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General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/12/05


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Sam goes for a swim and asks Jason why he cannot join her. He is too obsessed about fixing the ice machine. He wants to buy out the bar. But she wants to go swimming.

In a French clinic an unseen woman enters. She has an R on a bracelet.

Courtney asks Dr. Meadows if she should cut back on the hours she works. Dr. Meadows tells her she is healthy for the most part and should listen to her body. If she is stressed, she should cut back. Courtney tells Dr. Meadows she needs a favor.

After Emily has called Nikolas to meet her at the gazebo, he asks her what is up. She tells him that before too long, he will have a lot less time on his hands. Hearing that, he has no clue what she is talking bout.

Maxie tells Jesse that he really overreacted by attacking Diego just because he had an argument with his ex girlfriend.

Brook Lynn reveals that she believes that Diego is the stalker. He grabs her because he wants her to let him explain himself but she tells him he better let go of her. Mike asks them if there is a problem.

Maxie asks Jesse what is up with him. He doesn’t tell her what might be on his mind in regard to his obsessive need to go after the campus pervert. She tells him that he’s interested in hearing her life story but he has his macho attitude where he does not talk and share anything about himself.

Diego tells Brook Lynn that he is attempting to catch the stalker. She asks him how he knows so much about where to find him. He asks her if she wants to go to his dorm room or search through his belongings and see what is in his camera and realizes that she is a victim of a crime. She admits that she does not know what she wants to do. But right when she gets up and does not see him, he looks to be slipping something into her drink.

Nikolas asks Emily why she would tell him that he’s going to have “a lot less time” on his hands. She does not answer that. She just tells him it’s logistics. She then tells him that Lucky and Elizabeth want them both to come to their wedding. She tells him that since they are their best friends, they deserve better than a tiny ceremony in their living room. He knows that Lucky will want him to be his best man. She knows that Elizabeth will want her to be her matron of honor. He tells her that Lucky asked him not to bring Courtney. But they don’t discuss what only Emily knows.

Jax finds Courtney in the hospital talking to Dr. Meadows and he wonders what they are talking about.

Sam tells Jason if he does not come swimming with her, she will do something. She tells him that it’s a superstition. And she grabs a carved mask that she found. She tells him that women on the island must anoint their men in the water. And if her man does not go swimming with her, he will be thrown in a volcano. He still doesn’t want to go swimming. So she tells him he leaves her with no choice and she gets a squirt bottle and gets him all wet. He then carries her over his shoulder into the water. They laugh and enjoy being together.

Immanuel Ruiz talks to somebody on the phone about there being trouble in paradise and he burns a picture of Jason and Sam.

The strange woman and the nurse talk in French.

Jason and Sam return from swimming. She takes a mask that she found and puts it in their home. They talk about what that thing would symbolize to them.

Courtney explains to Jax that she and Dr. Meadows were just talking about some charity for mothers to be. Dr. Meadows leaves them alone and reveals that he knows about the charity. He tells her he might want to help fund the program due to the child they lost. She tells him that would be very generous. He reveals that he thought a lot about different trimesters in a pregnancy and even came up with names for the baby. She tells him that he should give himself some time to get over the loss. He tells her that he thought that if the baby had lived, they could have been able to remain friends and both be in the baby’s life. She concludes that maybe it was not meant to be. But he seems like he has some sort of subconscious awareness that she is pregnant and he might be the father.

Nikolas asks Emily how she would feel if Courtney showed up. He tells her that Courtney realizes that they and Lucky and Elizabeth have been friends forever and she would never do anything to upset them. She tells him that she will leave Courtney up to him. They realize that Elizabeth would prefer a formal wedding. And they arrange to meet later and have dinner at Kelly’s to discuss the arrangements.

Jax goes to see Alexis. She asks him what he thinks about some stuff she’s bought for the baby. But she then realizes that she should not be discussing babies with him and tells him she’s hit an all-new low in insensitivity. He tells her that’s all right. Although he lost his child, he is happy for her to be having a child. She tells him that she’s been working with Justus on his divorce where she represents him and Justus represent Courtney. He reveals that he hasn’t given his divorce much thought. Nikolas then comes in and reveals that Alexis is handling his divorce also.

Emily goes to Courtney’s. And she comes right out and tells Courtney that she knows she’s pregnant.

The nurse and the strange woman talk in French

Right then, Jason is drifting off but notices Sam is not in bed with him. He calls to her and gets out of bed to find her. She is not there. But several guys come out of nowhere and point guns at him. Immanuel Ruiz asks Jason if he remembers him. He reminds Jason that he left him for dead in the park.

Jason reminds Immanuel that he was about to shoot somebody. And he tells the three of them that they murder innocent people. Immanuel then punches Jason in the stomach. But he admits that since Jason let his brother live and refused to kill Javier, although he’d like to kill Jason, he is obligated to let him live. He tells Jason that is the case unless Jason would like to shoot him and tells him he can try if he wants.

Maxie tells Jesse that she knew from the moment she saw that “strange man” in her hospital room that there is a lot o goodness in him. And she knows when she sees hurt in his eyes.

