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Emily asks Nikolas why he wants to change the location of Lucky and Elizabeth’s wedding so shortly before it starts. But he tells her she must trust him that this party will be spectacular.

Robin is looking at pictures of her and Jason and remembering a romantic moment they had together. They talked about how they met on a bridge. She then closes the album, realizing that Jason is no longer in her life.

Right then, Jason returns home and Sam tells him she’s very certain that Robin’s experimental drug can save him. But he tells her he does not have time to be concerned about this now. Manny wants pay-back and he must deal with that first.

Nikolas takes Emily to the place where they’re going to have Lucky and Elizabeth’s wedding party. She is impressed but tells him that they don’t have enough time to get the place cleaned and ready in time. She remembers the place and tells him it looks like nobody has set foot in it since the time she remembered being there at age 15. Right then, Courtney walks in.

Lucky and Elizabeth talk all about their wedding plans.

At the Quartermaine house, Luke is there to let everybody know he refuses to divorce Tracy. She tells Alan, Ned and Justus that they must act like men and run Luke out of ELQ. She also tells Skye that she must get Lorenzo Alcazar out of their company. Skye tells Tracy she could care less about whether Lorenzo is there or not. But Tracy knows that Skye has feelings for Lorenzo. Right then, Lanie enters. Justus greets her and assumes it’s a social call. But Alan announces that he has invited her there because Emily is in a deep emotional crises. Hearing that, Monica demands that Alan leaves Emily out of this and tells him she’s not going to let him drive Emily away as he did Jason.

Robin is alone with Jason on the brain wondering if she should help save his life.

Sam keeps telling Jason that he must get some help if it can save his life. But he tells her that while Manny is on the loose, he cannot protect her while he’s stuck in the hospital having tests. Right then, Lorenzo enters. He informs them that Manny came to his house and told him he needed help. He looks to be warning them against Manny. But Jason asks why they should believe that he is not working with Manny. Lorenzo replies that he is working with Hector. He was a good businessman and Manny shot him because he tried to negotiate. He tells them again to beware of Manny and goes out the door. Jason gets up to go and find Manny. Sam tells him she’s coming with him.

Lucky tells Elizabeth that he is imagining looking into her eyes while they say their vows. They are ready to get it on when they are interrupted by Cameron. He cries and Elizabeth gets up to check on him.

After Courtney enters and runs into Emily and Nikolas, she apologizes and tells them she did not know that anybody was there. They inform her that Nikolas made a change of plans. Emily goes out and Courtney tells Nikolas that she did not mean to come there and flaunt her relationship with him in front of Emily’s face. He tells her that Emily knows that and there’s nothing to be worried about. She still has not found out the father of her baby. But he tells her no matter what happens, he wants to be with her.

Monica asks Alan what he plans to do with Emily. Have her locked up? She tells him that their daughter is perfectly sane and if she chooses to stay at Sonny’s there is nothing they can do about it. Right then, Lorenzo enters Tracy tells Skye that she needs to talk to him because he will listen to her. Skye tells Tracy that nobody has heard her when she says that she is done with Lorenzo and has nothing to say to him.

Luke goes outside with Lorenzo and tells him he realizes that he’s having problems with Immanuel Ruiz. Luke knows that Lorenzo needs his help. They come up with plans to get rid of Manny. And right then, Skye rushes outside to reveal that she is concerned about both of the men in her life going near Manny and tells them they better not or they will be sorry.

Courtney tells Nikolas that she is praying that this baby is his. He tells her that he once told her that he never wanted to have children. But now that he is faced with the possibility of being a father, he feels a new sense of hope and being able to start over. She tells him that he would make a great father because he is so kind and generous. He shows her around the house that he’s going to use for Lucky and Elizabeth’s’ wedding party. He tells her all the stories of the history of this house. He tells her that Lucky and Elizabeth had their first dance as teenagers on the balcony of this place. And he thought it would be the perfect place for them to become husband and wife. Right then, it looks like somebody is watching them.

Elizabeth meets with her grandmother and has a problem with the dress that she’s about to get married in. She tells her grandmother it must be fixed because she cannot get married the way it is.

At Kelly’s Jesse tells Maxie that he got a message from her dad about the wedding and how all the guys are supposed to wear tuxedos.

After hearing Skye’s concerns, Luke tells her she makes it obvious that she cannot live without him. Right then, Tracy comes out and tells her “husband” that she can see he wants to cheat on her.

Monica informs the rest of the family that Alan tried to get Emily expelled from med school because she needed an extension on her schoolwork after she was in the hospital. He blames it on her being at Sonny’s. Justus and Ned are shocked and ask why first Alan wants her expelled form med school and now wants her declared insane just because she’s staying at Sonny’s.

Again Robin is having flashbacks of how Jason broke her heart.

