GH Update Friday 10/21/05

General Hospital Update Friday 10/21/05


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REESE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sonny comes by to see Reese, whose hospital room he has already flooded with flowers. He says she looks great, and she replies that she's just happy they survived.

ROBIN'S APARTMENT: Robin has just told Henri she is HIV-positive. She explains to him that she got it from her first boyfriend, Stone, who ended up dying from AIDS. She adds that she is one of the lucky ones because they caught it early and now she's on a drug regimen that works for her -- but that even so, HIV complicates relationships so she chooses instead to focus on her work.

MANNY'S HIDE-OUT: Jason plays the pre-taped message from Manny in which he says, "You came alone, didn't you, Morgan? Sweetness is not with you, is she? Maybe she's not as alone as you think. I cannot wait to finish what I started with your girlfriend. And this time, you won't be able to stop me." Jason runs out of the hide-out.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Sam is taking a shower when something makes her turn around to see Manny watching her from the main portion of the bathroom. She screams for Max.

DIEGO'S DORM ROOM: Diego is upset that Maxie is snooping through his things. Maxie just wants to know why he has Sage's diary, considering he and Sage didn't get a chance to even meet, let alone find out they were cousins. Diego explains that he found the diary with her stuff at Lorenzo's...and he started reading it hoping to get more insight into his new father. Just then, Jesse shows up looking for Maxie.

GREYSTONE: Lucky arrives as Emily is picking up after Morgan. They talk about the challenges of keeping up with a toddler (Lucky knows from experience in dealing with Cameron) and then Lucky changes the subject to how Emily has gone above and beyond helping Sonny with his kids. He is worried that Emily has given up her life for that of Sonny's.

REESE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sonny and Reese talk about the gun battle with Javier's men. Then Sonny gives Reese a "thank you" present for her help during the shoot-out -- a pretty bracelet. She loves it, and loves Sonny, too.

ROBIN'S APARTMENT: Robin and Henri agree to be just friends. But Henri observes that maybe Robin is keeping herself out of relationships not because of her HIV but because of a broken heart? And that's why she throws herself into her work? Robin tells him he could not be more wrong...she is fascinated by her work because she hopes that somewhere, someday, someone written off as brain-damaged will be cured by her research.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Jason is back and ordering Max to check all over the place for Manny, who has disappeared. Max wonders if maybe Sam just imagined Manny? Sam denies it. Max leaves to check the building again. Sam explains to Jason what happened: she saw Manny, screamed...then Manny smiled and left, so she got out of the shower, went to the drawer where they keep a gun, and fired two shots. She thinks she hit him but isn't sure. Max has come back by this point and says that they found blood on the balcony. Jason is sure that Manny had already been in the penthouse for quite sometime.

REESE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sonny and Reese talk about how they should spend some vacation time after Reese gets out of the hospital. Reese suggests skiing, but Sonny would rather go to a tropical island because he's horrible at skiing. They joke around a bit about that.

GREYSTONE: Emily is sure that Lucky is here giving her a lecture about Michael and Morgan becausae he was told to by her parents. Lucky denies it, saying he came to this conclusion all by himself. He is just worried that Emily has put her life on hold to take care of these boys. Emily finally concedes that maybe Lucky has a point...she decides to talk to Sonny about moving out.

DIEGO'S DORM ROOM: Diego is happy to hear that Jesse doesn't live with him anymore -- then he kicks Jesse and Maxie out so that they can try to fix their love life elsewhere. Out in the hallway, Maxie starts in on Jesse, accusing him of thinking she's an immature kid who can't handle a relationship with him. Jesse replies that he only came here to apologize and ask her out, but since she's too busy throwing a tantrum he won't bother. He tells her to come see him at Kelly's if she changes her mind. Then he leaves.

ROBIN'S APARTMENT: Robin explains to Henri that she considered becoming a surgeon, since the risk of her infecting a patient with HIV is almost non-existant...but that she decided against it, worried that her HIV might only undermine her patients' faith in her. That's what made her decide to go into research instead. Henri asks her why she didn't go into HIV/AIDS research and Robin replies that she thought she'd be too biased, too eager for a cure. Going into brain injuries was an easy decision, she says, because she knows someone who is brain-damaged. Henri thinks she wants a cure for her friend, but she says, "Trust me, this person has no interest in being cured. He likes his life just the way it is."

