GH Update Monday 10/24/05

General Hospital Update Monday 10/24/05


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky and Elizabeth meet at Kelly’s and talk about how they can get time off and juggle their wedding plans with their work schedules and Cameron. He wants to give her a special wedding, but they have to worry about cost.

Emily tells her father that he cannot be serious to threaten to kick her out of medical school if she does not move out of Sonny’s home. Monica hears that and admits that her husband is out of line. Emily tells her father she refuses to abandon Sonny and tells him to go to hell.

Jax comes to tell Sonny that he is responsible for the damages to his hotel from the shooting. Sonny tells Jax that he should be able to cover it with his own insurance.

Courtney goes to Kelly’s, wondering how she’s going to deal with the pregnancy. Mike, at first, offers to take her to the hospital. But right then, Nikolas enters and tells them that he’d like to take her instead.

Alone with Sam, Dr. Tony Jones tells her that the medication Jason is now taking is not working. But there might be hope for him, due to research that is being done by Jason’s former girlfriend, Robin Scorpio. Tony informs Sam that Robin used to be the love of Jason’s life. Jason then enters to hear their conversation. He asks what is going on. Tony gets a call on his beeper. Jason notices Sam crying and she tells him that she was talking to the doctor about his options. Jason tells her that he’s not about to have the surgery and they will figure something else out while they guard against Manny.

Robin tells a nurse at the hospital that she wants to put in extra time to work, tonight. The nurse asks her why she is wasting her youth working with sick people and why she does not want to just have a life.

Nikolas tells Courtney that even if he is not the father of her baby, it will not change the way he feels about her or the baby. She tells him she really wishes it is him and not Jax. He tells her he knows that this baby is a miracle for her and he wants her to enjoy every moment she is pregnant. She confirms to him that whatever happens, she is thrilled about this baby. He admits to her that that makes two of them and asks her to let him share the experience with him. She tells him she will and they hold each other.

Alan tells Emily that he already lost A.J. and Jason and he’s not going to lose her also. Monica tells Alan that it’s one thing to disagree with Emily’s choice but quite another to threaten her. Alan tells Emily he will stop at nothing to keep her away from Sonny. Because of him, she has needed an extension on her school work. Had it not been for staying at his house, Carly would not have injured Emily and caused her to have to stay at the hospital. She protests that she intends to help Sonny with his kids. Alan reminds her that she must realize that Michael is not Sonny’s. He’s A.J.’s. Emily tells her father that both Michael and Morgan are Sonny’s children in every way. Hearing that, Monica congratulates Alan, sarcastically, for motivating Emily all the more to band with Sonny. Emily tells her father he’s not going to prevent her from being a doctor and nor prevent her from helping Sonny.

Jax tells Sonny that he knows that Carly ran out in front of his car and caused him to lose his baby. He tells Sonny that he ruined Carly and he destroys everything that he touches. The guards escort Jax out of Sonny’s house and the phone rings. Manny calls and tells Sonny that they are going to play a little game.

In the hospital elevator, Nikolas tells Courtney that he wants to take her out after the appointment to have a hot fudge sundae and asks her if she’s having any cravings. When they get off the elevator, Emily admits them, sounding courteous but revealing that she is uncomfortable seeing them together and knowing that Courtney is pregnant. Dr. Meadows meets them and warns Courtney that this procedure she’s going to do that will confirm the father of Courtney’s baby, has the risk of causing a miscarriage.

Monica runs into Jason and Sam and asks to have a moment to talk to Jason. She tells her son that she can tell that there is something going on that Sam is concerned about. She asks if he’s had a chance to talk to Emily about staying at Sonny’s. Jason admits he has not had a chance to talk to his sister. Monica tells him she needs his help because Alan has threatened to have Emily expelled from medical school if she does not move out of Sonny’s.

Sam runs into Mac at the hospital and asks him about his daughter’s previous relationship with Jason.

Manny tells Sonny he has to pay for what happened to his two brothers and his father. Sonny reminds Manny that he shot his own father in the back. Manny tells Sonny that it’s his fault that Hector is dead. Manny makes an indirect comment about Sonny’s children. Sonny tells Manny he better stay away from his children. Right then Manny activates something that causes Michael’s toy car to move in Sonny’s home. Sonny calls for Max. He asks him where Michael is, having a scare that Manny might have taken him. Max assures Sonny that Michael is with Morgan and Leticia and they are all fine.

Dr. Meadows asks Courtney if she is really certain that she wants to go through with the procedure to find out the paternity of her baby, knowing the risks. Courtney confirms that she is. Nikolas waits for her. He talks to Emily., admitting that Courtney is a wreck. She tells him she knows that Jax will move heaven and earth if he is the father and she sounds concerned. He asks her why she would care about what happens to Emily and him after all the pain they have caused her.

Sonny snaps at Max that he wants the kids watched 24/7. He reminds him that Manny snuck into Jason’s and almost raped Sam. And he can also get into Sonny’s and hurt him or the kids if Max does not guard the place.

Monica asks Jason if he can tell Emily that it is in her best interest to move out of Sonny’s. Jason asks her if she wants him to ask Emily to move out. She admits yes but admits that she does not agree with Alan’s threat and wants Emily to make her own choices.