Right then, Jason is getting his gun ready and about to go out the door. He tells Sam she may come with him but must stay close to him and do whatever he says. She says she promises. Right then, he has another headache. And it looks like Manny is very close by and able to hear their conversation.

Elizabeth’s grandmother tells her that they are in business. She can have all the adjustments made on the dress by the next morning. Elizabeth apologizes for the panic attack. But her grandmother tells her it’s totally ok because she wants her wedding to be perfect. Elizabeth then gets Cameron, goes out the door and tells him everything will be just fine because it was just a dress.

At Kelly’s, Lucky meets Maxie and Jesse and informs them that he is staying there temporarily because he and Elizabeth have a “ritual” for him to stay there until they get married. Maxie tells Jesse that she remembers all the formal balls the Cassadines used to have. He asks if she is suggesting that they go to the wedding together. She says she does not know who else she would ask.

Courtney tells Nikolas that he will have to do some major, major clean-ups in this place. He tells her he knows how to handle it all. She tells him he is such a great brother to Lucky to help him financially. He tells her that he was fortunate enough to be born to a family with money and he wants to do that for Lucky who is less fortunate than he is. And he wants to do something for them. He wants to create a feeling that love can make anything possible. Again, it looks like somebody is spying upon them.

Emily enters the Quartermaine house and tells her family Lucky and Elizabeth are getting married and she wants all of them to attend. Tracy makes a crude comment about Lucky and Elizabeth having lower financial status and asks her why they should be at the wedding. But Ned tells Emily that they have every reason to be there and he tells her that everybody in this family loves her and they sometimes need a reminder. She tells Justus she’s counting on him too. He tells her he will make it a day and probably take Lanie with him.

Luke tells Lorenzo, Skye and Tracy that he sees nothing positive about Lucky and Elizabeth getting married. Tracy seems to agree. But Skye tells him that it sounds lovely and she wants to come. Lorenzo offers to take Skye with him. But Luke tells Lorenzo he must realize that Skye is over him and they are history.

Sam finds a man outside of where Manny is staying and offers him money to find Manny. The man goes off and agrees. She asks him if he can do her a favor and not tell Manny she is there. He goes upstairs and Jason is there with Sam while they wait for what will happen next.

While Elizabeth is sleeping alone in her apartment, she is having a dream that she is Cinderella having to scrub the floor. And she sees Emily appear wearing a white gown and telling her she is Elizabeth’s fairy god sister. She tells Elizabeth she can grant her one wish. And Elizabeth tells Emily that she wants the wedding of her dreams. Emily seems to try to help her but they are having doubts that she can. And right when she is waving her magic wand, Elizabeth is woken out of her dream by Lucky.

Courtney finds Emily and tells her that Elizabeth invited her to her wedding. And she really appreciates it. But she doesn’t want to cause anybody to be uncomfortable. So if Emily does not want her there, she won’t be. Emily then tells Courtney that she and Nikolas have been in love for a long time and those feeling aren’t just going to go away. But she doesn’t plan to run Courtney out of the wedding. She tells Courtney that Elizabeth is so kind and generous to everybody. And so they need to make this wedding about her (Elizabeth), not about her (Emily). So Emily concludes to Courtney that she has the right to be there if Elizabeth has invited her and if Nikolas wants to take her.

Tracy tells Luke that he better stop getting up on his high horse because at any moment, he’s going to see Skye fall into Lorenzo’s arms. And Luke will be stuck with her (Tracy). But then, Tracy concludes that that is just what Luke wants.

Jason and Sam are together outside of Manny’s building and he tells her she must be careful. They go up to the door outside of Manny’s room while Jason has a gun in his hand.

Alone with Luke, Alice massages his head and tells him if Skye chooses that “gangster dude” over Luke, then she deserves what she gets. Luke really appreciates that. Right then, Nikolas enters. Alice asks Nikolas not to both Luke when he is resting. But Luke tells her it’s ok and he can talk to Nikolas. He tells Nikolas that he knows he’s probably there to invite Luke to the wedding but he should not want him anywhere near there. Because when the preacher asks if anybody can find just cause why Lucky and Elizabeth should not be married, he will tell them that the two lover birds are broke and are going to be miserable. Nikolas tells them that he does not believe that their financial hardships will ruin their love. Luke tells Nikolas that is easy for him to say because he is loaded. And he reminds Nikolas that he knows that Lucky will not want him anywhere near the wedding.

Lucky tells Elizabeth that he’s taking her somewhere that is a secret.

Emily meets with Elizabeth’s grandmother to talk about all the plans going into motion. They look very happy.

Courtney goes through the house not knowing that Nikolas has left. She calls for him and then gets on her cell phone. Right then, Helena enters and tells Courtney she knows she is pregnant with the Cassadine heir.

Jason is ready to collapse right outside Manny’s door. Sam tries to catch him and holds him. And right then, Manny steps outside his door to see them.

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