GH Update Thursday 10/13/05

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/13/05


Written By Ali
Pictures by Boo

KELLY'S: Courtney finds Emily and Nikolas talking at Kelly's and immediately assumes that Emily has told him that she (Courtney) is pregnant. She is surprised and relieved when Nikolas says that they were only talking about Lucky and Elizabeth's wedding. But she becomes worried again when Emily says that she walked in on Courtney and Sonny discussing something that Courtney doesn't want to tell Nikolas.

GREYSTONE: Ric arrives at Sonny's and is shocked at the high level of security around the place. Sonny hands Ric his will, much to Ric's surprise.

JASON AND SAM'S BEACH HOUSE IN HAWAII: Manny's men are beating up Jason as Sam watches, unseen from the doorway. She tries to sneak into the house through a window but makes so much noise doing so that Manny sends one of his men to investigate.

KELLY'S: Emily tells Nikolas that Courtney accused her of using Michael and Morgan to hide from her own problems -- and that she realizes now that Courtney was right. She apologizes to Courtney for that and a (still relieved) Courtney leaves. After she's gone, Nik asks Emily if there's something else going on?

MIAMI HOTEL ROOM: Luke comes back to the room where Tracy is waiting. He informs her that he's put ELQ back in her control, so now she must set Skye free. Tracy asks how he managed to convince Lorenzo to sign his shares over to her? Luke says he didn't -- he just forged Lorenzo's name on the papers (which he shows to Tracy), the shares are hers. The phone rings: it's Vinnie, who complains to Tracy that Skye is driving him crazy (Skye can be heard yelling and making noise in the background). Tracy hangs up on Vinnie and tells Luke that he won't see Skye until he gives her (Tracy) some satisfaction.

GREYSTONE: Sonny tells Ric he is preparing himself for the worst in the war with Javier Ruiz -- he is leaving the house, and he'll wait for Ruiz at the MetroCourt. Ric is worried about Sonny. He offers to set up negotiations with Javier, but Sonny says that that won't work because since Manny nearly died it has become personal.

JASON AND SAM'S BEACH HOUSE IN HAWAII: Manny's guard tries to find Sam -- before he can, she sneaks up behind him and hits him on the head. Then she heads into the main room where Jason and Manny are waiting. She shoots at one of Manny's guards with a gun she managed to get her hands on. Manny smiles and says it's starting to look like a party.

MIAMI HOTEL ROOM: Tracy, looking over Luke's forging of Lorenzo's signature, tells him that it's not good enough to fly with the S.E.C...and Luke will have to do lots better to rescue Skye. Vinnie calls again, and Skye can be heard yelling and threatening him in the background. Vinnie gripes to Tracy that Skye is nuts. Tracy hangs up on Vinnie again and Luke warns Tracy that unless she tells Vinnie to free Skye he will have Tracy arrested for kidnapping.

GREYSTONE: Sonny and Ric argue again over whether or not it's wise of Sonny to want to take out Javier in this manner. Ric wants the cops involved...Sonny doesn't. Ric wants to go with Sonny. Sonny doesn't want him to. Instead he wants Ric to keep his will someplace safe, because if something happened to Ric he would not be able to live with himself. They hug one another and Ric leaves. Sonny calls Emily and asks her to meet him right away. She agrees and they hang up. Michael comes in and asks Sonny if they are going somewhere? Sonny says he's going somewhere alone. Michael begs him not to leave.

JASON AND SAM'S BEACH HOUSE: Jason pleads with Sam to leave, but Sam doesn't want to go. She holds the gun on Manny, who tells her to drop the weapon or Jason will die. Sam finally gives in and lowers the gun. But Manny shoots Jason (in the leg) anyway.