Mac informs Sam that he knows that his daughter is still in love with Jason. But he admits that it would not be good for either one of them to see eachother right now and knows it would hurt Sam also. He leaves and Jason asks Sam what that was all about. Before she can explain to him what they were talking about, Jason gets a call from Sonny, asking Jason for a favor because Manny Ruiz was there.

Right then, Manny goes to the hospital and Elizabeth attends to him. He asks her if he can get her name.

Emily tells Nikolas that observing how Sonny still loves Carly and stands by her although they are divorced, she is able to see that it is possible to love somebody and still be able to let go of them. He leaves to be with Courtney and Monica tries to urge her daughter to see her father’s point of view. She says that Alan’s motives are right but maybe his approach is wrong. Emily protests to her mother that she has worked very hard for a long time to get into medical school and to get as far as she’s gotten and she will not let anybody take that from her. Monica tells Emily she realizes that but maybe she can make a compromise by just moving out of Sonny’s temporarily. She can still care about his children and all. Emily doesn’t want to go for that. Hearing that, Monica tells Emily she must realize that Sonny is not a nice person. Danger follows him everywhere he goes. He uses people. He may be a good father and mean well. But she cannot get herself involved in his life the way she is doing. Right then, Lucky comes and tells her that he also disapproves of her living with Sonny. Hearing that, she tells him if one more person lectures her about Sonny, she’s going to scream. He changes the subject and talks to her about the wedding plans.

Dr. Meadows and Nikolas are with Courtney in her room. He holds Courtney’s hand while Dr. Meadows does the procedure. He tells her that he wants her to think about what it’s going to be like when she gets to bring her baby home and what it’s going to be like when she can tell her son and daughter how much mommy and daddy love them and encourage them to look up at the stars and know that they can make miracles happen just like Mommy and daddy made them.

Lucky goes to find Elisabeth in the room where she was last with Manny. Right away, he knows that something has happened.

Manny takes Elizabeth to the roof and blindfolds her. She asks him who he is. He then removes the blindfold. He tells her he needs her help. He takes off his shirt to expose a bloody wound caused by a gunshot (a self-inflicted wound). She admits it may be infected. He asks her how he can get medical care without revealing his identity. She tells him that it is hospital procedure for them to ask him who he is. He then tells her she asks too many questions and tells her she must get to work.

Jason and Sam go to Sonny’s and they watch the video he sent them where he tells Sam he cannot believe she shot him and how it makes everything so much more interesting. Right then he cuts himself in the belly (to cause the wound that Elizabeth takes care of) and tells Sam the next time, it will be his turn to return the favor. He tells her he will cut Jason’s heart out. But what will he do about Sonny? He asks Sonny whom he loves and whose pain will hurt him more. Manny then pulls out two bullets. He tells Sonny one is for his father and one is for his brother. He will put them on Sonny’s dead eyes and curse his soul to hell.

Alone with Nikolas, Courtney tells him that they will just have to wait for the test results. She reveals that she’s worried what will happen if Jax is the father. He tells her that they must not think negatively. They joke about how Nikolas is the most easy-going, irresponsible man Courtney has ever met. He then tells her they must go and get the sundae he’s promised her. And right then, they run into Jax who wonders what they are there for.

Robin tells her assistant that she’s worried about her research grant being cut. He then tells her that he will talk to his father about getting her grant back under certain conditions. He obviously wants to have romantic involvement with her.

After noticing Manny’s video, Sonny tells Jason and Sam that they all need to deal with this and protect the children. He tells them they must deal with this freak before he hurts somebody else.

Right then, Elizabeth puts bandages on Manny’s wounds and gives him some meds for infection. He makes her very uncomfortable and tells her he will not let her go until the meds kick in. She then notices a newspaper headline that reveals who he is. He looks to be coming on to her.

Emily goes to Sonny’s. He tells her she needs to get out of his house for her safety. She asks if her father has anything to do with this. She asks Sonny if he knew about Alan’s threats to get her expelled from med school if she does not get out of Sonny’s house. He tells her perhaps she should listen to that. She tells him she’s not going anywhere. He tells her he does not care about Alan but wants her to be safe.

Courtney and Jax get their sundaes and talk about watching the stars. He tells her about making a wish and hope for the future. She then gets a cramp and is worried about the baby.

Emily tells Sonny she has worked hard to get through medical school. She has no intention of giving that up. And she has no intention of abandoning him and Michael and Morgan. He tells her there is a homicidal sociopath on the loose. She tells him that Jason is going to catch this Manny person and he must not live in fear.

Elizabeth pleads with Manny about her having a little boy at home and how she’s going to get married in a few more days. He asks her how he can make Sonny and Jason suffer. But right then, he collapses and falls to the ground.

Jason and Sam return home. He takes more of his medication. But she tells him that he must stop taking that stuff because it is not working. He tells her he refuses to get surgery. She then informs him that Tony told her about a research project conducted by an old girlfriend of his that could potentially save his life. And right then, Jason has a flashback and reveals that he does remember Robin.

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