GH Update Wednesday 11/2/05

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/2/05


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Lucky and Elizabeth wake up in their honeymoon suite very happy.

Nikolas and Emily get the place straightened up after everybody has left the wedding. And they talk about old memories. He asks her if she might be free to go out with him and Nikolas and Elizabeth. He reminds her that they are not going away to Europe for a while and the four of them should do things together like old times. But there is tension knowing that he does not want to shut Courtney out of his life and that she is pregnant.

A guy at Roselawn calls Sonny’s and Michael gets the phone. Michael asks if his mom is getting better. At Roselawn, Manny is sneaking around.

Jason and Sam return home and again, she is very worried about his headaches and refusal to try Robin’s treatment.

Nikolas tells Emily that he has not asked Courtney to come with him to be with Lucky and Elizabeth and he respects the fact that she might have a problem with that. She sounds like she is losing patience in regard to Nikolas’ dilemma about whether to be with her or with Courtney.

Sam tells Jason that she’s very concerned that Robin went to the drastic measure of calling Sonny because he did not have the courtesy to return her call. She tells him she’s going to Manhattan to see Robin and talk to her about the procedure with or without him. He then asks her to wait. He opens the door and asks Max to accompany Sam and make sure he does not leave her side while she is in Manhattan. He tells Sam she must promise him to stay with Max. She tells him it’s amazing that he’d do anything to save her life but will not save his own life. And if he won’t do what he needs to do for himself, she will have to do it for him.

Right then, Robin is speaking at a press conference about being HIV positive. She tells the story about how she was first diagnosed when she was only 17. She admits that she was too young to vote but not too young to fall in love with a boy who found out he had aids. She relives her relationship with a guy named Stone. And she tells the people at the meeting that she has been very fortunate to be blessed with a good family and have the opportunity to be a doctor.

The doctor tells Sonny that Carly is really losing it. She is having paranoid delusions. He suggests putting her on anti psychotics. Sonny tells him absolutely not. The doctor says he realizes he is against drugs but Carly’s condition is deteriorating. Sonny tells him if he gives Carly anything stronger than aspirin, she is out of there. He gets off the phone and Michael asks if something bad happened to his mom.

Right then, Manny is outside Carly’s windows attempting to remove the windows from the hinges. Carly might not be so paranoid and delusional after all.

Nikolas and Emily go to find Lucky and Elizabeth in their room and tell them they better get ready for their train soon. It looks like Emily is enjoying being with her ex husband again. Elizabeth and Lucky get ready to go with them to Manhattan on the train.

Lorenzo is with Skye at the hospital. She tells Alan that he should thank Lorenzo for his charitable donation to the hospital. Alan makes a sarcastic comment about how Lorenzo is a very high class gangster. Lorenzo then gets a call from Carly’s doctor asking for authorization to put her on heavy medication because of how sick she is. He informs Lorenzo that Sonny refused to consider medication although Carly needs it. And he realizes that Lorenzo is her husband and therefore can legally make a decision in her behalf before Sonny can.

Nikolas talks to Courtney about coming with him on the train trip to Manhattan. They make all their plans and sound happy. But Jax comes in and hears their conversation and tells them it’s not going to happen. He reminds them that Courtney is still legally married to him and carrying his baby and he’s not going to risk another miscarriage occurring.

Emily goes to the train station and runs into Alexis, wondering what she is doing there. Alexis tells Emily that she is leaving Ric because it just won’t work out for them and he slept with Reese Marshall. Emily informs Alexis that she accepts the fact that Nikolas is in love with Courtney and feels similar in wanting to divorce her husband and cut him loose. Alexis tells Emily she adores her nephew but he is an insensitive clod to be parading his new girlfriend in front of her. She tells Emily it’s just not right and she needs to assert her right not to put up with that.

Reese runs into Ric and tells him she’s planning on moving to Manhattan because it’s time to move on. He asks her to ride with him and stay with him when he goes to find a place to live so that he can be close to his baby when it’s born. And he invites her to ride along with him on the train to Manhattan.

Right then, Manny enters Carly’s room and tells her he knows who she is and he informs her that Sonny and Jason are going to die and she is going to help him make that happen.