MIAMI HOTEL ROOM: Tracy and Luke argue over whether or not he'd be able to implicate her in Skye's kidnapping. The phone rings again -- it's Vinnie. This time, Luke answers -- Vinnie tries to tell him that there's a problem, but Luke ignores him, demanding the address where Vinnie is supposedly holding Skye. Vinnie gives it to him and Luke hangs up the phone. He tells Skye he is going to go rescue Skye. But he is surprised, upon opening the door to leave, to find Lorenzo and Skye there in the doorway kissing! Skye turns to Luke and tells him that Lorenzo rescued her from Vinnie.

THE PARK: Elizabeth is with Cameron and Lucky in the park when Courtney comes over to them. So that Liz and Courtney can talk, Lucky takes Cameron to the swing-set. Courtney tells Elizabeth that she told Nikolas to follow his heart but that she's hoping Nik's heart leads him back to her and not Emily. Elizabeth apologizes for trying to pressure Courtney to break up with Nikolas. She thinks what they need is a good dose of honesty for a change.

KELLY'S: Ric is sitting outside of Kelly's, where he exchanges small talk with Mike. Mike goes back inside and Reese heads over to Ric. Ric tells her about Sonny's plan to move against Javier Ruiz. Reese is worried, especially when Ric tells her that Sonny has just given him his will.

GREYSTONE: Sonny tells Michael that he has a meeting at the hotel and won't be back until very late. He wants Michael to stay and take care of Morgan. Michael finally agrees to stay without a fight. They make plans to play a game on Saturday, just the two of them. They hug and then Michael leaves the room. Just then Emily shows up. Sonny tells her that he needs someone he trusts completely -- her.

JASON AND SAM'S BEACH HOUSE IN HAWAII: Sam is freaked out and worried about Jason, who tries to assure her that he's all right. Manny tells Sam that if she wants a bandage for Jason's leg she will have to give him (Manny) a kiss.

THE PARK: Elizabeth says she believes Nikolas belongs with Emily, but it's not her place to say, especially since asking Courtney to hide her feelings only creates more problems than it solves. She urges Courtney to tell Nikolas how she feels, because if she shuts Nik out she'll never know whether or not he made the right decision.

MIAMI HOTEL ROOM: Skye, Luke, Tracy and Lorenzo all bicker with each other. Luke is upset that he did all the work forging Lorenzo's name in an attempt to save Skye. Lorenzo notes that maybe Skye doesn't want to be involved long term with Luke since Luke's married. Skye agrees. Luke points out that Lorenzo is married, too, but Skye informs him that Lorenzo and Carly have filed for divorce. Lorenzo points out that if Luke wanted he could fly to the Dominican for a quickie divorce. Luke isn't willing to do that because he would lose his 15 million. Lorenzo and Skye leave to board his private jet. Luke, left alone with Tracy, expects that she will give him a ride back to Port Charles. She kisses him, tells him to take a bus, and then leaves the room.

KELLY'S: Ric can hardly believe that his brother Sonny tried to protect him today for the first time. Reese is convinced that there's no way Sonny will die in this mob war. She says she won't let him. Ric tries to talk Reese out of standing beside Sonny in the mob war, because he's worried what it would do to Sonny if Reese lost her life to Ruiz's men.

GREYSTONE: Sonny tells Emily that he has named her as the legal guardian of Michael and Morgan in his will. Emily is flattered but worried that this means Sonny doesn't expect to make it out of the mob war alive. Sonny says it's just playing it safe. He warns Emily, though, that he doesn't want her to move Michael and Morgan to the Quartermaine house in the event of his own death. Emily points out that the Quartermaines aren't evil, but eventually agrees to Sonny's demand. She promises him that she'll watch the boys for him until he comes home. Sonny thanks her and leaves. She watches him exit the house worriedly.

JASON AND SAM'S BEACH HOUSE IN HAWAII: Manny demands a kiss from Sam and she finally gives in. But when she tries to get a towel for Jason he stops her and tells her that it's only fair that, after what Jason did to him, Jason share a "hot piece" like Sam with him to make amends. Sam, catching sight of a screwdriver on the floor (eyeing it as a potential weapon) shares a look with Jason.

