GH Update Tuesday 10/18/05

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/18/05


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Javier catches Sonny and Reese at the bottom of the stairwell of the MetroCourt. They all open fire. Javier shoots at Reese and she goes down. He moves toward Sonny and tells him it’s a real shame that the great Sonny Corinthos is going to die at the bottom of the stairwell. He tells Sonny he better say his prayers, and points the gun at him and looks like he’s ready to kill Sonny. But right then, Jason appears out of nowhere and points a gun at Javier. Javier tells Jason that he must realize he is no longer part of that life. He no longer works for Sonny and is incapable of violence. Jason proves him wrong however and blows him away. And he gets on his cell phone to call for help for Sonny and Rease. Sonny is amazed to notice Jason behaving just like the old Jason he knew so well.

Mac, John and Ric hear about the shooting. Of course, John Durant wants to stall getting help for Sonny and hopes that he and Javier Ruiz both die.

Sonny asks Jason if anybody knows he’s returned to Port Charles. Jason admits no. Sonny tells Jason he mustn’t wait with them. He needs to go before the Ruiz boys come after him and kill him for what happened to Javier.

Back in Maui, Sam stays alone in the house after Jason’s left. A cop comes and tells her that the department needs to protect her because Immanuel Ruiz has escaped custody. He tells her he strongly advises against her staying alone in the house. She tells him he need not worry because she is returning to New York soon.

Lucky tells Nikolas that he must choose between Emily and Courtney. They realize it’s not as simple as choosing between coffee or tea, vanilla or chocolate. Nikolas admits that he and Emily will always be friends. Hearing that, Lucky concludes that Nikolas is choosing Courtney.

Elizabeth tells Courtney that she can tell that she loves Nikolas and asks her why she believes she must set him free. Courtney replies that Nikolas is in love with Emily. But Elizabeth remind s her that they are divorcing. Courtney tells Elizazbethe that she was under the mistaken idea that both Jason and Jax loved her but Jason put her second to Sonny and carly and the children and second to his work. And Jax proved that there was a lot missing in their relationship. Courtney tells Elizabeth that with both men, she was an attachment to them and not really part of their lives. But she and Nikolas seemed to connect as equals and respect one another in a way that was deep and mutual. Elizabeth seems to know that Courtney is going to say that it feels right for her and Nikolas and she encourages Courtney to tells Nikolas how she feels.

Skye and Luke are back in Port Charles but are still having trouble with what their feelings are for each other. She tells him that she wants more from him than he can offer. In a way he might even care for Tracy more than he cares for her, she fears. He didn’t seem to want to save her any more than save Tracy. She also acknowledges that he is very much like alcohol for her. Seeing him once is too many times. Being with him forever is not enough. She needs to get over him one day at a time. He tells her that she also has some misguided beliefs about Lorenzo and is just using him to make Luke jealous. He also reminds her that Lorenzo is just using her to get over Carly. And she tells Luke that it is not acceptable to her that he was gone all this while and never even thought to call her.

Mac and Officer Rodriguez go to find Sonny and Reese but Durant and Ric find them first. Sonny assumes that he’s really disappointed Durant by not dying. Ric is very happy that his brother is ok. He tells them that he must get help for Reese. She’s bleeding and unconscious. The paramedics come and take her to the hospital. And Ric tells Durant he knows he deliberately stalled the swat team hoping that Sonny and Reese would not make it. Of course, Durant ignores that. Ric seems to know that Durant made a deal with Javier Ruiz. He tells Durant that his wanting to make sure that Sonny died before the swat team arrived makes Durant and accomplice for attempted murder.

Lucky admits that he’s somewhat disappointed that his brother would choose Courtney over Emily. Nikolas admits that he will always love Emily but cannot be in love with her. They have too much pain and tension between them. She’s shut him out too many times and they have tried and failed to move forward too many times. Lucky asks Nikolas if he really knows Courtney. Nikolas admits that he’s just getting to know her. And he is comfortable with her. They can talk. She makes him laugh. And he wants to be with her.

Courtney admits to Elizabeth that she knows she has a connection with Nikolas but she knows that his connection with Emily might be greater than anything she could ever have with him. So, she concludes that that is why she needs to walk away, set Nikolas free, and let him decide what he wants to do.

Luke tells Skye he wishes she would not 12-step him like he’s her addiction and he protests that they could be good together. But she tells him that he does not want a relationship where he has to drop his guard. He might be better off with Tracy that way. He doesn’t have to give his heart away with her. And she admits that she wants more from him than a situation like that. She tells him that she respects the love he had with Laura, which she realizes he will never find again. And she tells Luke that this time he doesn’t get to walk away. She is now over him, cold turkey.