Jason tells Sonny that he heard that Manny was near Carly’s room. Sonny tells him he need not worry about Manny. He tells Jason that he heard Manny might have died in a plane crash. But Jason tells Sonny that Manny is still alive. He handcuffed Jason to a chair and made Jason watch him put his hands all over Sam. Sonny tells Jason that Sam’s main concern is about him. Jason admits to Sonny that Robin is trying to contact him about this medication that he refuses to take. And Sam will not accept his decision to decline it. Sonny tells Jason that he needs to realize how he’s hurting Michael, himself and Sam and so many others not to give it a shot. Jason tells sonny that he cannot risk what that drug could do to him. And Sonny should be concerned because he heard that Manny has snuck into Roselawn and might hurt Carly. Jason needs to protect her from Manny, he reminds Sonny. Sonny then concludes that it’s fine with him if Jason wants to go to Roselawn to talk to Carly if he wants.

At the end of Robin’s speech, Sam comes by and meets her and urges her not to give up on Jason. They also discuss Robin’s history with Jason, how he does not like doctors or drugs and how she and Jason were once in love and he broke her heart and felt that she betrayed him.

When Alexis is on her train ride, she finds it more than coincidental that Ric and Reese just happen to be on board very close by. She tells him that she finds it more than coincidental that they happen to be together and on the very same train ride she is on. She suggests that they take a bus because she is 500 years pregnant and trying to get away from her husband. She does not need him bringing his mistress and rubbing her nose in that. Reese protests that she is not Ric’s mistress and Ric tells Alexis that he plans to be in his child’s life whether she believes him or wants him to or not.

Sam introduces Robin to max and tells her she had to go to Manhattan with or without Jason. Robin agrees to help Jason but tells Sam there are no guarantees.

Ric and Reese talk about how Nikolas loves to travel in style. She remarks that it was very thoughtful of Elizabeth to invite them to ride with them. They observe that it’s a three hour train ride and that that they have to find a way to “all get along”. And they are obviously talking about the fact that Alexis is right there with them and not happy.

Jason goes to Roselawn and talks to Dr. Kim about seeing Carly. And he finds out that Manny just got hired as a groundskeeper. And from that, he is able to “shed light” on why the hospital staff believe that Carly is having “paranoid delusions” about some strange guy coming into her room.

Right then, Lorenzo comes to see Sonny and tells him that he just got a call from Roselawn about Sonny’s refusal to put Carly on medication although she needs it. Sonny tells Lorenzo that he refuses to have her drugged and does nto believe that Lreonzo cares about her. The very reason she had the breakdown in the first place is because Lorenzo abandoned her. Lorenzo argues with Sonny that he is controlling and has eroded Carly’s sanity all these years. And Sonny must not prevent Carly from getting the help she needs. He also reminds Sonny that he is still legally Carly’s husband. But Carly tells Lorenzo if he drugs Carly, he will kill Lorenzo.

Jason tells Dr. Kim that he needs to put extra security by Carly’s room because they let a psychopath on their premises. Dr. Kim tells Jason that it is against hospital policy to put so many security officials by one person’s door and what carly needs is medication. Jason tells him that the very reason she is afraid of a crazy man walking into her room is because it really happened. And she does not need medication. If she gets drugged, she will just be an easier target.

Lorenzo tells Sonny he may shoot him if he wants. This would not be the first time Sonny shot Lorenzo for trying to help Carly. But he tells Sonny he needs to realize that his arrogance is preventing her from getting the help she needs.

Lucky and Elizabeth say goodbye to Cameron and leave him with her grandmother. Her grandmother assures them that she and Cameron will have a great time together and she is so happy for them.

When Courtney agrees to go with Nikolas on the train, they feel a little awkward to see Emily and know that there is a bit of a seating problem and too many people crowded on the train. But they notice that Ric and Reese are causing as much gossip as they are and they talk about how Ric and Alexis have as much drama in their lives as any of them have. Jax then appears and only seems to want to be cordial to Alexis and Ric.

Lorenzo goes to Roselawn to see Carly. Dr. Kim informs him that Sonny called and told him he refused to put her on medication and didn’t want Lorenzo near Carly. Lorenzo tells Dr. Kim that he is concerned but doesn’t want to force medication upon Carly unless there is no other way. He goes into her room but discovers she is gone.

Sam talks to Robin about taking a train out of Manhattan back to Port Charles.

It looks like Manny has snuck onto a train.

On the train, Alexis tells Jax that maybe he should accept the reality that Courtney wants to be with Nikolas. But she also hopes the baby is his. She tells him she may sound like a hypocrite but she has an excuse because she is hormonal.

Ric tells Reese that he knows a part of her still wants Sonny to come after her. She tells him she knows that he also wants Sonny to forgive him and apologize and take him back.

Sonny then calls Emily and tells her he’s going to visit Carly at Roselawn and has a dilemma on his hands about whether to have Carly on medication. Right then, Lucky and Elizabeth ask Emily to take a picture of them.

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