THE HOSPITAL: Ric joins Alexis at the hospital, where she is waiting for a checkup. She sarcastically asks him how Sonny is. But Ric's in no mood for that kind of talk. She tells him that she was only going to say that she understands if Ric wants a relationship with Sonny -- she just wants Ric to try to convince Sonny not to take Kristina away for Christmas again this time, because she doesn't want to spend the holidays worrying about Kristina's whereabouts. Ric says that Sonny has bigger problems to worry about right now, and that it could be that Alexis' days of worrying about where Sonny's going to take Kristina are over.

METRO COURT: Sonny and his guards are in a room Sonny has reserved at MetroCourt. He gives them all a speech, saying they are going to let Javier come after them -- and that he is proud to be associated with every one of them. Now, he finishes, "Let's get into position." The guards leave. Sonny, alone, looks out the window. The phone starts to ring, but Sonny doesn't pick it up.

Downstairs at Metro Court it is revealed that Javier is the one calling Sonny's room. When Sonny doesn't pick up, Javier hangs up and tells one of his guards that since Sonny's at the hotel now, it's time for action.

JASON AND SAM'S BEACH HOUSE IN HAWAII: Sam pleads with Manny to let her leave to get a doctor, but Manny won't let her. He wants her to kiss him while Jason watches. Sam goes over to Manny but instead of kissing him, she pulls the screwdriver out and holds it to his throat.

KELLY'S: Elizabeth and Lucky are at Kelly's -- Cameron is in the back with Mike. Lucky asks Liz what went down between her and Courtney. She tells him that they have made peace. Now, she is counting the seconds till their wedding on October 28. Elizabeth notes that she wants a chocolate wedding cake. Lucky is amused. She explains that she knows he wishes he could give her a fairy tale wedding, but the truth is that her hopes and dreams have less to do with the wedding and more to do with spending the rest of her life with him. They kiss.

THE PARK: Nikolas and Courtney meet up at the park. Courtney tells him immediately that she knows they should be honest with each other. Nikolas asks what she's trying to say, and she replies, "What I'm trying to tell you is that I'm pregnant." Nikolas is shocked.

GREYSTONE: Michael is having trouble getting to sleep and Emily tries to reassure him. Michael, worried about Sonny, says, "It's not the first time that he's gone away and we don't think he'll ever come back, but he always does." They both agree not to worry about Sonny anymore.

THE HOSPITAL: Ric informs Alexis that Sonny gave him his will tonight -- and in the event of Sonny's demise, Kristina will be well taken care of. Alexis wants to know what that means but Ric doesn't want to provide her with details, saying only that Sonny's putting himself in harm's way to protect his family. Alexis is sure Sonny has his reasons. Ric tells her that Sonny didn't want his help. Alexis notes that if Kristina is going to lose her father, Sonny, she (Alexis) is happy that her children won't lose Ric, too.

METRO COURT: Reese comes by Sonny's room and knocks on his door. He doesn't want to see her, but finally gives in and allows her into the room. She tells him that she is worried about him, and she wants to stand up for him. Sonny doesn't want her to, but she replies, "Just say you're welcome," and kisses him.

JASON AND SAM'S BEACH HOUSE IN HAWAII: Manny warns Sam not to press him, or he'll shoot Jason. Sam demands that Manny give her his gun. Just then, one of Manny's guards comes into the room and, holding a gun on Jason, warns her to drop the screwdriver and back away. Sam, left with no other choice, does so. Manny tells his guard to keep the gun on Jason, and if Sam gets out of line, to shoot Jason. Sam pleads with Manny not to do this, saying that she'll do whatever he wants. Manny tells her, "I would've settled for a little kiss. But now I'm in the mood for so much more." Sam kisses him and Jason struggles to get out of his restraints.

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