GH Update Wednesday 10/19/05

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/19/05


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Skye goes to Lorenzo’s home looking for him. But Manny Ruiz shows up and startles her.

Right then, Sonny is still in the hospital and notices Emily sleeping in a chair with a blanket right beside him. He tells her that he thought he told her to go home. She tells him he must have her confused with somebody he thinks he can give orders to.

Ric calls a meeting to introduce Jason to Hector Ruiz and informs Hector that Jason is the man who shot his son, Javier.

Lanie and Jesse call Brooke Lynn to the station to ask her about what happened with Diego. She tells them that Diego told her that somebody put the drug in his possession and he just wanted to get it tested to find out if it’s the same kind that were given to her and Maxie. Right then, Jesse assumes that it would have to be Diego who drugged them. And he’s ready to get on the phone and report him. But Lanie tells him he’s making a big mistake.

After hearing Lucas reveal that he is gay, Georgie tells him she is really proud of him to confide in her and be able to come out. She also tells him that she’s found some books and self-help CDs for him about how to encourage somebody to believe there is nothing wrong with being gay. But he knows it’s not as positive as that and tells her it’s something like: “You’re here, you’re queer”. And he walks away.

Skye reveals she does not know who the strange man in Lorenzo’s home is. Lorenzo returns home to see Manny in his home with her. She then runs out. Lorenzo asks Manny what he is doing in his home. Manny informs Lorenzo that Javier is dead. He’s gong to make his killer pay and Lorenzo is going to help him.

After Ric has informed Hector Ruiz that Jason murdered his son, Jason informs Hector that his son tried to murder Sony and Reese. As for Manny, he is a murderer. Ric tells Hector that Manny will die if Jason finds him in Port Charles. Either that or he will go to prison, since he is an escaped fugitive. Hector asks Ric what he wants. Ric tells Hector he must go and find Manny in order for him to be safe. Observing Ric so unlike himself, Jason asks Ric who put him in charge.

Emily gives Sonny a get well card that Michael made for him. He asks her what she told Michael about his injury. She admits that she could not lie to his son and gave him the upbeat version about how daddy got hurt. But she tells Sonny that she wishes he would not take chances because Michael and Morgan need him. Monica then comes in and tells her that Sonny does not care. She confronts Sonny telling him she cannot control what he does with his own kids. But he is not going to endanger her kids.

Brook Lynn tells Lanie that she is not lying that she was drugged. Lanie says she knows but she cannot prove anything. Right then, the dorm monitor comes by and names another suspect.

Dillon comes by when Georgie is talking to Lucas. He tells her he’s upset by the fact that he has not seen her in a long time and she is ignoring him. He reveals that he is not ok about previously noticing her and Lucas holding hands. Maxie then comes and asks Lucas if he is “interested” in Georgie. She tells him that they are family and that would not be appropriate. He reminds her that he is adopted and not related to Georgie by blood. But he does think that Georgie is really “hot”. He smiles. But, having no clue that he is gay, she does not find that amusing. He then tells Georgie that he’s not ready to come out to everybody. So, in the mean time, he wants everybody to think he’s “into” her. She asks him why he is pushing himself right back into the closet. He tells her that he has an entire family of sick people. Lucky, Luke, Mac and everybody. And he tells her that that is the reason he is gay and if he cannot live up to the “Spencer” rap, then he might as well wear a dress.

Tracy returns to her family’s home and asks why Alice is dressed in seductive clothing. Edward and Ned don’t answer. Right then, Luke comes inn. Tracy tells them that she will hire a hit man to get rid of him. Right then, Skye enters also dressing seductively. Edward tells her she must seduce Luke so that he will divorce Tracy. Skye replies that she has better things to do with her time. Luke asks if that includes wallowing over Lorenzo Alcazar.

Manny tells Lorenzo if he does not help him kill Sonny, he will rat Lorenzo out about many things Lorenzo does not want anybody to know about.

Ric tells Jason that he will make sure that Sonny is safe. Jason tells Ric that that was never his job. Ric tells Jason that he(Jason) walked away so somebody has to do what he did so well by being the enforcer for Sonny.

Monica tells Sonny that for the first time in years, Jason had a new life and a fresh start. But Sonny had to drag him right back to that sewer of a life. He couldn’t stand to see Jason happy. Emily protests to her mother that Sonny did not ask Jason to do anything. Jason made his own choice to murder Javier and come back to work for Sonny. But Monica tells Sonny he can always fire Jason and tell him that his services are no longer required. But of course, Sonny Corinthos would never do that. He only wants to use people and get them to do his dirty work for him. He doesn’t care if Jason lives or dies. Same for Emily. She tells Sonny that she’s not going to let him do that to both her son and her daughter. Emily protests to her mother that Sonny needs his rest and she has to stop yelling at him. Monica walks out and Sonny admits to Emily that her mother is not entirely wrong. Emily asks Sonny if he really is using her because that is not the way it feels. He tells her that he trusts her more than anybody else he knows right now.

Diego comes to see Brook Lynn and tells her he’s so sorry that he did not protect her at the party. Right then, Maxie and Dillon enter and inform them that they have tried and failed to catch the stalker. Jesse informs them that they have discovered a suspect named Kenny Carter. Right then, they bring Kenny in and the college students are ready to attack him for discovering that he has nude photos of Brook Lynn in his backpack.

