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At the wedding, Ric gets drunk and announces that he’s committed the ultimate betrayal to his brother by sleeping with Reese. Noticing Alexis standing there, he assumes that she, too will never forgive him. But she tells him it is not important to her that he slept with Reese once. She just wishes he’d pull himself together.

After the wedding festivities, Lucky and Elizabeth propose toasts to each other and to their honored guests, Nikolas and Emily. Jax is standing nearby and notices Courtney across the room, looking uncomfortable and isolated. He knows she is not happy to have found out that he is the father of her baby.

Ned comes in to be with Alexis when he notices what is happening with Ric. She tells him it’s not that big of a deal. What is a wedding without a drama, a meltdown, a drunken episode?, she tells him. Right then everybody else leaves and Alexis tells him that he’s lost his audience. Ned Ashton is there and tells Ric he needs to get off the table. Alexis tells him his little scene is over. Ned then asks Alexis to go and dance with him. Ric assumes that Alexis might get back with Ned. But she tells Ned that she and her husband are going to attempt to resolve their differences. Ned leaves them alone. She asks Ric what is wrong with him. He tells her that he’s too drunk to understand priorities. She tells him that he’s getting too upset over Sonny. He tells her that she also has a bee in her bonnet about Sonny.

Emily and Nikolas announce that they have planned a honeymoon for Lucky and Elizabeth where they ride a train through Manhattan. Nikolas informs them that he’s arranged for them both to get some time off from work.

Luke and Tracy talk about their own “nuptials”. She tells him she does not remember anything but thinks it must have been a drunken escapade. He tells her that was exactly what it was and they go off together, both failing to feel the joy of the wedding.

Sam tells Jason that she knows he does not like his options. But if he does not get help, he could die. He tells her that since Robin’s treatment is experimental, he does not know if it would leave him blind or paralyzed. Knowing she is planning on going off somewhere, he tells her he does not want her traveling by herself because it will be too dangerous. He knows that Manny is out there somewhere.

Right then, Manny sneaks into Roselawn disguised with a knit cap over his head and clothes to cover his tattoos. He notices many containers of medications and discovers the one that is marked for Carly Corinthos. Right then, an attendant asks Manny if he can help him. Manny smiles and says he thinks the attendant can help him.

Jason asks Sam why she is so convinced that Robin’s medicine will work. The other kind didn’t. And sometimes there is no cure. Right then the phone rings. Jason gets it. He tells Sam that his informant told him that somebody thought they saw Manny at Roselawn, where Carly is.

Manny tells the attendant at Roselawn that he wants to be close to a family member who is in the facility. He also tells him that he heard that there was a gardening position open. Manny tells him that he believes that planting flowers is very relaxing. The guy tells Manny he may contact the personnel office in the morning and he leaves. Manny is left in Roselawn alone. HE has a big smirk on his face.

Alone with Elizabeth, Emily tells her that she has to cut her ties and cut her losses with Nikolas because he is in love wit Courtney and she might, very well be pregnant with his child.

Alone with Lucky, Nikolas tells him that he wants to be there for Courtney and be in her baby’s life. Lucky reminds him that Courtney is still legally married to Jax. But it doesn’t seem to matter to Nikolas.

Alexis tells Ric that she loves him but she will no longer beg him to come home with her. She tells him that she’s already begged him to come home. But he’s refused to be there for her and instead chose his brother. She reminds him that he must realize that Sonny is a loser. Ric looks at her, annoyed and tells her that we are all users. She tells him that she thought that the baby would enable him to change his priorities. But she was stupid to believe that because it’s obvious it will never happen. He tells her that he will love that child no matter what. But he’s not certain he can be what she-or anybody-wants him to be. And he walks off.

Elizabeth tells Emily she must see that Nikolas could not take is eyes off of her all during the wedding. But Emily tells Elizabeth, again, that they both played their roles for the wedding. But nothing has changed. They are divorcing because they realize they could not make it work.

Lucky also encourages Nikolas to get back with Emily. But Nikolas admits to Lucky that he may not want Emily back. Lucky asks Nikolas if he is really willing to throw away all he’s had with Emily. Nikolas tells Lucky that he will not turn his back on Courtney. HE loves her and knows that Jax does not.

Emily tells Elizabeth that Nikolas was once the love of her life. But things have changed and she must move on. She tells Elizabeth that her going back to Nikolas would be just as foolish as Courtney going back to Jax.

At the hospital, Reese walks outside her room with an IV pole and sees Ric. He reveals to her that he got drunk at the wedding and announced to everybody that he slept with her. He was upset after Sonny got rid of him. They smile together both realizing there may be nothing more for them at Port Charles. He tells her that he thinks the reason they slept together had nothing to do with Sonny or Alexis. IT was about them needing each other. But she tells him that they may have both lost their respective partners for good.

