GH Update Monday 10/31/05

General Hospital Update Monday 10/31/05


Written By Jenn
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After Sonny has found out that Ric has slept with Reese, Ric tells Sonny he’s not going to dismiss him like one of his employees. Sonny doesn’t want to listen to his brother but Ric tells him that he must listen.

Robin calls Jason. He asks her how she got his number. She tells him she must talk to him.

Lucky and Elizabeth’s wedding is underway. Emily and Nikolas are both important parts of the wedding. But Courtney sits by herself in the aisle as a guest, not looking happy. Jax notices her and tells her he knows she has something on her mind. At first she tells him nothing is going on. But he tells her he wants her to stop lying and was hoping they were past that. Hearing that, she informs him that she is pregnant with his child.

Right then Elizabeth comes down the aisle wearing her white wedding dress with a long train. And she faces Lucky. The priest performs the ceremony with a long speech. He also asks if anybody in the audience has just cause for why these two people should not be joined in holy matrimony, that they must speak now or forever hold their peace. Luke has come to the wedding and is behaving himself and keeping his mouth shut. Both Bobbie and Skye look at him believing he will say something but he says nothing. The priest then asks Lucky and Elizabeth if they take each other as lawfully wedded spouses. Lucky tells Elizabeth that they have been together since they were teenagers. And although they could not keep the promises they made then, they can now promise a lifetime of commitment. He promises to be the best husband to her and father to Cameron that he could ever be. He tells her he loved her then and he loves her now and will always love her.

Robin tells Jason that Tony Jones asked her if she could help him with her research. Hearing that, he reminds her that he never authorized Tony to share his medical records with her. She protests that his life could be in danger. But he hangs up. Sam hears him and tells him he cannot do that. He needs Robin’s help.

Ric tells Sonny that he cannot accuse Reese of betraying him. She laid down her life for him and his kids. She did not ever intend to hurt or betray him. And when she slept with Ric, Sonny was ready to dismiss her and she was ready to leave town. Alexis was ready to divorce Ric. Both Ric and Reese felt dumped and free to do as they wanted. And it was just one night. Sonny tells Ric it’s not the sex that he’s upset about. It’s the lie. And he cannot trust Ric or Reese.

Elizabeth tells Lucky that she remembers him as the handsome boy who rescued her. And she promises that she will never take him or their love for granted. She will always stand by his side, love, support and cherish him as long as they both shall live. The priests asks for the rings. They put the rings on each other’s fingers and say their vows. He then pronounces them husband and wife. And everybody cheers.

Ric tells Sonny he knows how convenient it would be for Sonny to make him disappear. But Sonny must remember that he is family. Sonny tells Ric that biology makes no difference to him. Michael is biologically nothing to him but is his son. Jason is biologically nothing to him but is his brother. He tells Ric that his failure to tell Sonny that he slept with Reese was a lie. And if he cannot trust Ric, they are not brothers regardless of biology. Ric tells Sonny that he knows that it would be so easy for Sonny to go back to hating him. Sonny tells Ric that hating him would require energy. He tells Ric he could care less about him and wants nothing more to do about him. And Ric may go back to his pregnant wife because he is done with both of them. Ric, then goes out the door and tells Sonny he deserves whatever he gets.

Alone, Sonny calls the director of Roselawn to find out how Carly is doing. It seems like she’s pretty messed up. Sonny then gets a call. It’s Robin Scorpio informing him that she needs his help. She asks Sonny if he’s heard about the research that Tony Jones is doing with her. Sonny tells her that Sam informed him about that. She tells Sonny that he must convince Jason that he needs to try this procedure. Sonny tells her that it must be Jason’s own decision.

Jason tells Sam that he does not want to be dependent on Robin to save his life. She tells him that he promised her that they would have a future together and he cannot give up on her without a fight. He tells her he will not but he has to keep her safe. He needs to keep Manny away from her. And he has to go out and take care of some things. He grabs his jacket and goes out the door.

At the wedding, Nikolas makes an announcement and informs everybody that he chose this place because of its historic significance. It was the place where Lucky and Elizabeth first met and fell in love. HE tells the story about how they shared their first dance in the garden outside. And on the occasion of his brother’s wedding to his beautiful bride, he and Emily have arranged this place for them to dance together inside the ballroom as husband and wife. And he presents to everybody, Lucky and Elizabeth Spencer. Lucky and Elizabeth dance together to classical music. Everybody stands around and watches happily.

