GH Update Thursday 11/3/05

General Hospital Update Thursday 11/3/05


Written By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

THE ANTIQUE TRAIN BOUND FOR NEW YORK CITY: Ric and Reese are alone in one of the compartments. They note that they are both hoping Sonny will forgive them.

Meanwhile, Sonny is elsewhere on the train talking to Emily about Carly. Their conversation is interrupted by Lucky and Elizabeth, who want Emily to take a quick picture of them. Emily does so and then she and Sonny head to a private compartment to talk.

In another compartment, Alexis warns Jax that she thinks he's made a mistake coming after Courtney like this. Jax isn't concerned, and Alexis replies that she hopes that Jax, Nikolas and Courtney all get what they want and end up happy. Jax gets up to go to his own private car, and asks Courtney -- who is with Nikolas nearby -- to join him. She agrees and they leave.

As this is going on, Sonny and Emily are in one of the private cars discussing the situation with Carly. Sonny is worried because the doctors at Rose Lawn want to medicate Carly. He wants Em's advice, but she says she's not qualified. Sonny says he knows, but has no one else he can trust.

ROSE LAWN: Lorenzo is searching for Carly but can't find her anywhere. One of the doctors on call was knocked out cold earlier by someone who came up behind him. Lorenzo realizes that Manny has kidnapped Carly.

THE PASSENGER TRAIN BOUND FOR PORT CHARLES: Manny -- and Carly, who is disguised as one of the passengers, though we never get a look at her face -- are on the same train taking Sam, Robin and Max back to Port Charles. Manny overhears the train conductor talking to the radio controller about a train bound from Port Charles that will clear the tunnel ahead before they get there.

Meanwhile, Sam and Robin are discussing Jason and how he refuses to get treatment until he's taken Manny out. Sam explains to Robin that Manny is a serious threat. Robin asks Sam how she copes day in and day out knowing she could lose Jason any minute to his dangerous lifestyle?

GREYSTONE: Jason gives orders to one of the bodyguards, then heads by himself into the living room. Once he's there, he gets another headache and passes out on the floor. Michael rushes downstairs, sees Jason and tries to revive him.

THE ANTIQUE TRAIN BOUND FOR NEW YORK CITY: Lucky and Elizabeth discuss the fact that they are the only happy couple on the train. They resolve to just focus on each other and forget everyone else. They kiss.

In another compartment, Reese and Ric are still discussing Sonny and how badly he's treating them. Ric is especially upset at Sonny's treatment of Reese. He says that Sonny needs a serious wake-up call.

Meanwhile, Sonny and Emily continue talking about Carly. Sonny is upset because he knows that Carly does not want to be drugged, no matter what the doctors say. Emily reminds him that Carly is a strong person. She talks about her experience with cancer and how Nikolas' love saved her. As she is talking, they both see that Nikolas is standing nearby, listening to what she's saying.

In Jax's private car, Courtney accuses Jax of being on the train only to try to impress her. They start to argue over her belief that he's trying to control her and her pregnancy. Jax admits that he didn't want her to leave town in the first place because this is their anniversary -- it's been a year since the end of their bet and the first time they made love.

GREYSTONE: Michael calls 911 to get help for Jason. Jason barely comes to and asks Michael to get him his pills. Then he passes out again. Michael begs him not to die.

THE PASSENGER TRAIN BOUND FOR PORT CHARLES: Sam admits that she never used to get scared for Jason until he got sick. Robin notes that it sounds like Sam and Jason have the same outlook on life and how you should live in the moment. Sam tells Robin about how Jason pretended to be the father of her and Sonny's baby in order to protect Sonny's marriage to Carly. Robin says that that makes sense that Jason would want to protect Carly: "Some things never change."

THE ANTIQUE TRAIN BOUND FOR NEW YORK CITY: Emily and Nikolas are talking alone (Sonny isn't with them anymore). Nikolas is upset that Sonny is always around her all the time. Emily reminds Nik that Sonny is going through a hard time and Nikolas admits that helping people is what Emily does, it's who she is.

In Jax's private car, Jax and Courtney are remembering the bet they made. But even this turns into an argument when Courtney accuses him of trying to control her even back then. Jax admits that she won the bet fair and square. Courtney replies that even after she won, she wished she hadn't. Jax wonders if they can get back to those feelings one day.

In another compartment, Sonny comes upon Ric and Reese. He tries to ignore them but Ric won't let him -- he confronts Sonny over Sonny's treatment of Reese, saying Reese deserves better.

THE PASSENGER TRAIN BOUND FOR PORT CHARLES: Robin and Sam discuss the thing that came between Robin and Jason -- that Robin told AJ he was Michael's real father. This leads into a discussion about Carly. Robin explains that Jason was the sweetest, most generous boy after the accident...until Carly got her hooks into him with the lie that Jason was Michael's father. Sam admits that she is not a Carly fan. She tells Robin that Carly had a nervous breakdown months ago. Sam asks Robin if she thinks she would still be and Jason if not for Carly? Robin replies that she and Jason were growing apart for awhile before their breakup...but she would have liked if they could have gone on trusting each other.

GREYSTONE: The paramedics have arrived and are about to load Jason into the ambulance. Michael doesn't want to leave Jason's side. He tells the paramedics to make sure Jason lives. One of the medics promises they will do their best.

