GH Update Tuesday 11/8/05

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/8/05


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Emily tells Alexis that if she has to deliver, she might need a C- section. Ric is with Alexis telling her she will be ok but they are all worried how close she is to giving birth. Courtney and Nikolas go and check on Lucky. Luke is encouraging his unconscious son to breathe and not give up. He reminds him he has a honeymoon to finish. He then discovers that he is breathing. Elizabeth tells her new father in law that she is not giving up on her husband.

Carly confronts Manny telling him she will not let him hurt any more of the people she loves. He reminds her that nobody would believe her if she said she saw him. They believe she’s crazy and would send her back to the mental ward.

Jason and Sam struggle to save Robin. But she tells them they must go on without her. But they are not about to abandon her.

Ric and Emily are helping Alexis breathe when she is having her contractions. She indicates that she still does not trust him. But he tells her that they have to work together and put their previous differences aside.

Luke tells Elizabeth and Nikolas that they have to move Lucky and get him some help. But they both tell him that he could bleed to death if they move him. Luke asserts that he is Lucky’s father. But Elizabeth asserts that she is his wife. Lucky tells them that his dad is right. He has to get out of there.

Lorenzo and Jax are deciding what to do and where to go to dig the people out of the wreck. Jax reminds Lorenzo that he has a real reason to do this; his wife is pregnant. And he asks Lorenzo just when he became an altruist. Lorenzo asks Jax if he wants to question his motives and argue or if he wants his help in saving Courtney.

Sam is playing hero with Robin although both Jason and Robin tell her to save herself first.

Carly holds a lethal weapon at Manny and tells him she will kill him if she has to. But he reminds her that nobody can stop him. Sonny could not. Jason could not. And he asks her why she’d think she could do better than they could.

Robin remembers that she must stay there. Her briefcase and all of her meds are still on the train.

Manny tells Carly that nobody can save her now. He tells her that he will “have” all of Sonny’s “girls” before he kills them. He wants them alive for now so he can “have” them. But she tells him that won’t happen if she kills him first.

Jax tells Lorenzo that he must have some sort of ulterior motive to want to help save the people from the train wreck. Lorenzo tells Jax if he doesn’t like him and wants to keep arguing, he will just go to the other side of the train wreck. He asks Jax if he wants his help or not. Jax tells him that he’s wasting his time and energy going to the other side.

Tracy tells Skye she does not buy that Lorenzo wants to help people without an ulterior motive. She also reminds Skye that she is misguided to believe that she has captured Luke’s heart. She reminds her that Luke is connected to Tracy’s bank account and asks Skey which of those two things she thinks would have more motivation for Luke. Right then, Lulu comes and sets them both straight that her father will never love either of them. He will never love anybody except her mother.

Luke, Elizabeth and Nikolas all work together to carry Lucky out of the wreckage and get him to a hospital.

Emily tells Alexis and Ric that she found a type of drug that is primarily used for allergies but is also effective for slowing contractions. She tells them that she is a med student and knows a few things. And if the contractions don’t go down, the baby could be in danger. But she tells them that it is completely up to Alexis whether she gives her that drug.

Nikolas tells Courtney that she cannot keep exerting herself because it could endanger the baby. He notices how well Emily knows her stuff about taking care of Alexis and the baby and he tells her some day she will make a great doctor. He tells Alexis she must keep taking care of his little cousin.

Jason sis ready to go off and get help for Sam and Robin. But Sam informs him that Manny is still alive and on the train somewhere and she doesn’t want him going off alone. She wants them to all stay together.

When Luke, Lucky, Elizabeth and Nikolas find themselves trapped, they scream for help. Lorenzo and Jax are able to hear them. And it looks like they might be able to save them.

Emily tells Alexis and Ric that if the contractions keep happening then the baby will move into the birth canal before she’s dilating. And if that happens, it could suffocate and die. She tells them that since the baby is so large, she might need a c-section if she was in the hospital.