Jason and Sam go to Roselawn and show the director a picture of Manny and asks if he’s seen this man. The doctor says he has not and asks what they want.. Jason says that he is concerned about Carly Corinthos and would like to see her. He tells Jason they usually do not allow people from the outside to see their patients unless they are immediate family. Jason tells him that he is very much like family to Carly. The director then agrees to let them see Carly but warns Jason not to expect very much because Carly is still very fragile. Right then, Jason and Sam go up the stairs to Carly’s room. And they know that Manny is lurking through the hallway right outside her room. Jason pulls out his gun and demands that nobody moves or he shoots. A guy appears wearing a knit cap, just like Manny and turns around to show his face. IT’s just some poor patient walking out of his room. The doctor demands he gets back in his room. Jason apologizes to the doctor for upsetting his patient. But he’s very concerned about Carly and how Manny is still on the loose.

At the end of the wedding, Nikolas announces that now is the time for Mr. and Mrs. Lucky Spencer to come into the world as husband and wife. Lucky and Elizabeth enter together and he tells them that their carriage awaits. Monica and Alan tell Emily that they know that her grandmother would have loved every second of this. And Alan tells Emily that if she and Nikolas can work such magic for their friends, then maybe they can do it for themselves.

Courtney goes off by herself. Mike follows his daughter and tells her she cannot go home alone. Right then, Jax appears. Mike tells him he better leave Courtney alone. But Courtney tells her father it is ok. She can talk to Jax. He tells her that before finding out she was pregnant with his baby, he was ok about walking away and just being friends. But now, there is no way he can do that.

Lorenzo and Skye have some champagne and he asks her if she wants to go to Eurpoe with him. She tells him she cannot. He tells her that he believes that they could have fun together. She says she has no doubt that they could have fun—until she looks into his eyes and sees that he’s still in love with Courtney. But he tells her that she needn’t worry about Courtney and he kisses her.

At the hospital, Reese suggests to Ric that they consider going out of town and setting up a law partnership. He tells her he cannot leave town because of Alexis and the baby. Alexis appears. He asks her if she is at the hospital because of the baby. She tells him the baby is fine. But the two of them is another story.

Elizabeth tells Lucky that they have some pretty amazing friends who have given them the perfect wedding. He tells her it’s not over yet and he kisses her.

Right when Lorenzo and Skye are kissing, she pulls away and tells him they cannot do this. Tracy is viewing them. Skye tells Lorenzo it’s going too fast and they must realize they are still hung up on other people. But he tells her it’s pretty simple and maybe a few days in Europe could get her away from “what’s his face”. Tracy tells Skye she is very foolish to turn down the opportunity of her life. She must realize that she will never have Luke. Tracy tells Skye that she must realize that Luke has given up on love. That makes him mor suited for Tracy. He’s not going to divorce her and take up with Skye. Tracy tells Skye that she should realize that Lorenzo, on the other hand, is capable of real love. So Skye should consider Lorenzo and get over Luke.

Luke asks Lulu why she cannot be like a “real kid” to him. She protests to her father that a “Real kid” is somebody you can spend time with, be a real father to and remember the age of. He tells her he once took her ice fishing and she seemed to enjoy it. She reveals to him that she pretended to enjoy it, tagged along and froze her butt off just for him. But she did not enjoy it. She also concludes to him that Lucky has found the right person and has found love. He learned that from him and their mother. That’s one thing he can pass along to his child. But she tells her father that she’s given up on him regardless. Luke, again, seems a lot more comfortable around Tracy than around anybody else. At least, she is not putting pressure on him to change.

Courtney reminds Jax that it was once his plan to ruin families and now he wants to play family man. He tells her he’s made many mistakes but wants to be able to change that. She tells him that she is now in love with Nikolas and he, too, needs to move on and find somebody else. But he tells her everything is different now. They must both consider that child.

Alexis tells Ric that she is leaving town. Dr. meadows knows all about her plans to go away until the baby is born and she’s taking Kristina with her. He asks her when he will see her again. She tells him that she is not coming back.

Skye goes to find Luke. He tells her he just wants to drink and was not happy about this wedding. But she tells him that she could tell that he really felt the love that his son has for his new bride. Luke admits that Lucky and Elizabeth might have a good shot at making it work. But they have a lot of hardships ahead of them. He does not envy them and is glad that “that part” of his life is over. She tells him she wants to be there for him. He tells her thank you but he does not need anything right now. And he walks out the door.

Alone with his new bride, Lucky pours some champagne.

Courtney finds Nikolas and tells him that Jax is not going to sign off on the baby and believes the child deserves to have both its parents in its life. He tells her he respects that. And he tells her that whatever choice she makes for herself and the baby, he will support it. And she tells him she feels like she owes her child a chance to be with both of its parents. He asks her if that means that she wants to get back with Jax.

Emily finds Jax and tells him that she has known that Courtney is pregnant for a while but has just now found out that he is the father. He tells her he realizes that everybody is surprised. He tells her that he wants to be a good father to the baby and see if he can get Courtney back. She tells him that it may not be easy. He tells her that he’s not afraid of a challenge. And he asks her if she believes in forgiveness.

Alexis tells Ric that she’s splitting town whether he approves or not. He tells her that even if he does, Sonny will not approve of her taking Kristina away. She walks away and he appears very upset.

Sam and Jason walk around the hallway outside of Carly’s room but cannot find Manny. Right then, Manny walks into Carly’s room. She appears to be sitting in a chair unaware that he is right behind her. He smirks.

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