GH Update Thursday 10/20/05

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/20/05


Written By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

JESSE AND DIEGO'S DORM ROOM: Maxie drops by the dorm room and is surprised to see that Jesse is moving out.

A HOSPITAL IN FRANCE: Robin is working on a case -- she is surprised to find out that surgery has been scheduled for one of her patients. She is sure that given more time the medicine she has the patient on will help with his brain damage. But the other doctor disagrees, saying that the meds are not going to work. Robin points out that if the doctor is wrong, the patient will die on the operating table.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Sam is worried because Jason's gone through almost all of his pills already. He assures her that he's fine. Just then, Ric arrives to inform Jason that the police are of the opinion that Jason is the one who killed Hector Ruiz.

REESE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Alexis comes by Reese's room -- she is looking for Ric, and she points out that whenever she can't find him, he's usually with Reese.

KELLY'S: Dillon and Georgie discuss their plans for the evening. Dillon is planning to meet with his photography group for a shoot. Georgie would rather do homework than go out with her friends, which confuses Dillon. Suddenly he sees that the arrest of the alleged PCU stalker, Kenny Carter, made the paper. Dillon doesn't think Kenny's the real perv.

JESSE AND DIEGO'S DORM: Jesse tells Maxie that since his cover is blown there's no point in staying on the case, even though he is sure Kenny isn't the real stalker, which means the stalker is still out there. Jesse promises Maxie he'll spend lots of time in her dorm room protecting her.

LORENZO'S HOUSE: Diego can be seen burning some pictures in the fireplace.

THE PARK: Lucas and Luke run into each other in the park. Lucas offers Luke, who is hungry, his tuna sandwich from Kelly's. Luke decides it's time to give Lucas advice on women -- he warns Lucas that women are only good for sex or money. Lucas asks, "What about Aunt Laura?" Luke replies that, "Angels are different." He offers to hook Lucas up with a prostitute whenever Lucas wants.

A HOSPITAL IN FRANCE: Robin argues with the other doctor that they need to give the drug regimen more time to work for the patient. The doctor disagrees, saying that they need to operate now and either Robin can stay and consult or she can leave.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Jason denies shooting Hector. He and Sam think Manny is the one who did it. Ric warns Jason that Hector's death will give John Durant an excuse to put him (Jason) away. Jason asks Ric to handle John for him -- while he goes to take care of Manny. Ric leaves. Sam doesn't think it's a good idea for Jason to go after Manny, but Jason reminds her that if Manny stays alive he'll just keep coming after them. Sam suggests they just go somewhere else instead. Suddenly there's a knock on the door...Jason opens it and finds an envelope sitting on the floor.

THE PARK: Georgie is now with Lucas in the park...they talk about the stalker. Georgie wants to go tell Brook Lynn that the stalker's been caught, but Lucas says he'll catch up to her. Luke comes back on the scene -- he and Georgie greet each other and then Georgie leaves. Lucas tells his uncle that he and Georgie have had a "thing" for awhile. Lucas admits that girls are his weakness. Luke urges Lucas not to worry about what anyone else thinks.

KELLY'S: Diego shows up at Kelly's and runs into Dillon who invites Diego to his photography shoot. Diego declines, saying he dropped the class. Dillon understands. Jesse then arrives, carrying his luggage. He informs Dillon and Diego that since his cover at PCU is blown he is going to move back into his room above Kelly's. Dillon and Jesse talk about how they are sure Kenny is not the real stalker.

JESSE AND DIEGO'S DORM ROOM: Georgie comes by to see Maxie and is surprised that Jesse's stuff is gone. Maxie tells her that he's moved out. Maxie's bummed that Jesse will probably forget about her now. Georgie is also a little upset that Dillon is always busy with college stuff. Suddenly Maxie gets an idea of how to make sure she won't lose Jesse...and she wants Georgie to help her.

REESE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Reese denies to Alexis that she and Ric are anything more than law partners. They conversation turns to Reese's injuries. Alexis doesn't understand why Reese is in a relationship with Sonny, a dangerous mob boss. She thinks that relationships should be handled like business deals. Reese says that she fell in love with Sonny and that's all there is to it. Reese also reminds Alexis that she (Alexis) is in a smiliar position now with Ric.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Jason and Sam turn on the's Manny, taunting them both. Jason gets upset and smashes the DVD player. He promises that he is going to make sure Manny will never touch Sam again. They hug.

