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General Hospital Update Friday 10/28/05


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[The beginning of this episode was pre-empted by an ABC News special report.]

REESE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Reese asks Sonny not to give up on a relationship with Ric just because of the one-night-stand. Sonny says that he thinks that Reese ended up with the wrong brother.

THE HOSPITAL: Courtney tells Mike that there is no mistake in the paternity test. Mike asks her what happens now and she explains that even though Nikolas is busy getting things ready for Elizabeth and Lucky's wedding, she needs to tell him right away.

LUCKY AND ELIZABETH: Lucky is getting ready in what looks like a room above Kelly's (I can't tell). Elizabeth, meanwhile, is getting ready at her and Lucky's loft. Both of them seem dis-satisfied with their clothes. Nikolas pops in to visit Lucky and Emily shows up to see Elizabeth. In connecting scenes, Emily and Nikolas present their friends with elegant invitations inviting them to the fairy tale wedding of their dreams. Lucky and Elizabeth are thrilled.

WYNDEMERE: Jax and Alexis are outside in the courtyard of Wyndemere. Alexis assures Jax that he will one day have children of his own. They are suddenly joined by Helena. Helena sees pregnant Alexis and wonders if Jax is the father of her baby? Jax asks Alexis what Helena is doing here and Helena replies that since the Cassadine family is expecting a blessed event she couldn't stay away.

Meanwhile, inside the ballroom, Courtney has arrived and she is soon joined by members of the Quartermaine family (Alan, Monica, Tracy, Ned, Justus, Justus' date Lainey, and the Quartermaine maid Alice). Tracy and Alan both get digs in at Courtney for the way she ruined Emily's marriage. Tracy is happy that Jason and AJ had the good sense not to have children with Courtney, meaning that the Quartermaine tree is free of any Corinthos brats. Courtney looks uncomfortable.

THE HOSPITAL: Sam and Jason are with Tony discussing the headaches. Sam wants Tony to tell them more about Robin's treatments, but Jason doesn't want to hear about it -- he says he can live with the headaches. Tony and Jason leave to run some more tests. Sam sees Sonny and asks him to tell her everything he knows about Robin Scorpio.

REESE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Ric stops by to see Reese at her request. He mentions that he is on his way to Elizabeth's wedding. Reese tells him that Sonny heard them talking yesterday and now knows about their one-night-stand.

THE HOSPTIAL: Sonny explains that Robin hurt Jason by telling the truth about Michael's paternity -- but Sonny also thinks that Robin is a brilliant doctor. Sam gets excited thinking about the possibility that Robin could help Jason. She and Sonny are interrupted by Jason himself, who tells them that since he is the one who is sick he will decide how to deal with it.

WYNDEMERE: Helena tells Jax and Alexis that she has received an early parole, and she's taken the time to familiarize herself with Nikolas' recent activities (she is referring to Courtney's pregnancy, though Alexis and Jax don't know this of course). She makes a snide remark about Courtney, who shows up and tells Helena that, "Nobody cares what you think."

Meanwhile in one of the upstairs rooms at Wyndemere, Audrey is visiting with Elizabeth and Emily. She presents Elizabeth with a gift, a hankerchief monogramed with the initials EWS for "Elizabeth Webber Spencer." Audrey and Elizabeth tell one another how much they love each other, then they hug.

Downstairs, Nikolas is showing Lucky around one of the hallways, which is all decorated for the wedding. Lesley Lu (Lulu) their younger sister has arrived -- they hug her. Even more guests are arriving...Lesley, Bobbie, Maxie, Jesse, Georgie and Dillon. Lucky and Nikolas greet the new arrivals. Bobbie says that the fact that Luke isn't here is his loss. She takes a picture of Lucky with Lulu and Nikolas.

Georgie and Dillon sneak away to the ballroom...Georgie says it's just how she imagined it. Dillon breaks out his Ipod, with two sets of earphones so he and Georgie can listen to music while they practice a dance out on the dancefloor.