Jax and Nikolas discover that Alexis switched their divorce paper and both conclude that it’s kind of odd that she would do that by accident. They both know that she is deliberately stalling so that they can have time to “reconsider” their respective divorces. She tells them that she is pregnant, hormonal, not always thinking straight. Nikolas is her nephew.

Jax is her good friend. She knows that Nikolas loves Emily and Emily loves him. They have survived everything. Yet they are moving too fast to get into divorce court. Nikolas tells Alexis he knows hat she is also not over Ric. She tells them both that if they cannot get the courage to fight for their marriages because they are a bunch of wimps, she will represent them both. But for now, she is tired and hormonal and she demands that they both get out of her home and slams the door in their faces.

Courtney asks why, if Emily knew that she was pregnant, did she not tell her when they saw each other at Sonny’s? Why didn’t she have the common courtesy to come out and tell her she knew about it sooner. Emily tells Courtney that she was just a little shocked and needed time to process it. She tells Courtney that Nikolas has the right to know that she could be pregnant with his child. Courtney tells Emily she does not believe it is any of her business. Emily tells Courtney she does not want to fight with her. But if she (Courtney) does not tell Nikolas, she (Emily) will. Courtney tells Emily that she eavesdropped on a private conversation she was having with her brother. Emily tells Courtney that Nikolas has the right to know about his baby regardless of how she found out. Courtney tells Emily that she has no idea what it is like to lose a baby. And being able to have another one is a miracle. And she will decide when and how she tells the father. Emily tells Courtney that Nikolas is still her husband, at least on paper. And she has the legal right to let him know about this. Courtney asks Emily if she can please at least wait until she gets a paternity test because she does not know, herself, who the father really is.

The strange woman walks though the hospital speaking French. There are no captions so only French speaking people will have a clue what they are saying.

Immanuel tells Jason that he hates looking up to anybody. It puts him at a disadvantage. He prefers talking eye to eye. The guys then punch Jason, push him into a chair and handcuff him. And he tells Jason that he knows that Jason was once loyal to Sonny. And he gives Jason one more chance to shoot him. He puts the gun in Jason’s hands but he refuses to shoot him. The other guy punches Jason again. But he still refuses to shoot anybody.

Jesse reveals to Maxie that he has a sister who died a long time ago. Right then, Mac comes by and tells Jesse he’d like one good reason not to suspend him. He assaulted Diego without probably cause. He tells Jesse that he does not know what is going on with him and does not care. But the last thing he wants is a lost cannon on his force who takes everything personally. Jesse asks Mac if he is concerned about his accusation of Lorenzo Alcazar’s son just because his daddy is rich. Mac tells Jesse that he better not be implying that he does not know how to do his job. And if Jesse keeps pushing it, he will be out of a job.

Diego takes Brooke Lynne to a private abandoned place. He opens his camera case and shows her a diary that belonged to his cousin Sage. He acknowledges that Sage did not have any friends she could trust. Dillon just used her. Then there was her. He asks her if she realizes how much pain she cased Sage. He reads Sage’s diary. She says that Brook Lynn has everything but it’s still not enough. She says when she wanted to sing, she did not have an opportunity because she did not have all the friends to support her that Brook Lynn had. And she says she hates Brook Lynn.

Jesse tells Maxie that his older sister started dating a dangerous gang leader. And he beat her up. She just took it and acted like it was no big deal. He would say and do terrible things to her and call her terrible names. And she just laughed it off. She gave all kinds of excuses for the bruises and trips to the ER. And there was nothing he could do about it. She told him he must stay out of it. But he didn’t. He joined a rival gang war with his brother to get that guy. He wanted to make that guy pay for what he did to his sister. But he did not. She listens, very sensitively to what he is saying. And he tells her that he cannot let any more bad guys get away with murder.

Brook Lynn notices that she is feeling weak and groggy and realizes that Diego did that to her. He slipped the drug in her drink. He tells her what he did is nowhere near as bad as what she did to his cousin. All Sage ever wanted was to be part of the crowd and be loved. But all Brook Lynn and her friends did was take advantage of her. She asks why he brought her in there. He tells her that she left his cousin to die in an abandoned cold room just like this.

Jax meets with Alexis and tells her she may take her time in handling his divorce. He tells her if she needs a ride or help when she is ready to deliver, she must let him know. She tells him she will but seems to notice that he never got his divorce papers notarized. He seems to be stalling as much as she is. He then asks her to do him a favor and let him take more time with his divorce.

Emily asks Nikolas if they are really serious about the horse drawn carriage for Elizabeth and Lucky. They both realize that Lucky can never find out that they are paying for his wedding.

Courtney goes to talk to her father about her baby. But knowing that the father of her child is right inside Kelly’s with his ex wife, Mike tells his daughter that now might not be a good time.

The mysterious French woman puts a candle on a cupcake with frosting that looks like a pink carnation. She then answers her phone and speaks in English to somebody. She thanks them for the cupcake and tells them it’s really sweet of them to “remember”. She tells them she had a great birthday and will make a wish. And she blows out the candle. We, then see her face. She looks like Robin Scorpio.

Right when the Ruiz guys are working Jason over and hurting him, Sam returns from shopping. She gasps to find out what they are doing in there.

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