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General Hospital Update Friday 10/14/05


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THE PARK: Courtney and Nikolas are talking near the gazebo. She is obviously nervous about something, as she babbles about how they need to be honest with each other. Nikolas asks her what she wants to tell him and she admits, "Okay, what I'm trying to tell you is that I'm pregnant." Nikolas is shocked, noting that he thought it wasn't possible. Courtney tells him that Dr. Meadows did a test and she's six weeks along. She also explains that she did the math, so Jax could be the father. Nikolas adds, "Or I might be."

GREYSTONE: Alan has come by Greystone to see Emily -- he wants to convince Emily to give her marriage with Nikolas another shot. Alan doesn't approve of the way Nikolas has acted, but he understands because he himself cheated on Monica more than once. Emily points out that he shouldn't wish that kind of unhappy marriage on her. Alan is positive that Em and Nik still love each other, especially after seeing the way Nikolas was at her bedside at the hospital.

METRO COURT: Sonny and Reese are kissing when Sonny gets a phone call from Max telling him that Javier Ruiz is in the lobby with all of his men. Sonny tells Max to get into position, then hangs up the phone, turns to Reese and says that she should have left earlier, because now there is no way out.

JASON AND SAM'S BEACH HOUSE IN HAWAII: One of Manny's guards holds the gun on Jason (who is still handcuffed to the chair) as Manny commands Sam to give him a kiss (or else he'll have Jason shot). Sam kisses him while Jason struggles with his restraints. Finally Jason breaks free, knocks out the guard behind him and gets hold of a gun. Sam also grabs a nearby gun and they both hold their weapons on Manny. Manny tells Sam that she will have to be the one to kill him because Jason doesn't have the spine.

THE PARK: Courtney tells Nikolas she doesn't want him to feel obligated to be with her because of the pregnancy if it is his baby. Nikolas just wants to figure everything out. She tells him how she found out she was pregnant a week ago, and that she went to have tests done. So far, she says, there are no complications. Courtney adds that she can have the paternity test done in a few weeks. Nikolas asks if she really doesn't know who the father is and she replies that she was going to keep it to herself until Emily found out. Nikolas is surprised that Emily knows about the pregnancy.

GREYSTONE: Emily isn't sure there's anything left of her marriage to Nikolas to go back to. Alan replies that back then, Emily wasn't trapped in Sonny's life the way she is now. He accuses Sonny of being a man who destroys whatever he touches. Emily defends Sonny but Alan argues that Sonny is a plague, and the best thing for Emily and for Michael would be if someone put a bullet in his head.

THE HOSPITAL: Alexis and Ric are talking in the hospital waiting room. Ric is still upset that Sonny asked him to stay out of the Ruiz business. Alexis just wants Ric to keep himself safe. She reminds Ric that, after all, he knows nothing about the mob or guns. Ric thinks about this and says, "You're right. I am lousy with guns. But maybe guns aren't the answer."

METRO COURT: Javier is in the lobby of Metro Court when one of his men comes to him to let him know that everything is in place. Javier replies that he's waiting for his alibi to arrive...when that happens, Sonny will die.

Up in Sonny's hotel room, Sonny worries that now Reese won't have the chance to leave before the battle with Javier's men. Reese says, "I leave when you leave." She is fully prepared to stay with him. Sonny wants to call the police, but Reese stops him, reminding him that he wouldn't call the cops if she wasn't here -- and besides, this is his best chance to stop the Ruiz family.

THE PARK: Courtney knows that Nikolas is worried about Emily being hurt if Courtney's baby is his. Nikolas is surprised that Jax doesn't know about the pregnancy yet. Courtney explains that she can't tell Jax until she's sure about the paternity, especially considering Jax just lost the baby with Elizabeth. She promises to tell Jax the truth when she knows it herself. Nikolas notes that the odds of paternity are in his own favor, not Jax's -- and if the baby is his, he plans to be the best father possible. Courtney worries that Nikolas never wanted to be a father in the first place. Nik reminds her that he'll always care about her and that they'll figure something out. Courtney gets emotional, says, "I can't deal with this right now," and walks off. Nikolas is left looking alone and thoughtful.

GREYSTONE: Emily and Alan are arguing about Sonny, with Alan bringing up all that Sonny has done to their family and Emily defending him. Alan is worried that Sonny is going to steal her from the Quartermaines the way he stole Jason and Michael. Emily urges Alan to just show Sonny some compassion. Alan laments the fact that Emily has apparently been brainwashed by Sonny. Emily says that Sonny is not a saint, but he's not a monster either, and she wants to stand by him.

METRO COURT: Sonny wants to call the cops to protect Reese. Reese, however, urges him not to by reminding him that his greatest fear is having Javier come after him while he's with his kids. She warns Sonny that Javier needs to be taken out sooner rather than later -- she offers to be Sonny's witness later that it was self-defense. Sonny asks her why she is doing this and she replies that she's in love with him.

JASON AND SAM'S BEACH HOUSE IN HAWAII: Jason holds a gun on Manny while Sam handcuffs him. Manny starts taunting Jason, who prepares to shoot him. Sam jumps in between Jason and Manny, pleading with Jason, "Don't kill for me. You don't have to do this." Just then, the cops show up.

GREYSTONE: Nikolas arrives at Greystone to see Emily. He seems nervous about something and Emily reminds him that he can tell her anything. He says, "Courtney told me that you know that she's pregnant and that I could be the father."