Back out in the courtyard, Alexis urges Courtney to try her kickboxing skills on Helena. Helena says, ", we all know that Courtney shouldn't exert herself." Courtney tells Helena to leave, and Jax backs her up on that. Nikolas also shows up and tells Helena to leave. Jax turns to Courtney and asks her what Helena meant about not exerting herself?

Lorenzo and Skye have arrived, and they are greeted by Lucky. Skye apologizes to him that she was unable to convince Luke to come. Lucky says that even if Luke isn't here, he knows Luke loves him in his own way.

Upstairs where Elizabeth is getting ready, she and Emily and Audrey are joined by Bobbie, Lulu and Lesley. Seeing that Elizabeth has her "something new" (from the "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" wedding tradition) -- Audrey's handkerchief -- Lulu and Lesley present Elizabeth with "something old"...some beautiful pearls that have been in the Webber family for generations. Bobbie presents Elizabeth with "something borrowed" -- a pretty bracelet that belonged to Ruby. Elizabeth is touched by these gifts and the outpouring of emotion from all the women in the room with her.

REESE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Reese tells Ric that she tried to explain to Sonny that it was just one night, but that he's done with her now and there's no going back. She adds that she tried to ask Sonny to go easy on Ric, but Ric, while thanking her, replies that she doesn't need to fight his battles for him. Ric is worried because he doesn't know what to do now. Reese tells him to go and try to enjoy Elizabeth's wedding...and Sonny will come to him when he's ready.

THE HOSPITAL: Back in the hospital lobby, Sonny is trying to encourage Jason to take Robin's treatment. Just then they are joined by John Durant who informs them that the plane carrying Manny Ruiz went down -- there are no survivors. John is sure that Manny is dead. He leaves. Jason tells Sonny and Sam that he doesn't buy it -- he thinks Manny set up the crash and is now coming after them again.

WYNDEMERE: Lucky and Nikolas are bonding a bit before the wedding is about to start. They are amazed that they have come so far after their first meeting (which didn't go very well). Lucky says that Nik is the best brother he could ever ask for. Nikolas thanks him and leaves to go play host. Lucky sits down on a bench, thinking to himself. He is surprised when he is joined by Luke, who is decked out in a tuxedo for the wedding. Luke asks Lucky what he's doing outside by himself and Lucky replies that he's talking to his mom Laura. Luke admits he talks to Laura all the time too, and that she is the one who told him he couldn't miss his son's big day. Luke also admits that he is both happy and terrified for Lucky taking a step toward marriage. He says he hopes Lucky and Elizabeth are together for the rest of their lives. Lucky asks him why he's so bitter and he replies that he doesn't know -- he just wants Lucky to fight for his life and for his love for Elizabeth. Luke and Lucky then exchange "I love you's" and share a tender hug.

Back in the room where Elizabeth is getting ready, she is spending some time bonding with Cameron and Emily before her walk down the ailse. Elizabeth tells Cameron that after tonight Lucky will be his daddy. Emily tells Elizabeth that she and Cameron got her another present -- Elizabeth opens the small box and finds a blue ribbon and lace garter -- her "something blue" for the wedding. Elizabeth says that everything is perfect, just like it should be.

Back outside in the courtyard, Helena and Luke are having an exchange. Helena says that their meeting on this day, the day of another Spencer wedding, is "rather perfect." Luke warns her that if she's here to curse his son's marriage, he will throw her over the parapet. Helena responds that she has returned to deal with her family, not his.

Meanwhile, inside, Jax is confronting Courtney over the fact that he believes Helena's comment about her not exerting herself means that she's sick. Courtney tries to convince him that there's nothing wrong with her, but Jax doesn't seem to be buying it. Nikolas approaches them and she immediately says, "I need to talk to you." Nikolas is about to take her somewhere private to talk, when they are interrupted by Lucky, who reminds Nikolas that the wedding is supposed to start at 7:00. Nikolas tells Courtney that he will talk to her in a little bit -- then he addresses the wedding guests and tells them to follow him into the ballroom. Courtney looks nervous.

[The rest of the episode was interrupted by an ABC News Special Report]

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