GH Update Thursday 10/27/05

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/27/05


Written By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

THE PARK: Lucky brings Elizabeth to the park for a special date before their wedding. She is thrilled. They kiss.

WYNDEMERE: Courtney has run into Helena in the ballroom of Wyndemere. Helena is delighted that Courtney is possibly pregnant with the next Cassdaine heir, but Courtney assures her she will never have anything to do with this baby, whether it's Nikolas' or not.

THE HOSPITAL: Ric and Sonny are at the hospital talking about Reese. Ric says that Alexis has an appointment with Dr. Meadows he has to get to. He leaves.

Sonny goes into Reese's hospital room...she is unconcious and having flashbacks to the one night stand she had with Ric. Sonny says her name and (still asleep) she responds, "Ric?" Sonny looks surprised.

MANNY'S HIDE-OUT: Jason is hurt and Sam is trying to get him out of there...but Manny stops them. He orders Sam to drop the gun and tells her that she can kiss him while Jason watches -- then afterward, he'll kill Jason.

THE PARK: Lucky and Elizabeth are waiting for "the magic hour" -- midnight of their wedding day. They look up at the tower of the MetroCourt, where the top penthouse lights are all lit up. Lucky wonders if they'll ever have a place like that. Elizabeth says that with him, this is as rich as she ever needs to be.

WYNDEMERE: Helena informs Courtney that if the baby is a Cassadine, it is heir to a dynasty and Helena herself will control its future. Nikolas shows up and threatens to have the police take Helena back to prison. Helena explains that she has been granted an early release. Emily comes in on Nikolas' heels -- she is surprised to see Helena. Helena chides Emily, saying that Emily has been discarded and Nik's only thought now is for the mother of his child. Everyone looks uncomfortable.

THE HOSPITAL: Jax runs into Alexis at the hospital (she is waiting for her appointment). They talk about how he still wants a baby of his own. Ric arrives and Jax leaves. Ric is a little worried because it's the baby's due-date and Alexis hasn't started to go into labor yet. Alexis doesn't seem that concerned, saying that since Kristina was premature, this baby is obviously the opposite. Dr. Meadows arrives for their appointment. Ric asks if Alexis wants him to go with her, she tells him no and leaves with Dr. Meadows.

REESE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Reese wakes up. Sonny comments on the fact that she was talking in her sleep, but Reese denies remembering what it was she dreamed about. She wants to get out of the hospital right away so they can start their life together. They talk about how dangerous it is with Manny still out there.

MANNY'S HIDE-OUT: Manny makes Sam drag Jason in and tie him to a chair. Jason is out of it. Manny warns him to wake up so he can watch while he (Manny) has sex with Sam. Sam says that she would rather die. Manny prepares to shoot Sam. While his back is turned, Jason leaps out of the chair and pushes Manny out of the way.

WYNDEMERE: Nikolas orders Helena to leave, and after having a few words with him about how he should have realized sooner that the thought of Emily being the love of his life was just "nonsense," she leaves. Courtney, after talking a bit to Nikolas and Emily about Helena, leaves as well for a meeting she has. After Courtney is gone Nikolas tells Emily that Helena bribed a judge to get out of jail. Emily urges Nikolas never to give in to Helena on anything, no matter what.

MANNY'S HIDE-OUT: Jason and Manny struggle. Sam picks up a gun off the ground and aims it at Manny, yelling at Jason to move. Before she can shoot, the cops burst in and break up the fight.

REESE'S HOSPITAL: Sonny and Reese talk about their relationship. Sonny says he just wants to be honest with Reese -- he has been in love twice in his life, first with Brenda and then with Carly. He explains, "I fought them both because I didn't know any better and they both had breakdowns." He knows why he wants to be with Reese but he isn't sure why she wants to be with him. She explains that her life has been on hold since her son Jamie died, and now she is willing to take chances. They kiss.

THE HOSPITAL: Alexis joins Ric in the lobby and tells him that Dr. Meadows will be with them shortly to discuss the results of the ultrasound. As they are waiting, Ric gets a call informing him that Manny Ruiz is in police custody. He tells Alexis, who is glad. Just then they are joined by Dr. Meadows, who tells them that even though the baby is overdue she would prefer not to induce labor...she wants to wait to see if Alexis goes into labor naturally. Alexis leaves with Dr. Meadows to go over some paperwork. Ric is approached by a nurse who tells him that Reese is looking for him.

WYNDEMERE: Nikolas and Emily are starting to set up the ballroom for the wedding. They discuss whether or not Luke will show up after all, and then have a conversation over who will be the one to accidentally spill the beans to Lucky and Elizabeth about the surprise fairytale wedding they are all planning. Emily has picked out some nice, classical music to play while everyone's being seated. Nikolas thinks the music sounds sort of dull. Emily reminds him that it was playing at the original Bacchanalia ball they had several years back -- she notes that back then he had eyes only for Robin Scorpio. Nikolas laughs, he can't believe she remembers that. They resolve to turn the ballroom into the most romantic place for two people in love.

KELLY'S: Mike is working behind the counter at Kelly's -- he is joined by Courtney. They talk about her pregnancy and the fact that she doesn't want to let Jax know until she has the results of the paternity test. Mike is worried that that might not be the best idea. Just then, Jax enters the diner.

REESE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Ric has arrived to see Reese. She informs him that she is going to be moving in with Sonny, and that means she would like a clean slate. In short, she wants to tell Sonny about her and Ric's one night stand.

