skye admits that it's strange to be sorry worried about Jax even though she harbors no romantic feelings for him anymore. Lorenzo assures her that Jax is probably safe. Skye also tries to reassure Lorenzo about Carly. Lorenzo worries that after all that's happened, he's not so sure Carly's safe.

Maxie is worried about Jesse risking his life. He promises her that he knows what he's doing and that those people down there -- including her cousin Robin -- need rescuing. Maxie admits that she knows Jesse has to do his job...she just wants him to promise to come back safely. He promises.

THE TUNNEL: Robin is trying to save Alexis while Ric holds the baby. Courtney and Jax join the group and Ric tells them about the birth. Courtney offers to hold the baby and Ric lets her. She gets the baby to stop crying and assures her that everything will be okay. In the meantime, Jax tries to reassure Ric that Alexis will be all right. Emily asks Jax if he ever made it out of the tunnel, and he says that yes he did, briefly...that they are putting together a rescue operation for them all. Courtney adds that Nikolas came back, too. Emily asks her where Nik is?

Sonny and Reese are trying to find other survivors when they run into Sam who tells them that Jason needs their help.

Carly has found Jason (there is water everywhere from the pipe) -- she tries without much success to wake him up. Suddenly his eyes open, just barely, and he sees her.

Meanwhile, Jax and Courtney are faced with telling Emily that Nikolas was trapped in the cave-in. Emily is devastated.

Sam explains to Sonny that she was on the commuter train that crashed, along with Robin who was bringing the drugs for Jason's therapy. Sonny and Reese are surprised that Jason is now also trapped in the tunnel. Sonny asks where Robin is and Sam says Robin's back with the other group at the antique train. She adds that Manny Ruiz was also on the commuter train. Reese thinks it must have been Manny they heard making the noise earlier. Sam then leads them in the direction of the place she left Jason.

THE RESCUE OPERATION: Mac tells Lorenzo that the shaft was a good idea -- but he is curious why Lorenzo has taken such an interest in all of this? He wonders if someone close to Lorenzo is trapped in the tunnel. Skye comes over to them and covers for Lorenzo, saying that she asked him to find a way to go into the tunnel to save Emily. After Mac has left, Lorenzo thanks Skye for the save and she explains that she is just a sucker for happy endings.

THE TUNNEL: Carly tries to drag Jason out of the water, when he suddenly becomes unconcious again. Carly is struck by a flashback to the time she picked out a shirt for Jason to wear in court when he was on trial for murder. Back in the present, Carly holds the sleeping Jason in her arms.

Back at the site of the antique train, Alexis is awake and asking to see the baby. Ric brings the baby over to her and they gush over how beautiful she is. They decide to name her Molly after the famous "unsinkable Molly Brown" (a survivor of the Titanic).

THE HOSPITAL: Lulu is thrilled that her dad heroically saved Lucky's life. She apologizes for accusing him of leaving Nikolas behind. She also admits that she doesn't really know Luke all that well -- and that she used to spend a lot of her childhood trying to come up with ways to make him think she was great enough to hang around more often. Suddenly Tracy shows up, happy to hear that Lucky will be okay. Lulu turns on her, accusing her of only pretending to care about Lucky. She adds that Tracy is just a stepmother, not a Spencer.

THE RESCUE OPERATION: Mac is ready to send Jesse down the shaft. Jesse once again promises Maxie he'll be careful. Jesse starts to go down into the tunnel. Skye and Lorenzo reassure each other that the people they love will come out all right.

THE TUNNEL: Jax explains to a very upset Emily that they tried to get Nikolas out but couldn't before the cave-in. Emily breaks down and Courtney hugs her.

Alexis and Ric admit to one another that all of the bickering of their past no longer matters -- all that matters is Molly, and their family. Ric promises her that they'll get out alive because they all need one another.

Sonny, Reese and Sam are on the way back to Jason. Sam tells them about seeing Manny Ruiz on the train. Sonny thinks Manny's either dead from the crash or hiding in a tunnel. Suddenly Reese is struck by pain. She assures them that she's all right.

Carly is still with Jason when she is surprised to see Jesse arrive. He promises her that she's safe and he's here to get her out.

THE HOSPITAL: Lulu and Tracy get into a heated argument that Luke has to break up. Lulu makes her exit. Tracy notes that for a man who isn't enthusiastic about fatherhood, Luke certainly is up to his elbows in it.

Inside of Lucky's room, Lucky and Elizabeth talk about how they are supposed to be on their honeymoon right now. Lucky says he still owes her a romantic honeymoon and Elizabeth assures him that it is romantic. Lucky asks her how she is able to see the bright side and she replies that it's because she has him.

THE TUNNEL: Ric and Alexis talk about how it will be like to go home to Kristina with the new baby in their arms. Ric tells Molly that they are a very stubborn and bossy family. Alexis adds that they are also a funny family. Robin comes over to examine Alexis. Ric steps off to the side while Robin conducts the examination. Robin asks Alexis a series of questions "can you feel this?" "is that painful?" Alexis doesn't feel any pain. Robin seems worried. She goes over to Ric and tells him that if Alexis doesn't get any help soon she'll die.

Courtney, Jax and Emily are shocked when a very much alive Nikolas comes walking through the wreckage. Emily runs straight into his arms. Courtney watches them embrace.

Sam and Sonny have found Jason (Carly is nowhere to be found). Jason is groggy, but awake. He tells them that he saw Carly.

THE RESCUE OPERATION: Jesse has come up through the shaft with Carly, who is at the triage center. Lorenzo sees Carly and she sees him -- they say one another's names aloud in shock. Lorenzo hugs her as Skye watches, smiling.

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