Georgie reminds Dillon that Lucky and Elizabeth were younger than they are now when the first fell in love. Lanie tells Justus that this is the kind of wedding that girls dream about. Jax goes to talk to Alexis noticing that she needs to rest her feet. He has just told her about the startling information that Courtney has given him. Right then, they notice Courtney going out the door and Alexis encourages him to go and talk to her. Skye notices Luke not looking happy and drinking. She tells him she wishes he would be happy for his son. But he has his worries. Alan tells Emily that he can see how comfortable she is there and he knows that she and Nikolas are still very much in love. He tells her that he never disliked Nikolas. He didn’t care for his family but always knew that Nikolas was the man for his daughter. Nikolas goes to see Courtney. He can tells that she is not happy. She informs him that she got the DNA results back and has found out that Jax is the father of her baby. He looks just as disappointed as she is and they admit that they both wanted it to be his instead. He tells her he still wants to be with her and be as much of a father as he can to the child. Right then, Jax walks in and tells Nikolas that he, alone will be the father to his own child. Luke kisses Elizabeth and tells her she is a very beautiful bride. He admits to her that he’s lost his faith in the institution of marriage but is now counting on her and his son to change his mind. Maxie is with Lucas not happy that she is alone and Jesse is dancing with Brook Lynn. Ric comes by and congratulates Elizabeth. He tells her he regrets ending his marriage to her due to his ridiculous obsession with his brother. She can tell that he is upset about something. All the women then gather around and pose for a picture.

Sonny tells Sam that Robin just called him and told him that without this procedure, Jason could die. Sam cries and tells Sonny how worried she is that Jason doesn’t want to do anything to save his life. She cannot get through to him. Sonny puts his arm around her and admits that he shares her grief. Right then, Jason enters and does not look happy to see Sonny holding Sam.

Maxie goes to Kelly’s and finds Jesse. He has a surprise for her. He tells her that it’s all about her. He turns on some music and tells her that she is an incredible and beautiful girl. And he has a birthday cake for her. She makes a wish and blows out the candles. And he kisses her.

Jax tells Nikolas that he’d like to speak to his “wife” alone. Nikolas leaves. Jax asks Courtney why she chose to tell him now for the first time that she is pregnant and he is the father. She tells him that she did not know who the baby’s father was until now. She did not tell him she was pregnant because she did not want him to get his hopes up. He tells her he wants to raise this child together as husband and wife. But she tells him they cannot.

Nikolas then comes back in the empty ballroom and runs into Emily who can tell he is very upset about something. She asks him what happened. He informs her that Courtney got the paternity test back that confirmed that Jax is the father.

Inside they are having all the festivities. Alexis finds Ric. She can tell that he is upset and notices he was gone a long time. He tells her he has had a busy day and Sonny has fired him.

When Jason observes Sam crying and Sonny holding her, he asks them what is going on. Sam goes to leave them alone to talk. Sonny tells Jason that what is going on is that Sam told him that without treatment, he could die. That was why she was crying. And he asks Jason how he can be so selfish.

Luke finds Lulu and asks if she has a hug for her old man. She does not seem happy to see him and tells him he doesn’t even know that it’s her birthday or care about her. He doesn’t even know how old she is. He tells her he assumes she is 15. She tells him she is 17. Right then, Tracy comes in and tells Luke she’s glad that he is an absentee father because she does not want Lulu to live with them.

Ric gets drunk and talks to Mike and Alexis about how Sonny is impossible. Mike goes to get Ric come coffee. Ric tells Alexis that Mike is such a nice and easygoing guy. And how can he have a son who is so uptight and selfish? But he tells Alexis he can see that she is happy to know that he no longer has a “dangerous job”. She tells him that she knows that he will be going back and begging for Sonny’s forgiveness and she is not happy with that. He tells her that Sonny felt betrayed by the lies. She tells him she was worried about that also. Ric then gets up on the table and announces to everybody that Sonny decided to slam the door in his face one more time because of the great betrayal in that he (Ric) slept with Reese.

Sonny tells Jason that he knows he is not afraid to die. But there are so many people who do not want to lose him. He is one. So are his family and Sam and many others. Jason protests that he cannot live in a wheelchair for the rest of his life and depend on Sam to take care of him. It would make him a loser. He should be able to protect her and be a real man. Sonny tells Jason that he is very selfish not to realize that he has a woman who loves him and who would do anything for him. And for her, Jason must do whatever he can to stay alive. Sonny leaves and Sam comes out. Jason looks at her startled. She looks like she’s ready to leave and he doesn’t want her to.

Robin is alone in her room on her computer. She gets a call from her assistant at the hospital, asking if she can fill in for somebody who cannot come in. But it sounds like she still has Jason on the brain.

Jax tells Courtney that since they are going to be parents, they at least owe it to the child to give it another try. But she tells them that they cannot keep living a lie. And she doesn’t want to hurt him again. He reminds her that Nikolas might get back with Emily.

Inside, everybody is happy with Lucky and Elizabeth as they toast their wedding.

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