THE POLICE STATION: Manny is in the interrogation room, cuffed, when Sonny walks in. Sonny says, "Here we are, alone at last." Manny nods. Sonny closes the door and they taunt one another until Manny brings up Michael and Morgan and Sonny ends up shoving him up against the wall. Mac and some officers arrive to break up the fight. Everyone exits the interrogation room -- Jason and Sam are waiting in the main part of the station. Manny taunts Sam and then is taken away by cops to board a plane to Hawaii. Sonny quietly reminds Jason that there is only one way to stop Manny.

THE PARK: Lucky and Elizabeth have a fire going and they are talking about the wedding tomorrow. Lucky wishes that his mother Laura could be there. Elizabeth wants them to promise each other that after the wedding they'll always come back to the park to remember their lives and count their blessings. Lucky adds that then they can make-out. They talk about what it means to have a perfect life together -- Elizabeth thought that Emily and Nikolas were perfect and look what happened to them. Lucky thinks Emily and Nikolas might find their way back to one another eventually.

WYNDEMERE: Nikolas and Emily pull an old sheet down from some furniture and it sends dust raining down on them. They share a laugh and continue talking about wedding plans. Nikolas wants to serve ribs as the main course because it's Lucky's favorite -- Emily disagrees, saying that ribs would be messy. They decide to stick with the original menu. Talk turns again to the bacchanalia ball. Nikolas reminds Emily that she lied to him that night...she told him she'd eaten caviar before and she hadn't. They talk about how they saw each other back then...Emily had a crush on him because she was so handsome, and he saw her as a cute girl, without realizing, he explains, that she would turn into a beautiful young woman. Emily realizes that it's almost midnight and leaves to go take care of another surprise for Lucky and Elizabeth.

KELLY'S: Jax makes an order at the counter and Mike goes to get it for him. Courtney and Jax talk about the wedding tomorrow, which they both plan to attend. Talk turns to their divorce papers, which they are still waiting to come in. Jax confesses that he told Alexis not to take her time with the papers, but now he's decided there's no point in delaying it, right? Courtney looks uncomfortable.

REESE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Ric is worried that when Reese tells Sonny about their one night stand he'll lose any shot he has at a relationship with his brother. Reese points out that Sonny will find out eventually -- especially since Emily knows and is now living at Greystone, taking care of the boys. Ric wonders if Reese couldn't just wait a little while, but Reese doesn't want to. Ric asks her, can't they just agree they want to be a part of Sonny's life? Reese agrees and Ric considers the conversation closed -- in the case there is no reason for her to ever tell Sonny that they slept together.

As Ric leaves the room he doesn't realize that Sonny, standing a few feet away, has heard the tail end of his conversation with Reese. Sonny enters Reese's room. He tells her that Manny has been caught and then says that she should have gone with her instincts. "About Manny?" she asks, a little confused. "About sleeping with my brother," he replies.

THE HOSPITAL: Elsewhere in the hospital, Ric runs into Alexis, who is calling a cab since Dr. Meadows doesn't want her to drive. Ric offers to drive her home but Alexis declines. They get into a discussion about the fact that Alexis never seems to want to accept help from anyone. Ric reminds her that he wants to be a part of this baby's life and she can either accept his help or not -- it's her choice.

AN AIRPLANE BOUND FOR HAWAII: Manny, handcuffed, is seated next to a guard on the airplane. The guard sips some coffee and Manny says, "You know, I wouldn't mind some of that." The guard isn't buying it, saying that it would only be an excuse for Manny to leave his seat to visit the restroom later. The guard gets up to visit the pilot for a moment...when he comes back, Manny uses a cord to strangle him.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason and Sam have arrived at the penthouse, but Jason is planning to leave immediately for Hawaii to take out Manny. Sam begs him not to. Before he can leave, he gets another serious headache...he sinks to the floor as Sam tries to help him.

THE PARK: It's midnight, and Elizabeth and Lucky are surprised to hear the sound of an approaching horse. They get up to investigate and find a beautiful white horse pulling an elegant carriage. They are shocked. Inside the carriage is an invitation for them both, inviting them to the wedding of their dreams. Elizabeth is thrilled. They don't see Emily, watching them from the bushes with a delighted smile on her face.

KELLY'S: Jax and Nikolas run into each other outside of Kelly's. Nikolas warns Jax that if he can't be civil at the wedding he should just stay away. But Jax insists that he'll be there -- just that Nik shouldn't expect him to be as gracious as Emily.

Inside Kelly's, Courtney gets a call from Dr. Meadows about the paternity. She thanks Dr. Meadows for the news and then hangs up. Mike asks Courtney, "Did she tell you who the father is?" Courtney doesn't answer him right away.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam begs Jason to let her call a doctor but he refuses. He wants to go and kill Manny, and no longer cares what happens to him as long as Manny dies first.

AN AIRPLANE BOUND FOR HAWAII: Manny has strangled the airplane guard and is now strapping himself into a parachute.

THE HOSPITAL: Alexis finally agrees to accept help from Ric -- they board the elevator together as they prepare to leave the hospital.

REESE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Reese explains the one night stand to Sonny, saying that it happened when she thought they were broken up, and she and Ric both got drunk in the bar and one thing led to another. Sonny is furious. Reese asks him not to leave her but he turns and stalks out of the room anyway.

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