Mac and Jesse are on the lookout for Manny and hoping to rescue the people in the train wreck.

Lainey and Justus are in the hospital realizing that he is the lawyer and she is the shrink. Neither of them are trained as rescue workers.

Lulu informs Skye that her father only cares about three people on this planet; himself, Laura and and Lucky. Nobody else means anything to him. Tracy tells her she’s an ungrateful brat and has no idea how great her father is.

Lorenzo and Jax work to help Nikolas, Elizabeth and Luke get Lucky out of the wreckage and closer to a hospital.

Ric wants to stay positive about Alexis’ condition and makes jokes about the worst names they can give the baby. Courtney keeps telling them she wants to help. She can’t just sit there and do nothing. But Emily tells her that Nikolas is worried about her also. And although she doesn’t want to discourage anybody, the drug she gave Alexis was only temporary and Alexis is far from out of the woods.

Georgie and Maxi appear and Skye is happy to see them. But Tracy wants to just keep arguing with Lulu.

Robin returns to Jason and Sam informing them that she could not find her briefcase. And they know that time is running out. Jason informs Robin for the first time that Tony Jones informed him that the next seizure he has could kill him. She also reveals to him that today would be their little girl’s first birthday. She tells him that he never gave up on her . SO she is now returning the favor.

Elizabeth tries to find Lucky and notices he is gone. Nikolas informs her that he’s been taken to the hospital and somebody else is going to come and save them. She tells him that everything will be ok. She and Lucky will just go home and call out for dinner because they are too lazy to cook. She tells him that very soon they will be at home with their son, remembering how they used to foolishly worry about small things. And soon they will be a dull married couple. And this whole situation will be a distant memory.

Jesse finds Maxie and tells her that he needs blankets in order to save the injured people and asks her if her dad knows she’s there. She tells him she does not care. She does not need protection or permission from anybody in order to help rescue the people. And his “concern” is insulting.

Tracy tells Lulu if she were her daughter, she’d ship her off to boarding school. Lulu tells Tracy if she were her mother, she’d kill one of them. Dillon comes to break up their argument and he and Lulu talk about what it’s like to have crazy parents. They compare whether it is worse to be Tracy’s child or Luke’s.

Skye tells Tracy she needs to back off on Lulu. Tracy asks her if she’s trying to be Lulu’s friend in order to win points with Luke.

Luke and Jax rush Lucky to the hospital and demand that he gets to a doctor.

Lorenzo returns and Skye tells him she can tell that he did not find Carly. He looks totally disappointed.

Manny is still calling for Carly. And she is still hiding.

Skye notices that Lorenzo is bleeding and tells him she needs to get him some help. But he tells her he’s fine. He asks her if she told anybody else that Carly escaped. She assures him she didn’t.

Lulu seems to be getting in the way of Georgie and Dillon’s rescue efforts.

Lanie tells Luke that Lucky had to be med flighted to a bigger hospital. He is in critical condition, she tells him. But he may have saved his son’s life. Lulu tells Lanie she wants to go with Lucky. But Lanie tells her that wouldn’t be a good idea. Lulu asks Luke why he saved only Lucky. Did he just leave Nikolas to die?

Still trapped in the cave, Nikolas asks Elizabeth if she is ok. She is on the ground. He helps her get out, informing her that there is a gas leak and they need to get some fresh air and some help.

Alexis tells Ric and Emily that she only wants natural childbirth. Alone with Courtney, Alexis tells her a word of caution; when her due date comes up, she must avoid mass transit. She also encourages Courtney to give Jax another chance and see that he is a good man.. Emily tells Ric and Alexis that the baby is too big in her pelvis. That means if something is not done both Alexis and the baby could die. If they were in a hospital, they’d have to do a c-section. HE tells her then she must do a c-section. But she tells him that it’s impossible to do it here. They need a doctor.

Right then Robin falls and injures herself

Manny knows that Carly is hiding so he calls to her to come out by saying: “kitty, kitty, kitty.”

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