GH Update Monday 10/17/05

General Hospital Update Monday 10/17/05


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Knowing he’d better go where Immanuel Ruiz cannot find him, Jason tells Sam that he wanted their happiness to last. She tells him that she knows he’s not the type of person who likes to take the easy way out. And that part of him goes so much deeper than the memory. She tells him that she promised herself to enjoy this place they had together while it lasted. She tells him he is doing what is right and that is all she wanted him to do. He kisses her and their song plays. He goes out the door to leave but he turns and tells her he loves her.

Meanwhile Sonny and Reese are in a shootout with several thugs outside the door. The guys are outside the hallway. Reese’s place gets demolished although it looks like Sonny and Reese are ok. Ric is right outside the door ready to help his brother. Sonny and Reese both know how to protect themselves. They blow several of the guys away before they get in the door. Meanwhile, Javier Ruiz is sitting with John Durant having a drink behind the scenes.

Courtney tells Jax that she knows that the surrogacy must have made him see how badly he wanted to be a father. He tells her he knows that when Elizabeth became pregnant and he knew he would become a father, he got completely absorbed. But he tells her that maybe they both need to forget all about pregnancy. Elizabeth told him she did not want to go through another surrogacy again and he knows that she(Courtney) cannot get pregnant. But he tells Courtney that there would be nothing wrong with them spending time together and having fun although they are divorcing. He says he just wants them to forgive each other.

After Emily has told Nikolas that Courtney is pregnant, he is really blown away. But he tells her very possibly it’s Jax’s baby. She tells him he should consider the more likely possibility that it’s his. But she knows that he is not ready for the responsibility of fatherhood. He admits that when growing up, the servants and his uncle never told him anything about feeding times and commitments that parents have with their babies.

Elizabeth and Lucky look through a magazine to observe wedding cakes. They joke about how they both have to work so many hours that they might fall asleep during their wedding. He also notices that she is looking at a picture of her dream wedding dress. She knows how expensive it will be. He tells her she must forget about the money and just tell him about her dream wedding.

Ric goes to talk to the Ruiz father. He informs him that Lorenzo Alcazar is plotting his sons against Ric’s brother. Ric tells Mr. Ruiz that he believes that Sonny and Mr. Ruiz’s family can make peace. Mr. Ruiz tells Ric that it’s too late. But Ric reminds him that he already lost one of his sons. And if they do not stop this fighting, one of them will lose somebody they love soon.

Durant tells Javier Ruiz that if he goes after Sonny Corinthos, Durant will look the other way. But if he plans to set up shop in Port Charles, he will be in trouble. Durant tells him he can do whatever he wants with Sonny. Then he must jump on his horse and go back to Miami. But Javier tells Durant that Durant must realize he might need him as a friend some day. Durant tells Javier that he already has friends. Right then an informant tells them about the shootout at Reese’s hotel room.

Courtney tells Jax that there are many different levels of forgiveness. But she believes that it will take them a lot of time in order to get over what happened. They both lied and hurt one another. And she knows that in order for him to be able to adopt, he will probably have to be married. She reminds him that she has had three failed marriages and realizes she might not be very good at being married. She realizes now that she has a lot of baggage that she thought she’d put behind her but may not have. And it’s totally unfair to promise to spend your life with somebody and not be able to share it with them. She acknowledges that he hurt her and she hurt him and she doesn’t ever want to go back to that again. He tells her he’s not suggesting they start over. But he’d like for them to be able to see each other and be there for each other. She does not let on to him that she is pregnant.

Emily tells Nikolas that there is a lot going on with Sonny right now. He asks her why she would choose to help Sonny with his dirty deals. She reminds him that since they are divorced, they can agree to disagree and have their own lives without explaining their business to each other. She tells him now they can just stick to surprising Elizabeth and Lucky’s wedding and being friends. And she suggests that as his friend, she’d like him to attempt to work things out with Courtney and realize that this baby will change everything.

Elizabeth tells Lucky that she has a fantasy, which she realizes is not likely to come true. She admits to him that she always wanted to be Cinderella with a sparkling dress dancing at a ball. They reminisce about their younger days when she noticed girls in formal wear and she was wearing jeans. He tells her that regardless of what she was wearing, she was and still is the most beautiful girl he knows.

Sam goes outside after Jason has departed and there is thunder and lightning.

After the shooting ends, Reese tells Sonny that they have just blown apart the fanciest hotel in town. He tells her he believes Durant is behind this. She tells him although she doesn’t think well of Durant, she does not believe that he would join forces with the Ruiz family. Sonny tells her that Durant would stop at nothing in order to ruin him and take Carly away from him. And he tells her that if he doesn’t make it, he needs her to promise that Carly can be reunited with her children even if she has to stay at Rosemont. She tells him she promises. They both realize that they are outnumbered by that larger group of gunmen. But he tells her that he has a plan about how to outmaneuver them.

