GH Update Tuesday 10/25/05

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/25/05


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Manny is on the ground after terrorizing Elizabeth. She then gets on the phone and calls Lucky. She tells him that he took her out of the hospital and is now lying unconscious on the floor. Lucky tells her she must get out. She runs to the door, notices it is unlocked and gets out.

Sonny tells Emily that maybe her father is right that it’s not her responsibility to fix his problems or take care of his kids. She has her own life and needs to get back to it.

Jason is recalling Robin and tells Sam he remembers something she did that got him really upset.

Lucky and Elizabeth get out of the place where Manny has held her. Another cop comes with them but they cannot find Manny. She tells them that he had a really bad bullet wound. Lucky tells her he swears he will never let that guy come after her again. She tells him that Manny was not after her. He’s after Jason and Sonny.

Sonny tells Emily that he has more guards than before. His children will be safe. But he knows there are no guarantees. He tells her he’s worried about having a psycho on the loose. He doesn’t want to keep his kids out of school. He knows that Michael loves school and he cannot take that away from him. She tells him she knows she cannot take Carly’s place. But she wants to be there for the kids, possibly make them Halloween costumes and all. He tells her he knows she will make a great doctor and does not want her to throw that away. She tells him that she wants that too but taking care of the kids will not prevent her from completing med school and she tells him this is her problem and she will end it herself.

Dr. Tony Jones calls Robin Scorpio. Not having heard from him in a long time, Robin asks him what is up. He asks her about the experimental drug that she is presently researching. She tells him that this drug has risks. He tells her that the person he wants to experiment the drug with is not afraid of taking risks. It’s Jason Morgan.

Sam tells Jason that she remembers his telling her about A.J. He was in love with Robin. And Carly got pregnant from a one-night stand with A.J. and she told him he was the father of Michael, when really A.J. was. She also explains to him about how although he may believe he lied to Michael about being his father, she believes that Carly did most of the lying. He was just like a father to Michael. And she remembers his telling her about Carly and Robin fighting over him. He asks why that would be if he and Carly were just friends. She replies that Carly has had very different ideas than he’s had about what “friends” means. Jason tells her that he remembers how Robin really betrayed him. And how could he take anything from her now?

In the hospital, while waiting for Dr. Meadows to give her the test results, Courtney experiences cramping. Nikolas is there. And she is really worried. Dr. Meadows comes in and Courtney tells her she is very worried about losing the baby. Dr. Meadows tells them that everything is fine and there is no cause for worry. But they still do not know the results of the paternity test and Dr. Meadows tells them she will call when she knows. Nikolas gets Courtney’s clothes for her. And they get ready to go home.

Robin asks Tony how long the symptoms have been going on. He tells her it’s been a few months and that Jason’s girlfriend, Sam, did not know about that until he had seizures. And she’s the one who’s urged him to see doctors. Robin tells him she knows that Jason can be hurt or in pain but ignore it. She then asks him to email her his files and include the test results. She asks Tony how Jason is otherwise. Tony tells her he’s the wrong person to ask. Jason seems happy and has been with Sam for a year now. She tells him that she knows that the perfect life for Jason is having nobody judging him or telling him how to live his life. And she hopes that Sam is the right person for him.

Sam tells Jason she does not care of Robin is an angel or a lying snake. All that matters is if she can save his life right now. Right then, Lucky comes by and asks them what they know about Manny. Sam replies that Manny is a psycho and asks Lucky why. He informs them that he just held Elizabeth hostage.

The cop who assisted Lucky to find Manny comes to see Sonny and asks what he knows about Manny. He asks to search Sonny’s place. Sonny says he won’t let him search his home unless he has a search warrant. The cop informs Sonny that Manny just kidnapped Elizabeth and escaped before they could get him.

Courtney goes to the hospital chapel alone and asks God for another favor. She tells Him she’s not sure she deserves one right now. She knows she’s played a large part in breaking up two marriages including her own. But He has given her this miracle. This baby is everything she’s been praying for. And she asks him to please help her not to mess up. She talks about the paternity test. And right then, Jax enters. He apologizes if he’s interrupted anything. But she tells him she’s glad he’s there because she wants to make things right with him.