THE ANTIQUE TRAIN BOUND FOR NEW YORK CITY: Ric tries to convince Sonny not to give up on Reese. Reese tries to intervene, but Ric stops her and continues ranting at Sonny, asking Sonny to find a way to forgive Reese. Reese tells Sonny that Ric still believes in him, but that she herself thinks that they have nothing more to say. She leaves and Sonny admits to Ric that maybe they do have some more to say between them.

Courtney rejoins Nikolas in his compartment. They discuss Jax, and Courtney explains to Nik for the first time the bet she and Jax made a year ago. Nikolas thinks that talking about her past with Jax must bring up good memories for her, and she points out that it's probably the same for him with Emily. Nikolas worries that Jax will take Courtney away from him and Court admits that she feels the same way when she sees Nik and Emily together.

THE HOSPITAL: Tony is checking on Jason as a worried Monica, Alan and Michael stand-by. Alan tries to reassure Michael as Tony and Monica take Jason to take a CT scan and some tests.

ROSE LAWN: Lorenzo gives orders to one of his men to find Carly immediately. Just then he gets a call on his cell phone that Manny Ruiz has been found.

THE PASSENGER TRAIN BOUND FOR PORT CHARLES: Sam wants to call Jason so Robin goes to another area of the train so Sam can have some privacy. (Manny is lurking nearby, watching them.) Sam calls Jason's cell and Michael answers. Michael tells Sam what happened to Jason and Sam instructs him to tell Tony not to operate until she and Robin get to Port Charles. Sam hangs up and tells Robin that Jason had another seizure. She's worried about him.

THE ANTIQUE TRAIN BOUND FOR NEW YORK CITY: Sonny tells Ric that he is on the train in the first place to go and visit Carly at Rose Lawn. He worries to Ric about Carly's condition. Then he turns the conversation back toward Ric's betrayal. Sonny says that Ric disrespected him by sleeping with Reese then lying about it. Ric asks Sonny if Sonny would forgive Jason if Jason slept with Carly?

Meanwhile in another compartment, Jax and Nikolas are talking about Courtney. Nik accuses Jax of manipulating Courtney. Jax replies that Courtney is smart and perceptive and the only thing she responds to is the truth.

Lucky and Liz, meanwhile, are in Jax's compartment (which he said they could use to get some privacy). They admire how lush everything is, and then start to dance.

THE PASSENGER TRAIN BOUND FOR PORT CHARLES: Sam explains Jason's current situation to Robin, then asks Max to arrange for a chopper to wait for them at the nearest exit so they can get to Port Charles sooner. Suddenly, the lights in the train go out, freaking out the passengers.

MANNY'S HIDE-OUT: Lorenzo and his men burst through the door of a room, but instead of Manny they find a young woman sitting on the bed eating chips. Lorenzo asks her where Manny is?

THE PASSENGER TRAIN BOUND FOR PORT CHARLES: Sam and Robin race to the conductor to ask him to stop the train and alert the authorities that Manny Ruiz is on board. The conductor says he can't stop the train in the middle of a tunnel. Sam shows Robin that she has a gun and leaves to stop Manny on her own. Robin again begs the conductor to call the police because Manny is a threat to everyone on board.

THE HOSPITAL: Tony wants to operate on Jason immediately, but Michael says that they can't do that until Sam and Robin get there. Tony wants to go ahead with the surgery because it's the only way to save Jason's life. Michael begs him to leave Jason alone until Sam gets there.

THE ANTIQUE TRAIN BOUND FOR NEW YORK CITY: Sonny and Ric talk about the time that Sonny slept with Carly while she was with Jason. Sonny admits he betrayed Jason then, but that he has never once doubted anything about him (Jason). He adds that Carly is a different story, with her lies and big plans. Ric says Sonny isn't "available" to him and Reese...that Jason, not Ric, is Sonny's brother and Carly, not Reese is the woman Sonny loves. Sonny thinks the best thing for Carly would be to let her go if she gets better. Ric thinks that Carly will always be in Sonny's life.

Lucky and Elizabeth, still alone in Jax's private compartment, are still dancing. Lucky suggests that they dance all the way to New York. Elizabeth notes that everything is so perfect she wishes it could go on forever.

THE PASSENGER TRAIN BOUND FOR PORT CHARLES: The conductor tells the radio controller that a woman came into the cab and alerted him that there was a fugitive on board -- but before he can say much else, Manny comes up behind him and shoots him.

MANNY'S HIDE-OUT: Lorenzo demands that the young lady tell him where Carly is. She tells him that it's too late, that Carly is already dead.

THE PASSENGER TRAIN BOUND FOR PORT CHARLES: Sam and Robin are looking on the train for Manny, as Max checks the back comparment. Suddenly they notice that the train is speeding up. They decide to go check the front where the conductor is.

THE HOSPITAL: Jason doesn't want the surgery, but he's very weak...Tony tells him he's not thinking clearly. Monica steps in and refuses to allow the surgery until Robin and Sam arrive.

THE PASSENGER TRAIN BOUND FOR PORT CHARLES: Robin and Sam find that the conductor has been shot. Manny is nowhere to be seen. Sam and Robin try to stop the train, but it's too late and it crashes into the antique train carrying everyone from Port Charles.

THE ANTIQUE TRAIN BOUND FOR NEW YORK CITY: The train crashes, sending everyone on board (Reese, Ric, Elizabeth, Lucky, Sonny, Alexis, Emily, Nikolas, Courtney and Jax) flying this way and that.

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