GH Update Monday 11/7/05

General Hospital Update Monday 11/7/05


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

There’s a big news report about the massive train wreck on the way to Manhattan. Emily is the closest thing to a doctor and tries to help all the injured people. She first looks to see if Reese is ok. Then she notices that Alexis is ready to dilate and deliver the baby. Lucky looks like he’s ready to die and is shivering on the ground. Elizabeth covers him with a jacket but cannot do much for him. He then becomes unconscious. And right then, an avalanche falls upon the injured people.

Not far away, Luke is attempting to help Jason who looks to have fallen into a well. He screams that Jason says something. But Jason says nothing and cuts the rope.

Sonny and Reese get up and appear ok although covered in dirt and coughing. Ric attempts to help Alexis get to her feet. Courtney also wants to help her but Alexis reminds Courtney that she is pregnant herself. Elizabeth is covered in dirt and coughing. She gets up and calls for Lucky. But she discovers he is nowhere nearby and all that surrounds her is rubble. Right then, paramedics come and rescue people.

Not far away, Lorenzo and Skey notice the rescue team and remember that many people they know are nearby. Tracy comes by and asks them where Luke is. Skye asks Tracy why she would care about her “husband”. Skye informs her that Luke is attempting to save his son. And Tracy tells Skye that she believes she might want to kill Luke. Skey reminds Tracy that Luke does whatever he wants.

Carly is in the train nearby. She gets up and does not recognize where she is. Robin is nearby and looks unconscious.

Luke attempts to climb down the well.

Alexis tells Ric and Courtney that she does not want to have this baby in this God-forsaken place. But Ric tells her she and the baby will be fine. Right then Courtney goes to attempt to help Nikolas, Sonny and Reese dig them out of there. Nikolas tells Courtney she must not exert herself. Elizabeth struggles to dig Lucky out of the avalanche alone.

At the hospital, Alan and Monica know that their daughter and son and many people they know are in the train wreck and the paramedics cannot get to them yet. He tells her that it’s Sonny’s and others’ faults that Jason is injured. But she reminds him again that Jason is an adult and makes his own decisions.

Emily and Ric attempt to help Alexis. Emily goes into the train to see if she can find medical supplies. But Sonny tells her she cannot go off by herself. Ric tells Alexis they are going to get through this. Nikolas goes to find Elizabeth and Lucky. He calls to them. Elizabeth cannot find Lucky in the pile of dirt. But she discovers a hand. She assumes it’s his and grabs it. But it seems to be cold like he is dead. She cries.

Mac goes to assist the rescue team. Skye asks Lorenzo why he is concerned about this train wreck. She then discovers that it’s because he assumes that Carly is in danger. And sure enough, she’s nearby. And right then, Jason finds her and shows her how to aim the fire extinguisher to attempt to put out an electrical fire.

Lorenzo protests to Skye that the rescue team needs all the help they can get. She tells him she does not buy his “good Samaritan” act. She knows that that train must be going near to Roselawn, where Carly is. He admits that that is, in fact the case.

Elizabeth manages to uncover Lucky and tells him he must not do this to her. He looks unconscious and she cries hysterically. Rigth then, Luke comes and she tells him that Lucky is hurt. They both work to move the heavy wreckage off of him. And Luke prays that his son is still alive. Elizabeth confirms that he is.

Justus and Lanie are not far away. She tells him she is very upset that there is nothing anybody can do. There are all these doctors nearby. But all they can do is sit and wait and watch people die. She asks him what people like Jax and Lorenzo Alcazar are doing there. He explains that Jax still cares about Courtney. But she asks what Lorenzo’s motives are. He asks her if she’d rather be at home, watching the train wreckage. He tells her he may be just a regular guy who is there in person without much he can do. But that is better than nothing. Hearing that, she feels a lot better and thanks him. And they leave together.

Reese gets Alexis to breath. Noticing that Reese is taking care of her, Alexis mentions the “irony”. Reese assures Alexis that Ric will be there soon. Alexis admits to Reese that maybe she should not care about Ric buy she does.

Jeese goes to work with Mac. Mac tells Jesse that he is more concerned about his niece with HIV than with anybody else. He admits to Jesse that he knows that Robin is weak and she will never ask for special treatment. So she might be the last one out of there. Jesse concludes that very possibly, Manny Ruiz is behind the train wreck and he promises to gdet to the bottom of what happened.