REESE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Alexis points out that when she first got involved with Ric he didn't want anything to with Sonny...but that's changed now that Ric has taken the place in Sonny's life that Jason left behind. Reese says that Ric chose Sonny because he's always wanted that tie to his brother. Ric can be seen listening outside the door.

JESSE'S ROOM ABOVE KELLY'S: Jesse is moving back into his room above Kelly's when suddenly Maxie shows up with luggage at his door. She tells him that she's moving in.

A HOSPITAL IN FRANCE: Robin and the doctor are leaving the operating room. Apparently the patient died during surgery. The doctor asks Robin why she's so against these kinds of procedures, having seen the results? Robin says, "Yes, I have."

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Jason has decided he's going after Manny. He calls Max in and orders him to put extra guards up to protect Sam. Sam is worried but Jason assures her that he will come back alive. They kiss and then Jason leaves.

ROBIN'S APARTMENT: Robin is alone in her apartment -- she doesn't have any messages on her answering machine...she pours herself a glass of wine. She seems a bit lonely.

REESE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Ric asks Reese and Alexis if they're playing nice. Alexis explains that she was looking for him because she thought that she was having contractions earlier, but then they stopped. Ric says if he had known he would have come right over. Alexis replies that sometimes she wonders if he doesn't care more about Sonny than he does abot their baby. She even wonders if, when the baby is born, he'll even be there to see it. With that, she leaves.

KELLY'S: Georgie is joined by a couple of friends from her class who want her to go to the game with them. She doesn't really seem to want to, telling them that she promised to meet Dillon later. The girls exclaim that they never even see her -- does she want senior year to pass her by? Dillon comes by their table just then -- he has overheard some of their conversation.

JESSE'S ROOM ABOVE KELLY'S: Maxie says that since Jesse wants to protect her, she is going to move in with him. Jesse is hesitant, saying that not only would her father hate it, but she's only a freshman in college -- she should be out exploring her options and finding out what her passions are. Maxie, thinking that HE is the one who doesn't want to be tied down, gets upset and leaves.

KELLY'S: Dillon convinces Georgie to go out and have fun with her friends...saying that her senior year is a time to have fun before she has to start college. Georgie agrees just as her ride to the game -- Tim, a cute jock with his own car -- shows up. Dillon watches Georgie and her friends leave.

ROBIN'S APARTMENT: Robin is surprised by a visitor -- the doctor from the hospital, Henri. He has brought the pathology report on their shows that the medicine was starting to work after all. Henri apologizes to Robin and calls her the most dedicated physician on staff. He does worry though that she works too much. He offers to take her out for a walk. She turns him down and he tries to guess why. She tells him that before this goes any further he should know she is HIV-positive.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Max has put guards in place, as Sam goes upstairs, planning to take a shower.

MANNY'S HIDE-OUT: Jason lurks outside of the hide-out...he goes inside but Manny isn't there. What IS there is a pre-taped message on the tv, from Manny to Jason.

DIEGO'S DORM ROOM: Maxie shows up at Diego's dorm room...she finds a diary there, and she starts to read it: "Dillon, Georgie, Brook Lynn. They all hate me. It's like some big act of charity for them to even say hi, especially Brook Lynn, who treats me like I'm something stuck on the bottom of her shoe." As she reads, Diego comes into the room. He asks her what she's doing?

REESE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Ric apologizes to Reese for Alexis' visit. They discuss the fact that Alexis is very opininated. Ric is a little upset that Alexis seems to want him to choose between their unborn baby and having a relationship with Sonny -- Ric doesn't want to choose, he wants to have both. Still, he does worry that Sonny's life is so dangerous. Reese notes that it looks like Ric will have to choose after all.

MANNY'S HIDE-OUT: Jason turns on the pre-taped message from the message, Manny says, "You came alone, didn't you, Morgan? Sweetness is not with you, is she? Maybe she's not as alone as you think."

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Sam is in the shower when something makes her turn around and look through the glass out into the rest of the bathroom. She sees Manny there, watching her. She screams and calls for Max to come and help her.

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