GH Update Friday 11/4/05

General Hospital Update Friday 11/4/05


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THE PASSENGER TRAIN: Robin and Sam are up in the cab and they have just discovered that Manny (who is nowhere to be seen) has shot the conductor. The train is now heading full steam ahead toward the OTHER train in the tunnel, the antique train from Port Charles. Robin and Sam are unable to stop the controls, and the two trains crash.

THE ANTIQUE TRAIN: As the trains crash, the passengers on the antique train (Sonny, Alexis, Ric, Elizabeth, Lucky, Courtney, Jax, Emily, Reese and Nikolas ) are thrown left and right.

THE PASSENGER TRAIN: Sam searches for Robin the rubble of the train -- Robin's legs are pinned underneath some debris. Sam is unable to get her out, so they both call for help.

THE HOSPITAL: Jason is refusing to go through with the surgery, even though Tony tries to convince him it's the only way to save his life. Monica backs Jason up, but then after Tony has left the room, she also tries to pursuade Jason to agree to the operation. Jason wants to wait for Robin and her treatment. Just then he gets a call from one of his men telling him that Robin and Sam's train has crashed in the Glencoe Tunnel.

THE ANTIQUE TRAIN: Sonny, Alexis, Reese, Ric and Emily make their way carefully out of their compartment. Reese is wounded but she insists it's just a bruise on her side. Sonny assures them that soon the rescue teams will come get them.

THE HOSPITAL: Luke has been called to the hospital by Tracy and Skye, who are arguing because Skye has invited Lulu to dinner at the Quartermaines with her and Luke and the rest of the family. Luke tries to explain to Skye that he has no interest in parenting his teenage daughter.

THE ANTIQUE TRAIN: Elizabeth makes her way to Lucky, who has been severely wounded. He can't even get up. Elizabeth calls for help, and Nikolas (who is in another area of the train with Jax and Courtney) hears her. He hollars that they will come and find her and Lucky right away. Elizabeth tries to reassure a very weak Lucky.

LORENZO'S CAR: Lorenzo is driving in his car talking on his cell phone. He refuses to believe what Manny's girlfriend said about Carly being dead. The man on the phone with Lorenzo gives him a report that a woman with Carly's description was seen boarding a train bound for Port Charles earlier. Lorenzo wants the man to find tape from the security camera at the train station where Carly boarded -- so that they can get confirmation on whether or not that was Carly.

THE PASSENGER TRAIN: On the antique train, an unconcious woman, whose face is not shown, can be seen sprawled out on the floor of the train. (It's Carly.) Sam continues to call for help for Robin. She goes to try to find Max, who stumbles out of one of the other compartments. Sam asks him to come and help her get Robin out, and Max rushes as best he can to their aid.

THE HOSPITAL: Jason gets a report from the guy on his cell phone that a triage center has been set up at the north entrance to the tunnel. Jason agrees to head there right away. He gets off the phone and explains the situation to Monica. She is worried that he's in no shape to go rescue anyone right now, but he tells her he has to go. They say their goodbyes and he leaves.

THE PASSENGER TRAIN: Max and Sam are trying to get Robin out from under the debris, but it's not working. Robin wants them to go find her briefcase and her laptop, which they will need to start Jason's treatment. Sam agrees to go look while Max continues to try to get Robin out.

THE ANTIQUE TRAIN: Sonny points out that the tunnel is blocked in both directions, so it will take the rescue teams awhile to get to them. Ric asks Alexis if she and the baby are all right, and she says yes. Emily and Reese go to try to find some supplies that may be of use, like water and blankets. Sonny is worried about Reese but she assures him she's fine.

THE HOSPITAL: Skye is trying to convince Luke that he should spend more time with Lulu. Tracy intervenes and accuses Skye of trying to break up her and Luke. Luke jokes that Lulu got her beauty and strong will from her mother, but that she got her precociousness and bad mouth and attitude from him. Just then Monica announces to everyone in the hospital lobby that the trains have crashed. Luke is worried, realizing Lucky was on one of the trains.