Emily’s dean of students comes to the hospital and asks Alan and Emily about Emily’s status in medical school. Emily tells her that she has wanted to be a doctor ever since she was 11 and her mother died. She has learned all about the compassion it takes to be a doctor. And she wants to help Michael and Morgan because of that very same compassion and does not believe it will interfere in her studies.

Lucky tells Jason and Sam that Manny is a psycho and all he wants to do is terrorize women. He tells Jason if he plans to track him down and kill him, then good for him.

Sonny goes to the hospital and runs into Nikolas. He informs him that Manny came and kidnapped Elizabeth. Hearing that, Nikolas tells Sonny it never stops with him, does it?. First his crazy wife almost murders Emily. And now, that psycho kidnapped Elizabeth. Sonny tells Nikolas he’s a fine one to judge. He cheated on Emily and seduced Sonny’s sister.

Alan tells the Dean that he does not want Emily expelled. He wants her to be a doctor. But more important, he wants her alive. The Dean tells him he has no right to “motivate” his daughter by telling her where to live or what kinds of decisions to make with her life. She tells Emily she is an excellent student and she is reinstated.

Jax tells Courtney that when they started the surrogacy, they had the same goal. He knows he may have gone a bit overboard. He tells her he’ll always remember Elizabeth’s child. The child that might have been. He tells her he remembers all the love his father gave to him and how he wants to give that to a child. He tells her he does not know if adoption is the right thing, but if it’s the only way, he’s willing to look into it.

Nikolas asks Sonny how many times he cheated on his wife before he finally drove her insane. Sonny tells Nikolas he walks away from his wife after she got raped, cheated on her. Had no regard for Emily or Courtney. He just used both of them for his own needs. And now Courtney is pregnant. He tells Nikolas he never thought very highly of Jax. But even he is more stand-up than Nikolas. Nikolas asks Sonny if he is implying that his sister is a worthless slut with no morals. He tells sonny he is staying with Courtney because she is a good and compassionate woman and will make a great mother. But Sonny tells him he knows that if Courtney fails to give him what he needs, he will just throw her away like he has all the others in his life.

Sam tells Jason he must realize that he’s getting sicker by the minute and if he has a seizure, then it might be too late. But he tells her he refuses to have the surgery. She then concludes that he’d rather just stay there and fight Manny than take care of his health.

Courtney asks God to forgive her. Right then, Nikolas appears and tells her she must stop blaming herself.

Michael tells his dad that he has promised to take him to see his mom but has not come through. He asks why. Sonny does not know how to answer that. But right then, Emily enters and tells Michael that that is not his dad’s fault. His mom needs time and he must be patient. Michael and Morgan go upstairs. Sonny thanks Emily for helping him with Michael. They talk about how willful Michael is. She says Michael is just like his dad. Sonny tells her he hopes Michael grows up to be better than him. He goes up with his sons and Emily is alone to notice a picture Michael drew. Right then, Max comes to deliver a gift for Emily.

Sonny asks Michael if he misses his mom. Michael says of course. Sonny asks Michael if he likes Emily. Michael says yes. When he’s with her, he does not miss his mom as much.

The phone rings at Jason and Sam’s. Sam picks up the phone. It’s Robin. Sam asks who is there but Robin cannot bring herself to speak.

Lucky tells Elizabeth he’s so worried about what would have happened if he’d lost her today. But she tells him that what happened today made her realize how fortunate they are. They are in love and have a beautiful little boy. She reminisces about the first time she met him.

In the chapel, Courtney tells Nikolas that Jax was right there. She had the perfect opportunity to tell him but couldn’t. He tells her that she should not worry about it. He knows the two of them hurt each other enough. So why add to it by offering him the only thing he wants and then taking it from him? He then tells her he did not turn to her because he did not want to be with Emily. He knows that she is the one he wants to be with. She tells him that when she is with him, it feels so right.

Jason and Sam are both on the phone hearing silence and assuming it might be Manny or somebody they must be suspicious of. Sam tells the “silent person” (Robin) that if they do not speak, she will hang up. She hangs up, assuming it’s Manny. But Jason tells her he does not believe that that’s who it is.

Emily tells Sonny that the Dean of students told her that she is not about to prevent her from completing med school regardless of what her dad wants. And she tells him she wants to stay with him and the boys.

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