METRO COURT: Javier meets up with his newly arrived alibi -- John Durant. John notes that he doesn't apprecite being summoned this way. Javier tells John that tonight, Sonny is going down. John replies, "Sonny Corinthos dies tonight. Now ask me if I care."

Up in Sonny's room, Sonny tells Reese that she deserves better than how he has treated her lately. Reese reminds him that he's been great to her and has saved her life more than once. Sonny is worried about what will happen to her if she gets involved in the battle with Javier. He also talks about his kids, and how Michael and Morgan are the one thing the he can't stand to lose.

JASON AND SAM'S BEACH HOUSE IN HAWAII: The police officer handcuffs Manny. As he takes Manny away, Manny taunts Jason and Sam. Sam, clearly pissed, tries to run after him, but Jason stops her and comforts her. She tells Jason that she hates Manny so much.

GREYSTONE: Nikolas apologizes to Emily for the hurt she might be feeling now due to his possibly being the one to impregnate Courtney. Emily tells him that she knows that he didn't sleep with Court until after she (Emily) had asked for a divorce. She doesn't want to stop being friends with him now, over this.

THE HOSPITAL: Courtney arrives at the hospital hoping to get a visit with Dr. Meadows. Unfortunately, the doctor is busy delivering a baby. Before Courtney leaves, she visits a bit with Alexis who is still there following her conversation with Ric earlier. Alexis apologizes for the divorce paper mix-up (Jax and Courtney's papers were sent to Nikolas and Emily and vice versa). Courtney says that while she and Jax are mending fences she doesn't think they'll be giving their marriage another shot. Alexis brings up her own marital problems with Ric and then mentions to Courtney that Ric is involved in something big going down with Sonny and the mob.

METRO COURT: Sonny talks to Reese about Michael and Morgan and all he does to try to protect them. Sonny is pretty much at peace with the fact that he might die, so he is thankful his kids would be provided for in that event. Reese tries to reassure Sonny by telling him that he and his boys have filled a void in her own life -- and she is determined to stand by him now because he is worth fighting for.

JASON AND SAM'S BEACH HOUSE IN HAWAII: A paramedic bandages up Jason's wounds. Jason doesn't want to go to the hospital. The paramedic and the police officer leave. After they've gone, Jason tells Sam, "This isn't over."

GREYSTONE: Emily and Nikolas discuss the fact that he has always been ambivalent about being a parent due to the Cassadine genes he carries. Nikolas is worried because if the child is his, he can't imagine NOT being a part of its life. He and Courtney still have a lot to work out in their relationship -- and then, what if it's Jax's? Where would that leave them then, he wonders aloud.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney is surprised to get a visit from Jax, who has brought ice cream and champagne. Courtney lets him in but says that she feels weird because it's like she's seeing more of him now than when they were married. Jax is just happy they aren't angry at each other anymore. Besides, he says that they have to work together on the thank-you cards for the gifts from their wedding. Courtney still seems uncomfortable and he offers to leave and come back another time. She tells him that he can stay. He offers her some champagne, but she declines.

JASON AND SAM'S BEACH HOUSE IN HAWAII: Jason tells Sam that he intends to take Manny out, but first he has to deal with Javier in Port Charles. Jason says that he finally gets why he learned to kill -- to protect the people he loves. He adds that he knows he made a promise to Sonny to protect Sonny's family, and he has to honor that commitment. He wants to go back to Port Charles tonight. But Sam tells him that she can't.

RUIZ HEADQUARTERS: Ric has arrived -- he meets with one of Senor Ruiz's bodyguards who informs Ric that Senor Ruiz will be with him shortly. The bodyguard expresses surprise that Ric has come, as they weren't expecting Sonny to negotiate. Ric replies, "Well, there's always room for negotiation, especially if it means people don't need to die."

METRO COURT: Javier and John are still talking over drinks in the lobby of Metro Court. Javier says he sees Port Charles as a land of opportunity -- he wants to make a name for himself by getting rid of Sonny Corinthos, the very thing John failed to do. Javier explains that once he has taken Sonny's place as mob king of Port Charles, he doesn't expect opposition from John. John warns him that while he will look the other way in regard to Javier's involvement in Sonny's death, he will work hard to take Javier down if Javier moves to Port Charles. Javier says he's disappointed and John replies, "Yeah? Well, get over it. Tonight we're on the same side. Tomorrow, sonny's dead. We're enemies."

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney tells Jax that she feels uncomfortable because it seems like he's trying to romance her. Jax apologizes and Courtney replies that she just can't help wondering if he's trying to put their marriage back together because that's how badly he wants a baby.

GREYSTONE: Nikolas notes that a paternity test will need to be done on the baby before they make any decisions about the future. Emily hopes that whatever the outcome, he is happy. Nikolas apologizes again for all of this and explains that he never wanted a child -- but that whenever he did imagine it in his head, Emily was the only one he pictured having the baby with.

JASON AND SAM'S BEACH HOUSE IN HAWAII: Sam promises Jason that she'll be okay and that she'll only stay long enough to pack and say goodbye to Danny. Jason worries about leaving her alone, even if it's just for a day. Sam tells Jason that as happy as she was in Hawaii, she never really thought it would last...because she always knew they'd end up going back. They kiss, exchange "I love you's" and then Jason leaves.

METRO COURT: A long, drawn-out mob shoot-out montage occurs to the Good Charlotte song, "I Just Wanna Live"...scenes of Sonny and Ruiz's men fighting are intercut with scenes of Javier and John in the lobby of MetroCourt and a scene of Ric meeting with Senor Ruiz. Sonny and Reese are also shot at in their hotel room.

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