THE ANTIQUE TRAIN: Elizabeth tries to reassure Lucky. Nikolas and Jax try to dig through to get to them. Courtney wants to help but Jax tells her not to because of the baby. Nikolas and Jax finally make it to Elizabeth and Lucky, who is bleeding from a piece of metal that's cut him. She says that he needs to go to an emergency room or he'll die. Jax tries once again to get Courtney to rest because of the baby, but she refuses. Nikolas wants to see if he can find Emily. He hollars her name and she replies. He tells her about Lucky's injuries. Emily says that she and Sonny have found medical supplies. Sonny and Nikolas try to dig through the debris so Emily can bring the supplies to Lucky.

THE HOSPITAL: Monica gives instructions to staff at the hospital. Luke and Skye and Tracy are in shock. Luke leaves to go find Lucky.

THE RESCUE OPERATION: Jason is at the triage site with a bunch of paramedics treating the evacuated passengers who made it out of the tunnel all right. Jason tells the paramedics to use the helicopter he brought with him in order to get people to the hospital.

THE PASSENGER TRAIN: Max tells Sam and Robin that a bunch of passengers have left the train and they are the only ones left inside. Sam wants to leave to check on the north entrance of the tunnel. Max warns her against it, saying the whole place could blow any second because of the spilled fuel. Robin agrees with Max. But Sam says they need to help Robin so she can help Jason.

THE RESCUE OPERATION: Some of the authorities are assessing the situation, which his dire -- the south side of the tunnel has collapsed and the north side is blocked by wreckage. There's the possibility that they could use the ventilation shafts on the mountain to get through to the center of the tunnel.

Diego finds Lorenzo at the site of the rescue operations and gives himi the pictures from the security camera at the train station...the woman in the pictures is in fact, Carly.

THE PASSENGER TRAIN: Max is wandering around the train asking if anyone needs help. Carly, now awake, sits up, but doesn't answer him. She looks around, assessing the situation.

Max returns to Sam and Robin. Robin tells Max to go look for help, and then tells Sam to look for her briefcase so they can be ready to go when help does arrive. Max gives Sam his gun in case Manny survived and continues to come after them. (Manny is shown in another area of the train -- he is alive.) Sam starts to look for the briefcase.

THE RESCUE OPERATION: Lorenzo is thankful that it looks like Carly managed to escape Manny but worries to Diego that, because she's unstable, she might have somehow caused the accident.

Jason, meanwhile, is listening to the authorities talking about the situation with the tunnel. When he hears that the tunnel may collapse, he tells them that he has to get his sister and his girlfriend out safely.

THE ANTIQUE TRAIN: When the rubble is partially cleared, Nikolas and Emily are reunited (Courtney watches them embrace) and Emily then goes to check on Lucky. Sonny is still worried about Reese, and he gets her to rest. Jax volunteers to go get help for Lucky but Alexis warns them all that the tunnel might collapse, so they should stay where they are. Jax wants to go anyway. Courtney and Jax promise each other they'll stay safe and Jax jokes that Courtney should not try to kickbox her way out of the tunnel. Jax leaves.

THE RESCUE OPERATION: Lorenzo tells Diego he must get Carly back to Rose Lawn before anyone finds out she was also on the train. Diego notes that he thought Lorenzo didn't love Carly anymore, and Lorenzo replies, "That's what I thought, too."

Justus and Lainey have also shown up to aid in the rescue efforts. Lainey jokes that she's glad Justus' hands are good for something besides keeping mobsters out of jail.

Luke is about to leave to go after Lucky when he is surprised by the arrival of Lulu. Lulu tells him that Nikolas and Elizabeth were also on the train with Lucky -- and Luke should save them, too.

THE HOSPITAL: Monica is manning rescue efforts back at the hospital. Alan confronts her over the news he's just heard, that she allowed Jason to go to the tunnel to help with the rescue. Monica explains that Emily was on one of the trains that crashed, and she can understand why Jason went to rescue Emily, Robin and Sam because if Alan had been on the train, she would have gone to rescue him, too.

THE RESCUE OPERATIONS: Jason is going to try to go in through one of the ventilation shafts when he realizes that the tunnel is about to cave in.

THE ANTIQUE TRAIN: Elizabeth is trying to comfort Lucky with blankets, but he tells her that seeing her beautiful face is better than any blanket could be. Nikolas notes that Lucky is shivering and Emily replies that Lucky's hemorrhaging internally.

Sonny and Reese talk about the fact that he doesn't do well in small places because he's claustrophobic. Meanwhile, Ric checks on Alexis. They talk about whether or not they'll be able to be civil to each other again. Suddenly, Alexis' water breaks -- she's going into labor.

