GH Update Wednesday 11/9/05

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/9/05


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Manny calls for Carly to come out but cannot see her. She hides and holds a gun. But right then she knows she’s been spotted. He starts shooting.

A television reporter is at the wreckage site reporting what has happened on the set.

Jesse comes and informs Mac that they found another body. A woman with blond hair, unidentified with no purse or driver’s license. Hearing that, Lorenzo assumes that must be Carly.

Lulu tells Luke that it’s just like him. He doesn’t seem to realize that she has two brothers. He only cares about Lucky and made no effort to save Nikolas. But Luke tells his daughter he is sorry. But if he has to choose between his own son and a Cassadine, his own son matters more. He also tells her that Lucky had scrap metal in his gut and is bleeding to death. It’s an emergency situation and they must save him.

Sam tells Jason that he must not play hero with her and Robin. If he has another seizure, he could die. But he won’t listen. He tells her he needs to keep moving.

Reese tells Sonny that with his claustrophobia, he must be in a terrible panic to be stuck in this cave. She seems more worried than he is and tells him that she never saw him as an optimist. He tells her that the walls are caving in on him. He is upset. But he’s not giving up. He’s not dying. He has three kids that need him. And he’s going to get them both out of there.

Manny still cannot find Carly. He tells her that she is good. He taunts her telling her that it won’t be long before she goes back to the loony bin. But right then, she shoots him and he falls over. She then stands up, assuming she is safe and he can no longer hurt her. She then runs out.

Emily tells Alexis that she is not qualified to perform a c-section. She is just a med student and not a doctor. But Alexis asks her if she waits, would that endanger the baby? Emily replies that it could. Alexis tells her in that case, she must do it now. She must save the baby, even if it means putting Alexis in danger.

Elizabeth tells Nikolas that she knows that Lucky is ok. They hold each other to keep warm. He asks her what the first thing she’s going to do when she gets out of there. She says she will find Lucky. She tells him that she’s going to take many pictures and show him and Emily and tell them all about their trip. He concludes that when she is stuck in a cave fighting for her life, she is still interested in playing matchmaker for him and Emily. Right then, it sounds like somebody is near by and ready to rescue them.

Luke is on his phone. Skye asks him about Lucky. She asks Tracy if she wants Emily to die. Tracy snaps back at her that if she could pull Emily out of the cave and shove Skye in there in her place, she’d do it. But then, Luke tells them they must both shut up or he’ll make them both baby-sit his daughter.

When Carly is alone, standing over Manny’s body on the ground, she notices a snake. She then remembers him telling her that she cannot hide forever.

Sonny tells Reese that when his stepfather was threatening him and telling him he’s going to be on a chain gang, he was determined to show him. She tells him she knows he has successfully done that. And they look as though there is a way to get out of there.

Right then, Mac, Jesse and the paramedics get Nikolas and Elizabeth out of the wreckage. But Mac asks them if they’ve seen his niece, Robin Scorpio. They tell him they have not. He tells them that Robin made a trip out there to save Jason. Jax is behind him looking worried.

Alexis is ready to go into labor. She is gasping and yelling. But Ric tells her she must pull through.

Lorenzo asks a paramedic if he can find a map to navigate his way to the other side of the tunnel. His main goal is saving Carly.

Laine tells Lulu that she understands that families can be very complicated and if she needs to talk, she must feel free. Lulu asks her why she cares. Lanie tells Lulu she is a doctor. Lull tells Lanie she does not need a shrink.

When Jason is with Sam and Robin, he picks up a necklace on the ground. They assume that somebody else must have been through there and that is a good sign. Right then, Jason has a flashback of being with Carly in the hospital when she found out she was pregnant with Michael by AJ. He was the only person there for her. She told him she believes she must be a terrible person not to take care of her child. But she knows she cannot care for him. Jason then gave her a plane ticket to Florida. And he gave her the necklace with a charm of St. Christopher who is supposed to protect travelers. That’s obviously Carly’s necklace that fell off of her. Not long ago, Manny was telling her that not even St. Christopher can save her now. In the flashback, Carly told Jason that she knows he loves Michael. And she tells him that she loves him and he is the only person she can count on. And there was a lot of significance in that necklace. She told him that she knew that “that guy” is looking out for her. Right when Jason is lost in thought, Sam asks him if he is ok.

Sonny tells Reese that he will check around to see if there is a path. But she falls to the ground and coughs and notices her hand is bleeding,.

Jason, Sam and Robin go to find Alexis, Ric and Emily and notice that Alexis is ready to go into labor. Since Robin is a real doctor, she knows that she can perform the C-section. She asks Alexis if she has a problem with her(Robin) being HIV positive. Alexis tells Robin anything to save the baby. Robin agrees with Emily that they must get this baby out right now.

Alone with Sam, Jason tells her that he knows it must be hard for her to watch Alexis’ baby being born. So he thought they should go away and let Robin handle it. They agree that Robin seems to know her stuff. HE tells Sam that she handles crises well. She informs him that Michael called her right before the train crashed and told her that Jason was in danger. He then remembers that Carly asked him to take care of her baby right when Michael was born. And that necklace brings back that memory. He tells her that hopefully Manny won’t get to Carly. He’s either dead or trapped somewhere back near Roselawn.

Carly is still alone, wondering how she’s going to get out of the cave.

Sonny helps Reese get to her feet and they walk and attempt to find a way out.

Emily tells Alexis that they are in luck. She founds some supplies. And she and Robin are going to deliver Alexis’ baby. Robin gives Alexis some booze for the pain, knowing that this is not “good” for the baby. But she tells her that none of this is good for the baby but they have no choice. Alexis takes the bottle and says: “bottoms up”

The doctors haul Lucky into the hospital elevator on the stretcher. Elizabeth and Luke want to follow them.

Alexis tells Ric that if he is sober, there will be no more embarrassing declarations of whom he slept with. She tells him it no longer matters if she dies. If she’s gone, she will no longer care whom he sleeps with. He tells her she’s not going to die. She asks him to promise to take care of her children. He tells her of course he will.

Robin and Emily are ready to move into action to deliver Alexis’ baby.

Carly is walking all around, alone, with her gun. But right then, Sonny and Reese appear. She crouches down, hears and sees them. But they do not know that she is there. Is she ready to shoot them?

Nikolas and Jax find Courtney and find out that she went to get help for Alexis, ran out and fell. She tells them that she couldn’t just sit there and do nothing. And both men argue about what is best for Courtney. Jax tells her that she is putting herself in danger. Nikolas tells Jax that he respects Courtney’s judgment call to do what she thinks is right.

Right then, Jason falls down a hole. Sam screams to him and is very worried. She attempts to climb down the hole to save him.

Lorenzo and Skye are plotting a plan while standing near the ambulances. Mac tells them he appreciates their help but they are getting in the way of the rescue team who are trying to do their job.

Alexis is asleep. Ric “tests” whether she is really out by telling her he is a better lawyer than she is, and attempting to get her to argue with him. She says nothing. And he concludes to Emily and Robin that Alexis is out and they can start their surgery. Robin tells him that she will do her best but needs his help. He must do what she asks him

Carly hears Sonny tell Reese that he has to get out of there to save Carly and the kids. Carly has a flashback of their talking all about her favorite birds and all the things they like to do together, right when he brought her to Roselawn. And he told her that he’ll be there if she needs anything. And he gave her a charm for each of their sons to put on her wrist. And she asked him to tell Michael and Morgan that she loves them. And before he left, she told him she loves him. And he told her he loved her. Right then, Carly makes a sound and Sonny and Reese know that somebody else is there on the train.

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