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason warns Max to make sure Manny gets nowhere near the penthouse again. Max agrees and leaves. Jason tells Sam that he's sure Manny was in the guest bed-room the whole time, waiting for Jason to leave earlier so he could scare Sam. Sam admits that she is scared but won't let that stop her from helping Jason take Manny down. But just as they are making plans, Jason gets another horrible headache.

REESE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Monica is doing a check-up on Reese. She notices the bracelet and the two talk about Sonny. Monica is not one of Sonny's biggest fans. She asks Reese if Reese will be moving in with Sonny soon to help him with Michael and Morgan? Reese asks her why she cares whether or not she moves in with Sonny?

GREYSTONE: Sonny arrives...Michael and Morgan are with Emily. The four of them talk for a bit about the boys' behavior while Sonny was gone. Michael says he misses Carly and Sonny admits that he went to see Carly earlier that day and she's making good progress. Michael wants to go visit her but Sonny and Emily gently explain that that's not possible. But Sonny reassures Michael that Carly will be home soon. Michael and Morgan go upstairs and Sonny turns to Emily and worries that he should have told the boys the truth.

MAXIE/JESSE: I missed this scene but basically, from the transcript, it looks like Maxie and Jesse have made up from their fight and planning to go out on a date.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Sam is worried that Jason's been taking so much of the medication. Jason insists that he's okay and he didn't want to worry her, but Sam begs him to go with her to tell Tony that the pills aren't helping the way they should.

GREYSTONE: Sonny offers to make Emily a drink but she says she has to go to the hospital to pick up some notes for a lab assignment. She tries to bring up the fact that she should move out, but Sonny starts talking about Carly's doctors and how Carly's doing at Rose Lawn. He mentions that he lied to Michael...that Carly is getting worse...that she was singing to a doll and calling it "Michael" and that she didn't even hear Sonny when he called to her. He is worried that she's so far gone he can't reach her anymore.

ROBIN'S APARTMENT: Now alone in her apartment again, Robin has a flashback to a happy memory with Jason -- when he bought her a Christmas present, a necklace from a nice store in Port Charles. Sonny, who is present in the scene, is impressed with the gift. Robin thanks him and he smiles and says, "Merry Christmas." The flashback ends.

THE HOSPITAL: Jason and Sam are now at the hospital consulting with Tony. Tony says it looks like Jason's condition is getting worse as he builds up resistance to the medication: which means they either need to get new medicine or conduct surgery. But there are possible risks to the surgery...Jason could end up with impaired vision, unable to walk, or a vegetable. Tony leaves the room and Jason tells Sam he'd rather die than end up more brain-damaged than before.

REESE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Reese gets a phone call from Sonny who just wanted to tell her good night and that he's grateful she is in his life.

THE HOSPITAL: Alan and Emily run into each other at the hospital. Alan is upset to have heard from one of her professors that she asked for an extension on her lab report. Emily explains that she had a medical excuse (she was recovering from the stab wound) but Alan warns her that he is prepared to allow the dean to think that that excuse is based on a lie (meaning Emily would be expelled from med school) unless she moves out of Sonny's tonight.

ROBIN'S APARTMENT: Robin has another flashback...this time to another scene with Jason and Sonny, right after her fight with Jason about how she told AJ that he (AJ) was Michael's father. In the flashback, Jason is cold to Robin and leaves without saying goodbye to her -- Sonny tells Robin that he never thought Jason and Robin would break up like this...that he knows Robin always tries to do the right thing, but that everything has its price. As the flashback ends, Robin looks thoughtful.

THE HOSPITAL: Jason assures Sam that the medicine is still working and he can still protect her just like before.

MANNY'S HIDE-OUT: Manny is taping another message for Jason and Sam. He removes the bullet from his body and warns Sam that soon he will "mark" her like she marked him.

THE HOSPITAL: Sam worries she'll lose Jason. He promises her he won't let them cut on his brain and make him a vegetable. The nurse comes to take Jason to the CT scan. Jason gets in the wheelchair (reluctantly) and leaves. After he's gone, Tony shows up and informs Sam of some good news: "The French are developing a medication that could help Jason. And, ironically, one of the doctors working on the project is an old friend of Jason's -- Robin Scorpio."

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