Courtney and Jax realize that they haven’t even yet gone through all of their wedding presents. And they think of letters they can write to all of the wedding guests, telling them that the marriage did not fly and they can see them at yard sales. They both laugh.

When Sam is alone, she gets a call from the police department informing her that Immanuel Ruiz has escaped from custody and she might be in danger.

Ric tells Mr. Ruiz that he regrets the harm that has come to his son. But he says he wants to be able to end the violence and blood shed. Mr. Ruiz asks if Ric is asking him to call off Javier. Ric admits that’s what he wants and asks Mr. Ruiz if expanding his territory is worth all of these lives. Mr. Ruiz gets on the phone but finds out it’s too late and Javier has already made his move against Sonny.

Right then, Sonny and Reese get ready to put their plan into motion with guns in hand. They go out the door and manage to shoot at the guys who are still left standing. But she gets shot and goes down.

When Courttney is talking to Jax, Nikolas comes by. Jax then seems to know that it’s his cue to leave. Nikolas notices that Jax brought some champagne and he knows why she cannot drink it. She tells him that she knows she’s already hurt so many people and cannot get him bound into an obligation. But he tells her if the baby is his, he promises to be the best father he knows how.

Sam gets her gun, hides and looks out the window.

Javier Ruiz is in the elevator in the hotel ready to come after Sonny and Reese. But they have escaped before he’s found them.

After leaving Courtney, Jax goes to talk to Emily at Sonny’s and he informs her that he now remembers who that woman was who ran out in front of the car and caused Elizabeth to lose her baby. She tells him she was not there and doesn’t know about it but he must realize that Carly has suffered a nervous breakdown. He tells her he’d like the truth from her and asks her if Carly is the reason why Elizabeth lost the baby.

Elizabeth goes to Courtney’s and tells her that she knows Nikolas will probably invite her to the wedding. But she knows it will make Emily very uncomfortable if she is there. Courtney graciously tells Elizabeth that she would not do anything to make anybody uncomfortable or disrupt her wedding. She wants Elizabeth to be able to enjoy her wedding. But before Elizabeth goes out the door she says she must wait and that this is all wrong.

Lucky runs into Nikolas, knows something is up with his brother and asks him to talk. Nikolas tells his brother that he went to see Emily and admitted to her that he plans on committing to Courtney. Lucky seems disappointed. But Nikolas tells him that Emily is ok with his considering Courtney. Lucky tells Nikolas that he must realize that although he has feelings for both women, he cannot have them both and must decide which one he wants.

Sam is hiding behind the bed, able to see Immanuel Ruiz through the window and holding her gun.

Sonny and Reese are at the bottom of the stairwell Right then, the shooters come out to attempt to finish the job but it looks like Sonny has shot and disarmed them. Right then, however, Javier appears.

After hearing Jax’s question, Emily asks if it really matters who ran out in front of the car. Jax tells her that he knows that Sonny was too concerned about Carly to attempt to help Elizabeth before it was too late. Once again, one of Sonny’s women gets to ruin other people’s lives and Sonny only cares about his own. But she reminds him that Carly did not intend for Elizabeth to lose her baby. It was an accident. She tells him that she understands that he’s rightfully upset over what happened. He indicates to her that he is considering getting back with Courtney.

After Elizabeth hesitates from asking Courtney not to come to her wedding, Courtney tells her there is nothing wrong with asking for that. She tells her she knows that Emily and Nikolas are very important to her and she wants what is best for them. But Elizabeth tells Courtney that that does not mean that Nikolas cannot bring her to Elizabeth’s wedding. She asks Courtney if she is in love with Nikolas. Courtney does not answer that but tells Elizabeth that she wants what is best for Nikolas and that might mean to let him go.

Alone in the house in the thunderstorm, Sam moves toward the door with her gun and hears a knock on the door.

Javier comes down the stairs and tells Sonny he admires him for having the courage to set a trap using himself as bait. But Sonny has underestimated him. He says the great and powerful Sonny Corinthos is going to end his life at the bottom of a stairwell tonight. He tells Sonny if he is a religious man, he should start praying. But right then and there, they discover that somebody is going to save Sonny’s life. It’s none other than Jason. He points the gun at Javier. Javier reminds Jason that he now has a conscience. Too much of a conscience to pull the trigger. And we find out what happens in the next episode.

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