At the Quartermaine house, Alan notices Alice dressed in seductive wear with her tattoo and asks why this woman still works here. Ned replies it’s because they are too intimidated to fire her. Alone with Luke, Tracy tells him that he must want to be able to divorce her now. He tells her that nothing would make him want to give up being her husband except for 15 million dollars.

Ric comes to see Reese in her hospital room and brings her flowers. HE tells her that there may be some good news. He might have gotten through to Hector Ruiz.

Jason comes to see Sonny and asks how he is. Sonny says he’s better because of him. Jason admits that he came back to Port Charles because he knew that Sonny needed him. And he might be able to work with him but he will not work for him. He tells Sonny that Ric neglected to tell him that he set up a meeting with Hector Ruiz. And he tells Sonny that he does not like being set up and will not take orders from Ric. And he doesn’t want anybody having him do things that will get him killed. Sonny then gets on the phone asking somebody to find Ric and get him there now.

Kenny tells the cops that he is falsely accused of being the campus pervert. All he did was sell a couple of joints to some friends. And he wants to make his phone call now. Brook Lynn tells Jesse that she really appreciates all the work he has done for her in order to help her. She tells him he’s gone beyond his call of duty in his job and she give him a hug. Maxie looks at them unhappily.

Tracy tells Luke that she knows he wants Skye and cannot tell her that he is happy being her husband. He tells her that he knows that happiness is a relative concept. He tells Tracy that she is a practical woman who does not ask for romance or commitment. But Skye does require those things in a relationship. Tracy concludes that Luke dances around his “potential” with Skye. And when it gets to be too much, he comes scampering back to her. He tells her that is true. He’s happy to be Mr. Tracy Quartermaine and he asks her to pour him a nice hot cup of tea. She pours it right into his lap and burns him.

Reese tells Ric that she remembers how she felt when he was shot. He tells her that they both have their connection to Sonny. But they’ve also shared a lot of intimate secrets of their own. He tells her that he still believes she may have been out of her mind to go to the hotel. But he’s glad she did. And he’s glad she’s alive. She tells him if he can get through to Hector, then maybe they can have some sort of peace of mind. He tells her that maybe at any time, he will be getting a call from Sonny. And right then, his phone rings and Sonny asks him to come and talk to him.

Sonny assures Jason that he will never ask him to take orders from Ric. He has always trusted Jason’s instincts above and beyond all and that never has to change. He tells Jason he will handle Ric. Right then, Ric enters and asks how Sonny plans to handle him.

Maxie, Brook Lynn, Dillon and Lucas talk about Kenny carter and what little they know about him and whether or not he is their man. Dillon tells them he has another theory however. Maxie tells Dillon that maybe he’s just running another one of his teen slasher films.

Lanie tells Dr. Rodriguez that she does not believe that he has arrested the right guy. Kenny does not fit the profile and the real stalker is still out there. He tells her that the police department wants to close the case.

Jason tells Emily that what she told him about his loyalty to his family and friends really made a difference. She hugs him and tells him she must go and find Sonny. Monica approaches Jason and tells him she realizes she cannot force him to steer clear of Sonny. But could he please go and talk to Emily? He asks her if it is also Emily’s choice to decide whom to steer clear of? But Monica tells Jason that if he’s going to help Sonny from now on, Sonny might not need Emily and maybe if Jason goes and talks to Emily, she will listen because she always has listened to him before.

Ric comes and tells Sonny that he is just following his suggestions. He realizes that he is not really good as an enforcer. But Sonny tells Ric that he blindsided Jason. He cannot do that. And he must remember that Jason does not answer to him. Ric then agrees to stay out of Jason’s way. But he will not apologize for doing what he thought was right. Sonny tells Ric that he is not pushing him away. But the next time he has a genius idea, he wants Ric to come to him. He tells Ric that he does not interfere in his law practice and wants Ric to offer him the same respect.

Dillon privately informs Jesse that he disagrees with Brook Lynn, Maxie and Lucas that the campus perv is Kenny Carter. He asks Jesse if he agrees. They seem to have a meeting of the minds in who they believe it is although they do not reveal his name. And right then, the camera shows Diego sitting by himself.

Skye tells Lorenzo that for a moment, she was afraid that he would get killed when she saw him with Immanuel Ruiz. And that is the very reason why she cannot commit to him.

Reese tells Ric that Sonny will eventually cool off and see that he is an asset to him. Ric tells Reese that Jason has always been Sonny’s number one guy. Jason seems to not be ambitious. She tells him that Jason is not Sonny’s brother and has less of a need to compete with Sonny than Ric has. And she tells him that she knows how he feels second to Jason very similarly to how she feels second to Carly.

Emily tells Sonny that she’s checked on Carly’s situation since she’s been at Roselawn. And they tell her that Carly has gone deeper and deeper into her fantasy world. And she’s really sorry to have to tell him that there is no way for any of them to help Carly.

Hector privately tells Manny that Jason already tried to kill him once. If Manny stays in Port Charles, Jason might succeed. And Manny must realize the cops can get him if he keeps running around on the loose since he is already in trouble. And sometimes we can’t always win and get revenge and instead have to cut our losses and play it smart. And wouldn’t you know that Manny pulls out a gun and shoots his own father, after hearing that.

Right then Jason is on the hospital elevator taking his medication. He looks like he’s in pain and still not back to the way he was.

Manny tells his dead father that he will avenge the death of both him and Javier.

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