Elizabeth runs into Nikolas and informs him that she knows that he and Courtney have feelings for each other. He seems surprised that she is encouraging him to consider Courtney and not get back with Emily. But she tells him she knows what he has with Courtney and tells him that Courtney is ready to leave town and he must catch her before she’s gone.

Strangely enough, Durant decides not to press charges against Jason for blowing Javier away. He tells Mac that he acted in self-defense in order to save the life of his brother and law partner. And strangely enough, Ric doesn’t seem as supportive toward Jason. Maybe he wants to get Jason out of the way so that he can take his place with Sonny. And he knows that Durant has ulterior motives for being nice to Jason. Probably he wants to bribe Jason not to get him in trouble with something.

When Sonny and Reese get to the hospital, Emily rushes to help them and tells them that Reese is hemorrhaging. She knows exactly how to save Reese’s life. Sonny notices that Jason is there and is surprised the cops have cut him loose so soon since he assumes that Durant wants to get him in trouble. Jason admits that Durant didn’t even want to take him to the station and he is free. Sonny acknowledges that both Jason and Emily have saved his life tonight. And of course, he asks Jason if he is considering coming home and working for him. Jason admits that he does not remember much, only has flashes. But he says it’s starting to connect. And he somehow knew that Sonny needed him and could not handle the situation alone without Jason’s help. Jason also seems to somehow remember the connection he had with his sister, Emily. Monica and Emily tell Sonny they need to admit him and give him drugs. Sonny admits to Emily that he’s afraid of what drugs will do to him. He does not feel safe being out of control with his mental faculties around strangers and only trusts Emily to be with him after the drugs have taken affect. Hearing that, she tells him she is his friend but is not going to jeopardize her medical career. So she can only let a real doctor administer the drugs to Sonny.

Courtney then writes Nikolas a letter, telling him that she does not know what to do or feel in regard to him or the baby and needs time to go away and figure things out. But right then she gets a call from Ric that Sonny and Reese have been ambushed by Javier Ruiz. Ric makes sure that both Courtney and Mike are there for Sonny. Courtney is surprised that Ric would care so much about Sonny, knowing he did not always and she thanks him for calling them. She also finds out that Jason and Emily both saved their lives.

Skye gets a call from Lorenzo after he’s stood her up. She sounds to him like she’s not really concerned and not asking him to commit to her.

Lucky goes to see his father after all this time of not hearing from him or knowing where he was. He announces to Luke that he and Elizabeth are getting married. Luke tells Lucky he does not approve and believes they will regret their decision with the lowly jobs and lousy pay they both make. Lucky and Elizabeth do not appreciate his strong opinions and Lucky tells his father if he cannot be happy for him, he is not invited to the wedding.

Sonny still expresses that he wishes Ric would stop trying so hard to take Jason’s place. Courtney comes by and he knows there is one thing she can do for him; talk to Mike. She tells him that it’s so like him to ask her to communicate to their father for him. He explains to her that he’s afraid that Mike is blaming himself for what happened to him and is afraid it’s because he was not a good father. And only she can encourage Mike to feel better about the situation.

Monica expresses to Emily that she’s a little concerned about her daughter staying at Sonny’s and spending so much time with his family and involving herself in his problems. She tells Emily that she’s worried about both her and Jason. They are the only kids she has left. And she implies that maybe Sonny wants Emily for something more than friendship and taking care of his kids. Emily asks her mother why she would even suggest that she might have that kind of “connection” with Sonny. Monica reminds her daughter that Sonny is between wives and Emily is divorcing. Emily reminds her mother that Sonny is involved with Reese Marshall. And she is not presently interested in anybody. She just wants to get over Nikolas, get on with her life, and have friends and complete med school. Right then, Nikolas finds her and tells her that he wants the two of them to plan Lucky and Elizabeth’s wedding as friends. And he tells her he’s made the decision that from now on, they will just be friends because he’s decided he wants Courtney.

Jason informs Sonny about what happened to him and Sam in Hawaii, about how Manny pulled guns on them and shot him in the leg. Sonny then asks Jason if he wants to come back and work for him. And Jason surprisingly agrees. Jason then gets on the phone and calls Sam.

After Lucky has decided his father is not invited to their wedding, Elizabeth asks him if he is really sure about this. Lucky says yes and tells her Luke will probably just show up drunk anyway and ruin everything.

Nikolas goes and finds Courtney and tells her she cannot run away from him and he knows he cannot stay away from her.

Sam informs Jason that this is not over because Manny has escaped from jail. And right then, Manny gets word that Jason Morgan has killed his brother and he’s ready to make his move in Port Charles.

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