THE RESCUE OPERATION: Mac is directing part of the rescue operations with Jesse at his side. Mac is worried for Robin's safety. Jesse wants to go try to help Lucky, and Mac agrees but asks Jesse to also help Robin. Jesse leaves.

Meanwhile, Lulu argues with Luke about how he must also save Nikolas, Elizabeth and Emily in addition to Lucky. Luke says he never claimed to be anyone's hero. Skye arrives and Luke asks her to get Lulu back to Lesley's. Then Luke leaves. Skye asks Lulu how she got here and she replies that she took her grandma Lesley's car. Lulu is worried that Luke won't lift a finger to help anyone in the tunnel but Lucky.

Jason is going to try to go down the tunnel, on the off-chance that nothing has caved in yet. A man with him, who is apparently an expert on the tunnel's construction, warns him against it, saying the whole place is about to come down. Jason wants to go anyway. But before he goes down, Luke shows up to help him.

Lulu tells Skye she's not going back to her grandmother's, she's going to stay here. Lulu talks to Skye about her relationship with her father...she mentions that Luke is never around, but that having great brothers like Nikolas and Lucky helped. Skye reassures Lulu that Luke would never leave Nikolas to die because Nikolas is Laura's son. Skye is certain that there is a hero in Luke.

THE ANTIQUE TRAIN: Ric and Emily are trying to take care of Alexis, who is going into labor. Alexis is terrified. Ric leaves to get some water for Alexis, and on the way talks to Sonny, who tries to reassure him. Ric asks Sonny why he had to pick now to try to be his brother and Sonny replies that now is when it matters most.

Nikolas comes to check on Alexis. She's upset because, since he's also trapped in the tunnel, if they all die he won't be able to take care of Kristina for her. She calls Sonny over to her and asks him who is supposed to take care of his kids if he dies. Sonny replies, "Emily." Alexis points out that Emily is also in the tunnel with them. Alexis is becoming increasingly upset...Ric tries to get her to breathe. Sonny says that Carly will raise the kids if he and Emily don't make it out. Alexis is furious, saying she won't have Kristina raised by a lunatic like Carly. Ric steps in and orders Alexis to believe that they will all live...and to just do her part, and breathe.

THE PASSENGER TRAIN: Carly can see Robin, but doesn't reveal herself. Sam returns and tells Robin she's found a possible exit. But Robin won't entertain the idea of leaving until they have found her briefcase. Sam says she's tried to find it, but she can't. Robin urges Sam to just sit and wait for the rescue teams. Sam is worried for Jason. Robin reminds her that Max is bringing help. Sam is impatient. She gives Robin the gun in case Manny comes around. Robin begs her to stay, but Sam refuses, saying she has to go get them help. She leaves. Manny is lurking nearby in the wreckage.

THE RESCUE OPERATION: Jason admits that he needs Luke's help, but warns him that he could collapse at any moment from a case that happens Luke must forget about him and save as many people as possible. Luke agrees.

THE PASSENGER TRAIN: Carly makes some noise, and Robin hears. She asks "Is someone there?" Carly doesn't answer. Elsewhere, Manny is watching Sam trying to get out of the train wreckage.

THE RESCUE OPERATION: Mac is still in the thick of the rescue. He is surprised to see Lorenzo there trying to help out. The tunnel expert comes over to Mac and informs him that the tunnel will probably collapse. Lorenzo is worried that if there's a cave-in the people in the tunnel will be buried alive.

THE ANTIQUE TRAIN: Emily is checking out Reese's bruise, which she says could be evidence of an internal injury. Then she goes to help Alexis. Sonny comes to Reese's side and says she looks pale. She says that train crashes just don't agree with her. Emily tells Alexis she is starting to dilate...the baby is coming. Alexis is freaked out.

Elsewhere, Elizabeth is tending to Lucky. Lucky is very weak, saying he wishes they could have had a baby. Elizabeth tries to reassure him but he tells her that he's had a great life and the last 24 hours with her has been the best. Elizabeth promises him she will never stop loving him. Then he closes his eyes. Elizabeth tries to wake him up as debris starts to fall from the ceiling.

THE RESCUE OPERATION: As the cave-in starts, Luke hollars for Jason to get out of the tunnel. But it's too late, the tunnel has collapsed.

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