Jason goes into the burning place where he helped Carly. He sees a woman lying on the ground unconscious and assumes she’s Sam. He rushes to her and notices that she is Robin. Noticing Jason, Robin tells him that they told him he could die if he left the hospital. But of course he did not listen because he never listens. He tells her he must help her. She tells him she will be fine. He must go and find Sam because she might be trapped.

Lorenzo tells Skye that Carly might have escaped and gotten onto the train. She tells him that Carly might have hijacked the train. Lorenzo protests that Carly was in fear of being forced to take ant psychotic drugs. She tells him he must realize that Carly is dangerous. She tried to kill Emily. He protests that Carly is a victim. Skye must realize that. Manny Ruiz was after her.

Jax tells Mac and Justus that he has to get inside that train and rescue people. But they tell him it won’t work the way he believes.

Jason goes to dig Sam out. He finds her. She’s unconscious. He tells her she will be ok and must just stay with him.

Emily, Nikolas, Courtney and Reese attempt to help Alexis. But Alexis tells Reese she does not need her help.

Elizabeth and Luke cover Lucky up. She tells him his dad is there and came all that way to save him. Right then, Nikolas enters. Luke tells him he must not get his hopes up about how to get out..

Sonny then comes to the place where Reese, Emily, Courtney, Nikolas and Alexis are.

Right then, Max comes to help. But right behind him, Manny appears and shoots him and he falls to the ground.

Lorenzo tells Mac and Jesse that he will go with them to help them. Skye wishes him luck and they hug. But she’s a little upset that he is not over Carly. Right then, Tracy asks Skye whose husband she is wringing her hands over. Is it Tracy’s or Carly’s?

Emily and Nikolas come to help Elizabeth and Luke rescue Lucky. They all seem very worried. But Luke yells at them to stop talking like this and tells them that nobody is going to die.

Georgie and Lulu come by. Georgie asks Lulu why she is there. Lulu tells her that she needs to help Bobbie and her brother, Luke. She gets up to leave. Georgie tells her she cannot go anywhere and must let the rescue workers to there job. Lulu tells her she must get out and save her family. But Georgie tells her that it’s not about her. There are other people’s families who are in danger besides hers’. And she must stay out of the way. But Lulu protests that throughout her life everybody has wanted her to stay out of everything. And she’s not going to do it any more. She will save those people even if she has to get in the way in order to do it.

Alexis tells Ric that they cannot go for two minutes without arguing and sparring. And right when there is a train wreck, they are in their glory. He tells her that he was right on the verge of losing everything before he realized how lucky he is.

IN the hospital, Alan and Monica talk about how they are worried about Jason and Emily but know that they will be ok.

Jason holds Sam and tells her she must wake up. She then coughs and he knows she is awake. She asks him why he left the hospital. He tells her he’s so happy that she looks like she will be ok. He asks her if she can get up. He helps her up and she stands and tells him that she talked to Robin. He tells her he knows she’s been to the hospital. They get up and walk together.

Right then, Robin is lying on the ground and gasping. Sam and Jason attempt to lift the heavy wreckage that she’s fallen under.

Sonny tells Reese that she has to go back. But she tells him she’s not just going to sit and needs to help him. They both decide they have to keep moving. But right then, an avalanche falls upon them.

Jason and Sam struggle to lift the heavy railing that’s fallen on Robin.

After watching Skye and Lorenzo hugging before he goes off, Tracy asks Skye what is going on. Skye tells her that she and Lorenzo are friends. Tracy tells Skye that she has abandoned Luke to go and have a hot thing with Lorenzo.

Lorenzo goes and runs into Jax. He tells him that there are people down there that need his help and urges him to come along.

Right when Manny is standing over the unconscious Max, Carly jumps down, holds a lethal weapon him and asks him if he is looking for her. It does not look like she is afraid of him anymore.

Luke tells his unconscious son that he’s been fighter all his life, doing what he wants without approval from his dad. So he must fight now. Right then he and Elizabeth discover that Lucky has stopped breathing.

Emily looks worried noticing that Alexis is stuck almost ready to give birth. Alexis asks Emily what they’d do if she was in the hospital. Emily tells her they’d give her a c-section.

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